Why No Aquarium In The World Has A Great White Shark

Aquariums are amazing places but if you've ever been to one you'll notice

that they don't have nature's most alpha predator that is the

great white shark the great white shark is the most

googled underwater animals and many action-packed movies have been

made about this creature so why would people not want to see them

in aquariums do they not put them in simply because they're too boring and

people don't care or are they worried that they'll break

out and eat everyone in the aquarium well there are actually various

surprising and unusual reasons why no aquarium in the

world has a great white shark there are various good reasons why this

animal is never found behind glass and after hearing why you'll see

this animal in a totally different light depression this may sound kind of funny

because we see depression as a human trait

but did he know that animals can also have mental health issues

and this affects great white sharks more than almost any other animal whenever

they're put into captivity they develop depression

marine biologists believe that's because we're unable to create a suitable

artificial environment we basically can't mimic their natural

habitat enough so they realize great white sharks are pretty smart

animals after all when great white sharks are taken from the wild and put

into captivity they are not happy at all but how can they tell they're in

captivity well great white sharks are saltwater creatures

this means they need a specific amount of saline in their water that's

something which is very difficult for aquariums to maintain

accurately that's because saline levels depend on many things

this includes where the water is where it's flowing and the time of year

this causes depression in the great white sharks and this makes them become

very lethargic too at first they won't be able to move very well

and then they'll stop being able to breathe properly a depressed great white

shark will get very aggressive very easily and they'll also stop eating

in 1981 a fisherman caught a great white shark

he then sold it to sea world in san diego the shark was massive at five

feet and weighing a hundred pounds so that's why seaworld spared no expense

and bought a four hundred thousand gallon shark tank

but the shark simply would not eat what they gave it eventually the shark

experienced convulsions and could not swim

employees then tried to save the shark's life by force feeding it mackerel fish

they also injected the shark with nutrients they also tried to help the

shark with its swimming using humans and also pumped more oxygen

into the tank but none of this worked and the shark

was too depressed and passed on 16 days later

the experience taught them a lot about shark medicine and behavior

and it also beat the record for how long sharks normally survive in captivity the

previous sea world record was a mere 96 hours

and the previous world record was held by the monterey bay aquarium

this was a great white shark they acquired in 1984.

after 11 days the shark would not eat and it passed on

at the same aquarium it took them until 2004 to get a great white shark to eat

in captivity but eventually that shark became way too

aggressive to starve it kept hitting the glass trying to

break out and it even took out two of its own tank mates so eventually

this shark had to be released back into the wild

probably where the shark belongs in 2016 japan tried to house a great white shark

in an aquarium the shark was gigantic at 11.5 feet

but the exhibit did not go as planned as the shark passed on

three days later this is simply because the shark was depressed and would not

eat space great white sharks are incredibly

large and that's why they need a lot of space

after all some great white sharks can be 13 to 19 feet in length

but you may be thinking they're not the biggest animal kept in aquariums

for example orca whales are often larger and they're in aquariums

so why can't we keep a great white shark which is smaller than an orca

well the reason why is simply because of how much great white sharks have to swim

you've likely heard the saying sharks have to keep moving to stay alive

this isn't true for all species but it is true for the great white shark

in the wild great white sharks swim 100 kilometers every day

they swim so much that sharks tagged on one side of the world are sometimes

found on the other side of the world that's because they've swam the length

of many oceans and seas a few years ago a shark from africa swam

all the way to australia and back again in less than one year

also to obtain oxygen great white sharks always need to swim forward

that's so that water can pass through their gills so that they can breathe

this is unlike most fish who get their oxygen from opening and closing their

mouth they also need to move constantly to

maintain their body temperature great white sharks also only change

direction when they want to this makes keeping them in a glass tank

even more complex so even a whale tank would be way too

small for a great white shark injuries when great white sharks are in

captivity they injure themselves they often ram their heads into the

walls of their tanks this is because sharks have great

electro reception this allows them to sense electrical changes in the water

but if they're in captivity they don't have this

when their electro reception is disturbed they don't know what's around

them that's why they can't detect the glass and simply swim into it

some also say that the sharks may be doing this on purpose

as we've already gone over sharks can get depressed when they're in captivity

so maybe the sharks are trying to end their lives every great white shark

which is passed on in captivity has exhibited this behavior

and that includes the japanese shark which was caught in 2016 we covered

earlier expensive if you think that your pet

costs a lot of money try housing a great white shark you'll be broke in a matter

of hours to get a shark from the wild into your

aquarium will set you back a lot of money

the logistics costs are astronomical it also has to be kept alive with iv fluid

pumps but that's only the beginning of your

expenses great white sharks will not eat anything but

live prey this is because they're wired to hunt

this means you need lots of fish and larger mammals to feed your great white

shark and they have to be alive too a tank large enough to house a great

white shark would have to be massive even if it was a million gallons it

likely would not work but a one million gallon shark tank

would set you back millions of dollars a large enough tank has never been built

recently in las vegas a one million dollar fish tank was made

this could maybe house an orca whale but not a great white shark

bad viewing even if an aquarium did successfully get a great white shark you

would never get a good view the shark tank would have to be so big

that the chance of the shark being near the glass would be very slim

this means that the aquarium visitors would be staring at mostly just water

the shark would simply be way too far away to see also because sharks only

feast on live prey you'd have to see mammals and small fish be eaten

this may not be very nice for children visiting the aquarium

and it's also not good pr seeing you taking animals lives before your

visitor's very eyes and that's only if these staff could get

the shark to eat in the first place which is difficult

also the shark that people would see would not be in good condition

because sharks often swim into the aquarium's walls they would likely be

injured very badly most people don't want to see an injured

shark when they go to an aquarium and it also may be scary for kids and adults to

see a shark ramming right into them capturing this should come as no

surprise but great white sharks are very hard to capture

the most recently caught great white shark in 2016 was done by accident in

japan this is because it was caught up in a

fishing net but if you're trying to do this on purpose

it's nearly impossible it's very large and also aggressive too

man could only capture these animals as recently as 1955.

to put that into perspective we've been able to capture lions and tigers for

thousands of years

transportation transporting a great white shark is a logistics nightmare a

few years back the monterey bay aquarium transported a four foot long great white

shark this was in 2004 and it had to go from

florida to california they had to build a custom

mobile shark tank this was a nine-hour drive

and the shark had to be put on life support and pumped with iv fluids

a shark has never been shipped on an airplane but in 2015

ups overnight shipped a beluga whale this is said to have cost around two

million dollars so to do this with a great white shark

it would likely cost even more public perception another reason why no

aquarium has a great white shark is simply because people wouldn't like it

it may sound cool on the surface but in reality it would not be good

more and more there are protests against aquariums for example there are often

protests about sea world and their treatment of animals

also documentaries such as the cove and blackfish have brought attention to this

issue so if another great white shark was

captured and to be housed in an aquarium there would be massive protests

after all everyone now knows that the shark would likely end up

passing away in a matter of days but now it's time to make your voice heard

comment below whether you support aquariums or not

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