Top 11 Reasons To Pay for an eBay Store | When It Makes Sense

so in this video we're going to talk

about when you should sign up for an

eBay store subscription and the 11

biggest benefits to subscribing to one

so signing up for your first eBay

account is completely free and when they

give you your account they actually give

you 50 listings for free meaning that

you can list up to 50 items on eBay at

no charge any listing after that will

cost you 35 cents though now once the

item sells then eBay is going to take

10% of the sale price but besides that

it's completely free to get started now

at some point you will want to sign up

for one of eBay store subscriptions

as they call them this is a monthly fee

that you pay eBay to get some added

benefits and there are different levels

to each of these different subscriptions

so let's get back into my RV sit down at

the computer and we'll go over all of

them together and see what the benefits

of the plans are and when you would want

to switch over to one of those plans

alright so there are currently five

different store subscriptions that eBay

has made available there is the starter

basic premium anchor and Enterprise the

starter and the enterprise are

relatively new those are added within

the last couple of years by eBay so we

used to just have three now we have five

just to make our lives a little bit more

complicated now when you sign up for one

of these store subscriptions again this

is a paid plan that you have to sign up

for and they charge you either per month

if you sign up on a month-to-month basis

it's going to be a little bit more than

if you sign up and agree to a whole year

with using them so in for instance the

starter plan here as you see it is for

ninety five a month or if you sign up at

without a year plan then it's seven

ninety five a month so it's a little bit

more however I always recommend that you

don't lock yourself into a contract with

eBay you never know what's going to

happen you never know if you're going to

ditch this store and start a new one or

whatever so I've never done a year

contract except for on one of my

accounts way back in the past and I had

haven't done it since I always do the

month-to-month but the real question is

what are the benefits of these different

plans now primarily there are three main

benefits to signing up for one of these

store subscriptions the first is that

you get more free listings remember on

the free plan you get 50 free listings

you get more of those each time you

level up here the second benefit is that

after your free listings your additional

listings cost less and less so on the

free plan again 35 cents per listing and

it's less than that for each of these

plans and the third benefit is that your

final value feed is less now have it use

the word final value fee yet but it did

mention at the start of this video that

when you sell an item eBay is going to

take 10% of the sale price that is the

final value fee but as you see that

number that percentage does go down so

those are the three benefits and that's

also going to be the primary deciding

factor for when you should upgrade to

one of these I'll actually break down

the math for you in just a few minutes

but I wanted to go through the other

benefits for you guys as well to one of

these store subscriptions now not all of

these benefits are things that I would

actually consider to be a benefit but I

will show you everything that at least

comes with a store subscription and then

kind of my opinion on them so the first

one is that it makes you eligible to use

promoted listings so if you come over to

eBay and search for an item like I have

here you're going to see the organic

search results which start right here

but above those are always the sponsored

listings those are promoted listings and

those are only available to you once you

sign up for one of the store

subscriptions is not available to you on

a free plan so that's the fourth benefit

the fifth benefit is that it allows you

to brand and customize your storefront

so when you come over to any listing on

eBay and on the right you can see the

buyers name

and if you click on that name it will

bring you to a page that looks like this

and once you have a store subscription

once you're off the free plan you can

brand this you can change this

background image and this logo and make

it look nicer and this is something I've

started to do I didn't really care about

it in the past but it's very easy and

cheap to do so I just figure it's a nice

thing to do it makes you look much more

professional the other thing that you

can do so this would be the fifth

benefit now this would be the sixth

benefit now is that you can change what

items show up right here these are the

featured items you have five of them

right here and you can choose which ones

you want your buyers to see first so if

you have items that sell really well you

might want to stick those right there so

that it even increases the likelihood

that they'll get sold another benefit to

having a store subscription is that you

also have the ability to start to use

categories so you can categorize all

your items into neat little categories

that make sense and this helps keep your

store organized honestly this is not

something that I use if I have seen a

lot of other sellers use it especially

sellers that do like reselling for

dropshipping personally I don't do it

but it is available to you and I think

that all of those things that I just

mentioned all the past seven lead up to

the eighth benefit which that all those

things combined I think do result in

more repeat customers it allows your

buyers to see that you have a

professional store it allows them to see

more of your promoted listings and get

in there and that does I think increase

the likelihood that you're going to have

repeat customers now one of my favorite

favorite features when you level up to

the anchor store which is one of the

higher stores is that you do get

dedicated support so this would be the

ninth benefit the dedicated support so

when you have an anchor store and you

call into eBay you're not going to get

regular customer service you're going to

get anchor support and they

are much better they are more trained or

more well trained I should say they seem

