3 Simple Ways To Start an $1k/week eBay Store

what's up guys welcome to a resaw his

life when he was Chris thank you so much

for joining me in today's episode when

we go over the three models that people

use to make a full time living reselling

I think this encompasses pretty much 99%

of all stores so if you guys enjoy hyper

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I'll try to go over exactly what it

takes to build these models so that you

guys can build a store of your own so

let's get straight into it model number

one this is the most difficult and the

one that people liked the least

this is replenishable x' this is

ordering an item directly from a company

and I go over my 10 by 10 by 10 rule so

as an example these six packages for me

are the same thing I have the direct

connection with the manufacturer is on

the only person allowed to sell this

item now I want to be more clear on this

10 by 10 by 10 concept obviously items

don't sell exactly 10 times a day not

for exactly 10 dollars worth of profit

items sell for different amounts of

profit depending on what they are

certain items are gonna sell for less

profit I'll go over this little Chinese

charm in just a moment that I sold for

$25 on eBay you can look at those

keywords notice how this is not a brand

name this is just a lucky money god

figure so I'm using the keywords Chinese

New Year rare 7 monkey old man charm one

of the reasons why I didn't pursue doing

this is because of co vid so obviously

not the best time to be signed Chinese

New Year stuff in China when they didn't

even have it this year so this is the

concept of a replenishable in a sense

that I can just reorder these when they

sell out right so now the main

difference between this item and the

item in here is that the item in here

I'm the only one allowed the sell it and

it's not gonna run out this Chinese

charm I just bought from a local

distributor and it will run out so I

could reorder it but then it's not going

to be available once it's sold out these

I'm the only person selling it I can

just keep reordering and they can just

keep remaking it when they run out this

right here is interesting because the

person that makes this item is based in

the United States

so I don't have to wait for a long lead

time to reorder these this is something

new I'm trying it does not sell ten

times a day and it does not make $10

profit it makes about $8 profit so again

this is just an example ten by ten by

ten for a thousand dollars profit will

give you executive level money that's

three hundred and fifty thousand dollars

a year you'll make if you actually pull

that off if you get just three of these

items you're gonna be making a

professional level income of a hundred K

or more I consider that what you would

try to make it be in an MBA in something

and then finally if you just have one

that's kind of like you're just over

broke job money so if you just have one

item that those ten times a day for ten

dollars profit that's 300 I'm sorry 330

thousand dollars per year in profit

which is fantastic and it sounds easy

but it's not it takes a long time to get

into a niche to do that and I'm gonna

show you guys what it takes to really

pull that off so before you get to the

replenishable x' and the wholesale

distributor relationships another thing

with these wholesale distributors before

we move on is it's a race to the bottom

everyone can get these little Chinese

charms by just figuring out where it is

you could do a reverse image search and

find out eventually who is selling it

it's a race to the bottom once everybody

has it right versus if you're the only

one I'm the under person setting the

price so that's like the best this is

second best when you don't have to do as

much listing you can just list one item

and reorder it when it sells out but it

will eventually sell out so you need to

get these relationships on points so you

can keep reordering different kinds of

things so this is the first version and

the most desirable in my opinion but

it's sort of the opposite of the third

method that people love to do which is

the treasure hunt store

okay the treasure hunt store is when you

just go out shopping for random things

this is everyone's favorite store you

know somebody said that the opposite of

music is business that's how I look at

this like the opposite of just looking

for things for fun would be just picking

one thing and figuring out how to get it

directly from the person who makes it

right so this is the more fun version I

broke it down cuz a lot of people want

to do this and we're just getting

started you may not want to invest ten

months in the one item you might just

want to go thrift

and sell stuff in your closet so let me

give you guys an idea the difference of

this so let's say you were to sell $110

profit items this is how most people do

it from that I have met to do this full

time they spent 20 hours finding stuff

and they go home and in 20 hours of

listing and shipping and etc as you get

better at shopping though your stuff

starts to go higher so now instead of

$110 profit items you want 50 $20 profit

items that's gonna save you a ton of

time because now you're only doing ten

hours of listing but since those are

harder to find you might spend thirty

hours of hunting now here I want you

guys to notice something it's always

gonna be about five listings per hour so

you can see here 100 items was 20 hours

down at the bottom if you're really an

expert in shopping every single item you

buy is $100 profit then it's only two

hours of listing now here's the variable

that can change which is right here on

the right which is how long does it take

you to actually source these items

that's gonna depend on how talented you

are at finding stuff sourcing items now

that's not super easy and it takes time

to learn but I want to just point out

that the actual listing processing

shipping part is about the same whether

you're selling a $10,000 item or a $50

item it's not that much different you

know you're gonna have the research to

find out how much it's worth etc so

that's pretty straightforward but the

hunting part now you can even outsource

that you can hire people to go treasure

hunting for you which is more exciting

to me because I would rather be a home

relaxing than out there hunting for

random Goods and potentially not finding

anything now if I were to go to like a

thrift store or garage sale yes it's fun

but I want to search for treasure for

fun I don't want to do this for a living

I actually it stresses me out thinking

about having to do 20 hours of shopping

and having to come home with a hundred

pieces of inventory that scares me and

not knowing what category means it will

take a really long time so I encourage

you guys to do something in the middle

which is number two okay

it is the categorical store

so this is where most people that I meet

make a full-time living it's a little

bit more stable and what you do is you

pick a couple of categories that focus

in so for me it's shoes we're gonna pick

