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consistency consistency and you just

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now that's awesome yeah man I really

appreciate you guys having me here

obviously we're in Dallas Texas right


max max well has the we live 19 event

which is going amazing right now you

actually got to do a Q&A with Gary value

today which was pretty cool so he had

Gary Vee in the building and obviously

just I wanted to come in we talked

yesterday not really excited to come in

yeah well a lot of people were asking

you when you were taking the stage right

yeah so not this time but we have him

here so we want to talk so we don't want

to hold you back why don't you tell

everyone out here who you are where you

came from and what you're doing it real

quick though I do want to interject

sorry only because like you're Tony the

closer and it's like I'm already closed

you haven't sold me but I'm ready

to get money so pay attention stay keep

with us this all episode I promise you

as we great so go for it man yeah man so

I'll make my i'll try to give like the

the speedy version of Who I am

grew up originally in North Philadelphia

mom and dad separated hard-working mom

she was in the fast food industry

working two jobs always on the go my

father was in North Carolina in the

military when I was about 12 years old I

moved to No

Carolina because I was being bad as hell


I ended up moving with my dad and you

know how that experience goes you go

from being with your mom to your dad my

dad was military at the time

so we're from like a North Philly little

bad kid so I went to like boot camp yeah

and and so 1996 moved to North Carolina

and start you know really you know

honing in on football and making my my

mind from that early age I was gonna be

an athlete and football was my path and

happens to be max Maxwell he was one of

my Pop Warner friends and we just kind

of juggle way we go way way way back

long time because I know you you were

saying earlier max my best friend max my

best friend but you know this day and

age best friend could be man me and KC

we close we know each other a year and a

half yeah this is like longevity so

since 12 years old we've been been

really just super super close trying to

figure out our way our journey max went

into the military I was a college

athlete ended up playing been an

all-american in college getting an

opportunity to play in NFL for the

Seattle Seahawks max was like a huge

huge supporter and that movement I was I

didn't go to traditional route so I was

a actual undrafted free agent and you

know you had to go through the extra

steps to try to make it so this is 2006

Max and I were creating YouTube content

and at the time I knew nothing about

youtube I think YouTube actually had

just started and max start recording my

workouts we created a website called

road to

and every day you know max wasn't an

athlete for starters like he you know

you can tell about you know he's not

like super athletic using the shade he

was our kicker so like a me like big

black Jamaican kicker so you know

mags it's not me giving shade he knows

that so but he was like I mean just my

like truly supportive all the way

through the process put together he can

actually put together highlight tape for

me so we start like this is a cool part

because people you know we look at how

people use postcards and things of that

nature now we created a highlight tape

that that max put the 50 cent get rich

or die trying' soundtrack to and just a

crazy story

every we looked up every Pro personnel

director in the NFL every scouting

director and we start sending out my

highlight tapes to each of those teams

and back then we did what was

traditionally like people doing now with

like postcards we were using different

color envelopes and things and trying to

bring this is for the NFL you know

what's play is is that's a callback to

we interviewed a guy named Scott

Dicker's and he created this thing

called the onion if you're not familiar

with it it's like this huge satirical

fake news publication from the 80s okay

and he taught us the whole you got to be

in seven mediums we're like seven weeds

are Matt's there's video and then

there's there's print yeah he's like so

it's very it's comparable to the same

conversation of like you got to get eyes

on and did y'all catch that though the

things that we're telling you to do in

real estate he's doing an NFL you know

and riding with translate it just looks

different yes so so it was like how bad

do you want something I always tell

people we always say we want things but

like are you really willing to put in

the work and make the sacrifice to do it

so we first offered we had to do is we

had to go and find all these Pro

personnel directors and everybody from

each team so it's like we're doing the

same thing you would do right now

driving for dollars you go find you find

the team but now we got to go find who

we need to get in contact with in order

to have you know a point of contact to

even you know see if you have a

conversation so we found a list of all

the pro personnel directors so we go to


found by looking we look pretty hard and

we found every Pro personnel director

college scout in the NFL and we began

sending out the DVDs to each and every

team and everybody

