The BEST Email EVER! (or, you know, at least close to it)

hey what's going on it's Jason Capital

the million dollar expert and in today's

episode of emails on the beach I'm gonna

be breaking down an email from a guy

named Jason capital the good the bad and

the ugly so stay tuned all right so yeah

we're changing things up I'm gonna look

at an email that I recently sent out in

one of my businesses to to a bunch of

clients and customers and prospects and

we're to look at what did I do wrong

what did I do okay and what worked and

what did it and how can you use it in

your marketing as well so the email was

this right the subject line was zoom

live call confirmation need response

okay just to give some context to this I

was basically I was teaching a live

class a couple weeks ago on a live zoom

call with me and about fifty there are

over a hundred people there and I was

teaching them about this new text

message system that me and my clients

are using to land new clients for our

businesses whether you're coach a

consultant or closer a copywriter a

speaker or an author or an agency but

you use the sacramentary system to land

new clients and it's working

swimmingly all right and that's what I

was teaching on the zoom live call so I

kind of like the hook there here's what

here's what I I think I could have done

better so we open it up and we got to

talk about this private invitation thing

in a second but it opens up and it says

and every mastermind I run we do hot

seats right hot seats are where you sit

on a chair in front of everyone and you

share the biggest challenge slowing your

business growth down right now sounds

fun right last week at my San Diego

mastermind one of my clients

Tyler Ryan shared his business was on

track to almost double last month's

revenue Tyler's crushing it love you

Tyler he said but to do it he was going

to need more clients now let me share

something personal with you I hate

almost hitting a goal in coming up

shorts before I'm any further this is

like we hook them in and we start

telling the story about the San Diego

mastermind and the hot seats and Tyler

the social proof killing you right

here's what I think I should have been

headed when I mentioned at my San Diego

mastermind Tyler Ryan doubling his

business revenue my client that's

awesome right there I should have put a

picture I should have shown you exactly

what is the hot seat look like what did

the master look like what did I look

like and what kind of thousand Watts

smiled this Tyler have on his face now

that his revenue is going up so high do

you see what I mean I think that would

have worked even better so I didn't have

back then I could

um with this email I go let me share

something personal with you I hate

almost hitting a goal but coming up

short when I was playing college


I was practicing and I once set a goal

to hit thirty three-pointers in a row

drenched in sweat after three hours of

attempting to do this I hit 29 in a row

and then I missed my 30 that was a true

story I stayed in that gym for five more

hours until I had my target I was

literally there all night Tyler is like

me he has to hit his target so I

carefully told him to use the nine word

text message to learn as many clients as

he need to hit his target - and then I

put a link that says nine or text

message lands new clients with almost

scary consistency so I like the little

story transition so I tell the story

about San Diego and then I go one deeper

and I tell a personal story about me in

college trying to hit 30 I hit 29 I

missed my 30th I stay for five more

hours to get the job done

because frankly this is not bragging

that's just who I am

whatever my goal is I have to get the

job done and I will not stop until I do

now if anyone listening right now feels

the same way how much more connected are

we right and better yet those the people

I want to work with so I'm trying to

attract people just like me people who

will not stop until they get the job

done period make sense and then I say

now Tyler is like me - Tyler has to hit

his target so if I got my client needs

to double his revenue and he needs to

hit his target it's life or death almost

what am I gonna give him I'm gonna give

him this text message because in like a

life of that situation this is the go-to

that I know works best that is a form of

strong strong proof my client needs to

get clients what do I tell them to do I

give them the nine more text message you

want to get clients join us on the zoom

call I'll show you the same nine word

text message tubes that make sense so

that worked out well all right here's

the other thing that I didn't do well

nine or text message lands through

clients with scary contingency that's

the call to action that's the way what's

missing from this Zach what's missing

from this what word is missing all right

it's you

why are you he said his act is missing

comes it from that yeah I'm not gonna

put a sack in it you I needed the word

you nine word text message lands new

clients for you with scary consistency

or use this text message so you can land

new clients with almost scary like

consistency just like my students and

clients are right now because right now

it's like here's this amazing thing you

can check it out all I need to do was

connect the dots a here's this amazing

thing right here you see it come get it

it's for you I needed to connect all

that gooey goodness that makes sense so

that's what I needed to do going forward

another tip here you'll see of course

you know it's called the Niner money

text I'm getting together with some

friends to teach it on a live soom call

I'm given here's the logistics and then

I say that means today is the last day

to join us because I was teaching it on

a Monday and this email came out on

Sunday urgency reason why always

important we need urgent see we get

people to take action the reason why

they got to do it now so if you want to

get in with us get all the details here

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good the bad the ugly now I'm gonna

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rock it out I want to help grow and I'm

gonna keep working on my emails keep

cutting everything I do I hope your coz

ending everything you do in your life is

well I am Jason Kappa with a million

dollar expert I'm gonna walk away as I

say peace