Is Buying a Used BMW Smart Or Are BMW'S Reliability To BAD ???

how's it going guys so today I'm working

on the BMW a little bit and I'm gonna

tell you why

these are the most misunderstood cars

you could possibly own now I'll tell you

a little bit more about that a little

more in-depth BMWs you're can be great

cars already take my gloves off they

can't be great cars they have the issue

though this shoe left two issues one the

engineers the manufacturers kind of did

its dirty on these cars it made them

very particular very tedious on the

maintenance part of it this she is

especially in America people don't like

to be maintenance on their car they like

to drive it never touch it till it just

will not move and then wonder why it

doesn't move why it's broken go sell it

throw it away

buy another one and go on now I can't

say everybody's like everybody's not

like that probably 85% of people are

like that you have a select few like me

some of the other youtubers a lot of

people watch this channel that actually

do do the maintenance they do run these

cars at two to three hundred thousand

miles it all depends on your outlook on

the car what you want out of it doing

the maintenance isn't that bad it's not

that expensive depending on what you

have some engines are really bad some of

some of them are really good

all the cars you see on this channel are

always in a crisis point right and the

final death throes their life where we

go the junkyard and that's kind of those

kind of make good videos I have a

special purpose in the BMW world I could

buy stuff that's not gonna make money

that's not this is gonna be a total

nightmare that allows me to take it

apart show you guys everything about it

teach everybody about it unfortunately I

like to buy these cars right

and fortunately by doing all these

videos on these cars is that makes the

car is more difficult to buy because

everybody's starting to fix them

we noticed this a lot with even the 90s

in these 60s especially you know the the

market value is on a sliding scale up

and down up and down and we see cars

like a 39 s become more difficult to buy

for cheaper the price is spiking all

those cars right now for a good clean

either benign could bring up to upwards

of five grand there's a few on Facebook

right now for 15 grand for a 30 knife

like a 5:30 just because supposedly it's

not neglected

however he spent 15 grand on a 39 you

can bet your ass we got to bring it home

adhesive stuff to it like I said

BMW is a life love-hate relationship

there's other cars like this too Jaguars

like this ow d even the Volkswagen

Mercedes Range Rover all those cars were

kind of the same way and their bill

thought the same premise the actual

heart of the car could run forever

as long as you the correct maintenance

and you're cautious of it you know for a

BMW 200,000 miles is nothing 200,000

miles with zero maintenance is

impossible that's the best way I could

put it when should you buy these cars

once you do not you should buy a BMW or

an Audi or one these other cars I speak

of if you have the financial means to

buy the parts if you have the mechanical

knowledge to buy the parts

what parts to buy rather and the

mechanical knowledge or the the 1/2 or

know how to fix the car yourself when

should you not buy a BMW when she'd

never ever ever ever buy a BMW

if you cannot turn a wrench a German car

is not for you period and I don't care

if you make 60 or 100 grand a year you

can't afford to keep this mess up paying

somebody do everything

either you have to make friends quick

like with somebody that knows what

they're doing or you gotta be in bad

shape the best thing you could do

there's so much information on the

internet now about these cars literally

any problem you have thanks to me and a

bunch of others you could get on their

net type in what your problem is and

nine times out of ten you get a result

it helped you fix it that minute you do

have that kind of leverage right a lot

of youtubers are all about the

dealership that guys work at the


you know they're doing the videos about

why she do you not buy your own parts

for the dealership what the hell well

I'm doing videos about why never go to

the dealership why never go to the

stealer ship right so it's really called


most people have to go to the dealership

for recalls or I'll go to the dealership

for a recall even though I hate going

there and it's always a nightmare it's

always time-consuming as inconvenient as

hell sometimes you have to do that this

car is a recall did I go the forward

hell no I almost rather die than have to

go the dealership for that to be honest

with you

usually it's a bunch of arrogant

[ __ ] it's the way it is right the

guys go to those dealerships to make

money it's money money money money money

they don't care about anything else if

you get in the way of making their money

then making their money they're gonna

push you out they're gonna snub you out

that's the way anybody is I mean even

the YouTube world if you get more views

as somebody else that person hates you

right okay that's fine but YouTube's

kind of uh you're not face to face with

that person so it's a little bit

different situation I guess we're

getting a little bit off-topic the

bottom line here is a lot of guys saying

I would die before I bought a BMW

Scottie Kilmer's bad about that nonsense

always putting out these clickbait weird

videos why you should never do this why

should never buy this car and he'll have

