Buy them Used Instead! Here are the 2019 Best Used Pickup Truck Bargains

are you in the market for a used pickup

are you curious what the best bargains

are I have the stats for you from I see

cars on the best bargains on almost new

pickups those about three years old we

can get to those coming up right now


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in this video I'm gonna go over a study

I was sent from the website is one of those sites that

you can look for new cars on there they

have different studies they put out it's

kind of a fun little site they have

together and so the study got sent to me

in my email and I thought it was kind of

interesting what they've done is looked

over 4.8 million car sales they

identified those that the most

depreciation they sent me a list

tailored to pickups because well they

know me yes what am i passionate like I

said so I'm gonna go ahead and put this

list on the screen in a minute but we're

gonna kind of talk about these and talk

about the top I got four top four trucks

for depreciation on what you should be

shopping for today okay before we dig

too much in a study it's always some

questions about methodology and what

they looked at and some go ahead and put

this on the screen and we'll kind of

talk about what the methodology was and

how they developed these results so here

it is I see cars analyzed more than 3.7

million new cars from model year 2016

sold between January and May 2016

more than 1.1 million used cars the same

model year sold between January and May

2019 prices from 2016 were inflation

adjusted at 2019 dollars based on data

from US Bureau of Land Labor Statistics

difference in average price for the same

model across the two time periods

calculate as a percentage of the average

price in 2016 adjusted statistically for

sales volume a new car pricing luxury

cars priced over $80,000 new electric

cars were analyzed separately do they're

high cost and veil ability of federal

and local tax credits respectively okay

let's go over these survey results that

I got for just the almost new pickup

trucks these again are three years old

looking at the methodology that I just

explained and we're gonna start from the

bottom the average for all vehicles is

38.2% the average for pickup trucks was

thirty two point five percent as we work

our way up we're gonna do I have four

listed I'm gonna do four three two one

I'm going to start with the GMC Sierra

1500 now the average reader told used

price with thirty three thousand eighty

eight dollars

that's depreciation of thirty four point

two percent for

Fifty's number three this 29 650 129

thousand sixteen fifty one dollars is

the three-year used price depreciation

thirty four point seven percent and the

ram pickup 1500 three year-old price

with twenty seven thousand eight hundred

six dollars depreciates to thirty seven

point one percent and I'm gonna get to

number one number one's a little

controversial and I explained that in a

second number one on this list is the

Nissan Titan XD that's thirty two

thousand ninety seven dollars thirty to

thirty three thousand ninety seven

dollars for him to speak today

depreciation was forty five point nine

percent now that's one point four times

the depreciation compared to pickup

truck average I'm gonna put this quote

on the screen from the editor who talks

about Nissan Titan most expensive pickup

in its class with an average new car

price of fifty nine thousand seven

eighty four dollars which almost nine

thousand more than second most expensive

model the GMC Sierra 1500 the Titan XD

has nimbly come down a price payable

competitive price other price trucks in

a segment and that have better reliably

rankings such as the GMC Sierra 1500 and

the four different tip f-150 now hold on

you might be saying and you'd be correct

Nissan Titan XD is not a half-ton truck

and so there's a little issue with that

study but you know it's gonna be

interesting to see how consumers view

the Nissan Titan XD and the years to


so this editor is clearly confused on

the Nissan Titan XD is it's actually

heavy duty half-ton truck so I guess you

could say it's I have half-ton but it's

not really that competitive in my view

it'd be much better to do the Nissan

Titan it by itself non XD in this study

then doing the XD and so I I think

there's some controversy there and you

can argue the points of view on that and

I think that consumers are also still

confused on what XD is as its editor is

but those results and so you know if you

take away the techn XD you have RAM Ford

and then GMC as one two three and that's

those that are above the industry

average of depreciation so there you go

there's the best bargains on almost new

pickups and I hope you found this video

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