Why you should get an EBAY store? (or not)

good afternoon everyone it's lonnie we


back in the shed welcome and it's uh

it's afternoon it's like four o'clock

now i haven't done any work until now

and i'm not really going to work that

hard except for this video i'm

actually i might pull a few orders too

just kind of get ahead a little bit

um i did get this in today

which is pretty cool because this is the

power supply for this guy

and i got this

boss gp 10 guitar processor i cleaned it

up it looks great

um it looked a little dirty at first but

it looks fantastic

no problems um but anyway i got this in

a box

for ten dollars with some other stuff

one of the things i already sold for 27

and another thing probably will sell for

about a hundred

is what have a price that maybe a little

less but it's gonna sell for a bunch

and then whatever this sells for so i'm

really excited about this

um as far as i could tell so far it

works like

see laser beam i don't know what connect

gk there's a gkn

right here so it must hook up to

something else

i don't have a gk but some of these


like crystal bell doesn't require

connect gk

connect gk gk bass something

blue's heart fine you see it has all

these different

effects or whatever and you can go up

and down so i know these work

and i know that these work because when

i press them

i could see i guess control

or whatever that's called uh one and two

working everything else seems to be


but what i need to do i wanna i wanna

hook a guitar up

uh bring it in i'm just gonna bring a

guitar in

and then i'll bring it back out go to

the amp and then

make sure everything sounds right it got

it tested

most of the way um i only have one

guitar cord

i have some other cords but i didn't

have the right ends on them like i

didn't have male on both ends

so i was able to plug the guitar

go from guitar to here but i didn't have

another one to get back to the amp

so um anyway i ended up just plugging

these in

to the headphone jack and it worked fine

so i was able to test every

every thing on here and go to the

different modes and stuff like that

i feel pretty confident with this so i'm

gonna go ahead and list it

okay i'm looking at these listings for

these um

boss gp10s and some of them are high a

lot a lot higher than others

and kind of figured out why like this

for 291 it's got this roland gk3 pickup

with a cable and it's this

it's like this thing right here that's

attached to this guitar just pick up

that you

you add to the guitar like that

so i don't have anything like that

some of a lot of the effects you need to

have that

like they for one like i have they got

like a like 200 bucks somebody else got

200 bucks

um i'm looking for the highest one

see this one has a pickup

uh this one says open box mine is not

open box this one's pre-owned for 100

that's weird

this one this is the highest one i've


similar to mine now this one says

met with power adapter 286

they have a pickup so i think

i think a good place for me to be based


what i'm looking at here

i think i'm going to be right around 240


give that a shot okay we're gonna do a

few questions now

i've got uh i've got a few pulled up


one three six nine thirteen

so i'm gonna go through these and then i

might pull a few orders just to kind of

get ahead a little bit

not trying to work real hard today and

for too long either i did get that

guitar pedal thing listed uh which is

good that's

250 in listings or 240 or whatever it

was i listed it for

but yeah let's go and get started with

these um from colby

hey lion do you think a good way to get

rid of items you've had a while would be

to have either a garage sale or go to a

flea market

or just keep the stuff till it sells i

typically keep the stuff till

cells and uh another thing you can do

you you can do those things have garage

sales go to flea market

if you think it's worth the energy and

time that you

uh expend then yeah you can do that

up most of my stuff usually sells though

uh i had a bunch of jeans a while back

that were just not moving and um

i got tired of looking at them and i

took them to freaking goodwill

you know i'm like i'm tired of looking

at these things i had some

listed and some not and they were just

like a burden

on on my mind and my storage

and everything and i was like you know

what those don't make me happy

look being around them selling them

listing them any of that

got other stuff i'll be done with it and

i just brought it to goodwill and

donated it they can go make a little

money off of it i've made plenty of

money off of them

so yeah but uh sure yeah if you want to

do garage sales or

uh another another thing you can do is

take a bunch of stuff that's not selling

if it's smaller stuff maybe make a big

lot out of it

and then move it like that you know

throw stuff away donate stuff whatever

you like

uh randerson hey lonnie have you ever

had to deal with the return for an item

shipped via gsp

buyer in australia states item doesn't

work not sure how to print a return

label or if it's even worth it

i've never i've actually never dealt

with a gsp return

never have the only problems i've ever

had with gsp

i've had two of each

i've had twice where items were damaged

in transit i've talked about one a few

days ago

where they repackaged a funko pop from a

sturdy box

into a non-sturdy bubble mailer and then

it got damaged of course

i had another thing with a chess set

years ago

