so you've done some research and you

decided that for your next car you're

going to get a used BMW good choice

you're going to save yourself a ton of

money versus buying new or leasing but

when you go to the dealership or the

private seller to inspect the car here's

a couple things to look for just to make

sure that you're getting the best deal

and you're going to get a good reliable

car all right so the first thing that

you want to look for is leaks and don't

bother looking under the car because

BMWs have this plastic cover on the

bottom for aerodynamics and also to kind

of keep the engine bay clean but what

happens is if something's leaking

whether it's coolant or washer fluid it

all kind of pools up inside that cover

and you might not even see it leaking

onto the ground at all so what I

recommend is open up the hood usually it

kind of pulls up on the driver's side

near where the fog light is and just

take a flashlight look down in there and

see if you see any fluids kind of

pooling up a lot of upscale used car

dealerships that sell BMWs and Mercedes

they really like to detail the engine

bay really good so that it looks

spotless inside so they may have cleaned

off something that's leaking so I

recommend go for a test drive drive the

car for like 20 minutes or however long

it takes to really warm up and then go

and check and see if you have any

coolant leaking out all right so the

next thing that you can do is look at

the built-in service settings and that

shows like when the brakes need to be

done when the oil needs to be changed

things like that you can kind of go

through that menu and just look at

what's been done what needs to be done

what's coming up as far as maintenance

now obviously any dishonest person or

dishonest dealership could go through

and reset all those prior to you coming

so don't use that as your only baseline

for how the cars been maintained but

it's just another thing that you can

look at when you're trying to make the

decision on what car to get so to access

the service menu it's the top stock on

the left of the steering wheel just

press it down twice to get into service

information and then use this button

here to kind of scroll through and see

all the different settings all right

this one's kind of obvious something

that you would do with any car but it's

especially true on a car like this where

the maintenance is really expensive

the parts are expensive is to just

really thoroughly walk around the car

and make sure that everything works

headlights brake lights turn signals

press all the buttons inside the

interior make sure that the heat and

everything works on mine I had this

issue recently where the fan that blows

the heat and the air conditioning went

out and that was a couple hundred

dollars I think it was like five hundred

dollars to have that replace so you

really need to make sure press every

single button inside here and make sure

that everything is working properly

because you don't want to spend a bunch

of money financing a car and then

immediately have to spend more money

fixing it alright so another thing that

you're going to want to look at is the

tire wear because a lot of BMWs come

with front flats they're really

expensive to replace so you don't want

to finance this car like I said before

and then immediately have to go out and

spend eight hundred or thousand dollars

on new tires so check the tire wear make

sure there's they've got plenty of tread

on them now you don't have to get run

flat it's like what I did when I got my

new wheels I just got regular non run

flat tires but keep in mind that the

cars that are equipped with run flats

they don't come with a spare or a jack

or any tools so make sure that you get a

spare tire and a jack that way you don't

leave yourself stranded if something

ever happens alright another thing that

you can do really simple just make sure

that the card comes with two keys brand

new they're sold with two keys you have

your main key and your spare key they're

very expensive to have replaced or

remade at the dealership so just make

sure the one that you're buying comes

with both of those keys that way you

don't have to worry about one getting

lost alright so just some basic wear and

tear stuff that I've seen with my own

car all the plastic in here has a

rubberized coating which gives it more

of an upscale feel but unfortunately the

rubberized coating can wear off

especially areas that your hands are

touching it a lot like around the the

center console on the door handles so

just kind of check that if you're the

type of person that's OCD about having

like a perfect interior make sure it's

not scuffed or anything because that's

not something that can just easily be


owning a u.s. BMW can be really

rewarding because you're getting a

really nice expensive luxury car for a

fraction of the cost of what the

original owner paid just be careful

do your research do your homework and

you know what they say if it sounds too

good to be true it probably is that's

especially true with used luxury cars

you know you see an m5 on Craigslist

it's a hundred thousand dollar car and

they're selling it for ten grand that

should be a red flag so just be careful

if you've got any advice for buying a

used luxury car especially a BMW leave a

comment below let me know what you think

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the channel I'll have more videos out

soon and I'll see you in the next one