Podia Create-a-thon (Session 3) - Sales page, validation, and launch emails

all right hey everyone welcome welcome

let us know in the chat that you can see

and hear all right here we are

for round number three

i think we are good saying hey in the


excellent yep prime makers is here who

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yes anna getting me focused on what i

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danny says awesome all good barbara is

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that's what we're here for kim greg


janet all right we are good


mike howdy to you as well denise

all right um absolutely on that side too

great to see you today

yeah a lot of crossover i love this

thing that's fantastic

okay one of the things that we wanted to

start with

that doc and i were just talking about

in the pre-game

is that we want to see in the chat

what are you making name your product

put it in the chat no more pretending

no more like oh yeah i got a thing i'm

working on something

tell me what it is tell us what it is

and you can use yeah go ahead don't be

shy i mean listen and i just to be

totally honest um while we were going

through it actually

as i was talking to more people i

changed my product name again

there you go uh it's okay and you know

it's all right so now mine is uh the

product shortback

product sharepoint nice yeah so anyways

changing that but

again those ideas all those things it

can it can happen oh

we got a couple bookkeeping automation


from kim love that

let's see online course people are

saying it

okay barbara's talking about live

workshop for people that

are not sure of taking my whole course


okay cool good excellent laurie says

lead magnet yeah good good good good


yeah ooh productivityist

mike is saying a three-part control

workshop series


fetch profits i want to challenge you to

be more specific

than online courses what is the online


to do what to help who yeah end goal

excellent let's see

parenting course again let's be let's be

more specific

parenting for what specific outcome

for who to do what alexander says sql


excellent is it beginner's course to


sql is it learning

woodworking for beginners danny there we

go there we go

um also what uh oh yeah that's great is

it a certain utensil

are you teaching them how to woodwork

with something you know that's good

to do like one specific product danny i

think something

uh something that's like one tool one


like one thing that you can make with

one tool

that could be something that's really


a good lead magnet for you danny also

could be something like

these are the only three you know the

only three tools you need to

create x number of projects yeah

everyone's doing a really good job karen

you're talking about workshop to lead to

paid workshop series

to coaching talk about your coaching

program what makes your coaching special

who is it for um

let's see business bookkeeping and

personal finance coaching

love it is it for ones that are like

a certain age group is it hey one's just

getting their first

job um and they need to know their


um dennis is talking about um

uh stress reduction course great who is

it for is it for maybe teachers that

need stress reduction

parents that are now dealing with uh

you know reducing stress for with their


teaching um yeah cool stuff really

yeah this is often a place where you can

find a way to go deeper on the niche

is when you have that broad topic how

can you make it for a specific

type of person like my my wife has done

classes in the past and she has a

fitness background she's also a nurse

and so one of the things that she has

done like you can start and say like

oh i'm doing a program for people who

want to lose weight or some kind of fit

any kind of fitness program okay let's

go deeper

and then you take that another level be

like well i want to focus on fitness for


great go a little deeper i want to focus


fitness for moms okay great

go a little deeper fitness one of the

things that she ended up doing was

fitness for moms

in the first three four six months


after having after having their child so

it's basically like postpartum

how to get how to get back into a

fitness routine

after you've had a child so you can see

how you take something that's really

high level

you take something like fitness program

and you go one level deeper it's going

to be for women it's going to be for

moms it's going to be

four moms who have just had their child

exactly it helps you to really distill

down and again then you can go for

catchy names and all of those other

things and

just like i said right and so i had if

you look at it and i'm changing again

but to show you the layer

i said product sharper people like okay

yeah but what does that mean

who am i where am i there okay it's

teaching ones

to bridge the gap from marketing to tech

to build their brand

oh okay it's getting more closer oh is

it who

is it for solo entrepreneurs that need

to bridge the gap and now

it's like okay now it's me now it's me

they're raising their hand when it's

that close

yeah yeah and that's where like having

that sub headline

can be really helpful um and you want to

think about like what kind of keywords

or if you do want to use a clever name

something that will

resonate with the audience that you have

like i

use the i'm using the term analog action

analog being like paper paper products

hand to hand you know staying away from

digital for the most part

uh in this planning process and so

uh not everyone might know what that