and then gsp handled that and then twice

i've had

instances where i sent something via gsp

and they repackaged it and then whenever

they repackaged it they actually mixed

it up with another item

and sent the wrong item to my customer

one time

i had a customer buy a clown a little

clown doll

for some of y'all if y'all been watching

for a few years three or like maybe

three years

uh knew knew about this but i bought

like a i bought like this

creepy looking clown doll thing at a

garage sale for like a dollar

and i put it up for sale and

i think i sold it for like a hundred


and somebody in the uk bought it 100

bucks plus gsp shipping which ain't


and uh between here and there that thing

turned from

a clown into like a cocktail dress

so the buyer received a cocktail dress

and i can only assume

that the person that bought the cocktail

dress received a clown

so then i had another issue

similar to that too but all those gsp

handled for me i've never had one where

somebody said something didn't work and

i couldn't just write it off to you got

the wrong thing or

broken shipping uh so i've never i don't

even know

sounds like a major headache though i

don't even know what would happen at

that point i would suggest contacting


and telling them hey how do i handle

this gsp return

um and then also trying to figure out

like what is the problem

um and if mate like did it happen could

it have

could it have happened in shipping i'd

run a want to rule that out for sure

so i wish i could be more help maybe

somebody in the comments could tell you

uh how they've handled gsp returns

brian says 17 years old just started

selling on ebay as a part-time hobby

but i get the money held up by paypal

every time i sell

is there anything i can do to stop that

from happening

yeah you just got to keep selling uh

brian i know it's kind of frustrating

you just got to keep selling and then as

as you

um as you process more items

and they you've proven that you can be


then they'll start releasing the money

the reason they do that

is they don't want somebody brand new

that they don't know

that hasn't proven themselves to

sign up for ebay sign up for paypal and

then say hey i've got

10 xbox ones for sale or whatever the

thing may be

sell 10 of some item for a hundred

dollars each or two hundred dollars each

get a quick two grand in their account

then not ship and then disappear poof

that's what they don't want uh so it

just takes a little bit of time i don't

have an exact timeline but at some point

uh the paypal money will just it'll

start being instant for you

unless you move into managed payments

before then

but yeah i think it's just part of the

thing you have to go through as a noob

to kind of prove yourself

also how can i get inventory if i don't

have many garage sales or thrift stores

near me

drive order order some kind of pallets

or something

i don't know i don't know

uh look on facebook marketplace storage


retail arbitrage you know there's

there's a lot of different ways some

people do

i haven't done it much online arbitrage

ebay to ebay

buy a lot of stuff on ebay break it up

into smaller pieces

and then sell it back on ebay i've seen

that uh

yeah i don't know a lot of times i don't

know how

it seems to me somebody that lives like

an extremely rural area

that would just people say oh you could

do it and yeah i

imagine you can but it's always going to

be easier

to be a reseller when when you're in a

area that has like a lot of houses and a

lot of stores and a lot of people

because there's gonna be more stuff it's

gonna be more plentiful probably cheaper

probably better stuff uh where you live

matters as

if you're reselling used goods it

matters a lot and

you know people try and say it does it

but uh it does

i've seen it um

good luck though taylor sims hey lonnie

when you get the resurfacer can we

expect a full video on the usage

yes i'm getting that um

elm elm eco pro 2 resurfacer

supposed to be getting here tuesday and

i cannot wait

um and i'm definitely going to be doing

at least

probably a couple of full-blown review

type videos

and share exactly what i think and how

it does and i'll show the process and


i'm looking forward to doing that so

supposed to get here tuesday so i


i imagine i'll be doing a video on that

probably late next week

so looking forward to that brandon says

i'm wondering what your thoughts on

fedex smart

posts are i've read that fedex fedex


smart post price is an estimate and can

often be way less than what they

charge you after the package is


have you ever been charged more than the

estimate with fedex before thanks for

the content

yeah so i haven't used

smart posts in a while actually i

haven't found

that the quoted price at least for smart

post has been worthwhile

worth it to use it versus fedex or ups


it used to be a pretty good bit cheaper

but then they raised the rates not too

long ago and i don't know if there's a

problem with the calculator or what

i haven't seen any opportunities where i

want to use it as far as i know i don't

think you even get

insurance with fedex smart posts it's

super slow

it you have to drop it off of fedex and


you you have to drop it off of fedex

supposed to anyways

and then it it gets transported to the

disc and end

post office and then it goes to ups to

the door

and i don't know it's kind of a messy

service i

i used to use it a little bit back when

it was cheap but i haven't found where

it's cheap anymore

