This is What an eBay Seller Does All Day

hi guys today I'm gonna bring you along

with me and trying to show you what I do

all day let's go have some fun unless

the heater buddy

good morning Sawyer just a few days this

little guys gonna be three months old


good morning Darcy now that Whitney's

back to work we kind of split kid

responsibilities I take a Sawyer into

day care and pick him up she takes

thirsty you like riding with mommy yeah

this place is a mess I got to do

something about this today alright first

thing I try to do every day is pull all

the orders that's sold on eBay the

previous day and get them shipped out so

I've got one two three four five six

seven eight orders if you guys have seen

like these codes on my totes and one and

what they are they're our inventory

designations so whenever I do a listing

I include where it is so that when it

settles I know how to find it so this

book I just sold as an a4 that's it

alright this stuff here all came from a

buy that I did from a buddy of mine that

was having a garage sale he had

leftovers and he was I think he was just

gonna probably donate most of it so I

just kind of bought out the rest of what

he had and this all came in that buy so

this book sold for 11:49 free shipping

also have a medium ale so it's probably

gonna cost me like 260 or something like


these Oakley's in here sold for twenty

one dollars it took a best offer on them

because the lenses were starting to kind

of get a lot of spots and stuff might be

hard to see but like both of the lenses

had a bunch of bad spots on them so just

took a best offer these oakley's solve

for $39.99 plus shipping and this DVD

here sold for $8.99 free shipping this

helmet I took a bus offer of 20 bucks I

paid $10 for the garage sale honestly

that's not really a good profit margin

but it's not worth a whole lot more it

just wasn't really a good buy but

suddenly a little bit of money anyways

this coffee calf pitcher thing was

definitely a bad Buy this is a vintage

Pyrex and it had a cool pattern to it so

I was thinking it might have some value

I paid like four dollars for it I've had

it forever and it just hasn't moved

somebody made me an offer five bucks

plus shipping so I took it

NBA Street game for Gamecube I got in

Tennessee on the highway 70 sale I paid

two bucks for that it sold for 1699 free

shipping and these little things are my

patches they're like band-aid eye

patches sort of for kids there's 20 in

the pack there's four of them I paid a

dollar total for all four legrasse Hill

and they sold for $24.99 free shipping

if you guys have an eBay store every

quarter they give you like a credit to

use in their store to buy supplies like

shipping supplies and one of the things

I get from them are bubble mailers

they're pretty nice and get a little

bubble things in here

and just pop this kind of stuff in there

peel the sticky part and just fits right

on easy-peasy like that I don't think

you base price on these is very good but

you got a use you're gonna use your

coupon or something all right so I'm get

this coffee Kara packed in here but

there's actually a pretty good amount of

space left over in here and I could use

a bunch of newspaper or filler and

probably keep it from moving but I think

I'd rather cut it down to size because

that'll save me a little bit of money on

the dimensions and like for the shipping

and just less movement for this thing

because we really don't want this moving

around so you guys have not seen these

these are really handy this is called a

box resizer so basically you adjust this

lever here and it goes on the lip and

then it scores the Box all the way

around where you want and then you just

take a box cutter to the corners and it

resizes it these run about 20 bucks but

they are definitely worth it I got mine

on eBay but I'm sure Amazon has them too

so you guys can see where I scored it

save about 2 or 3 inches there and now

these sides just fold down

smaller box I'm still gonna fill these

gaps which is some paper it's just not

gonna require as much whatever I pack

something in a box I like to give it a

good shake to make sure nothing's are

moving around in there that's gonna

ensure that it doesn't get broken and

trains it alright I got all my orders

packed up now I'm gonna take him to the

post office when I was working from home

I just had the post office pick up the

packages on the front porch but I

haven't set that up yet for the new

place it's pretty easy to do yours log

on the USPS comm and put in how many

packages you need picked up and they

take care of it I've heard some post

offices are just bad about doing it some

people have tried it it just doesn't

work but you haven't tried it yet give a

shot I'm starting to run pretty low on

boxes for shipping items out so I'm

gonna look through some dumpsters and

see if I can find today I'm hitting the

dumpsters behind this strip mall

it's got Barnes & Noble some body works

