What is the Best Way to Close leads as a Real Estate Agent?

everyone Mark Ferguson with invest or

more I'm back with another video tonight

today I'm going to talk about real

estate agents how to be more successful

as an agent you know most of my videos

are fix and flips rental properties

investing but I'm also a very successful

agent I run a team with six licensed

agents on it I don't sell myself much

anymore because I let my team do it but

I'm for a certain period of time there I

was so in close to 200 houses a year

myself so that's one way I was able to

get money to invest in real estate was

through my real estate agent activities

and selling houses so it's an amazing

business to be in but it's not easy to

do and I'm doing this video because

normally I have coaching calls that I do

with some agents in the coaching program

and we do calls once or twice a month I

gave a little presentation I take

questions from everybody and on our call

nobody showed up so instead of doing a

call I'm gonna do a video send that to

my my coaching students for them and

I'll let YouTube see it as well so if

you're interested send me an email mark

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think I market them quite as well as I

should since I'm a little busy with my

investing and other activities since

nobody showed up on the call but that's

okay I also have email coaching with

those programs as well but I'm going to

talk about how to be a step above other

agents how to be successful how to sell

a lot of houses there's a lot of people

who become agents and a lot of agents

who never make it you know they don't

sell enough houses they don't tell

houses quick enough to make a living

they give up they go back to a regular

job and usually it's not because there's

too many agents out there it's not

because you know they weren't good at

their job it's because they just didn't

know exactly what they needed to do to

succeed and there's just a few things

you have to do as an agent that will let

you sell houses let you build your

business up

and really kind of build a pipeline of

leads coming in we don't have to

constantly pay for Zillow we don't have

to constantly post things on Craigslist

you don't have to constantly market all

the marketing always helps but

eventually if you build up your database

your referrals that business will come

into you and I'm not going to be talking

about all about databases or referrals

but more about how to actually close

deals and get houses sold from the

get-go I will touch on databases because

they're super important but mostly going

to talk about selling and I am NOT a

Salesman that is not my strength but I

still filled a lot of houses and you

don't have to sell a house to somebody

you just have to be kind of their guide

you show them houses figure out what

they need or help them figure it out

help them through the process and they

will sell themselves from the properties

once they find the right one once they

know they want to use you as their agent

so first I will briefly talk about

database you have to keep track of the

people you talk to everybody your

business acquaintances friends family

anybody you talk to and you have their

name you have the number you have an

address you need to keep track of it in

some sort of database some sort of

electronic filing system where you have

their name you can market to them you

can send them things once a month once

every couple months call them up once in

a while just keep in touch um that's

really one of the basic things every

successful agent does and if you're not

doing that you're constantly going to be

chasing leads trying to come up with new

ways to find clients instead of having

clients come back to you

and it's so much easier to sell houses

and do business with people who already

know you who've already worked with you

then to constantly find new people you

have to convince to use you and become

your client so make sure you got that

database set up make sure you're doing

that first and when you start selling to

people if you do a good job that will

become your best lead sources those

people referring people to you they're

friends they're fan

their co-workers so as you keep in touch

with them remind you how awesome remind

them how awesome you were you'll have

business coming in but how do you

actually sell to somebody you know when

you first get started how do you when

you get those leads when you get those

Zillow leads or those you know for calls

or open house people how do you make

them your client it's not easy because

when people are calling you from Zillow

they're probably getting called by other

agents are probably calling other agents

themselves they're probably going to

open houses they're usually in a very

early stage of buying a house they're

not calling you up saying hey I found

one two three a street I want to make an

offer on it

I need an agent can you write that up

for me it's not that easy

so you have to build trust and get them

to become your client and there's a

simple way to do that

and these follow up you have to follow

up with them you have to keep in touch

with them you have to remind them you're

there and most agents don't do it it

seems simple seems like a very easy

thing to do but it's really easy not to

do it at the same time it's really easy

to put up calling people it's really

easy not to follow up it's really easy

to just kind of let it slide and then

kind of say well they probably didn't

want to buy a house anyway so I didn't

really miss out anything or you know

they weren't really serious or they were

never going to use me as their agent so

it would have been a waste of time but

really that's what you have to do you

have to follow up you that's your job as

a salesman it's not to sell a house it's

not to you know give the client

something they don't want and convince

them to buy something they don't want

your job is to become their agent the

person who helps them find what they

want helps them see houses and it's all

about follow-up so if you meet someone

in an open house someone comes in on the

floor duty if someone responds to one of

your ads if you get a lead first off

you've got to respond to them as soon as

you possibly can right away

answer your phone if possible that's the

first thing always answer your phone if

you're available to answer it as an

agent because people who call agents and

don't have one yet

most of them will not leave a message

they'll just keep calling agents until

someone answers you know we're a

information based society that wants

things that happen right now we don't

want to wait so people won't wait for

you to call them back in a few hours or

a day so answer your phone if you can if

you can't answer your phone

you do get that message you can call

them back as soon as you can even if you

don't know the answers to their

questions they want to apprise in the

house and you're out and about you don't

have you know information with you call

them back and say hey I'm out I'm going

to be back to the office in an hour I'll

get that information I'll call you back

then I just want to touch base and let

you know I'm working on it and I will

get you that information really simple -

really easy but you have to do it you

can't just wait if you do wait you know

a few hours or too long and you're kind

of kicking yourself call them anyway you