and really i don't use fedex at all

anymore because i had

i did have a few packages that i got

charged more than the estimate

and i found out that i could ship

ups via paypal and i looked

and it was either very comparable or


cheaper for me to ship ups ground via


versus fedex and no surprises

and i've had and i have a really good

spot to drop off ups

and the fedex spots that i was using to


off proved to be problematic

so there were a few things going on

price service and ease of drop-off

just make ups a no-brainer for me that's

why i've been using them lately

um but that's my experience everybody

else's experience may be different i

don't know

but no i haven't used uh smart posts in

quite a while

uh matthew says hey lonnie when it comes

to buying lots of video games and movies

et cetera

what have you found is the best way to

list them individually

versus lots versus variations uh well

when it comes to video games

i would come up with a number that you

think makes sense whatever like my

number is typically

eight to ten dollars plus shipping if i

can get that for a video game i'll sell

it individually

you may see me see sell even cheaper

ones sometimes

um but a lot of times if they're

five dollar games i'll lot them up sell

them all at once sometimes i won't

like processing video games is so fast

uh you know it's up to you how much do

you how much do you want to sell stuff


that's the question and then lot up the

rest movies though

like dvd movies it's tough to find dvd

movies that are really worth

selling on their own most dvd movies you


that i find um they don't make sense to


and as anything other than lots at least

in my opinion

you might find a few gems every now and

then though

and you said lots versus variations uh

i have sold i did make

variation listings for video games in

the past

and i actually had ebay pull down the

variation listing and tell me that that

was like against their terms

of doing variation listing so i haven't

done it again

so variation listings they're

they're really gray really muddy

on what what you can and can't do uh but

basically they want you to do it for

like size

color but then they also have some

people to do it for style

um but all the same kind of product

but then i don't think they want people

doing it with video games

books movies things like that

they want those to be individual

listings so they can make more money

i guess although now if you're

you know doing managed payments we get

all these extra listings in those exact


maybe they won't care so much but i have

actually had

a video game variation listing pulled


so keep that in mind

all right here's one from kelly g i'm a

new reseller and i'm dealing with my

first return it was a 10

item with free returns they submitted a

return request on july 10th

the first day they received it they have

until july 24 to return it it still


as usps awaiting item i've contacted the

buyer once with no response

am i to accept i may never get the item

back or is there something else i can do

i'm assume you haven't you haven't given

them their money back yet have you

it doesn't sound like you have i don't

think you have anyways

uh whenever somebody opens a return with

me and they don't send the item back

i stay deadly silent i say extremely


and i hope they don't send it back and

if they don't i'll close the return

or if i forget about it which is more

likely the case ebay will close the


for me at some point and no i would not

hey if you sent it back hey have you

sent it back that's not

you know ebay already did that ebay

already said hey okay now

package it up send it back and then

you'll get your money back that's on

them to do that

so yeah what don't bug them

don't bug them hope it goes past the

date and then you can

contact ebay and get it closed and then

that's it

they're done so yeah leave them alone

don't wake the bear you know unless you

really want it back for some reason

r d studios can you sell the vcr for

parts only even if you get ten dollars

for it

you can um however i

i talked about this yesterday i don't

mind selling stuff for ten dollars

but if i sell something for ten dollars

it better be a real easy pack

it better not be difficult to pack it

better not be heavy

the shipping better not be expensive on

it either because anytime you have high

shipping you

you're taking on more reliability so

you're gonna

you know sell something for 10 or 15

dollars you're gonna probably have

fifteen dollars into the shipping

you're gonna have four four dollars plus

in fees

by the time you do all that now now

you're making what five to

five to ten bucks to ship a broken vcr

you gotta pack it well no it's not worth

it i don't think it's worth it

um in my opinion maybe maybe some people

want to do that i don't

i don't want to ship broken vcrs i look

at a broken vcr

as just a cost of selling vcrs

that's how i handle it anyway certain

percentage gonna be bad

that's why you buy them cheap i throw

out the bad ones and i keep the good

ones and sell them make great profits

so yeah i don't like messing with broken


typically maybe like a dvd recorder or

something that might be worth it

but a plain old jvcr nah i do sell

plenty of stuff parts only

not working as is but not vcrs here's a

genuine question this is from shane f

here's a genuine question what is the

point of having a store besides the fact

of more free listings and having your

fees drop by like one percent

