Best Email Productivity Hacks - How To Achieve Inbox Zero In 20 Minutes A Day

what's up guys Jason here spying

entrepreneur and in this quick video

tutorial you're going to discover six

email productivity hacks to cut down on

the time you spend in your inbox so you

can spend more time on things that

actually matter and this is vitally

important because according to the

McKinsey Institute the average person

spends 28 percent or 13 hours of their

workweek in their inbox reading and

replying to emails so if you're looking

for a way to be more productive and get

more out of your workweek and not feel

so drained at the end of the day email

productivity is the first place to start

so let's go through those six hacks

right now hack number one is starting

from the bottom up now some email

providers allow you to switch your inbox

order so the oldest emails show up first

of course most people use Gmail or

Google suite for business and that's

actually not possible with that but you

can do it in Outlook so essentially what

you want to do is you want to always

start with your oldest email so this

means if you log on to your computer in

the morning and you have some emails

from yesterday and you have some emails

from today start with the ones from

yesterday and as you go from oldest to

newest make sure that you start with the

emails that are from real people look we

all get a lot of automated messages and

updates and marketing emails those are

all noise those are all clutter they're

not important look for the emails from

the real people

then oldest to newest go back to the

ones that were sent out by robots and

not actual people who wanted to talk to

you individually hack number two is Auto

filter everything every time an email

hits your inbox it should automatically

be categorized or labeled for the

project it relates to the business it

relates to the department or the person

who's sending it one of the big

advantages of this is you can quickly

see the new emails because you'll as you

go from oldest to newest you'll be able

to see oh this one doesn't have a tag

and you'll know if it's new or more

likely you'll be able to quickly find

out the spam that's being hitting your

inbox so you can go ahead and just

delete or unsubscribe to that and with

the auto filtering you also want to auto

archive which is number three and this

is definitely one of the most painful

ones to say has a digital marketer but

at the risk of some of you guys never

my emails again I'm going to tell you

that every marketing message that hits

your inbox should be Auto archived

you should not see a single email that

has to do with a product sale or a new

offer or those daily emails that come

from quote-unquote gurus right really

your inbox is supposed to be a place

where you communicate with real people

now you positively have to know every

single deal that's going on well then

there are plenty of email lists and

websites that aggregate all of those

deals so you can get them in one email

instead of 15

now productivity hack number four is

your email it's not a to-do list after

you've gotten rid of all of the spam

you've Auto archived all of those

marketing messages you're only getting

emails from real people the second

biggest culprit of email clutter is the

to-do list where you leave an email in

there because you have to take an action

on it right you get an email from

someone you go oh well I'm not gonna

take care of that until the afternoon or

oh well this isn't gonna apply until you

know two or three weeks down the road

it's really really important whatever

notes or tasks that come out of that

email into the proper place so wherever

you keep all your notes just copy and

paste the email text put it in there

whether you're using something like

OneNote or Evernote for me I like

forwarding all of the emails that need

to be taken as notes I just forward them

to my Evernote account all the emails

that represents tasks I just forward it

to a son which is my task manager most

task managers will allow you to take an

email and directly forward it there and

then you can archive that email in the

proper place your inbox is just a place

for you to read and reply if you need to

have a to-do list or you need to make

notes on something put those where your

notes are put them where the tasks are

it's not a place to store things plus it

will help you easily tackle this next

productivity hack which is arguably the

hardest one and that is joining the

clean inbox Club and this is a challenge

where you always turn off your computer

with a clean inbox so the clean inbox

Club is very simple you always end your

workday with not a single message left

and following the previous for

productivity hacks it's going to be

really really easy to get there it takes

a little while it's not always always

gonna have

you know there are always curveballs at

the last minute but for the most part

following those previous four will allow

you to really really commit to number

five which is the clean inbox Club and I

will tell you from personal experience a

lot of anxiety goes off your shoulders

when you close down the laptop for the

day and there is not a single message

that hasn't been taken care of speaking

of taking care of messages number six is

blocking time to read your email and so

this is very simple but it's very very

hard to get into the habit of doing and

it's very simply that you don't check

your email throughout the day you have

specific times to go into your inbox

Auto archive filter make notes make new

tasks and then go on to whatever you're

supposed to be working on so I hope that

these quick little productivity hacks

really help you streamline your process

of getting through your inbox and on to

what's actually important to growing

your business and be sure to check out

the links in the description where I

have some other email productivity

things and I actually have a tutorial on

how to set up those tags and how I

personally set up those filters to keep

all of my emails organized and so I

always know where things are when I

archive them so thank you for watching I

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