I sent with a delivery confirmation with

a return

see so I knew that it was sorry for and

that it was received smart and and I was

literally the minute that I saw that it

was received and this let me tell you

something we were broke as hell like Max

had like a 3,000 square-foot house I was

literally living with max in this house

he's just a he was a broker at the time

and he had he had it I didn't have

anything you know I was just like yeah

college guy just getting out of college

and trying to get you know my dream

fulfilled in the NFL so we were taking

every dime that we have really like

ramen noodles and training and eating

bowls of cereal like I mean like bare

necessities sleeping on an air mattress

and we literally just grind it you know

intro until we found like teams that

were you know won't even give us an

opportunity so every day I was working

working out and then I would get on the

phone and I would call every pro

personnel director and a an account

scout that I had sent the DVDs to so

cool story is everybody's saying no and

it was like I was like you know hey man

just take 30 seconds and check the first

30 seconds of the tape if you don't like

the first 30 seconds I'll never call you

again I had the same spiel that I said

to every single Pro personnel director

college scout and everything so

basically you were direct mail marketing

to him and yes with the follow-up that's

beautiful absolutely so one day I saw

will Lewis from the Seattle Seahawks

have received my my package and I gave

him a call and by chance I did some some

really creative stuff so I called it the

second secretary you know they had you

know that it's always love was your

trying to get through the gatekeeper and

the the secretary answered the phone and

I say hey Janice how you doing I just

got off the phone we'll cute do you mind

passing me back to him real quick say so

gatekeeping bye

so she goes okay sure no problem and

Janice it's crazy I still remember their

names right yeah Janice passes me to

Toulouse who was a pro personnel

director and I said hey mr. Lewis how

you doing Tony Robinson just just know

that you got my package and I just want

to see if you would take the first 30

seconds to watch it if you do I don't

like it I'll never call you again he

goes uh who

like who like you didn't know what was

that all okay call them or guard

hey man I'm just you know I'm just I'm

looking for an opportunity check the

first 30 seconds up if you don't like it

I'll never call you again he goes well

I'll take a look at it I'll call you

later I said no no just while you're on

the phone please man I just while I got

you I need the first the first 30

seconds I just need 30 seconds every

time if you give me the freakin 30

seconds that's all I'm asking for and

and he was like kind of hesitant you

here on pause for a minute yeah and I

hate him tear opener uh the actual

envelope envelope rips open I hear his

CD drive opened up and didn't I hear the

music and when I heard the music drop

the tears start going down my face did

you go because I knew I had him at that

point yeah I knew it was over with all I

needed was the opportunity I knew I

would get in there I still get I still

get chills thinking about it yeah and he

was like I'm gonna call you back within

30 minutes he had called me back had

booked my flight yeah I remember

Janice's name - she booked my flight I

was headed in Seattle to to go in for a

workout so you know I'm all excited my

hey max we finally got an opportunity to

get in this thing man it's like you know

we're ready to go I get to Seattle and

there's five other linebackers they well

often like d1 school was also coming

into a workout

I'm like so you went from a high to

real low real quick I'm very quick

because like I had knew these names so

it was intimidating as hell because you

see guys that were coming from like

major schools USC Florida State they've

been on TV for years there are huge

stars already guys that I had just you

know they had either NFL experience of

very major teams already so I was like

oh my god man but I blew it up I

destroyed the workout and I was the only

linebacker that was signed out of the


ended up going through that season

getting allocated to NFL Europe and

injured my foot in Europe for NFL Europe

so the job that I didn't want

to go to was the NFL Europe job and

that's where I ended up getting her

and it kind of changed my career path so

while I was going through rehab and

everything else I went back home and my

sister was working for Rick Hendrick

dodge and I went to go buy a car from my

sister and ended up getting pitched the

opportunity to be a salesperson at this

time I was unemployed and I really had

no experience in selling anything at all

didn't know much about cars and that

scare you at all I saw my sister having

some success with it and I was like I

know she can sell I can say oh man she's

not a salesperson but do you think that

comes from your family heritage or just

it was more of like my brother's sister

type of conversation my sister because

she's my sister you know I was like no

Keisha you do it I can do this yeah and

I like I got so many from enterprise I

was trying to everybody and everybody we

just turning me down I had dreadlocks I

was like fresh out of football so I was

a real like at this point I looked like