please help okay so um

store may or may not be a good fit for

you but i think it's worth looking at

for for just about anyone if you do any

kind of volume at all

if you're just selling a couple things a

month five

ten things a month it's probably not

worth it to get a store honestly

probably better off not paying for that

and um

just getting your free listings and

listing your stuff and

you know not having the store but uh the

one thing that

one thing that i didn't like about the

question having your fees drop by like

one percent so

let's look at that case okay so


and this this will change depending on

how much you sell a course but let's say

let's say you sell i don't know

four thousand dollars worth of stuff in

a month right i don't i have no idea

what how much you're selling

um if you don't have a store you're

gonna pay

depending on what you're selling because

some things are higher

like um you need to look at the ebay

final value fees

because like music like cds and stuff

uh 12 on those but most stuff is 10

so uh just the final value fees

nodding and this is if the 4 000

includes your shipping

just final value fees is going to be 400


if you have a basic store on up

final value fees on the four thousand

dollars is going to be



so the one percent of

approx actually is point eight five

percent uh

difference in final value fees actually

ends up being

closer to ten percent savings on

your uh final value fees for the month


just this right here like if you sell

four grand

uh just this right here will come pretty

close to paying for

the um the basic store

i can't remember how much a basic store

cost okay yeah basic store

actually at that level if you're selling

four grand a month

basic store is 22 a month

if you agree to do it for a year on like

on a yearly basis

so uh you know that's something to think


again if you're selling a thousand

dollars a month then you need to

readjust those figures you'd only be

looking at like

a hundred dollars and uh

90 91 for savings of about nine dollars

that doesn't cover the whole cost of the


but you also have to factor in the

listings that you get for free

you also can run sales uh

you could do vacation mode you have

categories so

those are a few things um something else

to consider

is that not all categories are point one

five percent a lot of categories are a

lot lower

if you sell

and this is is if you have a basic store

on up

uh most consumer electronics in it

except for this stuff here

6.15 percent which is a lot lower if you

sell a lot of

video game consoles four percent

um most video games of consoles

except video games well that's a big

accept isn't it um but yeah the consoles

are at four percent

stamp 6.15 that's a lot lower

musical instruments and gear um

is really low so there's some

there's some big savings depending on

what you sell but most things are 9.15


except for these exceptions

uh most computers tablets look like

you're selling compute desktops and

all-in-ones laptops

computer components drives monitors

printers four percent final value fee if

you have a basic store on up

so take a look at all that stuff do the


um and figure out if it's worth it for

you okay jason snyder says i've been

watching a lot

of you sellers pack and i'm wondering am

i the only one that prints a packing


no you're not a lot of people do print

packing slips

a lot of people like to print packing

slips and then use those

to pull their orders which i understand

a lot of people also think packing slips

can help in case the package the

something happens to the label

and usps or whoever the carriers can go

into the package and

say oh here's a packing slip this is

where it needs to go

and then your package could still

possibly get to its destination i don't

know if that actually happens very often

i don't know how often labels get

damaged or removed

like that uh i don't know that it's ever

happened to me but it could have and


some of my lost packages that's where

what happened to them

um yeah but having said all that i don't

do it

but a lot of people do and i know a lot

of people feel very strongly about doing

it a lot of people feel very strongly

about not doing it

i just i don't think it's uh i don't

think it's worth it

and i choose not to do it joshua

browning are you ever going to use your

big cartel site again

i am i'm whenever i whenever i do

actually get the box resizers in again

i'll sell them there

and maybe i might do some other kind of

merch or something there

but uh yeah i'll definitely use it again

there's no doubt i haven't canceled it

or anything

it only cost me like 10 bucks a month so

i'm going to keep it active

last one gregory lonnie quick question i

have a bunch of star wars figures 3.75

inches three three and three quarter

inches they're loose from the early


what do you think the best way to sell

on ebay lock them up or individually i'm

dreading all the research required to

find out

to figure out who is who what are your


um i know it i know how you feel uh i've

had stuff like that before

that i dreaded and if you really are

dreading it

then make a make some lots how many do

you have you said a bunch

and it doesn't say how many it's right


make a big lot of them or make several


and throw them up at auction no

you won't get top dollar but

you'll get some amount of money and

you'll be done with it and you want to

put in all the work

that's what i'll do if something you're

