4 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a BMW - Advice for Buying a Used BMW

at some point in time we have all

dreamed about driving a BMW and no

matter if you love the brand or

absolutely despise it we've all kind of

wanted to own a piece of BMW and even

though it is one of the most respected

car brands of all time there are still

parts of BMW ownership that you should

know about before you buy your first BMW

whether it's new or used so today we're

gonna talk about some of those things

that you need to know before you buy

your first used BMW but before we jump

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we upload a new video but for now let's

go ahead and talk about some of the

things you need to know before you buy

your first BMW let's jump into our first

tip by keeping it simple and that is

avoid the 7 Series especially the 750 li

and yes this one does come from personal

experience but it applies to more than

just the 7 Series it also applies to the

6 Series the 7 Series is one of the

greatest luxury executive sedans on the

market and very few things come close to

the prestige the speed and the overall

excitement that the 7 Series gives you

even though it's been 4 60-year old men

who think it will work in a minute

but let's look at it logically and try

to understand why you should avoid the

higher-end BMWs if you're looking to buy

your first one first off there's the v8

engine that's used in the 750 li and the

650 it's awful

don't get me wrong it is silky smooth

beautiful very powerful great

performance when it works for the first

200 miles or so the problem comes when

you realize that this v8 engine used in

these cars seems to just sort of

self-destruct after a while from valve

stems to vanos issues these engines

really have experienced everything

including leaking from every possible

inch of the engine on top of that

they're also known to excessively

consume oil to put that into perspective

it said it was okay the day before and

then the next day it said it was low

very low in one day no leaks or anything

it just decided that that oil was no

longer good enough

the BMW v8 in these cars really isn't

what it's cracked up to be and I would

highly recommend avoiding it now and

really forevermore sounded biblical

there you can check out more of our

experience with the 2011 750li in this

video if you're interested but now let's

talk about some more details

depreciation is the 8th wonder of the

world and it works wonders for car

lovers like me we can buy cars for a

huge discount off MSRP but before you

jump into that to remember that there's

a reason that the 7 Series was closing

in on $100,000 new and that just a few

years later can be bought for twenty

thousand and even now coming up at about

fifteen thousand dollars for a 2011

750li sure the 7 Series is a kick-ass

car for under $20,000 but take a minute

to think about why the market justifies

that low of a price for that incredible

of a car the 7 Series and even high-end

6 Series and 5 Series models run through

depreciation as quickly as valve stems

and while I love the 7 Series it's a

horrible place to start your BMW

ownership I've found more success with

sticking took more common models like

the 3 Series 4 series and even bass 5


now most of this video is geared at

someone looking for their first BMW and

on a smaller budget of $15,000 or less

especially considering that most used

BMWs can be picked up for just a

fraction of what they sold for

originally but if you have a higher

budget for your first BMW something a

little over 20,000 it is a good idea to

look into a BMW with a CPU oran T having

the cpiotto BMW will give you an

extended warranty for six years or

100,000 miles

and I promise during that time it is

going to be the most wonderful thing

you've ever experienced something even

better than the warranty though is that

you know the car is still well put

together because every cpiotto BMW has

to go through a series of tests before

they can give us the CPO badge that

means that the car is going to be tested

by someone who actually knows what

they're doing before you ever even get

your hands on it with the BMW CPO

warranty you'll get a warranty that

lasts for about a hundred thousand miles

or six years whichever comes first but

on top of that you'll get roadside

assistance which would have been handy a

couple of times in this thing


you'll end up paying more for a car with

a CPA warranty on it but at the end of

the day it's the best type of warranty

to have after all these aftermarket

warranties that are offered on cars

typically aren't worth anything and most

of the time they don't even cover the

big repairs that you really need them


so going CP o is really the best way to

get a warranty unless you're buying from

Carmack's I know this is a given and I

talked about this a little in our video

talking about mistakes to avoid when

buying a used car but this next tip

really is something that you need to

take into consideration but to keep it

simple just make sure that if you're

going to look at a certain car you at

least know how a car is supposed to

perform and drive by having other models

that you've tested as well so for

example if you're looking at a 2013 3

Series be sure that you look at other

2013 3 Series as well

I'll never forget driving down to

Atlanta to test drive the 7 Series and

having driven a few at that point we

were able to pinpoint a lot of problems

with the transmissions in some of the

cars that we were driving down there on

top of that you'll also be able to get a

feel for some of the electrical issues

that may be going on as well as just

some general performance issues that the

car may be experiencing and sure that

didn't work out with that particular 7

series but we were able to avoid a lot

of 7 series with some really major

mechanical issues that were already

there even though every 7 Series has a

mechanical issue every morning you wake

up to a new one or they're just all

the last tip is one that I given pretty

much every single buyer's guide that I

do for cars but at the end of the day it

is still the most important tip on there

and that is if you're not a certified

mechanic or you don't know what you're

doing when it comes to working on BMWs

be sure to take the car to someone who

does and get a pre-purchase inspection

before you waste your money I promise

the hundred and fifty dollars that

you'll spend getting a pre-purchase

inspection is going to be well worth it

in the long run because that 150 dollars

could end up saving you fifteen hundred

two thousand three thousand and even six

thousand dollars on simple repairs

because these things like to break

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