an athlete 240 pounds like walking into

an office looking like I'm back in

people like holy crap you better buy my

car or you did but the main thing was

people were like are you gonna cut your

hair before you come in here like people

wanted me to make a transition and look

a certain way before they'll even give

me an opportunity but Hendricken ends up

giving me an opportunity I actually kept

my hair and I ended up busting my blood

there the first month I get into the

business we go into a sales meeting and

they had a board of all that sales guys

and they were asking everybody what was

your goal for the month and there was

one sales guy who was the top guy at the

store that was like he was going to sell

17 or 18 cars and you know I'm the new

guy I'm just such a cocky ass like when

I say I see him say 17 they ask me hey

they're going through the room

everybody's like for 16 they get to me

really how are you gonna do it's only I

said 20 yeah

and Shaun looks at me the guy still

remember showing their so he looked at

me like oh you little cocky bar you

think you will come here

I think this is just easy and I was like

write me down for 20 and my sales

managers like I'll put you down for 8 to

10 I said put me for 20 so he put me

down for 20 see if you don't get it you

won't keep your job

- no problem so for the next couple of

days I literally ate and slept and

breathe the dealership I try to consume

myself with as much information as I

possibly could as far as cars so you

made that that goal of 20 before you had

a clue what the job even was I didn't


and they said basically so whatever you

number you put down if you didn't reach

that number you were glad was that was

that the thing so because I was very

such a cocky ass and he said I the goal

for the average sales person sells six

to eight cars a month I said I was gonna

do 20 so if I didn't hit my goal he was

gonna terminate me for one I had dreads

and I was a black guy so I was feeling

like it was already just like I was and

we we start off the month and I just

consumed myself with with like I ate and

breathed the car lot from from atomic

dealership opened at 7 o'clock foot the

service lane to till 9 o'clock 10

o'clock at night when the last person

left a lot I was he I was going to be

the person there this is what Oh 708

this is 2007 2008 excuse me and it was

that was my whole thing I was like now

I'm gonna fully consume and commit to to

have a success in the auto industry and

I just I kind of remember like some of

the stuff that was happening with me

throughout the process of when I had

just bought the car for my sister the

things that I want to shop my sister's

price like I was like from my damn

family I was like hey look I'm not sure

this is a good deal now let me go to a

couple other spots before I just decided

I was going to do this at night so I was

just putting myself in a perspective of

how I felt as a buyer going into the

dealership and I start just basically

reverse engineer how I felt

mm-hmm myself to help people that were

they're coming to purchase cars

and real quick if I drop it that's like

sales 101 we talked about that here at

propel you know so much about you're not

you are not the hero of your story we

talked about grant camp on grants each

time it's like you're not the hero

you're not the protagonist you're just a

guide you need to let the person

whoever's who you're trying to do

business with they're the hero they

don't give a about you correct you

need to remember that because like in

this room right now I'm the biggest I'm

the guy but the reality is if I'm trying

to do business with you I'm not the guy

you're the guy correct and if you can't

do that if you don't if you don't

realize that you're never gonna be you

could still do one or two deals but you

never to grow to massive success and to

kind of just jump on that point what I

really like about you said and I kind of

just want to like make like kind of hone

in on that is the fact that a lot of

people talk about sales they say hey I'm

not good at that I'm not a closer I'm

not this in that that's a bunch of BS

excuses you guys because of what he

looked at it was a perspective of a

person a person standing in front of you

they have they're looking for something

you've got something to sell them y'all

just got to figure out what that

commonality is so that's the biggest

barrier I think to people's brain and go

and going into sales and being

successful is that one little piece and

you you were like that right from the

get-go it's the mindset

yeah touching on my book the 21 proven

secrets the secret number one for me is

in mindset and how are you positioning

yourself to help people well real quick

just because I want to plug in as much

as possible where can they get that book

you can get that book on Amazon right

now it's a best-seller the closes 21

proven secrets it's also you can find

the e-book copy on Tony the closer calm

but for me it was literally mindset so I

came with what an approach that I was

going to help the people that were there

had an interest in selling I mean or

buying a car and my first month in I

sell 23 and a half cars that's amazing

so the goal was 20 you sold 23 and a

half right so so do the other top guy

did he stay he's like well I'm outta


no he actually stayed but he was like

