Top 10 Reasons you should pay for an Ebay Store.

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everything's good so yeah so let's jump

into this video which is something that

a lot of people have constantly been

asking emailing messaging comments it

came up in the live chat with Nicole it

came up with the live chat when I was

over on prof sales channel so I wanted

to discuss it and from the title you

guys can see it's all about eBay stores

when should you buy an eBay store when

does it make sense why does it make

sense what are the pros what are the

cons what does it cost

um all things eve a store so I'm going

to go over the top 10 reasons you should

have an eBay store absolutely positively

should have an eBay store even if you're

not a big time seller even if you're

just selling a few items why you should

have an eBay store and then I'll show

you guys the page and the link with the

the with the prices for the store what

they cost and then I'll put that link

down in the description box and I

promise you the link will be down in the

description box within a couple minutes

of this video going up and yeah so let's

jump into it and go over the ten reasons

which I have write my notebook which I

tells you guys I always carry a notebook

everywhere in my car at home on my night

table I always have a notebook so when I

think of something I can just jot it

down I know we have phones but

I'm old school so let's go over these

top ten reasons to have an eBay store

alright also guys I hope the audio is

fine on this I'm gonna test it out

before I post the video and I'll

rerecord but I'm using this mic now it

is a 360 degree mic USB mic this is

called a blue snowball mic blue snowball

ice it's pretty cool I've had it for a

while but um I don't use it but I'm

gonna start using it it's very good but

it picks up noise from all around all

different angles and everything so if

the audio is bad just let me know please

let me know okay the number one reason

why anybody gets an eBay store and it's

the biggest question that I get is about

the cost versus the savings is it worth

saving the money that you save to pay

the cost that the store actually cost so

the answer is yes and there are certain

numbers of items you should be posting

every month to offset the cost of the

store which we can go over but I'm just

gonna jump over to my screen and I'm

going to show you guys what the cost of

the store is and the savings that you

get and then you guys will be able to do

the math on your own depending on the

number of items that you list versus the

cost of the store versus what it would

have cost you to pay for the insertions

if you didn't have the store so let's

jump over and take a look at that right

now okay so here we are this is the eBay

subscription and fee plan for owning an

eBay store so there are three levels of

an eBay store they are basic they're

premium and they are anchor and you guys

can see my screen right here so the

monthly subscription for basic is twenty

five premium is seventy five and anchors

three fifty if you are willing to submit

to a one year contract you will save

five dollars on the basic store 1995 you

will save fifteen on the premium 59.95

and you'll save 50 on the anchor store

at two 99.95 so what does that mean for

most people most people are going to

have a basic store and for the purpose

of this video I'm going to assume that

you're willing to do a one-year term so

we're going to go off of that 20 dollar

cost $20 so your discounted insertion

fees when you have

half the basic store if you're doing

fixed price is 20 cents an item you will

pay 20 cents an item now the normal

fixed price insertion fee listings that

you get for a basic store are two

hundred and fifty three insertions just

for having the store now the cost of a

regular insertion fee I believe if you

don't have the store is 30 cents correct

me if I'm wrong I believe it's 30 cents

so right off the top your 250 free

insertion fees at 30 cents apiece are

going to cost you without a store $75

you're you're getting a deal just off of

those now I know without a store you'll

get like 200 free a month ebay cents

promotions but it's not a guarantee so

right away that's $75 value you're

getting just off of the free insertions

then for your $20 that's the equivalent

of another 66 listings so literally 316

listings worth of stuff is the equal

value so you are being able to list 316

listings for 20 bucks on a basic store

price your $20 gets you 316 listings if

you were to pay for those same 316

listings without a storm without any

promotions you would be spending 94

dollars so you are saving immediately

like absolutely it positively it makes

sense if you're only listing 10 items a

month then the $3.00 might be worth it

for you to spend you know at 30 cents

apiece but you really have to to do the

math based on the number of items that

you that you list and the same goes for

the premium store at 60 and the anchor

at 300 now I have a premium store 60 the

reason I haven't gone up to the anchor

store yet is I just don't feel like

spending 300 there are some things that

would help me but I just don't really

need them yet so I haven't jumped up I

probably will next year but as of right

now I'm still at a premium store so the

insertion savings is the number one

reason why you should have a ebay store

you will save a lot of money on placing

your items

for sale okay let's keep scrolling

number two reason is lower final value

fees you can see right here that when

you have an eBay store your final value

fees will drop now of course if your

top-rated you can get a discount as well

but this automatically gives you a

discount to four to nine percent rather

than the standard ten just for having

the store so that's reason number two is

lower final value fee so you not only

save on the insertion fees you also save

on final value fee so those are the

first two and the most important two

reasons that anybody almost anybody gets

an eBay store okay so let's move on to

the number three reason why you should

have an eBay store

okay so let's jump in to reason number

three why you should have an eBay store

and it's called categories all about

categories for those of you that have

never had an eBay store or don't do a

lot of shopping on eBay you can see that

this is my eBay store right here on my

screen that you guys can see and on the

left hand side if you can look their

categories and I have put all my items

340 ties 31 min stress shirts 209 iPods

a tablet 176 women's tops 139 men's

shirts children's I have separated all

of my items into neatly categorized

categories for lack of a better word or

phrase that people can shop very quickly

and very easily through this will

increase the amount of time that folks

spend in your store it will also

increase the sales that they that they

will do on your store because they're

