Should I Get an eBay Store?

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episode six today we're gonna talk about

the eBay stores this is probably the

most requested video and most asked

question I get all the time what eBay

store should I get when am I ready for

an eBay store how will I know when I

should get an eBay store so first let's

take a look at all the different stores

eBay offers the perks they come with and

how much they cost I'm gonna share my

screen with you guys and go through all

the information with you right now

so there's gonna be two things I'm gonna

look at your back with you guys and the

first is just this overview of each

store its name its cost per month and

the basic reason why you would want it

the starter store if you do a one-year

contract is 495 a month

795 a month without that 1-year contract

and this is for sellers who want an

entry-level solution the basic store is

2195 a month with that one year plan

2795 per month without the basic store

is for sellers who want an online store

and lower selling fees the premium is

59.95 a month with the one-year plan or

contract 7495 a month without this is

for sellers wanting lower listing fees

and more business tools the anchor store

is $299.95 a month with the one-year

plan three 49.95 without this is for

high-volume sellers who want lower fees

and then the biggest one is the

enterprise store two thousand nine

hundred and ninety nine dollars and

ninety five cents a month with a

one-year contract and there is no option

to go monthly with the enterprise and

this is for high-volume sellers who want

the lowest fees if we go over to this

page it will just tell you the basic

benefits of each store and then we'll go

down through this chart and look at

everything more specifically the starter

store will give you discounts and tools

for occasional sellers

for ninety-five a month with the annual

subscription basic gives you tools and

lower fees for growing your business

2195 with the description premium bigger

discounts designed for larger businesses

59.95 a month all of these prices down

here are with the annual subscription

the anchor lower fees and dedicated

support for volume sellers and the

enterprise the lowest fees and dedicated

support for the largest retailers so

let's just look down this chart real

quick with you guys the starter store

has 100 listings that come with it that

you don't pay any listing fees for per

month the basic store you get two

hundred and fifty per month the premium

1000 per month the anchor is ten

thousand the enterprise is 100 thousand

you also get free auction listings for

collectibles and fashion starting at the

basic level where you get two hundred

and fifty five hundred with the premium

a thousand with the anchor two thousand

five hundred but the enterprise

you'll get unlimited free listings for

guitars and basses with all of the

stores and here's the important

information everyone wants to know how

much will you pay per listing over the

basic amount a fixed price that come

with your store or the free ones that

come with your store each month the

starter is going to pay 30 cents a

listing over the 100 basic is going to

pay twenty five cents per listing after

the first 250 premium store will pay ten

cents per listing after the first 1000

the anchor and the enterprise will each

pay five cents additional listing after

they've hit their limits the auction

fees are the same for the starter and

the basic if you go above your free

options that you get it's 15 cents for

premium 10 for any current time for

price its I'm going a little bit too

fast for you guys I am going to put the

link to this page and this page down

below in the description box for you

guys or feel free to pause pause the

video if you need to to read it or you

can always screenshot but I will include

the links down below for you as well

final value feed this is also really

important the starter store has a 10%

and everybody else has four to nine

point one five percent final value fee

and that depends on what category your

item is in and then they have some other

things that go down here this is one

that everybody wants to know about you

get a coupon for ebay branded shipping

supplies that you get to use every

quarter that's once every every three

months each store will get a coupon or

code to spend that much money in the

ebay store for the ebay Parata shipping

supplies the starter store doesn't get

any the basic store gets twenty five

dollars premium gets fifty and then the

two larger stores get a hundred and

fifty dollars per quarter to spend so

the the real important thing is how much

it cost someone how many listings are

you getting with your subscription how

much are you going to pay above and

beyond that and then your final value

fees are important and the for some

people the eBay branded shipping

supplies coupon we use ours

I mean it's extra supplies every month

you already paying for the store why not

cash it on that but the only thing I can

say is don't get wrapped up and a lot of

these extras keep in mind that you only

need to pay for what you need and you

only need to pay for the amount of

listings that you have each month and

I'm going to

into a little bit more detail on that

but I'm gonna flip back over to my face

like I said you guys I will link these

down below for you and you can go

through the mat your own leisure but

really all you need to know is how many

are you listing a month and how much

you're spending on that and we'll get

into that in just a second hey guys so

if you don't have an eBay store yet and

you're paying per listing each

individual listing when the total amount

you're paying every month for all of the

items that you're listing is equal to or

greater than the cost of the starter

store that's when you know you're ready

to forest or and don't just count your

new listings remember whether you do

good til cancelled or 30 days every

month when those listings these are

renew themselves automatically with good

till cancelled or you go into your

unsold and put them back in those count

you're paying for them so the total

amount that you have in your store

that's not selling every month that

you're renewing and then everything

you're listing on top of that I thought

is equal to or greater than the cost of

the starter store you're ready to move

up and if you already have an eBay store

if you run out of the listings that

you're paying for every month and then

you start paying individually that can

add up as well so you just need to take

a look if you add up the amount that

you're paying monthly for your store

subscription plus all the money you're

spending for additional listings if that

total is equal to or greater than the

next level stores subscription price

you're ready to move up so stay where

you're at if you're paying less for your

listings every month then the cost of

the next level store if you're spending

more money than the cost of the store

you might as well pay for the store and

get the included listings and then the

lowered amount per lusting after you run

out the only addendum I would like to

add to this is there are some folks out

there who do pay for a store that

they're not quite ready for because the

perks are worth it to them there are

people who don't they don't have enough

listings to justify the cost of an


door but they pay that extra a little

bit for the anchor store because you get

us-based customer service and that's

worth it to some people some people who

are just beginning are willing to spend

a little bit of money on a starter store

even though they don't list enough to

justify it because they want the perks

that come with it so the only thing I

would say is if you're not spending

enough to justify the cost of the store

but the perks are worth it to you and

you can afford it out of your capital

every month it's not gonna put a stress

on you or stress on buying inventory or

you know you need the money to keep

running your business if you can afford

the next step or to get a store and

you're just doing it for the perks you

can but as far as need or necessity or

when you're ready that's how you figure

it out how much are you spending on your

listings so let me know in the comments

down below if you guys have any more

questions need any more clarification on

anything I would be happy to help you

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