means but like for my audience we use

the word in the term

analog a lot so like okay analog so

paper only

action we're going to be you know moving

forward with something so you can

the more that you develop these ideas

and the more that you create a shared


with your with your audience as that


or something that's just an already

accepted term

in the topic you can start to like play

on some of those clever words as long as

it's part of the shared

shared language and let me tell you

something um

every time i kept looking back and forth

and i was like analog action i was like

i don't think i can get that concise

that good i'll tell you right now but

see it has layering i love that i love


it's really snappy it makes me think of

things it's perfect

so uh it's really good people are saying

they're pumped great job today guys

that's exactly right and

it's congratulations for all of you that

this is session three

you're still here you're still working

hard uh this is all you guys

honest that's right yeah let's see

oh oh janet's talking about working on

creating a micro sas for appsumo


great all right talk about that a little

bit more detail and what i

what you can even do when you're

creating micro sas

getting live users to test something out

or the behavior pattern that you want

before you turn it into sas can be even


more beneficial so if you're saying hey

i'm thinking about creating this

software as a service

this is who i'm helping appsumo or

simulinks like x

y and z you're struggling with this this

this and this i'm building it out do you

mind going through the process

that allows you to then build out the

features of the sas

yup so perfect i know i was i worked at

convertkit before podia and i was

on i was the fifth member of the team

and that was something that nathan did i

know it's something that spencer has

done with podi is you get those really

early users

you're like here's the product what else

do you want it to do here's the product

what is it missing

so getting those really early users even

if you're literally just showing them


uh wireframes of like this

and this is really specific so like if

you're not doing anything like this

don't worry about

the terms right now but just showing

them like this is what i do and this is

what the next screen would look like be

like okay you know i would want it to be

able to do this okay great

let me reshuffle things a little bit and

come back to you it's the same principle


it's the same principle of here's what

you're going to learn or here's what

you're going to do

give me some feedback on this what would

you expect what do you want to see


and then not going entirely maybe not

always going entirely based on people's


but using the feedback of others to


your own instincts

yep exactly exactly this is good

yeah we're really going in and i like

how people are refining

through this uh jenna you were talking

about live workshops called the hero


how to attract customers through

storytelling where they walk away with

one opening story to use for their


to attract clients now see that's that's

really specific so

yeah that helps you with the title the

headline and details for that sales page

all of those things so yeah really good


and i will start with the lead magnet

and have it filter into the workshop

yes perfect love that work

walking it back and one last thing too

with that lead magnet before they get it

this is just a side point

if you're trying to segment who your

best people are jenna you might want to

have them

fill out like to describe themselves

that way you start

collecting even more information about

them but i love that

you've got that much detail like get it

reverse it

yeah yeah lara has really

a really specific customer that she has

in mind with hers

and that's something that whenever you

as specific as you can get

because even if you feel like that's a

pretty you know like maybe you think

that's a pretty small niche to begin


the benefit of that is when you can

define someone's problem

or pain like that specifically you're

gonna be like oh my god they're gonna be

like oh my gosh this is

i've people have just been like giving

me these really general solutions like

this is specifically for me

because you have defined it that well

and you know the nice thing is is

you have obviously knowledge beyond this

you know kind of smallish niche

maybe this really tight niche this four

level niche that we're talking about


now but the thing is is once you build

like that little group of people who's

really excited they're going to start to

tell their friends

and they are also going to give you more


they're going to ask you for more uh

type for more products more teaching

based on these broader perspectives that

you have so it'll start to open back up

but get as specific as you can so you

know you're reaching people who are

really really in need of what you have

to offer yeah

um also too a lot of people are saying

thank you that's excellent

also too stefan i believe was saying

niche i'm working on basic mental health

first aid training modules for folks who

work in the hospitality sector

nice that is very specific that is


yeah yeah and then i don't know what is

it fetch products

for danny maybe that's a type of is that

a type of product

for woodworking um hey

i mean it goes back and forth who just

said something about convertkit too

fetch fetch oh fetch there's profit

there's a user

yeah there's a there's a viewer who has

oh i was like danny i was like that's

