Why Isn't My Stuff Selling On Ebay?? My Biggest Ebay Mistakes and How I Avoid Them Now!

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I'm keeping it very real today there's

stuff on the floor I have been listing I

have not listed all the inventory then

it got on Saturday so I'm just kind of a

little bit hectic today I'm getting my

office cleared and organized yet again

it's an ongoing process isn't it

but today I just thought I'd have a

chill video with you guys and just chat

really just talk about something that's

been on my mind did something I want to

share with you guys and today I wanted

to chat about slow sales why sales might

be slow why things aren't moving for you

some roadblocks that might appear in

your reselling journey like I've

definitely been there so you are super

not alone and I want to reassure you

guys with that share some mistakes that

I've made in the past and things that

I've learned helped my store to grow and

to have good sales and again to

hopefully just pass along information to

you guys that I have had to learn the

hard way but first for those of you that

might not know me my name is Ashley and

I am a part-time Amazon and even

reseller and I like to share my journey

on YouTube with all of you guys so as

always thank you for tuning in so let's

just get down to it why are your sales

slow why is your stuff not selling why

are you not getting those really fun

catching noises from your phone every

day here are some ideas I just

brainstormed real quick and wanted to

share with you some ideas as to why that

might be number one is you just might

not have enough listed and you may have

heard me talk about this before but it

takes hundreds if not thousands of

listings to see consistent daily sales

and consistent income from eBay so while

you're at the very beginning building

your store you're like I have 100

listings why am I not seeing things so

and that's just because according to

like my calculations but for what I've

seen from my own store I get anywhere

from half a percent to one percent of my

store selling through a day and

sometimes that's actually more sometimes

it's less but yeah I see like so if you

have a hundred listed you may see one

sell every day or two and that's just

kind of the reality especially if you're

not listening consistently so currently

I have around 700 listings I'm trying to

get that up to a thousand that's a great

number to aim for if you want to make a

really good part-time or even full time

income from eBay having up to a thousand

listings can be so awesome

you will definitely

the daily sales with that and I think

sometimes people underestimate how

active they have to be with their store

with so many sellers on eBay it has an

algorithm that favors sellers who

actively participate in their stores as

often as possible and take advantage of

the things email offers to sellers which

I will go over in a second but that is

something to keep in mind is are you

listing consistently and do you have

enough items in your store get up to two

or three hundred and you will start to

see a little bit more attraction next is

if you're not selling the right items

and I have had to pivot and adjust many

times and I still AM

the market changes all the time certain

brands that did great suddenly don't

anymore and brands that didn't do great

I mean it just goes back and forth so

check the items in your store make sure

they're selling for good comparable

prices and check the saturation in the

market look up that item and just see

how many listings there are and compare

that to the number of sold listings

there are and if the ratio is really out

of whack that means that that brand and

that style is oversaturated that happens

to me I mean things become oversaturated

and what I have to do generally is lower

my price or match my price or just play

the waiting game and wait it out but

just know you're not alone that happens

to everybody we're all just trying to

calibrate our stores to hold the best

items and the most unique items for our

buyers so that's just something to

definitely think about are you selling

the right brands personally mall brands

like Gap Banana Republic and Taylor Loft

White House Black Market occasionally I

will pick up some of these items if I

think they're cool or unique but for the

most part I do pass on them so yeah

that's just kind of a quick example but

I would definitely check over your store

and make sure that you're selling things

that seem to be in higher demand number

three is if your pictures are bad

sometimes I mean I don't have the best

pictures now you have talked about this

frequently I definitely don't have the

best setup in the world but I do try to

take bright clean pictures that are of

the item the tags inside the

measurements all of that fabric type etc

so I try to have clean bright pictures

that my buyers can see and just to be a

little bit above some of the competition

sometimes you see things hanging on the

back of bathroom doors you see them on

bathroom floors

