Our Cabin life summer-Best Adventure we have done☺️

sounds like our eyes




so we are finally up and running we are


we are waiting to go somewhere up there

the mountain up there we are going there

that's where the house is

so we are just we just got here now

and we are waiting for our private jet

to arrive

actually we are hitching a ride so

ride is coming soon




wow thank you

thank you

and the thing is that these scarves are

scary but

they are just sounds like our eyes

or not


everything just falls apart so i'll


we have a lot of things going up


i'll keep my


we need


our destiny has called




our kids


close your eyes




fingers come on let's rejoice

of what will come i have made the


all that choice need

this is our kampinsky for the next few


welcome to burglary's paradise

you didn't grow up here you grew up

visiting here

are you here so often your summer house

it's very beautiful i'll show you guys


of course with permission

you want to give us a house tour a cabin


yeah this is the things that the

helicopter helped us carry because

clearly we couldn't go

calm down baby firewood we need to fire


grilling place

a window

okay hello

the light change might be a bit hard

it's beautiful

so the lighting is beautiful so we'll go


on the cooker on your right side we have

a cooker

wood we have pockets to fetch water

this bed is not even made you will make

it yourself we have

oh we need a storage cover for food

the master bedroom the master bed



once they were drinking here

and of course there's a living space


storage living room table

nice nice

yep it's a light

yeah it's awesome yeah

i love it my cabin fever has been


we have some cooking pots here you know

they didn't

that's the beautiful summer house




yeah i'm here with two bodies yeah

then i said when you walk up and you're

out sweaty yeah

what we always do we go down and we

strip like topless and we pull one


over your head but this is fully cold

i was up there there was a girl with my


and these two guys were down here and

then you here



this is coming from the mountain yeah


then it's it's extremely cold gives away

she wants it cold perfect to drink

yeah yep

and this is the cups yeah we have that

in my mom's house






this in kenya we call it mushkaki


it's kiwis here and stick

yeah yeah that's nice actually

lunch is served by the chef

and the firemaker you know how we eat


right from the stick yes that's how we

also eat mushikaki


nobody told me to settle

down date nights and late nights don't


if i got it come warrior get it

come warrior

i think it was even behind it it's


you're something for saying i should

slow down

but maybe i'm escaping the love we

found there's something about you

something about your


some serious climbing going on here

you need all the discipline and


so you don't like it


so you don't like it much but i guess

i'll share the top view

so i can bear attention to where my feet

go all right

oh my god i'm so scared we distracted

our first

mountain look at that view look at that


oh my god i'm dead i'm getting out of


look at that we have to go

go where


well there's more to climb but we are a

few thousand meters

up damn

nobody loves me

nobody better me better

yes i'm just too scared to settle

down that'd be many nights i got too


and almost


i get you drunk


one of us


nobody loves me better


i get too drunk and too scared and

you happy happy

you're happy happy yeah

you did good baby you did good

you're very fast serious

steep hike yeah

yeah cake yeah you deserve a cake

no i did very good too chloe did amazing

you just need some water

maybe some iced tea

and you're good to go we are back

have a cabin make some dinner

enjoy the sunset

call it a night

this is the place we just came down from

and basically we were

here this is where we are

we were how cool is that

next time we definitely make this and

calm down

yeah when zozo is not with us and making


right so this is how are you like this

no put your hand back in the front where

it was

nobody loves me


i get too drunk and too scared and loud

you if only you knew i would die

for you

five six


seven eight

nine ten

hi guys guys

how you doing i love you






i left things


and the thing is that these scarves are

scary but they

are just small scars

too far apart everything just falls


so i'll just close my eyes and dream


our kids


close your


my eyes high while we're crossing

the land with all the minds


our destiny has called




dream about our


close your eyes