holy this kid is everywhere yeah

and for me it wasn't that I knew

everything because at the time even

though I sold 23 and a half cars it was

it wasn't a lot of money I made because

a lot of many deals I didn't understand

understand how to hold grouse I didn't

understand how to box trades and things

of that nature where you can make more

money but I was just committed at the

number at that point I was just running

from the numbers I was like well I don't

want to go too far head cuz I know I did

catch you off and I wanted to get you

back on that that target but when you

were talking about putting yourself in

the the eyes of if you were gonna be the

guy because it seemed like you had a

little bit more to go that direction I

just want to give you the opportunity to

do that because I did cut you off just

because I wanted to make sure that

people saw the power of that so I just

wanted to make sure that as I wanted to

helping people as far as them purchasing

their vehicle I was remembering the

experience that how I even shot my

sister and I wanted to isolate and

remove all the uncertainty of what

people feel as as buyers when they go

into the car lot so I start giving to

all the information I would literally

get in front of somebody and I was

showing their invoice I would show them

everything that we owned before I was

completely transparent I was like hey

look I know it I know you're going to

make sure you're getting a good deal

because I just did this myself so I'm

gonna give you all the information that

we make a decision whether you decide to

do business with me and not I want you

to see where transparency looks like and

obviously I'm here to make money too and

that seems rare in the car industry I

think it has a reputation for not being

transparent so you were really bringing

an experience to people that they hadn't

had before correct right but not just

that that can go into other industries I

think people are scared to let other

people know that yes I am gonna make

money so like in real estate people are

they don't want to let people know that

oh I'm about to make 50 grand

correct you know I don't know if I would

say hey I'm about to make 50 grand on

your ass but if you were like hey this

is my business this is what I do this is

how I and this is why I have the ability

to make what I do could you do it

possibly but this is right so it is a

business so I think people are hesitant

scared or I don't know is they just

don't to put that out there but I get it

no that's why that's why I tell people

all the time it's like I understand that

what you do that everything is a bargain

around helping people get to their angle

Zig Ziglar said it best he said you know

you help people

you can have everything you want and

that's like a golden nugget I feel like

honestly was the most evident request

for a gold nugget of all time no I I

really want to I want to just kind of

pause them that honestly because a lot

of people are going in I'm going to do

this because I need to a make X amount

of money and I need to do this and I

need to do this you had a goal in mind

at the end of the day you were like I'm

just gonna help you get to where you

need to go and my Lag goal of 20 cars is

gonna be a result of that absolutely

there was a lead goal lag goal there's

the subtest to get there and that was

yours that's big that's good stuff so so

then it was like it was kind of cool

right so I hit I hit this goal of 2020

three-and-a-half cars and people say how

did you get half of a deal so what

happens is if another salesperson is

involved in the deal then you know it's

a split deal so it goes to a half a unit

and I was so hungry to get the 20 I was

skating people and everything if they I

was stealing build some people and

hey man this guy's about to go to


oh yeah the bathrooms there oh he quit

oh you know I had a lot of people in the

beginning when I first got in and I was

kind of rubbing people the wrong way


so I had to clean up a little bit of

that part of it but but ultimately like

it was me running after the goal so so

aggressively to its obviously to stay

keep my job for one because I you know

priority two I had been unemployed for a

couple months

yeah it goes back to being hungry and

and in you were talking about before and

and I don't know if it was in the truck

or here but about being broke and about

being that desire and having that drive

and that's such a common theme for the

most successful people in our industry

and real estate a lot of people say they

don't want to you know be broke anymore

they want their financial situation to

change but they do the exact same stuff

there's nothing that they change about

this situation and so so for me I knew

the only way I was gonna do and change

everything about me is to help as many

people as I possibly could it's gone and

and just that month I saw it 23 and a

half cars and I probably made like 7

grand which it was like not for 23

cars right it was good money obviously

making seven grand well you didn't have

checks coming in was good but people

were like dude you made seven grand you

sold on those damn cars it wasn't you

know you didn't really that's not

impressive so before we go to break I do

want to start plugging this early that

it's our time hashtag it's it's our turn

