Here's Why You Should Buy A Pickup Truck

hey everybody I'm here today to tell you

why you should buy a pickup truck in

this video I'll be going over the basics

of why pickup trucks are great let's get

right into it number one on the list is

they have a good value for the money now

if you look at what you get when you buy

a pickup truck compared to the price

you're gonna really get a good bang for

your buck and I'll tell you why

pickup trucks oftentimes don't cost much

more than cars at least where I live

they don't cost much more than cars or

even SUVs like they're really not much

more than SUVs at all and you're getting

a lot more than a car or an SUV you're

getting really essentially a car with a

pickup truck bed at the back of it with

usually a lot more power and a much

bigger engine so if you look at the fact

that you get all of this extra stuff for

basically not much more money they offer

a good value for the money a good bang

for your buck number two on this list is

they have great towing capacity so

whether you want to load up the bed of

the pickup truck with things or you want

to actually tow a boat to your cottage

pickup trucks generally speaking have

incredible towing capacity simply

because they have usually speaking very

powerful engines often times they'll

have diesel engines and they have great

torque and horsepower ratios so they

have a great towing ability great

ability to bring stuff around it's as

simple as that number three on the list

is pickup trucks have the ability to

carry stuff around you will have a small

to medium to really large sized bed at

the back of the pickup truck and the

great thing about modern pickup trucks

is that a lot of them have the option of

getting a cover for the bed so it's not

like you have to leave yourself exposed

for the world to come and see and take

and steal and stuff like that you know

so they have a great you know bed and

you can usually choose what size bed you

want and the bigger the bed that you

have the more that you can carry in a

pickup truck I've seen people modify

their pickup trucks the beds of the

pickup trucks to have walls to just be

able to carry a ton of stuff it's insane

how much stuff they can carry around so

it has the ability to carry stuff around

number four in this list is they

actually look cool now big of trucks

have come a long way they used to look

so so it was never fan

older pickup trucks now they look

incredible I mean they look so stylish

so sporty some of them have body kits on

them side steps they just look

incredible big Rams big tires big wheels

you can really customize that lifted

suspension I mean they just look really

cool nowadays in my opinion that's my

personal opinion

number five on the list is you can help

out friends and family now they always

say that when you get a pickup truck

you're gonna use it half the time and

you're gonna use it for other people

half the time if you like helping people

out a pickup truck is definitely an

option for you let's say you want to

help everyone that you can out and you

know if you have a pickup truck and

someone else needs to carry something or

tow something or bring something around

and they don't have a pickup truck you

can drive it for them or you can lend it

to them as long as you're allowed to for

your insurance purposes and so forth but

you can elbow friends and family last

but not least is number six which is

they can handle different terrains

whether you want to drive your pickup

truck on the road on a dirt road in the

snow on ice whatever the case is in sand

you know I can probably handle it and

that's because they have they're

generally speaking they're really high

up they have big wheels big nice wide

wheels big tall rims and they have a lot

of power so they can handle it and they

have a nice long wheelbase so with that

being said they can usually handle a

wide variety of terrains and that's it

in this video I've told you why you

should buy a pickup truck if you liked

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