Ebay Beginners Guide How to Open an Ebay Store Step by Step 2020

what's going on guys and welcome back to

my channel my name is Christina I'm the

owner of tiny house advantage and today

I wanted to make a video going through

the step-by-step process of opening up

an eBay business and so to create an

eBay account you're gonna want to go up


eBay comm and then you want to click

here where it says register and if

you're creating a personal account just

for shopping or just for like hobby

selling I would create a personal

account but if you are doing this full

time or part time like reselling for

business I would click create a business

account and then you're going to want to

put in your legal business name legal

business email and then all your

information so I create an LLC and I

used LegalZoom I'm you can talk to your

like CPA because each state is different

but I created an LLC in my state and I

used Legal Zoom to go about doing that

and getting my ein number so I just did


so you want to fill out all the

information so when you have all your

information you want to click register

you want to pick out your username

you're just going to want to like fill

out all the information that you can

your account type and anything you want

you can edit about me your email address

your registers just put all your

information in then they're just gonna

give you like confirmation name like

text message just enter the pin so just

fill everything out so when you have

your store or selling eBay you have to

pick a automatic payment method of how

they want to charge your fees I like

getting the points on my credit card so

I always put credit card just to fill

that out so you have a PayPal account

you can click on here where it says

payments PayPal and you can link your

PayPal account so if you already have a

PayPal account you can link your account

here and if you do not have a PayPal

account you can sign up either do one or

the other I already have a PayPal

account but if you do not have a PayPal

account you can go to or you

can just click here to sign up then you

can just create an account right here

you can have one personal PayPal account

and you could have one business PayPal

account so you can have two accounts

total one business one personal I have a

business PayPal account I'm not going to

open up a up another PayPal account

currently you want to link your PayPal

account or create one we already have

one so I'm going to link it

so here's all your PayPal information

once you link your account or sign up

for an account and Link it to your eBay

account to start selling on eBay

you can just click on sell and just

start listing but I highly recommend

getting a Store subscription just to try

it out click on subscriptions go to

choose a store and this has recently

changed before they just had basic

premium and anchor and they added the

starter and the enterprise just you're

just starting out I recommend using

either the starter or the basic you

could always upgrade

here's all the perks that you get so the

starter is for ninety-five a month if

you get a yearly plan if you want to do

once a month it's seven dollars and 95


so with that subscription you're getting

a hundred monthly listings if you go

over the monthly listings it's 30 cents

and your final value fees is what they

would be per item so you just sigh what

what's working for you for your business

I would start with a starter and you can

always upgrade so you can hit select in

a review you can enter your store name

so if you wanted to cancel it you can

you can click cancel subscription if you

do cancel it though you're going to be

charged a like a cancellation fee and

you can click change subscriptions

upgrade it as well here is your handle

you can give that to people a link to

your store put that in your social media

I manage store you want to go up to your

user name and click on that and then go

up here to visit the store and then go

up here where it says manage store and

you want to go over here to edit store

and here you can change your store name

here you can add like a banner a logo

description you put your featured sale

items so that's how you're going to get

to the manage store so your banner can

be this dimension just choose your

banner can add a logo and you can write

a description if you want so this is

what it will look like when people click

on to your store so to set up store

categories which will be over here on

the left hand side I'm going to go up

here to manage store I want to go up

here where it's something left inside

words to store categories and you can

add categories so you can put your

listings and it'll make your store look

nicer and people can go if they're

looking for like a sweater or a top and

go right to those categories so you want

to add category and you just go over

here and fill out the categories that

you want of the stuff that you primarily

will be listing you just want to put

your category names in the items that

you'll be selling when you got all the

categories you can always go back and

add more just gonna click Save can

always go back and edit rename delete

can move them around how you want them

to show on your if you have anything

listed you can just go back in and edit

it revise listing then here where it

says store categories and just pick

where it belongs sweaters and just click

update listing it does take a while for

things to update there's a lag so as you

can see right now I did all that and

still not showing so as you can see you

give it a few minutes and then it will

pop up and only share categories

but the items that have items listen

into those categories sorry now it says

sweaters that is the step by step

process on how to open up your own eBay

store if you have any questions please

feel free to leave them below and I'll

get back to you I hope you like this

video please give a thumbs up if you

have I really appreciate it have a

wonderful day guys bye