a second category would be electronics

like phones computers etc also you know

to be honest I might actually pick

clothing as a category to focus on

because there's just so much of it so if

I were to do clothing I would do

liquidation or close out try to get a

lot of good new stuff in my store and

what this is is it's gonna help you

purchase in bulk so then you're gonna

spend a lot less time shopping and you

can just start you know listing and

building relationships with people now

here's the thing that's really important

to focus on so again please smash the

like button consider subscribing if you

find this information useful and just

keep in mind that once you pick a

category this becomes way easier because

you start to learn okay

these shoes are easy to ship in these

poly Millers you guys know that I hate

using tape the only reason I use tape on

this box is because it's a heavier box

and I wanted to reinforce the seam but

the rest of the package is today I

didn't use any tape which makes me happy

it seems like there's always the one

that screws up my not wanting to use any

tape methodology because it just takes

time to put tape on a package and I want

to save that time to do something else

but my point is once you start focusing

on a category you start to find ways to

save time you start to find suppliers

they can get you goods you guys know

that I know one of my suppliers gives me

brand-new Merrill's so I was able to buy

I think 2000 pairs from the same person

but that wouldn't have happened if I

didn't focus on one category of shoes

because I never would have met this

person you start to ask who sells

merrill who sells Nike and Nike is a

great example because in order to get

these marathons style shoes guess what

you have to be a Nike running shop this

is the only type of store that can get

this kind of marathon shoe these shoes

retailed for two hundred and fifty

dollars or sold out everywhere

I picked this up on Poshmark which is

becoming one of my favorite places the

source items cuz sellers are so

desperate they get rid of inventory I

think I bought that pair for 80

I'm sorry 120 bucks and should sell for

300 so once you start focusing in on a

category whether it be phones or shoes

you start to notice these little things

that help you get more items now you may

pick clothes out or liquidation or

recycling or Salvage and those are also

bulk buys liquidation com Volcom and

those items are gonna come in and bulk

and you're gonna be able to list them

and in my opinion you need to do a

really really good job of sorting the

items and that's gonna come down to

which items are you going to donate

which items are you going to list which

items are you going to discard some

items are not even worth donating and

you know depending on what type of item

it is you might be able to get a slight

write-off for actually donating some

different items so again I just want to

summarize for you guys this is pretty

much what resellers do or if you want to

open an online store it's the same

either you're gonna focus on a category

because no one wants to shop at

everything store it's confusing but

people love shopping it amazing running

shoes calm for a specific running shoes


so what yours the mix categories is

gonna help you streamline to make your

store better if you're gonna do a little

treasure hunting go for it I love

treasure hunting myself I just don't

want to do it for a living

I want to treasure hunt for fun like if

I were a musician I wouldn't want to

spend 90% of my time marketing my song I

would want to actually be playing music

so you know most of my friends are

teachers or musicians and do not care

about business at all that's why I think

that business is the opposite of music

it's like the opposite of fun for them

they hate it so but for me business is

kind of like music because I'm looking

for different ways to sell things to

different people and I consider sales

the transfer of enthusiasm from one

person to the next so that's just me and

hopefully if you guys eventually want to

do the replenishable game and hopefully

i've encouraged you to think about this

a little bit it takes a long time so

don't be a

/ impatient person and think of the

sticks oh no this is an overnight

process it's not it takes a while to

really really good get good at one skew

or one thing and I can tell you that

this specific package right here is in

the crafts category so I love selling

craft stuff I think it's on fire right

now especially because people have to be

at home so this item I think will not

sell as well once the situation we are

in is over because right now I feel like

just the ton of people are at home so

you have to adapt reselling as a moving

target things like this Chinese New Year

charm probably not gonna sell well

during Hanukkah right it's probably

Chinese New Year thing so in when I was

able to pick this up that store locally

that distributes these types of items

doesn't carry this type of item right

now because it's not in season they're

gonna pick it up in December January

before Chinese New Year at the end of

January right so it was $8.00 I sold

this for 25 to give you guys an idea of

what kind of margins can be had you

can't still double your money on this

the problem is if this actually were to

start selling like crazy somebody's

gonna come in there and sell for $13

because this is a first class and

they're gonna you know make a dollar on

it and be satisfied with that when I

wanted to double my money so again it

depends on it is a race to the bottom if

you're gonna do that that's why people

don't like flipping stuff at Walmart or

Target clearance and guys I hate waiting

in line at Walmart to buy something I

wish I didn't have to go into that store

ever really it's not the best buying

experience so again I think it's a

mixture of all these different types of

stores because you got to be happy you

got to have you know the sense of an

adventure going out and finding cool

things but then you also want the

stability of eventually working with the

manufacturer directly so hopefully guys

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all this stuff including me building a

replenishable from scratch I think it'll

take me 90 days I don't know if it'll

make me a hundred dollars a day profit

but I can find something that sells

every single day in 90 days no problem

so I'm gonna start from scratch in the

group show you guys how I do it and that

group is a hundred and twenty five

dollars a year it's ridiculously

inexpensive get around like-minded

people who want you to succeed drop all

the crappy people in your life that are

time vampires that want to hang out and

do nothing productive just just

basically tell those people you're

working on an important project and then

you'll get back to them never okay just

be honest with them and say you're it's

really important for you to set up this

store so that you can have some freedom

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