like a 535i there

he doesn't know first doesn't know was

buff I'm a hole on ground about the car

bad-mouth in it well

I bet now some cars some BM Dougie's

summer really terrible but they're all

very fixable so yeah and really you know

we're putting some vanilla noise on this

car these cars you have a lot of plastic

on them everything does every model does

it doesn't matter what you what you buy

here's the bottom line of it

these cars are fixable right it's a

fixable car it might be a pain in the

ass it might not you start buying stuff

like Chevy Cobalts junk like that Chevy

Cruzes that's a thrown together piece of

crap I mean it's difficult to fix those

cars because the engineering is so out

of whack on it they're the throwaway

model cars to throw one car most cars

you buy today are throwaway cars they're

not made to go over a hundred thousand

miles they're not made to do all that

kind of stuff they're made to use it a

v-sit throw in the trash the

manufacturer wants to go buy another one

as soon as you can that's what they do

you know well the key is our on into

this engine exchange programs it's where

they exchange your engine with another

engine the cradle and everything they

swap it out you don't get a new engine

if it blows up it's just made it's hard

to splain without having a key here to

show you I just have to point it out

show you uh-huh but these are actually

workable cars they are very complex

that's no doubt the drive of these cars

when you're driving them it is like no

other I've had a ton of Toyotas in the

past a BMW is in a Toyota or not in the

same spectrum at all a lot of the newer

Alexis stuffs getting better as far as

that goes and push you up here dancing

all around with you a lot of the newer

Lexus stuffs getting better they're

there for though you get a neutral axis

that has the same comparative stuff of


you have a lot of the same issues right

so I Drive the X Drive all-wheel drive

system all the little bells and whistles

don't come without repercussion what I

mean by that

you can go buy a plain car like my

Toyota Sequoia is most plain is saying

you could possibly get there's no et

seats there's no nothing

it's just like a chunk of metal you

could drive right it's like riding a

horse it's not comfortable to drive but

it could it could pull my trailer so

that's why I have it the whole situation

is with these cars that's not that way

they're very comfortable cars to drive

most of them 99% of make really good

power they hold the road will be caught

out in the rain or snow you're not

totally screwed mister driving like an

idiot you know the ABS system the DSC

the stability system is like no other I

would almost venture to say this pad out

ease this is better than Audi as far as

all-wheel drive goes and so guess they

are total nightmare you do get a lot a

lot of bang for your buck the result of

that a use BMW does not sell for a lot

of money you could buy a 2012 2013 F 30

a 3-series BMW six $7000 okay with

fairly okay mileage on it with 130 120

hundred 30k on it okay mileage right not

low not high that's a good deal

the thing about it is people don't

understand them so when you get it it's

gonna be broken even though it might

drive home something will rise up on it

um the only issue is you buy that this

year for let's say $6,000 what's it

gonna be worth next year probably $5,000

or $4,500 that's the only problem your

your best angle to buy a BMW is look at

the mark

it's a good time to buy a car when the

market dips on the car and when it plays

out or is it starting to barely climb

back up all BMWs have a time and place

when they're on the uprise and they're

not gonna go back down a price 8:39 is

that way right now

he 46 is not that way yet a good clean a

36 will bring quite a bit of money now

and then of course any of the EM cards

you can find a good deal on that's great

a lot of dish we're finding now is

people have broken their cars because

they weren't paying attention to it the

transmission is broken not changing the

fluid not doing stuff now letting the

heat up for your floor and the brake

stuff but they still owe a lot of money

on them so they're still asking retail

value for the car when you get us go buy

one that's not broken for the same price

it's starting to see that a lot is

becoming more and more of a common issue

one thing you never want to do never

ever ever you never want to buy a brand

new BMW that's just a bad investment you

at least want to buy it a few years old

so the initial hit off of it is gone

right and you start to look at it and

say hey how much does car gonna lose

look at previous cars previous markets

what did this car do what are the e90 s

lose one of the east sixties lose that

election basically judged F 30 or F 10

what you could do now anything

all-wheel-drive brings a little more

money like I said before it also brings

a whole host of other issues and other

costs to keep it running and if

somebody's mistreated it all-wheel drive

can be real expensive because people

love this floor from a dead stop and

break stuff or whatever who knows but

that's my general assistance on this

video should you buy a BMW yes under the

right circumstance and it all depends on

you as a owner how are you gonna treat

the car if you're a damn idiot

you don't know how to turn a wrench on

anything you never inhale the screw

driving your hand go buy a Kia

and sell it for the warranty runs out

because you won't want it after