What It’s Like to Own a Used BMW

welcome to wacky Wednesday's where everyone has a chance to show off their

car mods, and here's this week's winner, today I'm gonna show you guys my BMW

328i it's a 2008 model so I've had it for quite a while now and I've had a lot

of time to do a lot of stuff to it, essentially it's a straight-6

so it's not the easiest to work on as far as since it's a straight-6 the

cylinders in the back the spark plugs and ignition coils are below like the

cabin air filter and a bunch of other things you have to take out so it is

kind of annoying in that regard but the weight distribution of the engine to the

car it makes it the best car I've avoided like three or four car accidents

with this car, I'm gonna go over some of the things that I've done starting with

the back here so if you look down here you'll notice that there is an exhaust

cutout and that is electronic and it is controlled remotely from a key chain so

I can essentially bypass the muffler whenever I want I can have the car

sounding extremely sporty and also have a more open flowing exhaust when I want

or have regular muffler the next thing you'll notice is the back up camera and

obviously the 328i there is blacked out over here you'll see the

rims are actually they're not powder coated they're just painted they're

painted like a high temperature wheel paint and so are the calipers this job

took me the longest time just painting these painting these wheels was a lot of

work it takes like maybe five or six hours if you're gonna do it right

because you have to put a lot of coats on there next thing you'll notice is the

headlights are not factory BMW offers a halogen model and also a high intensity

discharge model, the grille is painted usually they're like Chrome but it's

painted the same color as the car this is kind of a cool feature if you live in

a hot place if you hold down the unlock button what it's gonna do is it's gonna

start unrolling the windows so now that we're on the inside of the car you'll

notice that this trim here is not the OEM trim which is actually like a wood

kind of 90's theme that they had going on so what I did was

I got all the trim pieces pulled them off went online found some carbon fiber

wrap and I just wrapped them all next thing you'll notice is that that head

unit is not stock that head unit is an aftermarket head unit to look like BMW

idrive system so I'll show you what I mean when I put the key in here now

there is a way to use the car without the key but it is kind of annoying

here's how you can operate the car without a key it's really weird so you

turn the car on and you turn it off and you take the key out and then the

car starts without the key so it's pretty weird but it does work the

mirrors fold in and out so if you're going through a really tight space you

just press this little button right here and it will fold the mirrors also what

it does is that when you backup it should not to tilt the mirrors down and

then if you push it to the left and you were to back up it will tilt the mirrors

down so you can see as you can see on this side it tilts that mirror down so

you can see the kerb and not scratch your rims that is a really great feature

I actually really like that because you know you really don't want to scratch

your rims and it's a pain in the butt you know sanding them and

repainting them and all that on this remote I can open or close the exhaust

cutout so right now it's open let me give the car a little rev so you can

hear what it's like the exhaust cutout open

we're going to close the exhaust cutout now you can hear isthat low drone

noise is kind of gone now let's put it back in neutral let's go to rev

so as you can see it sounds or as you can hear it sounds significantly

different like I said straight-6 those cylinders back there kind of hard to get

to but not impossible just annoying when you're changing ignition oil and spark plugs

there's not a lot of room to work in here but it's not the worst, but it's not

the most pleasing experience there are some BMWs

that have disgusting junk inside the engine, this engine I've opened it up it

is so clean it is beautiful there's no gunk oil change all the time when I

bought it had 20k miles on it so you know everyone that's had this car has

taken care of it, the only thing was some of this weather stripping here was

missing but I went and bought that online to replace it, all right so let's

show you some of the can bus integration of this this head unit it integrates

can bus steering wheel controls so not only can i pair to bluetooth with my

phone once I'm done pairing to Bluetooth I can go ahead and press the phone

button over here it will take me to this menu I press this and now I have access

to my entire music library not only that I can seek the track from my steering

wheel so I don't even have to take my hands off the wheel to change the music

the other thing is that this head unit can actually connect to your phone over

Wi-Fi and then you can actually look at maps you could you could use online maps

too, the other thing is I could do airplay on this I could broadcast my whole I

phone to this the screen right here I really do like thought the offline maps

it's a nice little screen it shows you where you are there's a there's a nice

little GPS antenna in there the other cool thing is the steptronic essentially

you switch the gear knob to the left and now on my cluster here I can

as DS which is drive sports so if I don't you know if I don't alter the

gears at all it's just going to drive in sports mode but if I want to engage

manual mode what I'll do is I'll push this forward for first year and

backwards for every succession of gears upwards so if I'm if I'm in first gear

and I want to switch to second there's no clutch so it's just the gear shift

we're in first gear we'll get to around 3,000 rpms and we'll switch to second

and now we're coming up to a bump so we're going to slow down or stay in

second but yeah so you can you can use this car in manual mode you can use this

car in automatic mode so yeah so you you could drive this car manually if you

wanted but I really do like the automatic transmission it's got a nice

transmission it's a fun car, here's a another cool feature this projects the

BMW logo, you can change out the lenses I have some other extra ones there's an

m1 there's a x1 I even saw some other crazy ones on there you can order custom

ones have every image you want, I hope you maybe learn something or you know

found out about a cool feature on this car and thanks for watching

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