Buying a BMW? My 4 Tips Help You Buy a Reliable BMW

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understand when you're shopping for a

BMW how you can reduce or eliminate the

risk and how you can maximize your

overall reliability and enjoyment of

your used or new car BMW purchase but

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you're trying to understand how you can

safely buy a BMW understand that you

want to buy a reliable vehicle there is

an acronym that I like to throw out

there for you guys remember these four

key words and of course in short it

means risk so if you could remember the

acronym risk because a bad car is a bad

risk so of course that's an easy acronym

to remember just remember risk soul at

the beginning of risk starts with an R

and that R means research research

research and when I say that what we are

really getting to is understand the bad

actors learn about the cars that are

historically problematic cars that have

had a history of issues maybe fire

related issues maybe notoriously

unreliable engines that the press has

got ahold of understand the bad actors

and understand that you do not want a

part of that unless there's something

specific about that car that you are

willing to accept the responsibility

risk on it if you're willing to accept

the second rate reliability because of

some performance related topic or maybe

you like the way the car sounds or looks

that's okay

you need to recognize that you need to

do the research and understand where the

problem actors are and learn which cars

to avoid so we move along in the acronym

and I is the next letter of the acronym

and that really boils down to

inspections so you've been searching

around you found the car that you want

to buy and it might be used it might be

new but hypothetically the car is used

now because it's used you don't know

where it's been

it's had a lot of miles it's been down a

lot of roads has a lot of experiences

and you should really understand what

some of those experiences that that car

has had and there's a result you really

need to be diligent in doing these

inspections because it could have been

abused it could have been misused it

could have been neglected and an

inspection will flush that out so what

you need to get really understand is if

it's a if it's a private sale you need

to ask that person that if it's ok to

take that car to an a service center a

BMW service center or a strongly

recommended independent shop if that

person that independent owner says no

that's red flag number one that to me is

time to run don't walk away run away

from the deal they're hiding something

because anybody who's reputable or is

willing to make a deal on good faith

will allow you to take that car to a

shop to have it tsardom serviced and

inspected now what if the car is a used

car at a dealer if it's a dealer vehicle

often the dealers will have a full set

of they may not have service records but

they'll have an inspection record a lot

of times if dealers take used vehicles

in on trade they'll run it through their

shop they'll do some quick checks on it

ok the brakes are at this much the tires

have this much wear left the exhaust

sounds good the car Road tests very well

you know the wipers work everything

electrically functions largely what a

dealer is going to be inspecting for is

safety related things things that force

them to ensure that the vehicle is safe

to draw

they're not going to necessarily do a

leak down check or a compression check

or you know do a lot of those things

that really tell a story about the

general health of the car in most cases

dealers will not do that they'll sell

you on the fact that they run it through

the shop and do a full inspection but in

reality a lot of those inspections are

more of the fact that yeah the tires are

good the brakes are good ball joints so

the car's not gonna veer off the road

the mirrors are good and lights are

working those are all great things to

understand but also understand this they

are also not necessarily going to give

it a real thorough mechanical inspection

some will say they do and others will

actually do it but understand that it

never hurts to take it to an independent

shop even if you're buying it from a

dealer so the third part of this acronym

is s and S stands for satisfy your

curiosity and when I mean that so now

you're looking at a car you've been

searching for quite some time you come

across an owner of a car you say for

example I know I've been shopping for

some 335 s that's the car that I'm

likely going to buy next so you're

finding the car you narrowed down and

local classifieds you find the car that

you want to buy you start asking the

questions you must ask questions don't

take the first thing at face value

understand the history of the car based

on what the owners telling you satisfy

that curiosity by asking those questions

the why are you selling it what has it

been through has it been through an

accident are you the original owner do

you have service records these are all

really good things that you need to ask

that previous owner to make sure that

you're satisfied with the condition of

that car now maybe you're buying new

this will satisfy your curiosity goes

for other things too it's not just

buying a used car

what if you're buying a new car you

should be asking the questions of the

new car dealer as well about some of the

features and elements maybe you don't

want the full package deal because a lot

of times when you get a car packaged up

it includes a lot of options

lot of which maybe you didn't even want

in the first place but uh understand

options he options equate to complexity

and complexity adds to reliability

concerns maybe skip out on that

panoramic sunroof Hubble does carbon

ceramic discs maybe you don't need them

maybe you're not tracking the car but

ask the questions are those parts in the

package that you're buying do you need

that or understand where the dealer got

the car how long is the carbon sitting

there is that a late model for that year

or they bring it in the next generation

and you might be getting into sort of

the old stock just ask all the questions

be satisfied satisfy your curiosity

about what you're buying what that car

means is that old stock is at new stock

either way satisfy your curiosity and

the fourth part of the acronym is k4

keep it simple so you want to keep

things simple and in essence if you're

looking for reliability and you're not

looking for a racecar you want something

that's going to perform well sure that's

why you're buying a BMW but do you need

every last little piece of technical

gizmo equipment do you need every last

piece of horsepower that you can derive

out of these cars maybe your car is

going to be primarily utilized as a

daily driver maybe you don't need that M

car because M cars again as we talk

about reliability aren't necessarily the

most reliable car in any of the BMW

lineups so maybe you don't need that

maybe you don't need that high-revving

engine like the old infamous e60 m5 that

revs 280 300 rpm do you need that car to

drive daily maybe you're ok with a 550

instead that's you know 80% of the

performance but half of the troubles and

hassles that you would get with the M

car do you need all that stuff do you

need every last power option do you need

things like gesture control sure they're

novel but I mean again these are things

that can and will likely fail at some

time if you want them and you need to

have them out and they're on your wish

list by all means but if you're

searching for reliability keep it simple

I don't know how many of you guys

out there remember the old crank windows

you know what there's still a few cars

on the road that have manually cranked

windows that don't even have powered

windows associated with them that is

simple that is one less thing that will

fail now I'm not saying go buy your new

BMW with crank windows of course not I

don't even think you can order them that

way all I'm saying is if you do not need

all the extra added complexities maybe

stay away from that

so in short everybody that is my acronym

for risk research research research

inspections satisfy your curiosity and

keeping it simple that is the short way

to remember how you want to start to

pursue your new or used BMW purchase if

you are concerned about a reliable buy

so everybody I really hope you enjoyed

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summarize things a great way to remember

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