How To Build The Best eBay Store!

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today in today's video i'm going to be


through a couple ebay stores and showing

you our own ebay store as well

to kind of give you a better idea of how

to set up the best ebay store

so that you can in turn get more sales

what i did was i put out a post on our

instagram accounts just asking people if

they would like to have their ebay store

reviewed we got two people who replied

immediately so we decided to take those

two accounts

and i'm gonna be jumping over to my

laptop and looking at their stores today

pretty simple video but

hopefully there'll be some tips and

tricks in here that'll help you guys

build a better ebay store and if you're

brand new to our youtube channel this is

something that we do for a living we've


selling on ebay full time now for over

five years we've sold over a million

dollars worth of sales on ebay and i say

that not to brag just to let you know

like when i'm looking at these stores i

do know what i'm talking about so

obviously take everything with a grain

of salt there's no perfect way to set up

an ebay store but there are a few things

you can do

to help increase sales and if you're

watching today's video i'm assuming you

either already sell on ebay or you're

thinking about

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so with that being said let's jump over

to my laptop i'll screen record

everything and i'll try to

come up with a few little tips that can

help this store out okay so let's dive

into the first account today the account

is the wolfden and again thank you for

allowing me to take a look at your


the first thing i notice right off the

bat is you have great feedback you have

100 positive feedback

which is awesome definitely keep that up

your feedback score is pretty low 168

but i don't know how long this account

has been

active let's see all of that feedback's

come from the past year so that's really

good you're obviously

doing a good job giving customers what

they expect and they're providing you

with positive feedback which is great

you have a good description on your

account which is great um one thing that

i noticed obviously is this

this isn't a store it's not an ebay

store it's just a user account so you

don't have a store yet

with 187 items listed if you are going

to continue to list items on ebay so

let's say you're going to be listing 50

plus items a month i would suggest

getting a store you can get a starter

store or a basic store but

you do get some benefits with having an

ebay store that you're not going to get

with just having

an account by itself so let's go to your

items for sale let's take a look at what

you currently have listed for sale 188

results that's good your pictures are

good they're square

let's go down and click on sold listings

just to see what your sell through rate


okay so very very good you have 188

items listed you have 304

recently sold items so your sell through

rate is excellent

it's more than 100 so again you're doing

a good job at listing items the right


to get them to sell let's go back to

your results i'm going to sort it by

newly listed so we can take a look at

like how you're currently listing items

not how you've done it in the past if

there are older items up there so let's

look at this one right here it's a new

listing for a 2018 marvin the martian

looney tune shirt so one thing that i

want to commend you for

when you're listing clothing what i like

is showing that

main graphic as the first thing so we

actually also used to do our first main

picture of the whole t-shirt

and we found that it does work better

when you zoom in on that graphic

and show that first main graphic because

when people are looking for t-shirts


they kind of know that it's going to be

on a t-shirt so they'll see that graphic

first and it pops

in search so you're doing a good job

showing the graphic it's

in square mode which is good one by one

aspect ratio picture that's what you


you have four pictures which is great um

one thing that i would recommend just

looking at this your pictures look a

little bit dark

so if you look at the background on this

picture that's on a white wall

it should be a little bit should be a

little bit wider so you may want to get

a couple more box lights or something

maybe one ring light

just to shine on that picture some

indirect lights

just to make the graphic stand out a bit

more and get the true color of the item


the shirt looks a bit dark to me i don't

think it's probably

it's probably not that black in person

so let's look at your title

i would probably change the year to

later on

in the title so move that year i would

put marvin the martian as your first

part of that title and then move the

year afterwards so we do brand

gender size color any other keywords

so with this one i would re-organize the

title and do something like marvin the


men's size large 2018

t-shirt something like that you just

have a shirt in the title you don't have

t-shirts i would put t-shirt because a

lot of people are searching for t-shirts

not just

shirts but besides that your title is

actually written quite nicely

your price is good you're doing free

shipping which is great

we offer free shipping too you don't

have to do that but it does help with


you have a buy it now and add to cart

one thing that i would recommend doing

is adding best offer to your items even

if you don't accept best offers it gives

you a little bit of a boost in search

and sometimes people will offer like you

know if it's 14.75 sometimes people will


14 and of course you're going to accept

an offer that's only 75 cents less so

just having best offer on there does

help increase sales your returns are

good you're doing 30 day free returns

you have buyer paid returns on there

which is totally fine

um once you grow a bit more you can do

free returns like we do free returns on

our first class shipping items

because like this one's only gonna cost

maybe what five bucks to ship and like

our return rate

on clothing is less than two percent so

even though we offer free returns on our

first class

items we don't get that many returns so

think about doing that maybe in the

future your item specifics

look great you're filling out a lot of

