Beginner's Guide to Starting an eBay Business 2019 / 2020 | Step by Step Guide

what's going on everybody I'm Ryan roots

I wanted to make a video today to talk

to the beginners just getting started on

eBay we have a bunch of new people that

are starting to watch our channel and we

wanted to just I wanted to kind of make

a video going through step by step how

to start an eBay business so this isn't

gonna be too much about like sourcing

and where to find wholesale that kind of

stuff it's going to be more about step

by step how to create your accounts and

how to list items and how to ship them

in our opinion for beginners and again

the main reason for me making this video

is because when we first started selling

on eBay there were a lot of daunting

things that we didn't know how to do and

we kind of like stumbled our way through

it but it definitely was difficult and

if we had a video like this it would

have made it a lot easier and then again

why should you even listen to me at all

we are we've been selling on eBay for

full time we've been selling on eBay for

about five years and total throughout

our e-commerce career we've sold over a

million dollars online so I know what

I'm talking about

and if if there's somebody that you

should be listening to it should be

somebody who does it every single day we

still consistently sell on eBay we do

six figures a year only on eBay so here

we go so what I've done is I've typed

out eight steps so eight steps on how to

start the eBay business and I'm just

going to go through it step by step I'll

probably cut to a few different things

and show you guys on my computer exactly

what I'm talking about but I'm just

going to go through these steps and I

made it like I said I try to make it as

simple and as easy as possible so step

number one is what accounts to open

you're gonna want to open an eBay

account and you're gonna want to open a

PayPal account now when you're just

getting started on eBay you do not need

to open an eBay store so you do not need

to open an eBay store and then on PayPal

you do not need to open a business

account the trick here is just to get

your accounts open everything can be

changed as you grow if you end up

starting an LLC you can change

everything over to your business if you

want to open an eBay store you can open

a store in the future and all of your

feedback transfers so you don't need to

open an eBay store and you

don't need a PayPal business account to

begin with so again the first step is to

open those accounts point number 2 here

is to know that you are gonna have

limitations on that account when you

first open an eBay account more than

likely you're going to be limited to

only being able to post 10 items or

$1,000 worth of value on that account

you can ask for increases on your

accounts I made a video about that which

I'll link up here somewhere on how to

ask eBay for account limits to be

increased but again it's important to

note here that there are going to be

limitations on your eBay account and

getting an eBay store signing up for an

eBay store will not take those

limitations away we've had people ask us

sometimes that they you know they open a

regular eBay account and they're like oh

I have limitations let me just pay for

an eBay store doing that will not take

those limitations away PayPal will also

place separate limits on your account as

well so PayPal has its own limits eBay

has its own limits on PayPal typically

they're gonna hold the money that you're

paid in your PayPal account for two to

three weeks depending it's kind of like

a probationary period to make sure that

you're actually shipping the items out

to your eBay customers but yes PayPal is

gonna place limits on your on your

account where you're not gonna be able

to use the money in your PayPal account

for two to three weeks so be aware of

that as well

after those initial few weeks when

PayPal fully activates your accounts

then you'll have instant access to your

money so don't be scared it's not always

gonna be like that it's just for the

first couple weeks so step number three

is what items should you start listing

on eBay well remember you're more than

likely going to be limited to 10 items

in total so the first items you list you

want to list items that are in high

demand and items that will sell very

fast so typically what we tell people to

do when they first started eBay account

is to take a look around their house and

look out for stuff like video games

video game consoles electronics camera

equipment sells very fast on eBay you

want to look out for stuff that's that's

desirable to people stuff that sells on

a daily basis and the reason why is

because with those types of items buyers

are more likely to look past your

feedback if the deal is good enough so

if I'm listing for example

if I'm listing this camera lens right

here I know that this lens is a highly

desirable item and even though if I

start a brand new eBay account with zero

feedback if I give a good enough deal on

this item because it's such a desirable

item buyers will look past my feedback

and still be willing to purchase it and

those are really the type of items that

you want to look out for and start

listing especially with those first ten

you want to get items sold as fast as

possible so you can start building your

feedback and start building your your

reputation on even so again step number

three what items to look out for make

sure you're only listing highly

desirable items and again electronics

camera stuff video games stuff like that

really really good Apple stuff sells

very very fast on eBay so step number

four when you're first starting in eBay

business is how should you list your

items there's two ways to list on eBay

you can list items as buy it now or you

can list items as an auction now where

we are currently in our business 99% of

the items that we list on eBay are

listed as by now the only time we run

auctions currently is if we want to

clear out old inventory and kind of just

like sell it for what we can get

that being said auctions can be a great

way to start because you're kind of

guaranteeing a sale instead of listing

Buy It Now and then waiting around for

