How to Close More Sales Leads Than Competitors (Best Sales Practices - Episode 6)

hello everybody Andrew purview this year

again kovarsky of big zai I have your

hopes for best sales practices today

we're going to talk about how to improve

your performance and competitive edge

actually against your competitors so

let's say you're in sales and you're

selling a product or service how do you

make sure that the deal goes to you and

then you have a higher likelihood to

close that deal so right here we have

three vendors so we have vendor a band

RV vendor scene and we're talking about

okay so let's say for example somebody

is looking for a product or service and

they're calling vendors who are out left

and right

this person followed up let's say is the

third one to follow up this one is the

first one to follow up on an inquiry and

this was the second 12:19 group what

research shows that when they're

searching for a solution you won't guess

how much of a meta advantage this

individual responded first and quickly

actually did compared to the other two

so research shows and willing to the

statistic here at the bottom the video

that there's five to fifteen thirty five

to fifty percent of sales goes to this

home boy or home girl right here can you

believe that

just by responding first and here's an

interesting statistic as well so they

might call you they might email you but

then there is also something that's

interesting which is if you get let's

say weather so somebody's going online

and trying to explore your product or

service something who signs up or

inquires as a lovely

if you follow up within five minutes

just five minutes you are nine times

more likely to convert them and make

money that's that also linked to that

statistic below so let's move you

learned here based on sales statistics

is that you want to set up your business

you want to set up your workflow whether

it's through your phone system when

somebody calls your office or you get an

inbound call have it route to your cell

phone have it automatically have a

message if you have that have an

assistant who can pick up the call and

try to you know acclimate things so that

you can call them right away and you

learn the unnerving text message you can

jump on frontage and created with this


just climb streamline your operations so

that you can achieve first place and

calling people back and at the same time

not only that at the same time try to

respond within five minutes it shouldn't

change all of the dynamics and you

actually have until next time I hope

they're topped up Andrew Bermudez with

VTA I here for been sales practices and

unit time