know we get into that mode where maybe

you wait a day to call someone back and

it's like well I've waited so long if I

come back now they're going to think I'm

a bad agent they will want to talk to me

that like why do you wait so long to

call me and we just don't do it do it

anyway you have to come back you have to

do it what's the worst going to happen

they can say no they can say oh they

found on their agent but they might also

say oh yeah you know we're waiting for

you to call or or we forgot that we

called you but thanks for calling us

back we're just looking at a house right

now you never know what could happen you

have to call them back as soon as you

possibly can even if it's a little bit

later than you and hoped it would be and

you're starting to feel a little bad

about it I know all this from personal

experience it's hard for me to do that

as well it's hard for me to call people

to keep in contact I had those same

feelings right way too long to call them

I didn't want to call them I want to

give up but when I became successful is

because I got out of my comfort zone

I've made myself do those things even

though I didn't want to and once you

find some success you see it works it's

much easier to do over and over again

kind of build habits and you become

successful now along the way you're

going to call these people you're going

to talk to them you can show them a

house and they're probably not going to

buy right away you know they're not

going to buy the first house they see

they're not going to sign up with you

the first

you talk to them on the phone and they

might be shopping for other agents as

well so you can't just call them once

and because they don't call you back or

they don't respond to it one email give

up on them you've got to follow up and

this is kind of where the sales training

comes in if you go to you know sales

meetings if you talk to really good

salesmen they follow up like crazy

that's their mantra just follow up

follow up follow up and the rule of

thumb is for new clients who are you

know just getting started the process

you have to follow up seven times before

you become their agent that's a lot

that's a lot a lot of follow up but

that's why so many agents are not

successful because they don't do it so

if you can do that if you can get in the

habit of doing that and just making it a

habit to call people email and follow up

as many times as you possibly can you

will be ahead of the other agents you

will sell more houses you will get more

business you will build a client base

that will just keep expanding and

expanding and eventually just keep

sending you deals instead of you having

to chase it and it's not easy to follow

up that much you know you feel like

you're bugging people you feel like

you're harassing them but it works and

if you are harassing them if you are

bugging them they will probably tell you

if they're using another agent and they

want you to stop calling them they will

tell you if they've already bought a

house and got under contract they will

tell you it's not that hard for someone

to tell you to stop calling them and

it's not the end of the world either you

probably don't even know this person

you'll probably never see them again so

it's okay I mean it's okay to get a no

that's another you know rule of thumb in

the salesman world is you start to

figure out every time you hear no it's a

good thing every no you hear it gets you

closer to your next year's and you know

there's a lot of sales training out

there's like you know you want to get a

hundred nose or you want to get ten nose

you want twenty nose that's your goal

you want to keep calling keep going till

you get those twenty nose because you

know the twenty first one's going to be

yes whatever your averages are for how

many calls you make

you know one out of twenty one out of

ten whatever it is will be a yes so the

more nodes you get the closer you are to

getting that yes so it's not a bad thing

for people to not be interested right

away to tell you no it just means you're

getting closer it's a good thing it

means you're out there getting people's

attention giving them a reason to say no

you're not sitting at your desk waiting

for things that happen to you twiddling

your thumbs hoping someone calls you

hoping someone walks in you're out there

making it happen so you have to call you

have to follow up you have to email you

can't just sit around waiting for it to

happen and you can't make excuses in

your head on why they wanted to Bob or

Sarah fault for not calling you back or

the other agents stole my client it's on

you for not following up enough it's

your responsibility you've got to own it

take responsibility for it and keep

working at it until you've protected the

system it's not easy like I said it's

hard for most people to do it and that's

why most agents aren't super successful

but you see the ones who are successful

and make a lot of money they're not

afraid to kill those knows they're not

afraid to follow up they're not afraid

to keep calling keep emailing keep

texting whatever it is that works best

for that client and that's something

else you should be paying attention to

as well you know it's easier for me to

email people than to column it's easier

for me to text people than to call them

I just feel more comfortable doing it

but that doesn't mean the other person

wants you to text them or email them

maybe they want to talk on the phone and

you have to figure that out along the

way as well you know if you're emailing

somebody and they don't even respond to

you or it takes them two days to respond

to you try calling them maybe they'll

answer right away

maybe they call you back right away

that's a sign they want to talk on the

phone they don't like email maybe they

want to hear you know some of those

voice and conversation there's a lot of

people like that there's some people who

prefer email maybe they don't ever

answer their phone they don't have

return voicemails but if you email them

they respond right away you send them a

text they respond right away that's a

sign that that's their preferred method

of communication so don't use your

preferred method of

education figure out what the other

person's preferred method is and use

that because that will make them happier

it will make them want to use you Morgan

agent and it's just a better way to

build rapport make them a client and

continue a relationship that hopefully

will last many years into the future

they'll keep sending you business and it

will help you become more successful as

an agent so not a long video today but I

really want to reiterate you know it's

really easy to get caught up chasing new

leads trying to drum up that business

but if you're not following up if you're

not cultivating those leads you're just

missing a huge opportunity quality is

always better than quantity you know

calling a hundred different people one

time it's not going to be effective as

effective as calling ten different

people seven times or ten times and

really building those relationships with

those people so remember that as an

agent really focus on follow-up focus on

rapport getting to know people and

quality over quantity

alright that's all I've got make sure

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alright thanks for watching have a great

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