I think there's like a party City I

always try to hit the smaller stores

because you gotta like up the big-box

store always have like trash compactors

so I really don't have any kind of

dumpster where you can get boxes out of

that's too big I need that I better get

the grabber for some of these

anytime you see like coatings like this

on boxes you reuse make sure you put

like a label over it because a lot of

times a post-office I'll return it to

you kind of like store display or

something why don't you get boxes in


I like these slice boxes because I saw a

lot of like DVD be just combos and

electronic stuff like that

and these just like work really well for

those it's a really good hollaback sis

so will ask me a month or two at least

alright so you guys see all this crap

behind me this is my death pile that I'm

working on

just big mountain of stuff that I need a

list on eBay and something I've had for

way too long just a month has just been

sitting there so I really need to get

caught up with that stuff all right

let's thing this Star Wars toy this is

like a jar Jar Binks like motion figure

I guess just like dance and singing

stuff he takes the nine double A

batteries so I want to puppies in here

see if this guy works



holy crap that thing is loud alright so

this thing only sells for about 30 bucks

so I'm not going to include nine

double-a batteries cause that's like

five or ten dollars with the batteries

so I'll just put in the listing requires

knowing double-a batteries not included

I'm listing this little guy this is cool

this is called a bike putt-putt and it

attaches to like the rear wheel it's

meant for the spokes to hit this and

it's supposed to make a noise like a

baseball card avoid hitting the spokes

so kind of a pretty cool thing I cannot

find hardly any comps on eBay or worth

point if you guys have good on worth

point comm they have a long history of

eBay sales but I can't find it maybe I'm

just looking for the wrong keywords or

what so i'll just you know throw another

price of like 50 bucks or best-off

herdin see if somebody wants it you guys

might remember I got this train set at a

garage sale like a week or two ago it

was an older gentleman that was selling

it and he said it was his as a kid and

he was asking 40 bucks for it so I went

hadn't paid his 40 bucks I have not sold

a lot of trains my initial thought was

to break it up because I mean just in

general usually when you separate things

you make more money but I I know the box

has some value and I kind of want to

keep the box you know there's somebody

that wants the box so I don't want to

just sell the box like it is alone so

I'm just gonna do an auction for all of

it might not be the best route to go but

I do think it'll do okay I've looked at

some sold comps and some of the auctions

have done alright and they've gotten a

lot of bids so that's what I'm gonna do

yeah this thing has some really cool

cars in it honestly for how old these

things are in a pretty good shape I mean

these are these these are about 7080

years old I'd say they're old Marx

trains if you guys find old Marx toys

that's the stamp right there and some

what Marx toys they're worth a lot of

money so keep an eye out for that logo

if you guys are interested in the train

set I'll put a link in the description

for the auction I'm starting at $0.99

alright another thing I need to do today

is get my crush list ready for tomorrow

so there are some Thursday sales

tomorrow that I'm gonna hit and I'm in

the yard sale treasure map and if you

guys haven't use this it's awesome you

just pop it in your zip code and then it

tells you how many sales are around you

I think it cost like a couple dollars

but it's totally worth it so the way I

do it is I just go through and I kind of

look at the listings and I just write

down the addresses and once I've got my


I just put them into an app called in

route so this is the in route app and

you can put a whole bunch of addresses

into this app at once and it will

optimize the best route for you to take

this one's not quite as cheap I think

it's like 20 or 30 bucks or something

for the year but I really liked it

because it'll direct you to each one and

then once you arrive at the one

destination it automatically directs you

to the next one so it's really handy

alright got my Grosh shows for tomorrow

ready I usually only write like the

addresses and the times on these and

then I put them into the list and I just

go I don't pay a whole lot attention to

what they're listing for sale and their

ads just because it's usually like the

oddball weird stuff that I'm buying and

it's not stuff that they're advertising

so I try not to put too much stock in

like what they're putting in their

listing all right guys that's it for

today I'm gonna get out of here tomorrow

there's garage sales to go to and

whenever you doing some recording

hopefully I can find some cool stuff to

show you guys thank you for watching

I'll see you next time