easily able to find the items they're

looking for you can only do this with an

eBay store it's very easy if you get an

eBay store go to your store in the top

right corner click manage my store and

then on the left side is the categories

option and you can create up to 300

categories in your eBay store so that is

number three the number three reason why

you should have an eBay store is to

categorize your merchandise neatly and

cleanly so customers can navigate your

store very easily okay so those are the

top three reasons why you should have an

eBay store the number four reason that

you should have an eBay store we have

already talked about on this chain

it is sales having an eBay store allows

you to select items in your store

through the markdown manager which is in

the manage store section or on your my

eBay and you can select certain

categories or just certain individual

items and you can put them on sale

ten percent fifteen twenty five percent

whatever you want and then when the eBay

customer views your item it's crossed

out with a fifteen percent off or twenty

percent off and then it provides them a

new sale price this is a very good

marketing tool for customers that are

potentially buying from you because when

they see that an item has been marked

down it makes them feel like they're

getting a very good deal you can only do

these sales and mark down if you pay for

an eBay subscription in eBay store so

make sure that for the number four

reason running sales that you definitely

have an eBay store it's the only way you

can run those sales okay the number five

reason why you should have an eBay store

is free listings every eBay store comes

with ex a certain amount of free

insertions fixed price and auction

listings that you get to use each month

which is again available under the

subscription fee link that I'm going to

provide down on the bottom for basic

store it's two hundred fifty free fixed

price listings and I believe it's two

hundred action listings so definitely

take advantage of those free listings

that's the number five reason that you

should have an eBay store okay moving on

to the six number six top reason why you

should have an eBay store and that's

customization and themes I've googled a

few custom sample theme stores this is

one that's called Jeff's music gear I

just googled up randomly so this is

nothing special but you can see how he's

got a special template he's got his his

avatars his banner pictures and then

we'll go on and look at a couple more

this is a store called via keys or via

keys they sell electronics they've got a

customized theme store and then Rooke

audio and you can see how they have a

store with their top items and their

their banner and their audio so you can

set up a custom theme just like you

would have a Twitter or Instagram or

Facebook page custom-made for you you

can basically set that all up here on

your eBay store so that is the top

number six reason why

you should have an eBay store and pay

the money for it all right the number

seven reason that you should pay for an

eBay store is search optimization in

eBay's ranking system having an eBay

store having your items categorized and

listed in your store provide you with a

higher search ranking than other items

it's just a known fact it's a proven

fact and paying eBay for the rights to

that store allows your items to be

placed higher in the search optimization

algorithm that eBay uses thus putting

your items higher up and putting them in

front of more customers which will

obviously lead to more sales so you

definitely want to have an eBay store

for the search engine for the eBay

search engine optimization ok the number

8 reason is a pretty big one and I know

a lot of people don't think about this

but it's true having an eBay store will

cause you to bring in repeat customers

and the reason is once they know your

eBay store they save your eBay store

they follow you they remember your theme

they remember your graphics your brand

they won't be more likely to come back

and shop from you again also it's just

that memorization mental thing of

somebody having a store over not having

a store makes you look more professional

which will bring in that initial

customer to begin with so definitely

want to work on those repeat customers

and those you know new customers into

you and having a store will absolutely

help you do that ok the number 9 reason

we're closing out here is that eBay will

assign you with a unique URL to your

store you will have a nice clean URL

like Casey's eBay store WWE Bay Casey's

eBay store calm whatever it is they will

assign that to you you can link it on

your social media you can make it easier

to find there'll be easier for people to

remember people can bookmark it just a

very nice thing to have is a custom URL

for your eBay store so and you can

advertise it that way hey come to my

eBay store and you're being legitimate

rather than just having an eBay item

listing for sale you actually have an

eBay store so getting that custom URL is

pretty important something you want to

get ahold of ok the number 10 reason and

final reason why you should have an eBay

store I'm sure there are more but this

is the number top 10 reason all my list

is the anchor store this is only for

anchor store members but when you have

an anchor store and you pay the money

for it

you will get a

educated eBay representative that you

can call that can help you with any

issues any problems and we all know how

hard eBay customer service can be to get

a hold of so having that dedicated

customer service agent is very very

important and it's one of the reasons

I'm considering in 2017 stepping up to a

anchor store so definitely something to

look forward to when you go from basic

to premium to anchor you will get that

dedicated customer service number

dedicated customer service agent and

you'll be able to get better answer

quicker and save a lot of time which

time is money guys time is money all

right so I hope the audio was good on

this I hope you guys enjoyed this video

I hope that you learned something on the

top 10 reasons to have an eBay store if

you don't have one get one if you

already have one maybe step up maybe use

some of the items that I listed to your

advantage more take advantage of the

store you're paying for and get your

sails up you guys want to increase sales

this is one way to do it and there are

multiple ways through the eBay store

that you can raise your sales so I don't

want to hear from everybody that your

sales are sucky and you don't know what

to do I just gave you a huge huge boost

to your possibility of raising sales by

having a store upgrading your store or

if you have a store and you're not

taking advantage of sales and categories

and all those things you should be doing

it so make sure you like this video if

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