Buying your first pickup truck! Watch this first! Part 1



so I figured with this beautiful weather

outside I'd make a nice rant video just

to keep things moving and let you guys

know an opinion I have on a topic that's

been asked several times and a lot of

people ask me this over message but they

either have a teenager who is just about

to start driving or they are a teenager

and they are driving and they're looking

at getting their first truck and the

number one question I'm asked is what

type of truck should somebody look for

as their first vehicle now as anybody

probably can imagine that's a very

difficult question to answer because I

don't know everyone's financial

situation I don't know if they're being

assisted with a parent on a cosign I

don't know if they have a good job or if

they have any job at all maybe they have

student loans maybe they're still in

school it's hard to really say but what

I'm going to try to do is at least give

you my opinion on what I feel a good

starting area would be for a pickup

truck if it's going to be one of your

first vehicles first of all I don't want

you to go out and spend a lot of money

on a brand new truck

I actually know people who get their

first job working you know at either an

installation company or they have some

type of apprenticeship working for an

HVAC company or maybe they work at a

restaurant and they're starting to see a

little bit of income come in so the

first thing they want to do is go out

and buy a new car and I highly advise

against that I don't care what kind of

new car it is I don't care what brand

maker model mainly because you are

looking getting yourself into financial

debt that is extremely difficult to get

out of when you buy a brand new car when

you just start driving the number one

piece of advice I can give you right off

the bat is to not shop new find

something that maybe five six to ten

years old and look for something that is

well within the price range of what you

can afford to pay off within a few years

if you have to get a loan mainly because

you don't want a car note that is going

to be a significant portion of whatever

income you have especially if you're

just starting off in life many of the

jobs that you have

are going to be entry-level jobs and

they may not be long-term jobs they may

not be your actual career yet and you

don't want to find yourself in a

position of making pretty good money

today and you know not making any money

tomorrow so you see that happen a lot I

personally know some folks who have gone

out bought brand new pickup trucks

because they got a relatively good

paying first job and they found three

months later that they got a ticket or

something happened and they lost that

job and when they lost that job they

lost the means to afford that

high-dollar item that they have and now

they're Carles or they're just

destroying their credit while they find

another job and not making payments on

their vehicle if I advise you to do

anything it's to really look at the

budget you think you have now and

realize that that budget may not be the

same tomorrow or next month or the

following month and the point behind

this is you know I could easily say go

out and buy a $25,000 pickup truck which

is not a lot of money to spend nowadays

on the new pickup truck or on a lightly

used pickup truck that quite frankly is

going to be a good reliable truck but 20

to 25 thousand dollars is really well

beyond the means of most 18 to 21 year

olds I would not suggest that you go out

and buy any vehicle over $10,000 if you

can find a pickup truck if you can find

a car or a vehicle that will meet your

needs isn't completely Rag doubt doesn't

require a lot of maintenance doesn't

appear to have been in any type of major

accident that's what I would suggest you

start with now another thing that a lot

of young people do is they have

developed brand loyalties over you know

the majority of their life

so they may have a relative or a family

member who has been brand loyal to Ford

Chevy or RAM or Toyota or Nissan or

whatever vehicle has been their

preference for the last decade or two do

not take those preferences and apply

them to yourself at such a young age if

you have twenty thirty years of driving

experience and you've chosen one

specific make model or brand of vehicle

because that's the one that suited you

best over that lifetime then you know

what file

be brand loyal but when you're 18 years

old you really have no reference point

of being brand loyal what you should do

is find any vehicle that fits the budget

fits the conditions requirement which

means it hasn't been abused it doesn't

appear to have any major type of damage

to it it doesn't appear to have been an


or been misused by the previous owner or

owners and you have as many service

records on the vehicle as possible and

then look at the budget look at how much

you can afford to spend and do your

shopping based on that and do a lot of

shopping you know I know somebody who

wants one particular type of truck and

it's been their dream truck and it's a

certain package certain color with a

certain type of mild lift on it and when

you're hunting for that one particular

vehicle first of all it can be difficult

to find secondly even if you do find it

you may be in the situation where you

have to buy a truck that you're settling

for whether it has extremely high miles

whether it's had maintenance issues

whether it's been the collision and

you're allowing your emotions to get you

to buy something that's probably a

really bad buy what I want you to really

focus on doing is getting a vehicle that

is as reliable as possible as your first

vehicle or is your first truck mainly

because the last thing you want to do is

get into a vehicle that you can afford

you have a monthly payment on that's

manageable your insurance on it is

manageable and then you find out that

one breakdown throws you under and you

have no way of affording that breakdown

you have a engine failure transmission

failure a suspension component failure

an ancillary system failures such as an

alternator or a power steering pump or

you know a belt tensioner you have

something that fails on the truck that

is not anticipated in your budget but

because you spent more than you should

have on a vehicle that you bought just

out of pure emotion or brand loyalty

you're now stuck footing the bill for a

vehicle that you can't afford

it's threw you under it was that thing

that caused you to no longer be able to


care of a payment on that vehicle so

what I'm saying at the end of the day is

when you are younger and you're getting

into buying your first truck focus more

on reliability focus more on cost focus

more on maintenance records and really

put brand at the back don't try to use

brand as a reason to get a specific make

model a vehicle especially when it comes

to used vehicles because you just don't

know how they were treated over their

lifetime if it's a 20 year old vehicle

it may have had four or five owners it

may have been in two or three accidents

it may have had some type of major

maintenance lapse on it that caused some

type of significant problem and unless

you have the history of all of that your

brand loyalty goes out the door because

you just don't know what was done to

that vehicle priority you owning it so

anyways at the end of the day I think

the most important thing to take away

from this video is that as a first-time

shopper keep your budget as low as

possible but at the same time make sure

you're trying to find a vehicle that's

in the best possible condition lowest

possible mileage and quite frankly

provides you the best fuel economy when

you are younger the last thing you want

to do is sacrifice food sacrifice gas

and sacrifice your job just because you

want a certain type of vehicle anyways

guys this is just a driving rant I hope

you liked the content if you do please

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