the buyer to come to you so if I list

something as buy it now it could take 30

days for me to sell that item whereas if

I listed as a seven-day auction and I

get a bid that item is sold in a week so

auctions can be good when you're first

starting out if you want to make sure

that you're gonna get those sales but

going back to what I said listing highly

desirable items for a good price I still

feel that even when you're first

starting out on eBay if you're listing

as Buy It Now and you're listing for the

correct price with the right items your

items will still sell so I still suggest

that you do your research look for the

right price look for the right items and

then I still suggest that you list as

Buy It Now because more than likely if

you continue to go with this if you

continue to build this into an actual

eBay business more than likely that's

gonna be the way that you're going to be

listing in the future anyway and I don't

want you to get too used to only running

auctions okay which brings us to step

number five which is how to research

how much to list your items for this is

actually fairly simple on eBay because

you can go to sold comparable items on

eBay we call them sold comps it's very

easy you can just look for the actual

item if your listing something like

again this lens you can just type in

exactly what the item is look at these

sold comps on eBay and see how much

those items have sold for when you do

that you want to sort the items by

recently sold first and just look at the

most recent sales on the exact item make

sure that you're noting the condition as

well if the item is used make sure

you're looking at the used comparable

sales if the item is brand new

again make sure you're looking at new

comparable sales but the first thing you

want to do is go to those sold listings

sort by recently sold and start looking

through those

once that's done once you have kind of

an average price range there then you

want to look at what's currently active

what's currently being sold on eBay and

look at what your competition is selling

something for because if something sold

for $1,500

but it's listed currently for $1200 and

there's a bunch of people selling it for

twelve hundred bucks more than likely

you're gonna want to list it around that

amount and again because you're gonna be

a brand new eBay seller at this point

you kind of have to give a better deal

than other sellers because you're not

gonna have the reputation you're not

gonna have the feedback there to warrant

a higher price

so again if something's listed for

$1,500 by a very reputable seller with a

lot of feedback you may want to come in

and list that item for a hundred to one

hundred and fifty dollars less to again

give that buyer a better deal so that

they look past your feedback and

purchase from you so the next point I

want to talk about number six is

feedback I know I touched on it a little

bit but let's get into it a bit more

again when you first open an account on

eBay you're gonna have a total of zero

feedback um and feedback is your

reputation on eBay it's what buyers look

at to make sure that you are a trusted

seller I'm and again if you have zero

feedback it's not a bad thing it just

means it's your new seller but just be

aware that because you have zero

feedback you may not again get those

higher prices so a few ways to get start

getting good feedback you need to make

sure that your

listing your items well so describe them

as they are again don't sell something

that's used as new that's a that's a big

no-no so describe your items well take

very very good clear pictures if there's

any flaws on the items make sure you're

taking good pictures of those so the

buyers aren't expecting something and

then getting something that isn't as

described other things you can do make

sure your shipping very fast sometimes

will list items as longer shipping and

will ship it to them much faster than

they expect if you look at our feedback

on our accounts a lot of the feedback we

get is wow faster shipping than I


so sometimes doing that just go in a bit

over and above for the buyer shipping it

to them fast that's a good way to do it

as well we also include a thank-you note

in all of our packages just saying thank

you for your purchase if you have any

issues reach out to us and if everything

is as expected please go and leave us

positive feedback so include a little

thank-you note in your packages we

actually print them out now so we have

like little colour postcards they'll be

put in everything but when we first

started selling on eBay we would just

type it out and print it out on a white

sheet of paper cut them out and put it

in the package you just want to make

sure you have something going in the

package saying thank you so the buyer

knows that you are an actual person and

they're not buying from a large

corporation so that's how it gets

positive seller feedback while you're

doing that one thing that we suggest if

you have again if you have zero feedback

if you just started your eBay account

one thing we suggest is to go on eBay

and buy some shipping supplies or

whatever supplies you need tape poly

bags like this because you're gonna be

shipping stuff in bags like that buy

your supplies on ebay from sellers that

have large accounts large amount of

feedback and the reason why is because

most of the time when you purchase stuff

from a large seller like that they're

gonna leave you automatic positive

feedback as soon as you pay for the

items so even our account right now our

seller accounts if someone buys

something from us on our accounts as

soon as they pay for it our account is

set up to automatically leave them

positive feedback and even though that

feedback coming in isn't seller feedback

it still does count towards your little

ebay feedback score so your score does

go up and it shows as you know one

positive feedback not a seller feedback

but still shows as one positive feedback

which adds to your overall reputation on

eBay as a good seller and a good buyer

so that's one way to to increase that

feedback is to buy your supplies the

supply that you need first starting out

buy them on ebay from sellers with a