and floors with lots of stuff in the

background bad shadows bad lighting and

that definitely doesn't help your store

to have a nice pretty bright clean

aesthetic is really important so I would

definitely say and I have this you guys

I had hired somebody a while back to

take pictures for me and a lot of those

pictures turned out dim and yellowish

and not the right lighting so I'm going

to have to go back and retake some of

those I haven't yet because I haven't

gotten around to it so like I'm totally

I have been there when my pictures

aren't exactly what I want them to be so

you are not alone

but I would say just the brighter the

cleaner you can have your picture the

better that's kind of the reason that I

bought an iPhone 11 Pro with all the

cameras it's just because this does take

really good pictures I have noticed a

noticeable difference from my iPhone 8

to this iPhone so I will just throw that

out there that it is worth upgrading

your camera on your phone if you can

take better pictures for you and that is

how I take all my pictures from eBay FYI

so if you have still listings that are

old and have bad pictures just go ahead

take them down relist them fresh with

new bright pictures and you'll be

surprised at how quickly they can move

sometimes in fact I'm doing that right

now I'm going through my store I'm

pulling out all things that have poor

pictures and I'm retaking them and

relisting them and I'm hoping that that

will boost my story even more number

four is if you're not utilizing eBay's

selling tools like running sales running

promotions having promoted listings all

of these are tools that even has

provided sellers to move their items and

yes sometimes it can take a percentage

out of your pocket the promoted listing

fees of course can increase the amount

of money that you're giving to ebay

however I only promote it one to one and

a half percent and I do see promoted

listing sales all the time so you don't

have to do a super high percentage you

can do a low percentage still take

advantage of the program see sales and

it's definitely worth it so take

advantage of the things that eBay offers

sellers it's definitely definitely worth

it in addition to that eBay offers

sellers at a certain tier ranking right

you can be top rated you can be above

standard you can be below standard all

that being top-rated is really really

important and something that I cling to

very strongly in order to be top

you have to be active on eBay for 90

days have had 100 transactions with the

minimum of $1,000 in sales less than a

half a percent of your transactions can

be closed due to some kind of

transaction related defect like

cancelling an order because you can't

find an item that would be a defect or

any case closed without salary

resolution is a defect less than 0.3

percent can be that and less than 3

percent of your transactions can have

late shipping so it's just about being

on top of your game with eBay and making

sure you're getting your orders out

you're getting the right orders out

you're making your customers happy it's

not that hard to do I've been top-rated

since I've started and since I've been

eligible all those years ago and I'm

super grateful I am because it does help

you get sales it helps you show up and

search so that really helps a lot

ok number 5 is you might be charging too

much and I know that's really obvious

but I think it can be hard as a seller

especially to know that like an item

retailed for two hundred ninety eight

dollars and the markets only you know

selling it for around $30 use and that

can be frustrating and I definitely have

one at the beginning especially held

onto items when oh this is worth a lot

more but then I had to realize no the

market determines the price that I can

get for it and I just have to kind of

suck it up so even though something

costs $300 retail and I think it should

have a lot of value in the market if I'm

consistently not seeing sales from those

items because I'm holding out on price

my store will probably stay stagnant so

it's okay to just let things go for what

the market wants for them and to make

your profit and to move on and like I've

always said getting sales going for the

beginning of the day getting sales going

with even cheaper items will spur on

sales in the rest of your store for the

rest of the day even the rest of the

week so it's worth it sometimes to get

the lower dollar amount just to spark

sales for the rest of the day in the

rest of the week and back to utilizing

the things that eBay has for sellers

using best offer is really really key

for me I love using best offer I know

sometimes you get lowball offers and

it's frustrating but using best offer is

just pivotal for me to turn my inventory

over faster yes a full price sale is

really fun and I really

like it but most of the time I get

offers I accept those offers and we move

on the buyer feels like they win I feel

like I've still gotten the profit I want

and we can move on with our lives

it's definitely up to you but I do think

