How to Buy a Used 4x4 Pickup Truck, Ford, Chevy, Dodge

hey this is Keith and today we'll talk

about what it's like to buy a youth 4x4

pickup truck now this is something that

was in the market for about fourteen

months ago and I went through the

purchase of this truck and thought I

could pass along some of the experiences

I definitely made some mistakes but

there's some things I did write to that

I wanted to pass along there's a lot of

variety out there there's dodge Rams

there's Chevy Silverados Ford f-series

and there's so many of these trucks out

there there's also the Toyotas and

Nissan's things like that

now for me the big thing I did first

before I even went looking was do my

research I wanted to see what trucks to

avoid and what trucks were really the

best models I liked the ideas the f-150

being the top-selling vehicle in the

United States for decades so I knew that

the truck would probably be pretty

sorted out and parts and service would

be easy to come by

when I was researching the f-150 I saw

that a big issue in this model range

this year range was the 5.4 liter v8 a

lot of problems reported with spark

plugs dripping out the heads cam phasers

things like that a lot of talk I saw

online was 0.25 point 4 so I got lucky

and I saw this v6 is 4.2 liter v6 even

though the 5.4 is were prepped pretty

reasonable I wanted to avoid those so

you have to figure out you want a

Silverado you want to R and you on an

f-150 also do you want to go with a

half-ton like this or do you want a 3/4

ton or one ton originally I thought I'd

like to get a Super Duty but when I

really looked at the needs that I had

just didn't make any sense so I didn't

I've been really happy with the f-150

now when I go to look at a truck

the Furley 3 things I would look at the

the body the engine and then take a fur

drive so let's look at the body first

now this one looks pretty clean when I

saw it boy it was kind of a mess it

hadn't been washed in a long time

it had dog hair fur all over the seat

just was a sign that hadn't been taken

care of really well and cleaned up

pretty nice but let's take a walk around

the body and I can show you some things

to look for and use 4x4 now if you can't

tell I live in the Northeast with the

snow and the big issue out here

salt on the roads rusting these trucks

out now this truck is a 2004 and believe

me you don't see too many on the road

that look as clean as this anymore

rust has taken quite a bit of them and

rust is something I've been struggling

with in this truck as well let me show

you the most common areas to look for

it's really around the cap corner here

the bed and here and especially among

the rockers that I've already got some

pretty good rust coat here on the rocker

and a little bit of rust here from the

back wheel the frame is another area

that really is susceptible to rust Mike

I'll share some pictures where I'd look

at this truck and then rust pretty bad

in fact this spring the shackle plate

right here had rusted off and sent the

entire shackle flying in up through the

bed and perforated the bed it was in bad



and since then I had a trailer hitch

that rusted right off of it the mounting

part right there rusted in the hitch

fell right off

rust is something that you're going to

have to really look for on these

vehicles especially if you're in the

snow melt all right so we look at the

body and realize that it's probably okay

so next part I would do I would

recommend is to start the truck up

hopefully when it's cold and see how it

runs let's do that now now the truck

started easily you can see it settled

into a good idle the one thing I would

look at is if there's any check engine

lights going on here and you can see

that there's not just a bad brake light

and then he felt going off look at the

gauge is good that good oil pressure the

voltage is good and there will be

temperatures down so I would recommend

again starting the truck when it's cold

the check engine light is a real big

issue now when I bought my truck the

engine light was on you can go get these

things skinned in a place like autozone

or advance auto parts and they'll tell

you what the code is and then you can go

online to see what the problem is well

for me I thought it was a problem I

could fix myself I ended up replacing

the mass airflow sensor and that didn't

help and I ended up taking it ended up

taking the truck to a shop it would have

cost me over $700 to get it fixed ended

up being the plenum gasket spark plugs

and plug wires and PVC valve as well so

it's a pretty expensive lesson I wish

I'd been able to talk the owner down on

that ok so the trucks running pretty

good let's go out and take a look under

the hood see what it sounds like

to be sick

everything looks like speaking

disabilities sound fly it

there's no noises who is your top dog

you want to check underneath to make

sure the bill week no unusual noises

anything like that everything looks like

it's pretty good

we're going to find out more we take it

to your Center I do that

we got the truck started and this is

four-wheel drive so let's check out the

four-wheel drive system to make sure it

Elise works

the junk it's got a lever so we're going

to slide it back and you can see the

four-wheel drive indicates on the

dashboard once we got four-wheel low

okay then you can see it says four wheel

drive four by four and then low range so

I know those are working but sometimes

you might have a truck where it doesn't

quite work the light may come on but

you're not sure what way to tell is that

