4 Tips for Closing Internet Leads for Property Managers

hello this is Alex with four and a half

and today we're going to talk about

closing deals or closing the leads you

saw this famous movie Glengarry Glen

Ross you are this famous long line there

that says coffee's for closers well

today I'm going to show you exactly how

to get this coffee every time so without

proper lead management strategy all this

stuff you know marketing social media is

just fancy way to spend money if you

really want to make the dollars and add

them to the bottom line you need to have

a lead follow-up strategy so I'm going

to go through a couple of things that I

do and I've seen successful property

managers do to help you kind of identify

and implement your lead management

strategy so number one know where the

leads are coming from in other words

what phone number do people call is it

your office line is it your cell phone

what number is set up for your

pay-per-click campaigns what number is

set up all over your website now the

social media channels where are the new

management contracts going to be calling

also the email when somebody fills out a

form on your website on your blog site

through any other media cheetah media

channel where it's not for them going

which email address and how you find it

in other words what's the subject line

of that email so you can clearly

identify and know where leads are

calling and where it leads are being

email secondly you need to reach out to

the lead within 10 minutes okay so if

you can't pick up the phone right then

what they call you you should be able to

call them back within 10 minutes

essentially you have about eighty

percent of chance to speak to the person

evaluate the opportunity or schedule

next steps or schedule discovery call

within first ten minutes to about an

hour after that ninety percent of that

chance is gone so if you wait for the

lead to sit there percolate and get

stale for 24 hours you pretty much done

your chances of getting the contact with

them it's only ten percent so whether


them out right away or you wait it's

going to basically determine if you're

able to eat you get a chance of closing

that deal number three follow up once

you sent in the initial email or have

initial phone call follow up at least

three times within that week you don't

hear back from the lead in other words i

recommend three touches and each touch

should include a phone and email this is

essential because that person that has

contacted you with an idea of you

managing the house might not have been

ready or they might be thinking about it

or they had not had a good conversation

with some other property managers you

want to get them right there you want to

show that you want their business touch

him three times for the next seven days

okay so phone call and an email hi my

name is so and so I'm going to follow up

on your inquiry with us love to talk to

you talk to you about how we can help

you manage your house you know my name

is on so give me a call same thing with

the email three times okay now lastly

what I want to talk about is closing the

month get this is where the coffee is

really coming from some of you may have

heard from me we're at the end of the

month about 23 days I start calling

everybody if you've ever submitted the

404 and a half if you ever talked to me

on the conference you probably have

gotten a call from me I recommend the

same strategy with you right before the

month ends you should sit down go

through all of you old leads look up all

of the email forms that in sent to you

via email look through all the phone

calls that you've ever gotten touch

every single lead offer them ideal offer

them something to entice them into your

service and close that month really

worked hard for the last few days of the

month that's as a business owner I think

this is your job it's my job here four

and a half and I recommend you take on

this responsibility this is yes eight to

ten hours of work of pure you know

rejection and get nose and leaving voice

message but boy this is paying off half

of our business happens with the last

three days in a month that should tell

you a little bit about how effective our

strategies are anyway if you have any

questions give us a call as always happy

to see you