item specifics which is really good you

have your size in there you have the

character family the material

that's good that you have all the items

specific because you want to put in as

many item specifics in a listing as you

possibly can and then your item


short sweet to the point i like that you

have a little bit about yourself in


as well that's good you also have a

little feedback request thing down here

honestly like i don't think that's

necessary putting in there if you're

disappointed with your purchase

that's more like a thank you note thing

you want to put in the package when

you're sending it out to them you don't

have to put that in your listings

you do have your measurements in the

item description i would also suggest

taking a picture of your measurements

and including them as a picture you can

use a ruler and take a picture of the

measurement on the ruler but what we

like to do is we actually use a board

and we have the measurements actually on

a board as a picture

so for example like this this is our

listing we actually have this little

framed board

and we put the size and the measurements

as a picture in the listing

what that does is it helps people who

don't go into the description of the

item and that happens a lot believe it

or not when you're

buying on mobile a lot of people don't

click into the description of the items

that you're scrolling through they look

at the pictures

they see something that they like and

they hit by so having the measurements

as a picture

helps with returns right so people see

exactly what the size is

and if it's not their size they don't

buy the item so that tip should help you


the measurements as a picture in your

listings let's go back again and just

look through some more of your items


yeah your pictures are good you're doing

a good job like this one obviously tidy

that up a little bit to get an actual

good picture of that front graphic the

other thing i would suggest is use all

your title

so like this title here there's a lot

more room to put other stuff in there so

use all your title like put other

keywords in there so that

people can find your item easier so it

looks like you actually do have the

measurements shown

in this listing continue to do that

that's a really good thing doing it that

way is fine too just writing it out on a

sharpie and sticking it to the item

there's nothing wrong with that

one thing that i would like to see as

well here let me sort this by

your active items price plus shipping

highest first

yeah so i've noticed that you're selling

some lower priced items most of your

items seem to be

on the lower end i would suggest maybe

focusing on a higher average sales price


you're selling a lot of one-off items

and when it comes to one-off items you


listing an item that's 200 takes the

same amount of time and effort as it

does to list an item that's

10 so it's better to focus on a higher

margin a higher return rate and a higher

revenue amount coming into your business

than to just list lower priced items

that's something that took us a long

time to learn

when it came to reselling but the the

more we've raised our average sales

price the easier our lives

have gotten so even on ebay like ebay

buyers we've noticed people who


more expensive items they're a lot

easier to deal with you know they're not

nitpicking about

little things selling someone a ten

dollar item sometimes they just like

those are the ones that you're going to

get a return on when we sell someone a


t-shirts it's very very rare that we get

a return on that because they know

exactly what they're buying

when someone's spending 10 or just

taking a shot in the dark when someone's

spending 200

they want to know exactly what they're

getting but besides that you are

actually doing a really good job

i like the way that you're listening we

suggest listing under

a whole dollar amount so and under 0.99

so instead of listing something for


we'll list that item for 24.97 so

under that 99 mark and people ask us all

the time why we do that and the real

answer is

because a lot of people search items

they'll sort items on ebay

by price lowest first so if i'm selling

the exact same item as someone else and

they have that item listed for

23.99 and i list that item for

23.97 when that person sorts by lowest

price first

mine's gonna pop up ahead of theirs and

sometimes the only thing you have to do

to get a sale is be

the first one in front of someone's eyes

so that's the reason why we price the

way that we do i think that's about all

i can offer

on this account i think you're doing a

great job like i said do those those

little suggestions

that i made the only other thing that i

would recommend is maybe

expand your horizons into other products

so it looks like you're selling a lot of

vintage a lot of like graphic t-shirts a

lot of apparel

maybe expand more into shoes maybe

expand more into

outerwear and hats and maybe some

vintage electronics

stuff that complements your account but

that also will bring in

more revenue and attract more buyers so

that's the first ebay account

let me jump into the second one and see

if we can notice any other changes

alrighty so jumping into the next door

here this one's called

lines out fishing again thank you for

allowing me to take a look at your store

i appreciate it

so let's jump into this okay so this is

an actual ebay store which is which is

good so we

saw an account um this one is an ebay


store same thing on this you have 100

positive feedback

very commendable good job there and you

have a decent amount of feedback as well


2796 positive feedback

100 that's amazing great job welcome to

lion's eye fishing i'm a tournament

angler trying to provide affordable

quality fishing gear for the tournament

so your store

seems to be totally geared towards a

certain niche

you're geared towards fishing which

isn't a bad thing we have stores as well

where we only focus on

certain categories a lot of people ask

us like when should i get a second store

on ebay and sometimes the answer to that

is if you have a store that sells

everything a little bit of everything

and you want to get into like a niche

category sometimes it's better to

create a separate store just for that

because like a store like this

this person has 144 followers those