you can engage the four-wheel drive on a

dry road and you'll feel some binding of

the front wheels I don't recommend you

driving like this but just take it for a

short spin just to see if you can feel

it now here in the winter time our roads

are full of sand so I'm not going to be

able to really tell but if I turn the

wheel pretty tight I can probably feel a

little bit of binding if there's not

much stands or good traction all right

let's take the truck for ride so what

you're looking for in a test drive is

you want to hear is there any strange

noises does anything get louder as

you're accelerating how's the exhaust

system on these trucks is it really loud

it's making a lot more noise than it

should you know it could be an expensive


the steering you know take your hands

off the steering wheel business

the trucks tear pretty straight you know

try just moving the truck back and 4000

special system you know go over some

bumps see how the truck rebounds

this truck needs for shock so you know I

pretty obvious when I Drive it I got to

work on that you're just listening for

unusual noises and feedback that just

isn't normal

that really looks different from a car

if it feels odd to you that it probably

there's a problem somewhere and you can

ask about that check your brakes check

your your transmission how does it shift

does it shift you know pretty seamlessly

you have trouble getting into the gears

of it's manual you know you can check

your clutch as well see how the fraud

isn't it take a look at your gauges they

all work here in the wintertime try the

air conditioning system see how does

that works is it pumping out cold air or

take a look at the engine cut your load

of BP does it laboring too much take it

from a test drive maybe 10 minutes or so

get the engine warmed up you'll be able

to tell some things especially if you

got something that's got a check engine

light oftentimes what you can do is pull

the battery terminal off the battery and

that will reset the check engine light

well eventually the lights going to come

back on because the problem is still


so take a firkin long ride make sure

there's no check engine light going on

so you've got your test-drive done and

you think you're ready to move on the

truck you've looked at some other

vehicles I'm in a go shape let me tell

you the experience I had buying this

truck I moved to a new area and I knew I

would want four-wheel drive to be able

to get to work in the wintertime as well

as have some capacity to haul some

things back and forth for a new house

and I had well I knew I really didn't

want to have a truck payment and for

what I understand now new pickup trucks

cost over $60,000 so I was really

looking for something a lot a lot

cheaper so I found this 2004 model

looking for something about 10 to 15

years old that I wouldn't have to take

out a loan for it could buy outright

trade my budget I looked around and

unfortunately I really couldn't find any

four-wheel drive trucks for really under

seven thousand dollars that work really

rusted out real bad so I got pretty

lucky at Thomas did not really present

well when I looked at it it had kind of

all the black stuff all over the pain

had been washed a long time Edmund

vacuum at dog fur all over but I was

able to negotiate the price down to

thirty seven hundred fifty dollars the

thing the other thing it had going for

it was it was a five-speed transmission

and I really love manual transmissions

and they are hard to find and pickup

trucks and I knew I really wanted to

have one so I did my negotiating I

understood the truck had some rust on it

I understood the check engine light was

on I wish I had negotiated a little bit

harder because those things ended up

costing me some money last year I

probably put about twenty-seven dollars

into this truck tires were big expense

getting the check engine light six was a

big expense I had at ABS sensor go that

I had to replace that was you don't like

Japanese cars where you just drive


American trucks unfortunate need a

little bit of service now and then so it

took me some time wanting to get this

truck sorted out right now I'm into it

for about sixty five hundred dollars so

I'm still a little bit ahead of what buy

it bought a compatible truck but if I

had to do it all over again I think I

would negotiate a bit more or maybe even

pass because

the rust issue I've been able to really

kind of slow the rust by using a product

called fluid film and the rust things

will be under control right now but

something I'm going to have to deal with

this some point down the road and that's

probably going to be the factors go away

there Massachusetts pretty strict

inspection policies around registering

the car but the trucks been a really

good one for me

I ended up buying a motorcycle about 900

miles away in the spring and I just

hopped in the truck and drove and went

and got it and wasn't quite sure how the

truck would do but it really was awesome

the 4.2 liter v6 is a great engine it

really hasn't required much at all it

gets about 16 miles to the gallon I like

having a six and a half foot bed wish I

had an eight foot bed but eight foot

beds are getting real hard to come by so

I hope this has been helpful to you if

you have some experiences or questions

you want to share comments please leave

them below or interested in talking to

you about trucks I really enjoy buy this

truck I love driving it it's my first

pickup truck and I don't think I'll go

without having to pick up the rest of my


thanks for watching bye