to understand the issues better even if

they're not the right Department who can

speak to you they will connect you with

the right Department and they will kind

of act almost as a representative for

you they they do fight for you and try

to get you as a seller the resolution

that you're looking for with within

reason of course and I have found that

to be a really huge benefit because it's

really helped me a lot

call in they seem to know more about

current policies and I find it easier to

get some negative feedback removed when

I speak to the anchor support as opposed

to the regular support team now the last

two benefits the tenth and eleventh one

they're ones I really don't care about

either but I do want to throw them out

there so that you guys knew about them

the first is that you can have a custom

URL for your eBay store as a drop

shipper this is not something I

particularly care about but again if

you're like a reseller and you want to

give your friends your family post on

Facebook information about your eBay

account that is something helpful to

have and the last benefit is that you

can use vacation mode once you get off

the free plan but I advise no one to

ever use vacation mode I've done it in

the past and my tests around it we're

kind of inconclusive I saw that my store

once I got off vacation mode a lot of

people believe that your sales just

never do as well as they were before

vacation mode my cells were fine after

vacation mode but there were a lot of

factors that went into that there were

some changes and algorithms that could

have actually boosted up my sales and

just from speaking with a lot of friends

and colleagues and other drop shippers

who have tried vacation mode with with

almost disastrous results I would advise

you not to use it that feature I still

think it's worth it eBay has been called

out for this before and they haven't

really had a good answer as to why

vacation mode causes that to happen

best thing to do is if you have to go on

vacation just raise the price of all

your items and then people just won't

buy them or really unlikely to buy them

but I wouldn't actually use vacation

mode alright so now let's actually look

at the numbers because that's what's

actually going to determine when you

should be signing up for one of these

paid plans now as I said before we start

with a starter plan it's for ninety five

a month but again don't do that one

do the month-to-month option which is

795 a month the next plan is the basic

which starts at seven twenty seven

dollars and ninety-five cents a month so

those are the two that we're going to

look at right now and you also have to

look at what discounts come with those

so the starter plan you get a hundred

listings for free the basic you get 250

starter plan the for every listing after

one hundred it's gonna cost you thirty

cents the basic will cost you for each

additional listing twenty-five cents so

if you stuck on the free plan and listed

a hundred items that would cost you

$17.50 which is quite a bit more than

the $7.95 that it costs you to upgrade

to the starter plan in fact the

break-even point there is seventy three

listings I won't bore you with the math

but that's what it is seventy-three

listings so if you have seventy three

listings it makes sense for you to ditch

the free plan and sign up for the

starter plan now unfortunately when you

should move from a starter plan to a

basic plan the math isn't quite that

simple it's not just a matter of how

many listings you have because there's

one other factor that changes and that

is the final value fee so the final

value fee for a free plan is ten percent

for the starter plan it's also ten

percent but for the basic plan

it's just nine point one five percent

now that doesn't sound like a lot but it

does add up so at this point you do

actually have to do the math yourself

and determine at what point based

not only the number of listings that I

have but also how much I'm selling each

month does it make sense for me to be on

the basic plan instead of the starter

plan now my general suggestion for most

people is just sign up for the basic

plan it makes the most sense if you get

to the point where you're selling about

twenty three hundred dollars a month

then the basic plan makes sense based on

the final value fee so if you're in this

to win this if you're already drop

shipping and you're know that you want

to make this work then you will be

selling that month much every single

month so it is worth it for you to just

get the basic plan right away and the

good news is that once you are on the

basic plan the math to move from basic

to premium and then premium to anchor

begins to get a lot easier because the

final value fee percentage doesn't

change the only thing that changes is

the number of free listings and the

price per listing which drops from

twenty five to ten to five cents now I

want to talk about some things that

signing up for one of these paid

subscriptions what it does not do first

of all it does not increase your limits

so eBay does limit each account with a

certain number of listings it will tell

you you can only list 50 items this

month or a hundred items this month and

that number will grow over time they

will continually increase your limits

but just signing up for one of these

paid services by itself will not

increase that limit it also does not

turn your account into a business

account and in and of itself there's no

clear evidence that just signing up for

these will boost up your sales by itself

now obviously doing things like listing

more items using promoted listings and

using some of the other benefits those

things could in fact of course increase

your sales and finally my last warning

here is that these numbers can and do

change sometimes eBay increases the

price of these subscriptions sometimes

they increase the fees or the cost of

the in

certian so underneath this video i hope

i will have a link to the page that it

just showed you so you can see what the

current fees are what the current prices

are so you can kind of do this math for

yourself if all these numbers have

changed so I hope you guys have enjoyed

this video if you did you know what to


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