people are following their store because

they know

that this person gets fishing stuff so

you will get repeat business if you have

a niche ebay store so definitely so far

so good

the one thing that i notice immediately

is your

store banner so this section up here

it's small

you have your logo basically repeated in

the banner

it's a small thing there but i would

recommend changing that and making it

like an actual ebay store banner i'll

show you our public ebay store really

quick so we have a banner in there and

then we have the logo in there as well

there's a website called it's

a free website they don't sponsor us

we use them all the time you can go to

canva and you can create a very simple


for your ebay store but i would suggest

doing that it'll just make it look a

little bit nicer but your logo is really

great i like that a lot establish 2019

so you haven't been around that long

but it looks like you're doing a really

good job let's scroll down

and it looks like you have you have a

ton of categories you have a ton of

store categories

that makes it a little bit hard for

people to navigate your store i would

suggest maybe doing like 10

5 to 10 main store categories and then

you can do sub categories

underneath that to make it easier for

people to navigate your store your

featured items are good you have that

in there so you have 2 218 items listed

that's a lot of items so you definitely

have a larger ebay store that's a lot of

items too

to have listed and scrolling down it

looks like

you actually don't only focus on fishing


so that might be something that you may

want to consider in the future the name

of your store is lines up fishing you

may want to change that you may want to

change your logo if you are selling a

little bit of everything

and not just fishing stuff maybe think

about doing a name change

so the first thing i like to do when i'm

doing a store review is again look at


results listed so how many items you

have listed 2 327

and then i like to go down and just

click on sold

listings and depending on how you have

your store structured so

like when you do this at our store

you're not going to see all of our sales

because we list with that out of stock

option on because we get a lot of

wholesale stuff so i'll even show you

like on our store it's showing 598

results listed if i click on sold


it only shows 23 results obviously we've


way more than 23 items on ebay in the

past 90 days but because we have that

out of stock option listed on there not

everything goes to the sold comps on

ebay one easy way that you can

fact check someone to make sure that

they are actually selling stuff is look

at their feedback so

on this account here on the hipline

account we have 6516

positive feedback we're at 99.9 and if

you look at how many actual feedbacks

the account's getting so like in the

past 12 months we've had 1016 positive


and we all know not everybody leaves

positive feedback so on average we're

getting like

25 to 30 percent of people that are

actually leaving feedback so really the

actual number of

sales that this account has done in the

past 12 months is it's more like

four to five thousand i believe so again

when you're looking at people's ebay

stores just keep that in mind some

people list with that out of stock

option on

that's the way that we list so not

everything goes to soul comps but if you

don't have that option on

all of your sales will go into ebay sold

comps so that is a way to check a

store's sell through rate sometimes

so 1 293 results that's good and

2 300 so you have like a 50 sell through

rate that's not bad

um i would suggest maybe running a sale

on your older items maybe doing like a

markdown sale where you do 20 30

off items that have been already listed

on ebay for

maybe more than 90 days everything that

you've had on ebay for more than 90 days

maybe run a sale on and just clear them

out so let's sort by newly listed again

and see how you are currently listing


so the first thing that i notice is you

have all caps in your title you don't

want to put all caps in your title it's

okay to capitalize the first letter of

each word in the title

but maybe don't use all caps there the

other thing i notice is that you're not

taking pictures in square mode you

really want to do that one by one aspect

ratio mode it makes your items look a

lot better and it's how google and ebay

want you to take those pictures

the other thing i notice you can be

doing a little bit better is

the background for your pictures so i

would suggest i mean

you have a big account you're selling a

lot of stuff invest in like a white


paper background just white savage photo

paper i'll link the items that we use

for ebay in the description of this

video but we use the same white photo

paper we've used that for

oh man we've used the same roll for like

i don't know three years

so it lasts a long time and it works

really well and it will give you a much

nicer cleaner background

than how this currently looks the other

thing that i noticed that's a huge

huge red flag this will probably be the

biggest thing that i say

in this store review is you do not

accept returns

i don't know if that's on every item

let's go back and check some other stuff

yeah you do not accept returns for a

store this size you absolutely should

have some sort of a return policy

even if it's not free returns even if

it's just buyer paid returns

you should offer some sort of a return

policy having no returns on

doesn't mean that you're not going to

get returns having no returns on just

means that someone has to open an item

not as described case and they can still

return that

item so really there's no point in

having no returns on all that's doing is

hurting your sales because

if you're selling this pair of scissors

for example and i'm selling the same

pair of scissors same price we have

similar feedback right but on mine i

have free shipping free returns

a buyer is much much more likely to

purchase from me

than they would be to purchase from you

just because they've never done business

with either of us and having that

security of knowing if something goes

wrong they can't return the item

that's a big selling feature for people

so you can do what you want but i would


having some sort of a return policy on