using best offer gets your items moving

a little bit faster okay back to the

charging too much sometimes though you

could be charging too little and buyers

get suspicious I went through a phase on

even when I was just beginning of really

lowering my prices to like bargain

basement I'm barely making a profit and

things still didn't move and I really

wondered why so one day I just decided

I'm gonna go back I'm gonna fix up some

pictures and I'm gonna raise my prices a

little bit not anything crazy but just

enough to make a little bit more of a

profit and sure enough things started to

move I remember specifically one silk

Ralph Lauren gold crest embroidered

shirt I had like thrown that price

everywhere I was not moving I took a new


I set the new price and a lot higher of

a ring it was like $45 I had had it down

to $15 at one point and it actually sold

within a few days and I think it's

because buyers can be suspicious as

something is like super super cheap I

mean wouldn't you if you're shopping on

eBay and you're trying to get a gift for

somebody or even something for yourself

and you see a tornado her item versus a

$5 item I would think what's wrong with

the factor item lose the smell bad does

it have a ton of wear and I was just

spending extra 15 and get the one that

seems to be a little bit better so I

would recommend that too like don't

price so low that people are like gonna

be super suspicious of course lower

prices can be good for your store to get

things cleared out and moving but I have

found that charging a little bit more

and making sure the buyer has a great

experience has helped my store a lot

next is if you're not being consistent

it's so important to be consistent even

if it's just two times a week you're

listing that's better than nothing

so you have to at least you don't have

to list every single day that is a myth

you don't have to list 10 a day you

could do 50 on Tuesday and 50 on

Saturday and that's awesome

that will get sales going for your store

but you at least have to do it once or

twice a week I would say if you're

part-time if your full time you're

definitely going to have to do

more than that but listing more

consistently will get sales to your

store so I would definitely definitely

recommend that even if it's hard even if

all you can do is five listings one day

that's totally fine just get your store

going last Saturday I was really tired

and I did not want to list but I listed

just eight things and sure enough it

spurred sales enough for the weekend

that I had a really good weekend of

sales so I would definitely recommend

that is to get your store going be

consistent with listing even if it's

just two times a week it's worth it okay

and last but not least is to be patient

and I know it's not something that

everyone likes to hear but I personally

saw more sales start to occur after I

hit the 500 positive feedback mark and I

do keep my feedback at a hundred percent

I am really really nitpicky about that

I've had a couple neutrals that kind of

bugs the perfectionist in me but um I do

try to keep my feedback at 100 percent

positive so I definitely recommend that

but be patient it takes time buyers

trust sellers who have five hundred a

thousand tens of thousand in feedback

because they've been doing it for longer

someone who has one star two stars three

stars it's just gonna take longer and

that's okay

doesn't mean it can't be done but it

will take longer to see sales going if

you don't have that much feedback yet so

give yourself some time be patient it

will pay off later one thing I always

recommend to people is to use social

media to your advantage

I am beyond grateful that I started

Instagram and YouTube because it has

helped grow my store not by a ton but by

a little bit I see you guys shopping and

leaving me notes every now and then that

you watch my videos and I super

appreciate that and I hope you hope your

items if you don't reach out to me I

will fix it please please reach out to

me of course like I love you guys I want

to make everything an awesome experience

for you but yeah like social media has

really really helped my business and I

would recommend it to anybody why not

why not use Instagram or YouTube or

Facebook or Pinterest anything you can

to help activate your store and to grow

it and while you're at it you kind of

can build a brand for yourself and I

think of my friend Jenna empty hangar

who has created this amazing aesthetic

and read for herself by growing her

Poshmark and growing her

YouTube and I just think she's super

awesome that was really smart of her to

do and why not take advantage of the

opportunity social media has for us um

yes it's hard it's hard to show your

face it's hard to put yourself out there

but the benefits can be pretty

incredible okay guys that does it for me

thanks for just hanging out with me

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I just wanted to chat with you and share

what's been on my mind I hope some of

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