5 Reasons You SHOULD Buy a Used BMW

hey what's up guys there are way too

many videos out there on the internet

telling you why you should not buy a

used luxury car so today I'm making this

video just the kind of ease people's

fears and explain why use BMWs are such

an amazing bargain and why they really

don't cost as much to own and maintain

as you might think so anyway let's get

right into it

5 reasons why you should definitely buy

a used BMW alright so the first thing is

obviously the price BMWs depreciate

pretty quickly which really sucks for

the first owner but it creates some

incredible deals for the 2nd and 3rd

owners of these cars take my 2006

3-series for example when I bought it it

only had 20,000 miles on it it's fully

loaded has heated leather seats sunroof

navigation all-wheel drive pretty much

every option that you can imagine and it

actually costs less than a brand new

base model Toyota Corolla now I already

know what you're thinking okay they're

cheap because everyone knows that

they're expensive to own in the long run

but that's not doesn't necessarily have

to be the case and it all starts with

researching and finding the right year

and model that's going to be the most

reliable you can check forums like a 90

Post Beemer post and just various review

sites and see what the most common

problems are for the year and model that

you're looking at that way you can kind

of understand what you're getting

yourself into you now it is true that

there are some models out there that are

less reliable than others but again you

just have to research and find which

it's going to be the most reliable model

you'd be surprised to know that genuine

BMW parts don't really cost a whole lot

more than say genuine Honda parts and

doing routine maintenance like oil

changes and changing the brakes there's

really no different on a BMW than on a

Chevy but I should say that if you're

thinking about buying a used BMW

definitely helps to be able to do a lot

of that maintenance yourself rather than

taking it to a shop number two car

insurance so just like you save money

buying the car use you're also going to

save a ton of money on your car

insurance since insurance only covers

the current value of your car your

monthly premium is going to reflect how

much your car had depreciated up until

the time that you bought it people

comment on my videos all the time saying

that if you're going to get a BMW or

Mercedes or something like that the

leasing is the way to go that way you

can turn it in before it has problems

but what those people don't realize is

that the insurance on a brand new lease

is going to be way more expensive than

say a five or ten year old

our number three variety BMWs are sold

in seemingly limitless configuration so

even in the used car market you'll have

no trouble finding one to fit your exact

needs sedan wagon coupe automatics

manual rear-wheel drive all-wheel drive

there's really a use BMW out there for

everyone number four performance when

BMW says the ultimate driving machine

they aren't messing around EMW is one of

the only mainstream brands you don't

reserve driving performance for only

their high-end sport variants and on a

basic 3-series you'll find large disc

brakes and pretty beefy suspension for

just being an ordinary family car BMW is

engaging driving experience really sets

them apart from other luxury brands and

makes the price of a used BMW even more

worth it

number five design this reason is a

little bit more subjective but I think

that BMW has always had some of the most

timeless designs compared to their

competitors when you buy a car

especially a used car you don't want

something that's just going to

immediately look dated you want

something that's going to look good now

and for years to come

just take a look at my 3-series compared

to some of its competitors at the time


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