your store keeping it going looks like

you have a wide variety of items here

and some of your items the pictures are


which is good that's how you want to

take pictures of items in square mode

you also do have best offer on a lot of

your items which is great

definitely keep that on there your item

specifics okay so

it looks like you are not filling out

enough item specifics

go back into some of your items when you

have a chance and tweak those item

specifics put in as many as you can

because that's how

buyers on ebay are currently searching

for stuff and ebay

really is harping on making sure that we

put those item specifics in there

so just go back and add some item

specifics your description is

very very simple but it's fine you don't

really need

a super long description that's

something that um on ebay back in the

day if you wrote like a full paragraph

and you know explain the history of the

item and gave a really good description

there was actually a better chance that

your item would sell in today's ebay you

really don't need a crazy

long description just very simple is fun

when you are doing descriptions i do

suggest you take the title

that you use and copy and paste it into

the top of the description

of your item that just helps with search

engine optimization so when the search

engines are looking at

the the web page of ebay they see the

title and then they see a matching

title in the item description and search

engines like that okay what else

yeah i mean you know all of these new

items i don't see anything to do with oh

there's something to do with fishing

right there there's a lure but

it looks like you're listing a lot of

stuff that doesn't have anything to do

with fishing and

that's not a bad thing i think it's good

that you've expanded into other products


i would at this point i would suggest

either creating another store

for your fishing account and changing

the name of this store or

just change the name of the store and

you have everything in it there's

nothing wrong with having a store that


lots of different items but you don't

want to call it

it's only fishing when there's other

stuff as well let's sort by highest

price as well and see where you're at

so yeah it does look like you have some

more expensive items listed which is


try to again focus on getting that

average sales price uh

up higher that's it's good that you're

doing that you do have a good focus on a

wide variety of items

that's great i noticed this one here

this looks like a stock

photo to me just be careful using stock

images on ebay sometimes companies don't

like it when you use their images

without their permission it doesn't look

like you're doing a lot of that but just

be careful

with that one other thing even with new

items like this one here is a brand new

item you only have two pictures

put four pictures in there ebay likes a

minimum of four pictures so even though

you're allowed to only list one picture

or two pictures

i would suggest take a picture of the

barcode take a picture of like the

you know the corners of the box or

something close up of it i don't know


do at least four pictures in each

listing that'll help you out you also

don't need to do stuff on your listings


like this where you put new factory

sealed one that's in all caps you don't

want to listen

all caps titles on ebay and two like

it's already here it already shows as

brand new you don't have to put that

in the title of the listing use that

title for good descriptive words and

good descriptive keywords that people

would search for when they're looking


that item you don't want to waste the

characters on something like

new factory sealed when you could use

those characters to

actually describe the item and get

someone to the listing and then again a

lot of your items are listed

as whole amounts so 145 dollars instead

of doing that again i would suggest

listing it like

144.97 so it just changes the price up a

little bit

it's good for when people sort it by

lowest price first but

it also makes your listing stand out a

little bit more so think about changing

some of those uh those prices on your

items and then same thing like looking

at this vintage t-shirt include the

measurements um

and take measurements pit to pit from

the pit to the pit and then the collar

to the bottom

of the shirt take those measurements and

include them in the listing because

you'll get far fewer returns on clothing

items when you include the measurements

and it is really important on vintage

t-shirts to make sure you are including

those measurements but besides that i

think that that's a that's a fairly

comprehensive store review on this one i

don't think there's really anything else

that i can

i can help you with you're obviously

doing a good job your stuff is still

selling i think the biggest takeaway

that i have for this store is offer some

sort of a return policy

just doing that i feel will increase

your ebay sales you may start to get a

few more returns but just monitor it

and if you're getting way way too many

returns switch it off but returns on

ebay to me

that's cost of doing business like it's

part of what we do and as long as we

keep our return rate under a certain

percentage the benefits of offering free

returns for us far

outweigh the negatives of actually

getting the returns back

we just roll that into the cost of doing

business and continue on so there you go

guys and girls there's a couple good

story views for you

i hope you've enjoyed today's video if

you picked up any like good tips

or tricks and you found a benefit from

today's video again the way that you can

show appreciation to me

is just hit the thumbs up button on the

video that tells me that i'm doing a

good job and you enjoy the information


again thank you for watching i hope this

has helped a little bit

not every store is created equal you

don't have to do what i'm telling you

the only reason why i wanted to make

today's video was just to show you how

we do things

just because they work for us doesn't

mean that it is this set and stone way

to do things but we have found that when

you make these little tweaks

it can help your stores out so again

hopefully i wasn't too harsh hopefully

you got some good information

thank you for watching and i'll see you

next time bye guys and girls