really specific that's what you're going

to be very specific

go go ahead um this is good i think

everyone's going into the right motion


getting that close oh one last thing i

was going to say kim was talking about

but i have two different audiences same


great you can still say like hey are you

like this it's almost like the old like

infomercials like are you dealing with

this like and it's this scenario and

another one yeah

you can have different scenarios but

it's the same pipeline

down especially if it's something like

entry level like this course if it's

something i would say like a master

class or some you know a master course

or something

more details i maybe build out to but

like right now

you can still talk about both needs and

then say this

is the answer for that course yeah


okay hey let's i want to jump into

let's bring this up a little bit because

i want to show you

now i want to start getting into the

i want to start getting into the sales

page solution on this and the nice thing


what we've done up to this point is what


have will give you let me show you this

i don't know if i have the right nope uh

i wanna sh

where is it i feel so silly here we go

uh so i wanna show you how we can start

using the work that you've done like i

said nothing you're doing today is going

to be wasted

because all the outlining all of the

ideas all of the little things that

you've been putting together

these will help inform the sales page

and when i

went over this a little bit yesterday in

in my session so you can get like a

broader perspective on this

but when it comes to the sales page

especially if we're talking about like

this is my first product or this is a

lead magnet i would focus on

three key questions and elements of the

page all right and those are

the problem the amplification of the


and then sharing your solution okay

and so even though these are just

placeholders right here and i'll show


like another example in just a moment


what i'm doing right here is i'm stating

the problem in

in words that i have gotten as feedback

from people so people have told me

in emails and tweets in dms

i'm tired of reacting to whatever

happens to my day instead of getting the

work done that i know

i need to do and so i use the phrase

are you tired of reacting instead of


bingo yes that is the problem and then

i can find this through some research

and i can also use just some anecdotal


but i might use a statistic here to

amplify the problem

say 85 percent of people don't plan for

their day

do you and so the likelihood is yes

that's also going to be

an issue for them as well and then i

share my solution again this is really

simple the planner printables help you

get the most important work done at the

right time

so if you're talking about a simple

solution whether this is a lead magnet

or a starter product

using something as straightforward as

problem applica

problem agitation amplification

solution is a good way to think through


let me show you another another way to

look at this

this is for the thing that i'm actually

putting together now so we come

here here's my sales page

so what i have here is

i say you know get your head out of your


maybe a little too clever there use the

bullet journal and paper planners to get

things done so i talk about

proven systems what you'll get

and then how you're going to learn

through doing so a few steps right here

and then a big outcome in 2020 on a high


so being like just really this is the

solution this is what you're going to


let me show you another way to look at


this is actually you can sign up for

this it's linked on the one day build

page but i'm going to drop it into the

chat here as well

okay is this has been our mo

this was our most popular we'll see what

happens the last couple of months

this has been our most popular uh

challenge of 2020 so far

um over 800 people in this one

but this is all about building that

sales page so this is

this is the sales page that i set up for

the sales page and it's just going over

this exact same thing

the problem is this is why you're stuck

writing sales pages

an amplification of that is that it's

costing you money

so i'm going to give you a simple system


for boosting sales now where you can

take this to the next

the next level and a friend of mine

jeff goins and ray edwards have this uh

have this post called the pastor


and i have a even if you don't want to

go through the whole like

mini the whole challenge there's an

hour-long workshop

taking you through this right here but

what this is basically saying is you

passed the pas there's also tor

so after i would not worry as much about

this right now

because you're still in really early

stages but

if you do have customer stories if you

have some testimonies this can be really


because and it can also be yours okay

your story of transformation your

testimonial about your experience

as you go from the solution

into sharing a testimonial or a story of


so i said i spent 10 hours on this sales


and i i spent a bunch of time on the

sales page and didn't make many sales i

put it through this pastor framework

and i was able to go from a few hundred

dollars in my initial sales to five

thousand dollars in a week

and i was like whoa a 10x increase in 10


awesome that is quite the transformation

and then the oh this is for offer so i'm

going through this

quick but know that um there's a full

workshop about this you can dive into

so then the o is the offer the offer for


