The Only BMW I’d Buy

rev up your engines okay here's one for

you I'm gonna talk about the best BMWs I've ever made

yeah Scotty who always says don't buy BMW well they used to make great cars if

you didn't mind the price relatively speaking sure there used to be a lot

cheaper than they are today but in comparison what the average car cost

they were always expensive cars now BMWs kind of like Honda they're really known

for their engines originally the only made engines they made aircraft engines

in World War one and they got a lot of power and good fuel economy the German

military loved them but after the war they weren't allowed to make aircraft

engine so he had all kinds of crazy stuff and then they decided in 1923 that

they were gonna make motorcycles so you can see my Honda analogy here fits

perfectly they made great motorcycles BMW after all motorcycle is

just a motor in wheels the most important single thing is the engine and

then in 1928 BMW finally started producing cars

now the first BMW that I'm gonna talk about is being a great car is the

2002tii now the name might fool you the 2002 is a model and the tii meant that

it was fuel-injected which was a rarity back in the day the 2002tii was produced

from 1972 to 1974 really quick little sports car back in those days getting a

hundred and thirty horsepower on a two liter a little bitty four-cylinder

engine was a real achievement it was really the beginning of luxury sports

sedans of which today there's a zillion of them out there people either thought

of you had a sports car or you had a luxury car but you don't have anything

in between now today the 2002tii are collectors items I got a customer that

has one it's his baby you know he takes it on Sundays if it's not rain and they

were an excellently built car that can stand the test of time I'm sure there

were a little boxy looking but I'm talking about great cars of how they

drive how long they last how they run and in that respect these were great

cars now the next great car BMW made was the e30 m3 from 1987 to

1994 European Tour championships this car won over a thousand victories I'm

making this up over a thousand it went on dirt races and won on paved races so

it was a serious racing vehicle that you could drive on the street people little

bought these they wanted the real thing they wanted a real racing car they

didn't want to buy something that looked like the racing car with the body they

wonder won that the whole thing the suspension the engine and they were and

that's why they have such a high value of these days you can't pick these

things up cheap but they were really well built vehicles no3 another pick a

mine of a great BMW car was the 633 CSI some people may not like to spec but too

bad I had customer with them they were excellent cars they started making them

in 1976 and originally the bodies were made by Carmen it was a German company

most people heard of the Karmann Ghia that Volkswagen that was also a Carmen

design company went bankrupt in 2010 eventually but they were under making

stylish cars and the 633 CSI they were so into the style that they only made

him in two doors they didn't bother making big four-door ones that kept them

sporty with just two doors and they were fun cars to drive they had plenty of zip

especially with the standard transmission and although they weren't

the full racing version sunny em 30s they were an excellent forty two-door

car for driving around and they didn't break down those straight six-cylinder

engines they were just impeccable now originally they had carburetors on them

but of course none went fuel-injected motor sports cars back in those days

they rode like crap they fell apart these things were solid they road like

a dream they were zippy but they were really comfortable at the same time to

me the 633 csi is a sleeper BMW they made them for years and years and years

they didn't sell zillions of them they were an excellent sports car for people

to drive around a lot of businessmen here in Houston had them, the ones that were

serious about driving they drove those things around now the next BMW that was a

great car was the 733i and it was great as a luxury

now they weren't race cars by any stretch of the imagination but there

were very luxurious had plenty of power and we're very comfortable they have

plenty enough power to get around they handled like a dream but they had a very

luxurious ride and interior and of course the earlier they are far as I'm

concerned the better they are because they didn't have all the plastic wrap

that modern BMWs have that break down all the time I had a customer with one it

had 350,000 miles on original engine

original transmission that thing just purred a long you will never get that

out of a modern BMW all that plastic junk that will start breaking the electronics

will start breaking down every time I get a customer who was thinking of

buying a used BMW brings it over here for me to check out and I hook up my

giant five thousand dollar scan tool I'll find anywhere from 17 to 67

different things wrong with the car when it scans all the electronics because

stuff just falls apart on them as they age high-tech electronics using plastic

sensors plastic intake manifolds they just have problems as they age I guess

even the Bluejays agree with me on that one the last great BMW I'll talk about is a

1991 BMW 85i I'm putting this one in because it had a real powerful v12

engine in it it was a 5 liter v12 you took Ford they got 5 litre v8 so while

this is a 5 liter v12 so the Pistons don't have to move as much they have

less stress than if they'd been a v8 engine of the same size they were smooth

they were powerful if you would compare their handling back in a day to other

cars that were around you'd be amazed at the difference that there is a

difference between the rolls-royce the v12 and a purely BMW v12 engine I to

customer wants and they were going to put another engine into their

rolls-royce they bought an engine that a guy said oh yeah that's a rolls-royce

engine well they found out that it was actually a BMW engine it was not the BMW

style engine that rolls-royce had modified and they ended up going to

court and they won because they proved that the guy said it was

a rolls-royce engine that they had sold them for his rolls-royce but it was

really the BMW engine and even though they're similar engines they're not

exactly the same finiman you could make them work but the guy who rolls-royce

she wanted to keep it original but the very fact that rolls-royce who are known

for engines they made the engines for the Spitfires after all and they make

all kinds of jatin turbo engines for airplanes fact that they were using the

BMW base design in the car shows you that BMW makes pretty good v12 engines

this v12 stuff it's all gonna kind of fade away to the

distance because they kept putting in more cylinders to get more power and

smoothness but today you can get a four-cylinder engine that puts out more

horsepower than that 91 v12 did but if you collect cars you want to buy one

sure go right ahead but it's not something you're gonna buy and use for a

daily driver now you know some BMWs that I think

we're great cars and if you notice they were all older ones I'm not including

any of the newer ones but yes they still make very good engines they started out

making aircraft engines of World War two it's just that the rest of the cars

there's too much computer plastic planned obsolescence built into them for

me to advise anybody to buy one in a long run if you absolutely positively

have to have a BMW do like most of the Canadians do, most of the BMWs Canada

are leased they just leased them and then they get rid of them when a lease is up

so if you really got to get a modern-day BMW and you like the driving, lease

one don't buy it, so if you never want to

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