dreading then

don't put a bunch of time into it you

know it sounds like you don't want to do

it but you could still sell it like

that's a good thing

if if you choose to take a little less

money you could put in

a lot less effort and still get them


and probably get somebody a little

better better deal

but uh yeah that it's okay you don't

have to research everything

you can just put it on the table and

take a picture and

either come up with a price a buy it now

price or

put it up at auction and you know

know that if you do get less money than

you would have by putting in the


well you saved a heck of a lot of time

and everybody likes to say time is money

right well

there you go you're trading off time for

money in that case

and i wouldn't feel bad about it if you

don't want to do it so

uh oh we need we need to give this thing


uh socket shelf okay doing the giveaway

for the socket shelf

um thanks for everyone who commented and

watched the video and stuff

and whoever wins i hope you like it it's

one of these guys

just like this this one's sealed and i

will ship it anywhere in the world

the winner of this thing uh just email



shedflips here we go

this is the video it's already plugged

in here filter

duplicate users filter comments based on

socket shelf and we're gonna get

youtube comments find out how many

qualifying comments we have on that


and we have 543 so you have a one out of


chance if you entered

uh start raffle and pick random winner

good luck everyone

you may see your name flying by who

is it it is stuff smart

and they said socket shelf simple

so stuff smart email me shedflips

and um i may get you to do something to

prove that you are

actually stuff smart and then i'll send

this out to you

once again give me your address too so

in that email

so thanks a lot everyone for

participating we'll i'll do some more

giveaways in the future

um what am i gonna do now

i think i'm gonna pull a couple of

orders then we'll call it a video

okay well this is an odd occurrence none

of these i'm going to go ahead and pull

garage flips orders that i have so far

it's saturday night

none of these are viewer sales these are

all organic randoms as far as i know

anyways first one is for

100 galactic connections gc22

i put them on sale 27.99

free ship what i say that number was


so it is

that's good to see these guys moving a

little bit

i'm good at that price here it is this

sold for 27.99 free ship

and then uh i wasn't too happy about

what i paid for this

at an estate sale last weekend but i'm

happy with the sales price

it's a caller id and it is right here

plastic drawer with the location that i


on my screen here sold this for 20.99

plus shipping on top i paid five bucks

for it so i'm happy

with that it was a real easy listing

uh next up is a comic book

tarot witch of the black rose number 21

t21 and i think i'm actually

yep i was almost flipped to the exact

one that i needed this one right here

this sold for 19.99 plus

shipping on top

and let's see oh this is a cool thing


this is a case um i call it a vintage

aluminum briefcase

spot i put like 007

spy case on there just because you know

that's what it kind of looked like to me

on the funko shelf just listed this the

other day

and she's right here isn't that cool

it's really a neat looking case

i considered keeping it but somebody's

going to enjoy that

it's got a combo lock up top it's a nice

interior is pretty nice too

got 39.99 plus shipping on top for that

don't even remember where i got that

i know i wouldn't have paid more than

probably five dollars for it though

uh avon true color

b blushed cheek color blushing nude

okay be blushed blushing nude

avon true color all right it's gonna be

in one of these avon boxes

it's not that that's not the right shape

true color now

this must be it be blushed

blushing nude this is it 5.99 plus

shipping on top for this

it's probably like the cheapest avon

item i had in that box

or in those boxes and then

sold a lego set i bought two lego sets

uh how much how much i pay

i can't remember i can't remember what i

paid for these two lego sets

but i bought them like a couple weeks

ago i sold the first one really quick

and basically this one was going to be

my profit for both and i sold it for 30

plus shipping this is a lego city advent


and it's right here yeah this is it

right here

this sold for 29.99 plus shipping on top

the other set sold for somewhere around


well how much do i pay for that probably

some of y'all know

want to say i paid like 20 bucks for


25 or something like i can't remember

and then last thing i pull and this is

something i listed just yesterday

this is a reversible bdu gore-tex

jacket it's pretty cool what which one

is it

it's a z5 and

it had a flaw on it there was a stain

on the desert camo side this is it right


stain on the desert camo side that i

just couldn't remove

worked on it for f i didn't work on a

long maybe five minutes or so

so uh i was like you know what i'll just

price it a little lower and i'll sell it


and i did i priced it at seventy dollars

plus shipping on top

uh padded flat rate of course and i sold


and that was something that was on death

rack so

death rack this was actually nestled up

inside of the death rack so the death

rack sails

are already happening so i'm gonna get

this stuff packed

and edit some video and i will see y'all

again soon thanks so much for watching

take care guys bye bye