My Top Direct Mail Pieces For Closing Real Estate Deals

hey real dealers this is Charles Blair

the mad scientists to all my facebook

family and friends and all of you guys

out there I'm happy to give you guys

another what I like to say insight into

the mind of a mad scientist now last

night I had the pleasure of indulging in

one of my guilty pleasures and that's

watching the TV show Empire let me tell

you I love real estate investing I can

have real estate consume my entire a

mental capacity when it comes to day to

day and just everything I want to do

about it

but we all needed some to digress

sometimes we all need to let it out

sometimes and for me it's watching

Empire and let me just tell you the

Lyons family lucious Lyon and cookie oh

my goodness and it brings me to the

reason for this actual video today it's

okay to win as a will state investor we

don't have to just have a win mentality

excuse me let me tell you what I mean on

the show Empire it's when it all costs

its crush your competition leave them

with no knees leave them with everything

you possibly can and nothing in their

pockets and real estate investing you

don't have to be that way I'm a firm

believer in creating a win-win

atmosphere when I'm working with sellers

when I'm working with buyers when I'm

working with renters when I'm working

with private lenders I want it to be a


when scenario now a lot of investors or

a lot of negotiators will say well

really there's no such thing as a

win-win I totally disagree

for example I had an investor contact me

yesterday and the investor was actually

complaining about the fact that they

made $23,000 on a Dale twenty four

thousand and it could have made an extra

five now the big picture the homeowner

in this transaction

was very grateful in fact the homeowner

said you know what I wasn't expecting

this dollar amount I was expecting this

thank you very much because you over

exceeded my expectations and I will make

sure I'll send any and all the help I

can in your direction where we have more

deals coming along to me that is more

important than making an extra five

thousand dollars when you've already

made twenty three thousand dollars that

my friend is what I call a win-win when

that home owner can walk away and look

at me in the face and say thank you you

don't know how much that means and I

also think that this is a win-win you

see a lot of times we are so consumed

with how much something cost that we

fail to add a value on something that's

free and as a matter of fact we turn our

nose up and say it's free

something must not be good here that

must be very little value here well I'm

going to give you access to something

that is free that the real deal meetup

is putting out to

the actual real estate community

nationwide and it's a valuable tool in

fact it's I considered as one of the

most valuable tools the real deal meetup

has ever give out we've created a

partnership with a company called goal

brick printing and we have uploaded some

of the most important marketing pieces

we use to generate leads as a matter of

fact let's go to the computer and I'll

show you exactly what we're talking


I'm right here on the global screen if

you type in the words

of the most high performing direct mail

marketing pieces I use Britney Calloway

use and the other mentors in the

mastermind use to generate deals as well

as deals that's being generated from our

students using these exact same

marketing pieces and we're giving you

guys access to it for free now let me

tell you exactly what you need to do

just go to the website real deal meetup

I'm sorry real deal direct mail comm you

see the information right there once you

go there just type in enter and then

click login

now I already have an account here you

want to create what's called a new user

account just put your information here

that's all I'm going to login and leave

my current account hold on second once

you log in you'll have total access to

the real deal direct mail comm real deal

direct mail comm - boy now inside of

here there's a couple things I want you

to do first you want to go over here and

watch the help videos and see exactly

how the process works how you send out

direct mail pieces as a matter of fact

this actual portal is not only a catalog

of all the marketing pieces we use but

there are also a mail house attached to

it so now you can go inside here send

out your mail pieces get some great

dollar prices on your exact direct mail

marketing campaigns and use the exact

same mail pieces we use now once you log

in you're gonna want to watch the help

videos and then you'll just scroll down

here let me excuse me

and then let's pull up where it says

direct mail once you click on direct

mail you'll see some of the exact

postcards that we use as a matter of

fact I had a mastermind student close a

deal yesterday using these exact same

mail pieces we have in here from a

probate deal so they work I use them in

my real estate business the other

mentors in the mastermind use them

students in the mastermind use and we

are closing deals using these exact same

mail pieces now of course I can't make

any guarantees for you but the fact of

the matter is they are very high

converting and we're using them in our

businesses you'll see some of the

postcards that will you we're using you

can even click on this build a letter

link right here and you'll see some of

the yellow letters and envelopes and

stuff that we're using different

campaigns and so on now here's the most

powerful part you can send out the

direct mail pieces yourself by go

here and having them send them to you or

you can have them send them out because

like I said you can upload your list and

this is a complete mail house and it

will send your direct mail marketing

pieces out to you and the good part

about it she'll say the great part about

this portal is the pricing look at this

you can send out 100 to 999 if we're

talking about the yellow letters and a

cost get a yellow letter done at a cost

of fifty five cents per non mail you can

get one done yellow letters non mail out

with a cost of fifty nine cents per

standard presort eighty nine cents and

here's the key first-class yellow letter

with envelope and stamp one dollar and

15 cents

we're not making any money off of these

guys so I don't want you to think that

this is some kind of affiliate program

we have with go big pretty no this is

our way the real deal meetup way of

giving back to the community it doesn't

get any better than this and like I

mentioned earlier the key to your

success is creating a when when

situation and I hope that you guys will

take advantage of this we are

continually I'm sorry we are continually

trying to give back to the real estate

community Maryland DC Virginia and

nationwide and this is just another

example the real deal direct mail comm

direct mail portal go there use our mail

pieces let me know what kind of success

are having we would love to hear from


this is Charles Blair the mad side to

signing out and let's create some

win-win situations for everyone bye bye

why can't we be free

why can't we