good reputation lots of good feedback so

now let's talk about point number seven

which is pictures and listing the

pictures sell the product on ebay that

is 100% truth so again you want to make

sure you're taking clear good quality

pictures don't take it in a dark dim

area don't don't hang a shirts on on

your door and take a picture that way

don'ts don't lay items on your dirty bed

sheets and take pictures like that you

want to make sure you're taking clear

pictures and you don't have to go and

buy a ton of expensive equipment to do

that in fact you can go to the dollar

store and you can get a white poster

board and use that as your background

white white backgrounds that's what eBay

wants so that's the best way to do it go

spend a couple bucks and get you know

get just a white poster board and use

that as your background I suggest taking

your pictures using an iPhone to start

you can use an Android as well but

iPhone takes really good pictures

and I suggest taking them in the square

mode so you want a one by one aspect

ratio and when you're taking the

pictures click on the item scroll up

with it so that you can you can adjust

that brightness while you're taking the

picture just to make the items kind of

pop you can get great pictures as long

as you have good lighting good

background and a decent camera you're

gonna get good pictures and I'll also

link all of the supplies that we

currently use for our business on eBay

I'll link them in the description of

this video so you can go and check out

what we're currently using as well to

get the best pictures and then just a

couple more tips for when you're taking

pictures make sure that you're taking at

least four ebay once at least four

pictures do not use stock images so

don't go and Google something don't

Google the item and then use that

picture off somebody else's website make

sure you're taking pictures of the

actual item that you're selling and then

again if there are any flaws make sure

you're taking pictures of that

and notating it in your item description

so again clean clear pictures sell the

product make sure that you're taking

good pictures on either so that's item

number seven hopefully you guys are

following along and hopefully this isn't

too overwhelming I'm trying to keep it

very very simple while you know you got

to remember that I'm only touching on

maybe one to two percent of eBay as a

whole but this video again is for those

of you who are just starting out so

hopefully this video is helping if it is

helping so far please guys make sure to

hit the thumbs up button on the video I

would really appreciate it so the next

thing and probably the most daunting

thing for most new eBay sellers is

shipping it was the hardest thing for us

to learn and I could do I could do an

hour-long video on just shipping but

luckily Callie actually just did a it

just did a video for us on shipping so I

don't have to do that so I'm gonna talk

briefly on shipping one thing that I'll

suggest when you first start selling on

ebay is to to keep things simple so that

it's not overwhelming because there's 50

different shipping options on eBay

what we suggest for a brand new ebay

buyer or brand new ebay sellers to keep

things simple is try to try to fit

everything into three categories either

first class mail so items that way under

a pound that you can put in your own

poly bags or in your own box and ship

out try to keep things in there or go

for flat rate envelopes so you can get

flat rate envelopes or flat rate padded

envelopes and then the next step up from

that would be medium flat rate boxes

which are a little bit more expensive

there's cheaper ways to ship than that

but for those of you who are just

starting out if you can just keep those

three in mind it'll make things easier

for you and then you can learn as you go

from there there's definitely other ways

like regional a boxes which are really

good gonna be a little bit cheaper but a

little bit smaller than like a medium

flat rates you can use FedEx you can use

UPS there's other cheaper ways to ship I

understand that but for the sake of this

video for beginners I want you to focus

on those three ways to ship poly bag or

box under 16 ounces has to be under a

pound to go first-class mail flat right

envelopes again or pedofile rate

envelopes and padded or not padded but

medium flat rate box

the flat rate envelopes and the medium

flat rate boxes you can get for free on

USPS comm that in this in the

description of the video as well but you

can get those supplies for free on USPS

so when you're listing on eBay you're

only going to be choosing one of those

three options and again I suggest when

you start out that you use free shipping

make sure your items fit in your

packaging if it's under a pound again

make sure you're sticking the item in

the packaging weighing it get a little

scale weigh it before you list the items

so you know that it is gonna be under a

pound if it's not under a pound see if

it fits in one of those flat rate

envelopes if it doesn't fit in there

move on to again you can do the regional

a which is cheaper or move on to that

medium flat rate box but again keep in

mind that when you're doing free

shipping whatever price you list at

there are fees involved so eBay is gonna

take ten percent out of that PayPal is

going to take their three percent out of

that and then you still have to pay for

shipping on top of that so if you sell

something for $100 and you put it in a

padded flat rate envelope you're gonna

be paying ten dollars to ebay three

dollars to PayPal and another about

eight bucks to ship that item out so

just keep that in mind when you are when

you are listing but again to make it

easy we like to tell people to do free

shipping but make sure it fits in one of

those methods and then again you can go

and watch Callie's shipping video Kelly

is one of our employees she does all of

our eBay shipping for us and she made a

video on how we ship stuff on eBay it's

a much more comprehensive video but but

I just wanted to give you those three

options to make it super simple so now

we've talked pretty much step-by-step on

how to start your account through how to

list the only other things that I want

