Here’s Why Used BMWs are So Cheap

rub up your engines Gregory Tolson says

Scottie why is it used BMW 6-series so

cheap because around those money pits as

they age and everybody knows that the

market understands and people though

oh you buy one of those things it's an

endless money pit price the parts the

parts are super expensive and the

problem with all the modern ones is

everything's plastic now when I was

young BMWs could last a long time I had

customers with 300,000 miles anymore on

BMWs and they still ran perfectly fine -

had original engines and transmissions

but not in a late-model ones everything

is plastic and over time the heat gets

to them they crack they warp you don't

want to buy used BMW there's all these

plastic parts because you might think oh

it's just a plastic part is cheap well

one it's a BMW plastic part so it's not

cheap and even what's like say a cooling

line they have cooling lines under the

intake manifold on the engine that are

plastic instead of metal there metal

eight last forever right well they made

him out of plastic they cracked from the

heat and they leak but to get to him you

have to take the intake manifold so

you're gonna spend you know thousands of

dollars replacing the stupid little part

that should never worn out in the first


Adam Bond says shabi or four well I

learned to drive on a Chevy Biscayne

looks like an Impala but that was in the

nineteen sixties then they were tanks

then ran forever today for Dover shabi

by a long shot

GM quad is just an afford quality a lot

of stuff actually has gone up and

quality I would definitely go Ford these

days now if you were talking old like if

you were gonna buy an old sixties pickup

you could go Chevy or Ford you know they

were both really good back then and then

if it was all done over being an

excellent vehicle but today I'd go for

it over a Chevy by a landslide

Alex cruces Scotty what do you think of

a 1998 Honda Civic eh scoop it is one

hundred sixty eight thousand miles I

want to keep it till I finish college

what can they do to make it last another

few years thanks I've seen those things

I've had four million miles on change

the oil regulates an old car change the

oil every three four thousand miles

use Castrol GTX that's a good oil don't

ever overheat the engine if you don't do

anything to the cooling system

the cooling system with long life 5 to 7

year coolant and changing every 5 years

or so those things can last a really

really long time they will make cars but

it's also you know don't decide your

Honda Civics going to be a drifter car

and start drifting around your to burn

everything out yeah marry Novak's uh

Scotty I recently bought a 2008 Pontiac

Vibe was told it's the same as the

turret a matrix inside what do you think

yeah same engine transmission brakes and

stuff they are somewhat cheaper made

because they have Pontiac body parts and

stocks on them and some of them have AC

Delco alternators instead of the Nippon

Denso one that Toyota uses they do have

some cheaper parts on them but basically

running wise and they're almost the same

car as the matrix and they can last

really long time it since they've got

the Pontiac name an extinct company you

can get them a lot cheaper like if you

bought a 2008 Toyota Matrix you'd

probably pay anywhere from five to eight

thousand dollars for you can get the

vibes a lot cheaper so hopefully you

paid a lot less than yeah they can be

good cars they're not the exact same car

but for all intents and purposes they're

running gear and everything is so they

can last a long time Jimmy James 16 says

love the show mice 97 GM CC 1500 as a

blinking check engine light but it

doesn't show any cost when they blink

that means it's a serious problem but if

it doesn't show any codes then you got a

problem either with those pins will you

plug the data port in a lot of times if

they're bent they won't read any codes

where there's a wiring short between the

connector and the computer or the

computer itself has a fault because of

course if a computer is shorting out

internally and it's flashing a check

engine light if it's bad enough it's not

gonna give you any codes because the

computer is broken in that circuitry

won't interface with your machine I see

that a lot but do check for bent pins

that's 197 so that thing's old a lot of

times people plug it a minute out bend

the pins look really closely those pins

make sure none of them are best cuz a

lot of times they will bend over the

years or if they have a lot of corrosion

in their stead of copper they're green

cleaning the corrosion off and then

maybe your machine will read the codes

I've had one gamer so Scotty what's your

opinion of Kawasaki KZ 550 where can I

find parts I try to find parts my

and gave me but nothing so far those

were accident little motorcycles there's

nothing wrong with them Kawasaki makes

great motorcycles the thing is when you

have an old one they want you to buy new

ones so they generally parts for

motorcycles are real high they're not

like cars they're toys they're not

regular transportation in the United

States salt they want a ton of money you

got to go to the dealer my advice was

stuff like that is go to motorcycle

salvage arts that's what I always did

when I had holder motorcycles I go to

the salvage arts

say the carburetors was yard I go to the

salvage and I buy whole set of

carburetors so maybe 150 bucks or all

four and then I take my apart and

rebuild them on put them back in and

away you go

it's always a hassle with older

motorcycles getting parts it just is

because they don't care about the old

ones they want you to buy new ones the

Japanese make great motorcycles there's

no are you never getting parts it's

always fun trying to get a relationship

with a motorcycle salvage yard that's

usually the best thing so if you never

want to miss another one of my new car

repair videos remember to ring that Bell