How Grant Cardone Qualifies Leads - Breakdown of 3 Live Sales Calls

grant cardone is a best-selling author

and sales trainer best known for his

commitment to the 10x rule an

unbelievable work ethic in this video I

want to run through three live sales

calls he posted to his YouTube channel

and show you how he qualifies deals

while selling and how he speed closes

the deals you can use these takeaways to

help you close deals faster I'm Alex

Berman from inspired beats notice in

this call how the client opens by saying

he wants to place an order and also

reveals that he's a huge Grant Cardone

fan and then how grant cardone uses that

to get more money

uncle G brother sure lucky name a man

Visa Mastercard or American Express so

he says it as a joke right asking Visa

Mastercard or American Express but then

he actually gets the number from him to

open the call which one is it which one

is it baby which one is it which one

we're using the Visa the MasterCard are

not Amex Visa what's the number this

teaches salespeople some okay go

straight for the club so he got the


but what Grant Cardone is teaching right

here is he qualified this at the

beginning as a super hot deal right this

guy was ready to buy so grant cardone

knew he just had to get the card number

later on in the call let's skip a few

minutes ahead and you can see that he

starts up selling this guy like a maniac

do you know that I have 25 hours of


it's $1400 program it's on sale for 149

it's a $1500 program he originally

pitched this $1500 program for 149 or

whatever the price was and the guy just

said okay right he's open to the pitch

but Grant Cardone also realized he

wasn't fully qualified he's not gonna

buy any

he says so now grant has to pitch him a

little bit go through a summary of what

the product is Topsail secret okay good

I'm gonna take that out top dog tynix

super life and the ultimate webinar

package and then after he describes

what's in the package basically this guy

keeps buying things the entire video

until he maxes out his own credit cards

buying grant cardones stuff and then

Grant Cardone still tries to see how far

he can push it and tries to sell him a

$25 hat dude if it if I can add the Hat

and it works you want to get the Hat

what 264 is what you tap down at alright

264 is it yeah the hats only like 25

dollars men puts it said 289 you gotta

have a hat bro how you gonna walk into

the new year okay and grant knows where

to stop so that was how grant cardone

closes a super hot deal that's ready to

buy now let's see how he does on a

slightly warmer call if you're taking

can you read all the books to the point

today right you're you're only closing

you're getting a hundred leads a week

and you're only getting eight nine sales

here's grant taking over a sales call

from one of his salespeople notice how

when he starts closing the guy he makes

him repeat that he wants to buy multiple

times before actually confirming okay I

may ask you a question now alright

there's one answer yeah your night yes

or no

you know this is so he asks do you know

who this is because he knows that people

calling in to Grant Cardone industries

are more likely to buy when he talks to

them as Grant Cardone but watch how his

demeanor changes when the guy on the

call didn't immediately recognized him

as Grant Cardone hey don't matter who it

is yes or no that is the first question

yes or no hey Nikki

if $100 is the decision-maker don't do

it from that pause Grant Cardone could

sense that that customer didn't know

that it was him that he was talking to

so then he started using some other

sales tactics a little bit of reverse

psychology to get over the hump and also

start negotiating with the client I'm

sorry I'm sorry can you say that again

so he got it all right then he said I'm

sorry can you say that again and he gets

another yes right here my man hey this

is Grant Cardone Nick thank you for

doing business with Grant Cardone

enterprises we want to take care of you

I'm gonna make you a million dollars

with card on University all right and

then he gets him and tell cotton tell

tuck tell Todd he was too weak to shut

you down thank you for your business and

grant loves the credit card thank you

for your business get his credit card

right all right one last video I wanted

to show you just to highlight how grant

confirms the yes multiple times that

wasn't just a fluke he does it on almost

all of his calls and I think it's to

increase customer buy-in and reduce the

refund rate look grant cardone kept

talking the customer had to interrupt

him in order to buy he stopped him the

first time he stopped in the second time

until that customer was so ready to buy

that he just had to ask grant for the

contract it's an interesting skill to

use and something to test in your own

sales calls see how far you can push

these clients how committed you can get

them before they ever sign anything I'm

Alex permit from inspire beats thanks

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