to talk about because the questions come

up as well is when you're listing an

item so when you're looking at those

sold comps when you go to list the best

way to do it in my opinion is to click

on sell similar and I'll do screenshots

of this as well as so you guys can see

what I'm talking about but you're going

to want to click on the button that says

so similar which will bring up the

listing on eBay from there you can

change the title

to make sure that it's the correct title

when you're when you're putting your

title in on eBay that's the first thing

that Google reads that eBay reads so you

want to make sure that your title is

perfect don't use all caps in your title

make sure you're using all of the

characters you have 80 characters I

believe make sure you're using all of

the characters up in the title that you

can list the brand first so again like

with this camera lens I would list saw

the Sony it's a badess or Z's I would


Z status first before before adding more

to the title so you want the brand to be

the first thing listed on eBay so make

sure your title is good make sure your

items specifics are in there make sure

that your listing a good description

doesn't have to be like a super long you

don't have to tell like the life story

of the item just make sure that there's

a good description and describing any

flaws again with the item so title

description very very important put your

shipping options in there make sure that

you've linked your PayPal account so you

can get paid and that's the easiest way

to to get your item listed onto eBay so

to wrap things up just a few things I

want you to keep in mind the first thing

is when you're ordering shipping

supplies it may take one or two weeks

for those supplies to get to you so

don't list on eBay if you don't already

have a way to ship those items out

because the last thing you want to do is

have a buyer waiting for their item

while you're waiting to get your

supplies so go in order your supplies

get them in and then start listing your

items remember that the more you list on


the more you'll sell again you're going

to be a bit limited when you first open

an account but moving forward as your

limitations get get higher and higher or

as you get more and more availability to

list items on eBay the more items you

list the more items you'll sell super

simple but we forget that as eBay

sellers sometimes we look at our

accounts and we're like why isn't

anything selling well it's very easy

it's because you're not listing enough

stuff so the more you list the more you

sell there definitely are scammers on

eBay a lot of them targets brand new

eBay sellers so just keep that in mind

as well look out for stuff like you know

offers if someone offers you more money

than your item is listed for just

decline the offer and move on if some

ask you for your phone number or email

address never send that to make sure all

communication stays on eBay never ship

an item to an address that isn't on file

with eBay so if you get like an email or

something from a buyer saying hey don't

ship this item here ship it here that

would be a no you wouldn't want to ship

into an address that they didn't provide

on eBay never ever ship an item out

until you have actually received payment

so until eBay says once the eBay says

it's okay to ship that item then you can

ship it you don't want to you don't want

to ship anything out until you have the

money and then one of the biggest things

to keep in mind is patience is key

you're not gonna list something and sell

it within 30 minutes and that's it's

something that's crazy crazy


it just doesn't work that way you have

to wait for the right buyer like I said

earlier there's a ton to learn when it

comes to eBay I've only touched maybe 1

to 2 percent of it in this video so keep

learning is another good tip make sure

that you're doing your research watching

YouTube videos like this we also offer

mentoring so we have a mentoring class

coming up in September 15th

that's a month-long mentoring class

where we go through everything from

starting out on eBay to how to how to

build it into the actual business like

ours that does six figures a year and we

charge three hundred and ninety seven

dollars for that class and it lasts a

whole month so if you're interested in

that as well I'll put a link in the

description of this video where you can

go get on the waiting list for that

September 15th class but all-in-all guys

eBay as a business model can be really

really good it can be really really

profitable if you're taking the right

steps to make it work we started our

business with only 200 bucks and we've

turned it into what it is today so you

know keep a positive mindset bad things

are gonna happen to bound to happen it's

not all going to be smooth sailing

there's definitely going to be some some

bumps and some rocks that you're gonna

have to climb over but if you keep a

positive mindset and you move past it

the biggest thing that we see with brand

new eBay sellers is that they stop too

soon and obstacle will come up and

they'll just shut down they won't know

what to do and they'll just stop selling

on eBay so I'm gonna say you know make

sure that you are your your

we're that bad things can happen but

you're not like dwelling on them and

you're not gonna you're not using those

as an excuse to get out of selling on

eBay work through the obstacles and once

you once you figure it out once you get

going on eBay in a good way you'll be

able to tell that it can be a really

really good business and then again make

sure that you have some sort of a

support system there's a great reselling

network on Instagram

YouTube's another great way our

mentoring group is great just make sure

you have some sort of like a support

system to lean on when those troubles do

arise and there you go guys hopefully

this video helps out I try it again I

try to break it down as easily as I can

if you enjoyed this video please guys

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this so thank you guys so much for

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again I'm Ryan roots and I will see you

guys on the next video peace up bye