was 10 days of in-depth guidance and


and then i'm asking for the response


so sign up for free sign up for 97.47

997 i use this now

on basically every single sales page i

put together

but what i want you to think about

starting with

is the problem agitating it

and then sharing a solution all right

let's look at it again on another one

what's the problem how can i make how

can i really amplify the problem itself

and then what is the solution that i can


yeah that's wonderful yeah i think it's

i wouldn't go past that i mean it's so

it seems really i find that even trying


you just don't overthink it he just told

you like i would say even just section

by section

and to me i hate looking at the page

when it's blank because i get more

anxiety so a way that i can

do so i can go beyond that

i just take out my phone and for a memo

pad and i just record myself

saying what i want to do on the page and

then that alleviates

uh that and then i can just go back and

go from there um

danny says can you link that mat uh for

the course

uh it's the sales page one right yeah it

should be in there there's also

i got it thank you he says there we go

exactly also put in the

i'll also put in the the like

single workshop on this as well so

either one will work

and again i'm just gonna i'm gonna drop

back in let me show you

actually one more time where this is on

the one day build site

so if you look at this is where we're

putting everything that we have

if you scroll down here and look at your

sales page

so this right here pastor framework um

all these things

different examples in podia so if you

look at this page right here this will

show you

like me actually walking you through

even some of our customer pages and be

like hey a lot of people like

daniel's page at swiss innovation i

think like how did he do that with the


like this is what he did this is how it

works so um

we've got other things to get to so

we're not going to go

too too too deep on any uh like any

specific thing but that's why

we have all these resources right here

if you want to do a deeper dive

into any of these ideas make sure that

you uh find

make sure that you come down here and

check that out okay

cool problem application problem

amplification solution and then

as you build on it i wouldn't go past

that for your first product

or lead magnet okay problem amplify

oop let me stop sharing my screen

problem amplify

solution and then it's transformation

offer and then the r is for response so

if you were going all the way through on


let me show you like one more big

um let me show you one more big

uh example just so i can show you like

what the whole thing would look like

and infinity we got you don't worry

you're talking about your emails

don't worry we've got you not a problem

we won't

it won't be salesy at all we got you

after this section not gonna be salesy

so let me just take you through this

real quick but you can see like this is

why it's just starting with the problem

this is why you never have enough time

why do i not have enough time and i keep

coming through this

problem problem problem amplify amplify


then i start giving a little bit of a


what if you had this extra time going

all the way through and then

the response now you can do this and you

can do this in

podia you can move your

sales you can move your sales button

your sales banner

down a little bit and so like right here

this product banner

by default it's going to be at the top

but i could move this down so like if i

didn't want to ask for the sale right


i could move it down here okay

wherever i want it to be

good doc any anything else about um

sales pages before we start talking

about emails

yeah i mean to tell you the truth i the

biggest thing about sales pages i feel

like people just don't oh

just get started in doing it yeah worse

like and

this is advanced but i'm saying later on

if you're really worried and you're like

i gotta think about no no just put a

heat map so you can see what people are


and you know if it works or not don't

worry about that right now

just worry about having people go to the

page and then what i would do is

after they get there if i would send it

to people that are interested

and ask them to respond does this make

sense and then see if they sign up if

they don't sign up you say hey was there


unclear about it and usually they have

more questions

just add it to your sales page then in

the faq or whatever it is

yep that's fine so yeah i think

everything that you just had honestly

i have to go back and look at my sales

page because i like these sales pages so

much so

no i love it i love it well i have some

really good news

for everyone and that

is something that often people don't

think about

enough oh as a way to yeah like i said

nothing you're gonna do today has been

wasted and

what is really fun about what you're

going to do next in terms of the emails

is that once you write your sales page

you've already written your sales emails

like huh what what it's true and so jeff

walker who a couple of people have

mentioned he has this like

whole launch formula well one of the

things and i don't know all of it

but one of the things that i remember

sticking with me and a lot of people

have kind of

done some work on is this idea of the

sideways sales page

and i should have like drawn a graphic

for this but basically what you're going

to do

is everything that we've talked about

from an

from a sales page section perspective

the problem amplifying the problem

sharing your solution

