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and you know i was gonna record this


but then i found out about this news

like college board released so many

articles within like the last hour like

who releases articles at 11 p.m man

regarding the september s18 that's

pretty big news so here i am grinding

for you guys

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you guys at freaking 12

23 a.m like there's some pretty big news

that you know

that just got dropped by college board

that is the fact that hundreds of

thousands of test centers actually

just closed down for the sat september

so you know

really quickly please check your test

center that you are planning to take

your september sat for

and make sure it's open and in this past

like week or two we've seen you know

test centers here and they're closing


i know a lot of test centers and log

island close downs for all the long

island sat test takers

and viewers of this video i'm sorry look

for the october sat

but apparently since you know kobe 19

cases have increased in 31 states

in the united states things aren't

looking too well so because of this huge

increase in covet you know test centers

are closing down and college board said


we are no longer you know holding test

centers responsible for reporting on

a certain date whether they will host

sat or not because as you all know

last month august 17th was the date that

all test centers were supposed to say

hey you know what we will hold sat or we

would not hold sat

but then the test center just went

haywire ended up

casting sats like august 25th august 26

august 27th

and many kids were like bro i haven't

been studying all this time and now look

where i'm at

but for september sat college board is

saying you know what there's no date

it's all up to the test center they get

to pick when they want to close out if

they want to close down

and they get to decide everything they

have college board has no say in this

but now what does this mean for you guys

because i'm pretty sure like at least 90

percent of you guys watching this video

right now

will not be able to take a september sat

because college morning said

that most students will not be taking

september sat this week

all the test centers or a lot of testing

should be closing down college reporting

said that this week a lot of test

centers will be closing down like every

day of this week like the sat is what uh

saturday yeah every day today's thursday

so thursday and friday

test centers will be closing down so

please check your testing drive we

closed out the last minute so guys it

could be closed saturday morning like

you never know

and on top of that for all the test

centers that are open

getting into the test center is a

thousand times harder because the

occupancy of

each test center got lowered

significantly because you know of the

coveted 19 cases are rising they want to

hold less people in test center before

they held like a you know a little bit

of people

but now they're holding even a smaller

amount of people i know some schools are

even hosting sat in their schools

now that's most likely going to be

destroyed not going to happen as well

so all in all most test centers are

closing down and you guys are most

likely not people take the summer st so

what do you do

well if your september sat is canceled

guys you really have two options

one is just take the october sat and i

know this might hurt for all the people

who are applying early action

which is november 1st for the college

even october 15th for some colleges

but keep in mind that if you take sat in

the beginning of the month

by the end of the month you should get

your scores back like that's really how

it works

so don't stress too much right don't

stress too much you should get your

scores by the time you apply early

action for your colleges

so like i said don't stress too much and

even if you do not submit your scores in


you can always submit like a week after

the deadline so

no worries there but now your second

option guys and this is the option


looking a little more real now because

you know in july we all thought that the

august institute was happening college

world was like

we won't be holding the audience testing

no matter what and look what happened

like six percent testimonies got closed

and now september sat

around that would be better you know

they said august has passed kobe 19 on

the low

and september std will be held now like

90 percent just gotta close it down

so it's possible that in october 100 of

test centers

will be closed down and you just won't

be able to take the sat

so the second option really is just

forget it you know just drop it

don't take the sat and i know that's not

like a good look like i know you guys

want to take smt

for two reasons one you studied so much

at this point like you've been studying


march probably for this s 18 like you're

just not taking it like

you know all that time all the effort

those two hours a day gone to waste

and i know you guys don't want to do

that so that's why you guys are studying

for the sat and that's why you guys want

to take the sat

but at this point you know colleges are

going test optional

sat isn't valued as much as it was the

year prior because of kobe 19 because

colleges understand that a lot of

students aren't able to take the sat or

act for that matter

so don't worry too much about that guys

you can always go test option just not

submit your test scores it's fine it's

not the end of the world

now obviously having a high sat score as

part of your college application

does give you a boost and does give you

a little boost especially if you and

another person have the exact same


exact same everything but you have the

sat scrolling they don't then you will

get in because at this point you two are

like identical

people but one has an extra part of the

application to the sat

and has a good score so obviously

they'll get in over the other guy so

guys it's really up to you like my

recommendation is

if you are able to take the october sat

take it most likely you won't be

at this rate but even if you can guys

sat does not dictate whether you're

going to college or not

there's so many other things so guys

keep your head up

hope you guys like this video please

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whether you guys will be taking some

time or st whether your test center is

closed or not

so other people in the comment section

can be like oh wait this person goes new

jersey and their sd test center is


i also live in new jersey so let me

check so thank you guys for watching

peace out new peace out dude