Calling & Closing Your Home Business Leads - Use This Easy Formula

hey there what's going on this is Tanya

Eliza and in this video what I'm gonna

actually show you is exactly what I say

on the phone with my leads that I

generate from my blog and other sources

to have them very interested in looking

at working with me in my business so if

you're in a home business and you're

doing online lead generation and you are

bringing people into your world and you

want to know how to convert those people

more effectively into your business stay

tuned you're absolutely gonna love this

video okay so I got an email the other

day and because I teach a lot of online

lead generation strategies and branding

and positioning yourself online I have a

lot of followers and students over 800

of them that are doing some of the same

strategies as me and they're starting to

get leads and one of the emails from my

students came in and said okay I'm

getting all of these leads how do I

actually get them interested in taking a

look at working with me in my company

and that was a very good question and I

actually thought to myself I don't think

I've done a video that shows people how

to do this or at least shows people what

I'm doing that is working pretty well so

what I do you know obviously it's

different if you have cold market leads

versus your leads that you generate so

this is going to be specific to leads

that you're generating through your

personal brand and people are actually

opting in to learn more about you or

they know a little bit about you so this

is gonna work well if that's you and

this is what you're doing so via your

blog or something like that

so I get a lead and if I have a phone

number with that lead I will always call

them and it will be me pretty much

almost all the time I have an assistant

now that helps me with the calls but I

like to try to make the calls because

they opted in to hear from me and I find

that the call goes way more effective

and it's just more powerful when they

hear my voice and I'm definitely not way

up here where I don't connect with my

people I have a close relationship with

my people and I feel that that is really

important especially in our industry in

our profession so number one you want to

make sure that you are the one calling

your leads it's gonna just work out flat

out better okay so basically I'll call

them up and I'll say you know hey this

is Tanya Liza you were on my

long you inquired about some more

information about whatever it is that

they opted in for how can I help you I

just wanted to reach out let you know

that I'm human I actually care and I'm

on the other side of Internet world what

exactly do you do you know and I

basically just start the conversation

like that I'm not trying to sell

anything in the first conversation I

mean quite frankly I don't try to sell

anything at all ever right I just try to

guide and help people and if you come

from that place when you're calling your

leads you're gonna have a lot better

results so I encourage that you do and

then we'll get talking now there's five

questions that I always ask my prospects

or my needs to find out if I would even

be number one interested in taking the

next step with them because it is very

important to understand that you don't

want to work with everybody trust me you

do not want to work with everybody and

if you're talking to somebody that

doesn't really make the cut or it

doesn't feel like you're you're gonna

want to work with them

I don't ever offer them the opportunity

to work with me it's not what it's about

I'm looking for the people that I think

that I would jive most with and I think

you should do that as well so I'll ask

some questions to basically qualify to

see if I'd even want to work with them

so we'll ask him a couple questions I'll

generally ask him five questions I'll

ask him what are they currently doing

right now so are they working are they

in a company what in are they in a home

business I'll say what exactly do you do

how long have you been doing that for

I'll find out how long I'll ask them how

their results have been up until this

point okay so are they are where they at

or are they are where they want to be at

do they have goals that are accomplished

or getting accomplished right and then I

asked them I asked him why did you start

a home business if they are in a home

business already or I'll ask them what

is some of the things that you're

looking to accomplish over the next

twelve months so these are the types of

questions I asked and really what I'm

trying to find out is is this a goal and

vision and mission driven individual and

if they sound negative and if they sound

pessimistic I'm definitely not going to

want to take the next step with them but

if they sound like a great prospect a

lot of people have trouble having the

conversation and then transitioning into

asking for the opportunity to possibly

have them look at working with you lots

of people travel with that so here is

the easiest way to do this so

you find that the conversations going

well and you want to ask them hey do you

keep your options open and if you feel

that that's the right person to do that

with I'll basically just say you know

what hey you know Nancy we've been

chatting for a little while here I've

learned a little bit about you I think

your energy basically insert genuine

compliment okay don't make a fake

compliment insert genuine compliment

I'll basically say you know we've been

talking for a little while and I

understand that it's really important

for you over the next 12 months to start

bringing in a residual income of another

twenty five hundred dollars or five

thousand dollars a month your

personality and your energy is

over-the-top awesome it's very rare that

I find a person like you over the phone

I want to ask you a question and I want

you to know that I have no idea where

you're currently at right now or what

you're currently working on specifically

but I just absolutely love your energy

and it would be silly for me not to ask

you if you keep your options open

outside of what you're currently doing

if it didn't interfere with what you're

already doing and if we have an

opportunity to possibly work together if

you saw something across your desk that

you liked and loved and it made sense I

want to know do you keep your options


okay I'll basically ask something like

that you know basically it's like hey I

love your energy I would love the

opportunity to possibly work with you

and help you get to where you told me

you want it to go in some of those goals

I asked you about do you keep your

options open outside of what you're

currently doing at all and I would be

silly not to ask you if you did because

I love your energy and I just think you

would be really awesome to work with and

do you keep those options open

now they say yes great booked an

appointment with him to show them about

your company what you do how they can

partner with you how they can work with

you if they don't and they say no well

thank you for the opportunity but I'm

really focused doing what I'm doing

that's totally cool too you're saying it

in a very non salesy non-threatening way

and you're complimenting them there's

gonna be a positive that comes out of it

either way and you never know it what's

gonna happen I've had I've asked people

this as well

and a year later they've come back to me

and said hey you know that opportunity

you gave me a year ago I'd like to

exercise it now

guys things change in people's worlds

and if you don't ask people will not

you alright if you plant the seeds you

will harvest a big crop even now or in

the future as well so don't be afraid to

compliment somebody if they sound cool

and say hey I don't know where you're at

right now I don't know if you're really

focused on what you're doing or if it's

just you know a side thing but I would

love the opportunity to work with you

partner with you a little bit more your

energy is off this chart awesome and I

know I can help you get to where you

said that you want to go if you came

across if somebody came across and had

that conversation with you flipping the

the rolls the reverse here wouldn't you

say to yourself man this person is so

cool I'm so flattered and honored that

they asked me and they complimented me

so nicely and genuinely wouldn't you

just be really excited about having that

opportunity with that person and that's

the opportunity that you can give to the

other person on the other end of the

table now if you branded yourself online

like I teach then there's a great

opportunity for them to already think of

you as that celebrity and that kind of

you know mini celebrity in their eyes

and if a mini celebrity comes up to you

and says hey do you keep your options


wouldn't you say yes right so I hope

this video helps you in calling your

leads that you're generating online

especially if you're branding yourself

and you're following some of the

training that I teach now if you haven't

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comment below this video if you found

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excited to hear your success going

forward and calling your leads remember

if you don't ask they cannot say yes

have an awesome day this is tan Yan

Eliza talk to you soon