7 Best Secure Email Services

email is one of the most common

yet least secure communication methods

that we use on a daily basis

it's an old technology that is abundant

with hackers and scammers

and some of the most commonly used email


have already had several security


in the past so in this video i'm going

to go over

seven email services that provide


privacy and security first we have they are of course

based in germany email is encrypted with

zero access storage which means messages

that are

stored in your inbox are only readable

to you

they can't even be read by the owners of

this email service

and they also support encryption for

your contacts

and your calendars but as we're going to

see with

not just postio but several other

services in this list

the contacts and calendar use the cal


and the card dev standard which don't

actually support

end to end encryption as far as the more

negative aspects or

not really great aspects of postio go


don't accept bitcoin payments for the

premium service but they do accept

cash by mail which costs about 12

euros a year for their premium service

but the service that you get the premium

features are very limited

posteo doesn't allow custom domains

they don't have a dot onion service and

the inbox size is pretty standard

i guess it is nice though that their

infrastructure runs on clean energy

sovereign is a mail service that is

based out of amsterdam

they allow for custom domains as well as


catch-all domain they accept bitcoins

and they support two-factor


and actually all of these services that

i'm going to mention they do support

two-factor authentication

now as far as the bad goes with

sovereign it is

not open source they don't have any

mobile apps

and the contacts and calendar are again

not end-to-end encryption because

they're using that cal dev technology

and their inboxes also don't appear to


zero access encrypted so it may be

possible for the owners of sovereign to

see what is in your inbox if they really

wanted to

and there's no dot onion service for the

tour users out there

and there's also no free trial for

sovereign so

if you want to try it out you gotta

cough up 29

euros for a year of service is ad-free

it is based out of germany it runs on

green energy

that's actually a pretty common thing

amongst these german email providers

it costs as little as one euro per month

and it offers

a 30-day trial and they support

custom domains as well as a catch-all

it also offers an alias

which forces tls encryption on

connections between

mail servers otherwise if the mail

server trying to connect to it doesn't

accept the tls connection

then mail will not be sent it doesn't

accept crypto

but they do accept cash by mail for the

premium service if you wanted to stay

anonymous that way

they're not open source and again they

don't encrypt your contacts or calendar

disroot actually offers a multitude of

online services besides just email but

this is a review of their email service

so i'm just going to focus on that

their email allows for custom domains

although you have to manually apply

for each one that you want to use they

accept bitcoin and paypal as payment


so of course bitcoin is probably what

you would go for if you're trying to

stay anonymous

uh disroot does not have a dot onion

service though

and they also don't have a mobile app

and their inbox encryption

is not zero access so again it

may be possible for the owners to access

your data in the inbox

and again the address book and the


are using that cal dev and that card dev


there's no encryption there two to noda

is again another email service based out

of germany

and they actually are open source and

they have a free option as well as a

premium option

there is zero access encryption for

the at rest data meaning your inbox and

also your contacts and your calendar in

this case

they do have an app as well a mobile app

is available through

f droid and i think there's one

available on

ios as well they encrypt their mail

for external users so people who are not

using to to noda

there's an option where you can send the

message where it will need a password in

order for the

person not using two to noaa to view

those encrypted emails

so that's pretty cool but unfortunately

two to noah does not use

pgp so you won't actually be able to


encrypted emails outside of two to

notice service

and they only accept credit card and


for the premium accounts so that's a bit

of a bummer there

and they also don't have an onion site

although it is worth noting that some of

these things are on the devs

radar to fix so one day soon two to noda

might make its way further up the list

so now protonmail you've probably heard

of this one

already and yes most of the hype around

it is true

it is after all number two on this list

protonmail is based out of switzerland

it's open source it has a dot onion


it has an app for ios and android it has

a free option to sign up it has

zero access encryption at rest it

also is the only one on this list that

has actually had a source code

audit done of their infrastructure so

at least one other person has signed off

on this being secure

and it is the most popular on the list

which is

actually pretty important because when

you're popular

for being a secure service it means that

a lot of people out there

are constantly trying to hack you

they're constantly trying to break that

infrastructure and

see if they can wreck some type of havoc

and yet protonmail

continues to thrive the only downside

is that the premium versions

uh they make it one of the most

expensive email options

on this list i mean the premium option

for like the top of the line thing that

you can get is

kind of expensive but not quite as


as the final option and the most secure


which is self-hosted so self-hosted


is technically going to be the best


you are going to be in control of

everything so you're going to be in

control of your data you're going to be

in control of where

your mail goes but it is the most

expensive because you're going to have

to buy a domain

and set up a mail server and it could

also be very insecure if you mess

something up i mean if

if you do this wrong then your email

service might

end up being worse than yahoo mail and

in all honesty

i wouldn't really recommend this for

most people

i wouldn't recommend setting up your own

email service

it's fine if you've already purchased


and a domain maybe for something like a


because like i say the the cost is the

biggest wall here right having to pay

for that domain and having to pay for

that hosting but if you want to look


for a guide or if you have to look


rather for a guide to set up a secure


uh self-hosted then there's a high

chance that you're going to get it wrong

and you'll probably just be better off

using one of the other services

mentioned above again

it really depends on the nitty-gritty of

what you're trying to use

a self-hosted email for the whole reason

you're trying to do that

um if it's for a business purpose then

again unless you really know what you're

doing you would probably just be better

off using one of the other services

with a custom domain because to your


at the end of the day there's there's

really no difference

as far as getting shut down or like

having one of these services

uh deny you access uh seems pretty


right especially if we're dealing with

one of these services

that has um zero access encryption

because then at that point they can't

even see what your ex

your uh what's actually in your inbox

but i can think of some scenarios where


someone might shut you down because of

suspicion of what you're doing

uh so in that case maybe it is better to

use your own email service

again this is something where you're

really going to have to decide for

yourself but

if you do insist on doing it yourself

mailcal is a good place to start

for setting up your own self-hosted

email service well that's it for this


i hope you guys uh learned something

from it hope you were able to pick out a

secure email service

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bye now