story of transformation the

offer the response like telling people

what it is

asking for a response the response is

hey take out your credit card and buy


all of those individually become your

sales emails

so when you're doing this launch

and i'll talk about the funnel concepts

that i took that i discussed yesterday

as well but when you're doing like just

straight up launch you start with the

problem that's email number

one you talk you agitate that problem in

email number two

you share your solution in email three

and if this is your first

if this is your first product or a small

product for you

then go ahead and when you share that

solution go ahead and ask for the


okay ask that initially and then

as you build this out as you get those

early purchase

purchasers you're going to have those

testimonials now you have email for

stories of transformation and testimony

and then you can talk about the full


if you expand it after that like maybe

it goes from a workshop to a course

and then finally an email six right


six that's when you're saying like hey

it's 197

click here to buy so as you write your

sales page

you are also writing your sales emails

i i love this so much because

it cuts out all of the stress and worry


and you have everything done for you i

would just mention too

don't worry about you might be thinking

like it's got to be this long drawn out


how many emails do you read the whole

thing or how much do you read of emails


think about that if you're thinking

about problem agitation guess what some

of the best converting emails i've ever


they're under 65 words they're filled

with emojis and a

couple links they're all of the same

exact thing like

don't overthink it once you're done and


explaining the problem guess what you're

done with the first email and you can

check that off your list so

this is going to be great yeah again i

wanna i wanna keep coming back to

please keep this simple all right don't

think it is a really common question

i i need to look at the chat but there's

a really conversation like how many

emails do i send

how long does each email need to be how

long does my sales page need to be

you know ramit talked about this as well

you know it

when ramit was talking about this on

thursday because ramit loves to write

ramit does know his customer really well

and ramit writes really long sales

pages but that is one of ramit's gifts

and something that not only is it a

talent of his

but it's a talent that he has developed


literal years decades maybe at this


and so there's a real like my friend

john acuff has a great has a great quote

that i try and keep in mind like don't

compare your beginning to someone else's


or someone else's like end and so don't


necessarily that well rem ramit writes

these five

ten thousand word sales pages that's

what mine has to be

it does not it should not okay

because the other thing besides that

ramit likes to write

he also often is now selling a ten

thousand dollar course

and i do like to say that there's often

a correlation between

the not always but there's often a

correlation between

the amount of money you're asking people

to spend and the number of words that

you're going to have to use to convince

them to spend that

yes yeah yeah that's a really good point

and remember if you're going after

something more expensive high ticket

guess what don't worry you might need to

invite them to a discovery call right


to close the deal don't let that be a

hang up and that will come later after

your you know your

discovery calls or sales calls you just

write that back into the email so you

don't have to get on the phone

um and i just dropped in the chat

exactly what matt

went through the six different emails i

i put it up there

just problem email one agitate email two

share the solution email three


for full offer five response or like

give me that money

that's six you have it right there one

through six

and really that's your sales page too so

that's your blueprint for your sales

page as well

all right dana has a good question

something that i think about a lot and

to be honest i don't have a strong

feeling on it

um the doc i wonder if you do the whole

um like sale psychology behind like

making something 197 dollars instead of


or 195 or 187 um

i have just been told like i don't have

a strong feeling on it i do

think that it's kind of bs but

i think what i've also come to believe

or think on this is that i think there's

a gap between

people who understand even the basics of


pricing psychology and how marketing


versus people who are just buying things

and like we may look at and be like well

197 is

three dollars less than 200 it's still

you know basically about that price

but when you know the uninitiated

or someone who's just looking at be like

oh there's a one at the front

instead of a two so that sounds good to


yeah because it's real like there are

studies it's real like i don't

understand it i don't

feel like it works for me but you know

maybe it just depends on the

on the amount like if you know because

you could kind of play out the same

thing like if i look at someone be like

man nine thousand nine hundred dollars

that's better than ten thousand dollars

all right let's go

it's signed me up you know and for a


i i used to be like oh that's not true

but like there's a couple different

things um

i think it really depends on like the


versus if you're selling one-on-one i

think there's so many other factors

working with appsumo and seeing how they

