The Risks of Buying a Used BMW

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talk about the risks of buying a used

BMW let's go just like that we are in

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flour different anyways on my way to

FedEx to pick up something for work and

we have to go to the grocery store but

one comment I've been getting a lot

since buying my m2 is I hope you're okay

with all of the maintenance costs on the

BMW that's gonna break

they're unreliable they're expensive

blah blah blah so I wanted to address

this and talk about the risks of buying

a BMW used and how I feel that I have

avoided all of those risks so this is a

2018 BMW m2 it still has its

manufacturer's warranty so when I took

it into BMW I got everything put into my

name and that cost me $100 the what that

hundred dollars is for though is to get

all of the remaining warranty

on the car moved over to my name and not

the previous owner so when I go back in

now to get the oil change I think that

brake fluids going to be changed in the

next service they change out all of the

filters all of that stuff is done and

it's now free or for the hundred dollars

so usually that would be about a $250

service just going in to get that done

now it is $0 or if you want to say a

hundred dollars goes to or the next

three services after that all of its

gonna cost me probably about two hundred

fifty dollars or based depending on what

I want them to do to the car now besides

that let's say I don't want to deal with

that I don't want to have any further

expenditures I want to have fixed costs

moving forward including my car payment

I can extend the warranty on my m2 all

the way up to one hundred and twenty

five thousand miles through BMW that

costs MSRP about I think it's like

seventy five hundred dollars but again

that extends all the way through 125,000

miles Jesus Christ


we're just gonna set the light for a

little while and for a while I thought

maybe the car broke down


yeah they reacted to someone going by

so anyways now that may sound very

expensive to you and I agree that that

is expensive but then what I realized

and what it covered it's actually pretty

impressive for example it covers things

such as the rotors wearing down like if

I were to take this to track days and

just beat the hell out of it I can

replace the brakes and rotors and that's

included in that fully extensive

warranty so there's a lot you can do to

negotiate how these costs are gonna play

out if the car breaks down there's

aftermarket warranties there's all kinds

of things now if you're gonna build your

car and have a crazy bill my suggestion

to you is get a car that is well within

your budget do not stretch it if you

have to get a higher mileage car if you

have to get an M an m4 or something like

that maybe that's the plate to go with

because they are cheaper on the used

market but that's what I did in order to

avoid that so getting a 20-18 and then

also getting it with a warrantee

switched over to my name and there's no

and there's no worry on my end I have a

payment I'm comfortable with if

something crazy goes wrong I can afford

to pay it so factoring all of those

things in not going way beyond your

budget or anything like that get what

you're comfortable with no I'm not

saying settle but I'm saying get

something that you're comfortable with

if something goes wrong and base it on

are you gonna tune it do you want to

keep it just as a nice car do you want

to sell it down the road and keep it

really nice so that's why I've done

things like putting expel paint

protection film on it I've done all

things to make the cars value to a

really picky buyer possibly down the

road they're gonna appreciate all the

things that I've done so I think that'll

help you down the road if you're looking

to buy one of these cars I hope that

helps a little bit give you some

direction as far as the worries of

buying a used BMW now this is a newer

BMW if yours comes with out of warranty

if it's a e46 m3 which is really popular

one for everyone to get you know I again

I think just just make sure you're

buying something that you can afford to

fix budget in $5,000 for any repairs

need to happen and then all that kind of

stuff because at the end of the day

you're spending a lot of money on a

vehicle you want to make sure you're

getting what you want and you don't want

to settle but you also don't want to

jump ahead to where it's putting an

unnecessary stress on your life but yeah

the model that I got is extremely clean

it was totally stock and still is - the

expel that I added on and the XR plus

tint which is the best stuff out there

well I guess 3m crystalline is probably

a little bit better but m2 is clean

yesterday I took it to the canyons as

you guys know and the brake dust on

these things is insane if any of you

have gotten ceramic coating on your rims

if you have an M which produce a ton of

brake dust I want to know if that's

worth that I guess you can just hose

them off and they're good to go but I've

also heard it can be like five hundred

dollars here wheels ceramic coated I'd

be willing to pay like two to fifty on

that I'm not sure what it costs though

so interesting to see if that's if

that's worse that worth it to you guys

the other things here in what the

upgrades do you guys want to see next on

the M - I'm thinking possibly the M

Performance Exhaust

I like the bluetooth feature I think it

adds adds a lot to the car that could be

pretty cool there's also the Akrapovic

exhaust m to the normal M exhaust is a

single pipe straight back from the

downpipe the Akrapovic exhaust is a dual

pipe it's the only one out there I think

there's actually a dual outlet all the

way back to the to the muffler and

everything it sounds amazing I think

it's a little too loud so we'll see but

yeah I'm just gonna get this thing

cleaned up m2 is totally clean some

reason it keeps dripping water right

here I can't really figure out where

it's from and I even use the blower that

I have to blow it all out blowouts don't

work on this thing extremely clean I

just realized I say that a lot in my

videos when I went back and watched a

few of them say extremely clean a lot

but this paint I don't know everything

about this car I really love I'm just I

don't have any buyer's remorse with it

and I just I just kind of like it as it

is I think M Performance Exhaust is

coming with the carbon

tips and the Bluetooth I just think

that's a really cool exhaust obviously I

like when manufacturers make performance

parts for their cars that's just my

taste just because the quality on them

is so good and the engineering that goes

into them from the factory

I just appreciate that so that's what I

think might be next for the m2 Focus ST

is some check engine lights I think

maybe replacing the brake soon replacing

and upgrading the brakes but I'm not

sure exactly which company I'm gonna go

with yet but check fix the check engine

lights and then replace the brakes and

continue upgrading so thank you all for

watching leave your comments below and

any question you'd have them to BMW or

the st having escaped as well but that's

a boring car but thank you for watching

and we'll see you tomorrow