factor everything

out 49 99 all of those things i can

show you i know there are clear

correlations when you're there

and that's usually based on pricing in

like am i willing to

um you know balance out to do that i've

seen also coaching

and i've been in coaching programs

they're like it's 10k they don't try to

mess with any numbers

sevens five they're just like i would

like 10k

right now please or it's a thousand per

month in this

they don't so i really think it depends

i've seen in my own

although just like you met i'm like this

is stupid when i do 97

197 249 those

it's quick when i do even numbers when i

do 300

350. i get the most flack back for

like i'm like i don't understand this

whenever i drop it like

three dollars i don't have any of those


so i'm like you but i'm like i like

getting paid

i will play those games if sheriff if

that is what it does

sure so um but yeah but i've seen

advanced programs i don't

after you get past i've seen maybe 2 000

i they don't this is just my own

experience the consulting or those


it it falls off that i've noticed

yeah and that's a really good point like

if you are doing some like one-to-one or

small group coaching

oftentimes like those little tricks

at a higher ticket don't don't really


as much yeah and also because a lot of

times you're doing payment plans with


and it's a lot easier to be like yeah

it's eight hundred dollars a month for

12 months

instead of being like it's going to be 7


and then they're like what's that

exactly exactly that's exactly right so

when i used to

so when i had a thousand dollar product

like that was my signature

at the highest one i 997 always

converted more than the thousand

okay but then when i added a 6k

and a 10 000 a month program

um it was just like people are like

listen my my levels

i can only withdraw or do this with this

credit card i need it to be

payment three thousand three thousand or

five thousand five thousand

twice a month and i'm like yeah i yeah

we're just gonna do that i'm not at that

point i'm just like

not trying to do anything other than

that so right yeah

exactly right exactly right good

question really good question

um am i missing anyone did i miss it no

i think we're good we're gonna go about

five more minutes everybody uh so if you

have any other questions we say that

every time we're gonna try and stick to

it this time because we are getting

close to our 40

we are getting close to our 40 minute

mark but just want to emphasize for you

let's start shifting slightly from

like the content the content piece

into taking uh elements of your content

and communicating it through a sales

page because of the time that we have

the time that we have not just today but

before the next and and final session

crazy is just focus on that p

a s p a s the problem

that you're solving amplify that problem

so it becomes

really apparent because you want people

to know

this is a problem worth solving you need

to know

that this is a problem we're solving and

then you share your solution

okay just think about it in those think

about it in those terms

yeah um who's it oh is it anna

mentioned any big no-nos for sales pages


don't use weak words like please be

very very confident

with your word choices and sometimes

that can be

difficult to recognize so this is

another reason that you give

you give it to people uh if you know

anyone else who enjoys

writing then share that if you're in

like maybe a digital marketing facebook

group or some other kind of community

like share

share this you don't want to do things


this can be a really great program for


like think about that this could really


right this is going to work for you okay

i know you might be thinking in your

head sometimes like well you know


certain certain examples where this

might not be the best use

of everything don't write like that

and be like this is what it's going to

do this is how it's going to help you

bye now yeah yeah

and you know what i've noticed too

that's a really good point

sometimes i see some people like rushing


the sale too quickly you know like they

don't want to do the story line

and the have you ever seen like when

some people are like you have to always

put the price like this way this way

this way instead of just doing a

storyline you can i mean

it depends on the page but just worry

about the storyline just be really good


helping people and being there for them

and be

empathetic you'll be fine you'll be fine


yep dana asks a question of is pastor

overkill for a newsletter sign

up page yup yes it is

very much uh i will say like usually for

like a simple

newsletter sign up i just use like one


giving the like specific expectation or


like you're going to get a weekly email

from me that

informs you about this that helps you do


is about this topic so but giving them

like this is where

a lead magnet will often convert better

than just the generic

newsletter paid newsletter form uh so

like work in your lead magnet

like if you have a core lead magnet

product um

you like freebie use that with your

with your newsletter but even if you

just do a generic newsletter form

please for the love of all that is good

don't put in your newsletter form

it's going to be there as default text

because something has to be there for

default text

but don't use sign up for

register here for updates to my


not gonna work uh if i might not even

sign up for that

like what's what am i going to get matt

yeah like what are we talking about here

i could just call you

i'm just going to call you like hey mom


i thought i wanted to get an update said

something about it in your newsletter

but i figured i'd just call you like

your mom's not even going to sign up for

that so be

be specific what you're going to give


what the outcome's going to be yeah oh

two things two people are asking oh and


a movement in science i got you in a

second for people asking for my

background listen

bro this is home depot my friends um my

wife when we had to switch offices she's

like you're gonna be here

and just did this so it's i don't know

what type of material but it is fake

and uh and then she just put it in the

background so

i maybe i'll do a detailed video how she

made it but like

that's and i got out of the way i'm

terrible at this stuff so she

literally just drilled this sucker into

the wall that's great

uh and then there you go yeah i'll show

y'all a little bit

a little bit of mine too i am in just a

very large closet

like here we go water heater right there

that's why this is here so you know look

at me

just making making the magic happen

that's exactly right that's exactly


no oh one second movement in science

asks i'm curious to see how many people

actually read sales pages i'm not the

one to read sale pages or emails

how do you market to someone like me can

i answer this matt

yeah please do um i it depends okay so i

hate to be like that but

the whole thing is um who are

like what would what i would say reverse

engineer what do you sign up for

right so if you're using amazon or

something think about what type

of uh site and then i would need to know

more about you

and then i would say i would go with

that tactic usually

if that means like signing up maybe for

um you know transactional like on amazon

or something like that

that my hack is um i just use

videos all the time i'm like are you

interested in this sign up

tell me about yourself and i think uh

jenna like you just saw that

like i send custom videos all the time

because i get instant buy-in so i'm like


i know you're busy i made this video for

you and either i have a piece of paper

with your name on it and i flash it in

front of

the the camera and someone's like oh my

name and then i'll talk to the camera

and then i sell that way

depends on the pricing um i'll do that

for more

of you know the higher end or the mid

tiers for beginning

it it's it's my content filter if you're

not gonna sign up for a newsletter

i'm not gonna get you but maybe it's uh

a more

uh specific course that fits your need

and that

changes to the stage of your awareness

like you're like i need this now

then i would get you with a video or

something like that but yeah video yeah

it's just trying a lot of different


and being consistent with it seeing what

converts best

it is true that usually for a higher

ticket offer

you'll need to put in a little bit more

individual work but if you're converting

someone for

you know a thousand dollar program a two

or three thousand dollar program then

yeah you know an

hour of individual time is usually is

usually going to be worth that

um okay so we're going to go ahead and

wrap this one up in the next couple of


here is what your assignment is for the


75 minutes what i want you to do is

focus on

that like sales page structure the

problem amplification

solution thinking about that and

starting to write that out you can do it

if you want to do it on a podia page for

your product i encourage you to do that

if that is right now going to get you

too stuck

on thinking about like little things in

terms of design details then keep it on

the same dock

be like this the problem here's the

headline for it here's some supporting


here's the amplification here's the

headline here's some supporting text

just like what

just look what i showed you i'm going to

give you um you know a couple of

there's lots of links for this in you

know on the

on the one day build page so check these

out it's gonna give you a lot

of guidance and just keep in mind

when you write these you're also

starting to write your sales emails

now the email will look a little bit

different we'll probably have a few more


than the sales page content but you're

basically just doing a slight

expansion of the same idea

yeah okay doc any closing words

for this one um no

um yeah yeah and and the thing is too

just just start it'll be fine even if

it's just like

phrases and you're like i'm not complete

i have a challenge for you just

just write some stuff on a page if

that's too overwhelming put in a google

doc write something take a picture of


piece of paper just so you know you can

go in and do it later

um sometimes when i was first on podium


i couldn't get like the body or the

header right

but all i if i wrote it in a word

document first and then i went in i'm

like oh i just need to add this sex

section here so whatever you need to to

not psych yourself out

go ahead and do it and then um you know

let's do it we'll see you in the next

session and uh that'll be great

yep such good advice all right everyone

one more session left

uh i hear the footsteps of my

of my intern coming up the stairs my

five-year-old intern

uh so we will see you in 75 minutes

kanan you want to say hi

say hi to the crew here we go

see you in 75 minutes see all these

you know all this is happening with

kiddos it's you know a normal part of


especially nowadays um we will see you


be looking for this and yeah start work

on that sales page everybody

yeah bye all right excuse me

all right i think all right all right