what is that so we can get our audience

to start using it and we could talk

about more throughout the what is that

before we go break yeah so through all

the real estate investing and just in

general people always like make it about

just themselves and it's like a very

selfish approach to to life and life is

very lonely where you make it only about


and last year Max and I like in October

had the we live event and you know I saw

some of the people who were impacted by

what max I did as far as building the

brand you know sharing advice and he

like max actually you know he came up

with a name Tony to closer because he

was like he knew how good I was in sales

and we just start kind of talking about

some things in the industry that were

kind of like missing spots and he was a

man like bro

like you got a special skill set i'ma

call you Tony be closing tell my

audience about you and at that we live

event I started hearing stories of

people who were like like it's some bad

bad spot something like and some

up spots and the information that they

had got off like the youtuber free

information help them change their life

and it was like some extreme extreme

like stories that were being shared with

me and you know I kind of had like a

money first approach when I first like

got into like this business and when I

when I saw that when I saw the people

who had impact that maybe if they didn't

have the financial means to afford me or

whatever that they would be isolated out

of the help that would be necessary to

keep them from going and robbing and

stealing or whatever else and I was just

sitting there one day and I was like I'm

gonna go live on IG and I'm gonna go

every freaking day every frickin day

because somebody you never know who's

listening and it's like it's important

to just give out information as much as

you can and you know late October early

November I start going to Instagram live

every freaking day so that last year

last so fairly recent very recent yeah

and and I just started like really one

of just poor and so people are helping

them get out of these situations because

you know that with me for example I have

a skill set that I've trained so

aggressively and so heavily that I can

help people you know close deals and I

was like man you know I saw somebody

said hey man it's my turn you know I

want to make some money I said and it

just hit me I said no it's not your turn

it's our turn and the minute that we all

understand that through a community

aspect of uplifting each other and

pushing each other to greatness that we

can all hit our goals and we can all get

to where we want to go will make

everybody better no matter if you're

black white or whatever we need to stop

a division and we pull together and that

thing will literally just become a whole

that's one thing I love about our

industry and I'm we're gonna go break

wrap this but is you know we said all

the time is when it comes to real estate

nobody cares you're black you're white

you're female you're male you're gay

you're straight you're whatever category

there is

it's all about the numbers if the deal

works the deal works if we can JV less

JV I don't even have to like you let's

just do it so that's what I love about

this endeavor so if you like what you're


please drive some a lot of Drive please

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yoga hey everyone we're back with Tony

the closer Tony the closer he's telling

us how we got started in this industry

and you were just talking about

abundance mentality and hash tag it's

our time sitting here talking because we

talk to a lot of people in and there's

really smart people there's really rich

people and there's people that you're

like man I'm feeling diggin but you have

a vibe and I don't know if it trans if

it goes through the screen but like just

sitting next to you man it's like

there's like an aura of like like I feel

I'm getting chilled I'm like let's go

close some deals like I'm getting

excited for me and we don't fluff by the

way this is all really I'm just

passionate yeah you can feel it this

means something to me like helping

people mean something to me what I tell

people like when it means something that

matters and that's like really what it's

all about

we can't take it that's why you hear so

many people talk about especially in

real estate right they say listen you

can sit there and start this industry

with I want the financial freedom with

that number in your brain but those are

the people that are gonna struggle and

fail you can only get so far with it and

so I love that you're kind of hitting

hard on this you have to be passionate

and you have to find what you're

passionate about so so from from from

your point of view when it comes to

closing Tony the closer is it more of

the drive in the the work in the hustle

or is it more of okay how can I get to

the the meat of actually closing is

there is there some techniques or is it

just like because I know desperation

like it because if I'm like trying to

talk to a girl like and I'm all


she's like Siri I'm asking this I sold

20 cars in my first month right

so obviously transparency was key

because I was giving people all this

information and let them see exactly

we'll be on each product for but because

I had a NFL background imagine how

people looked at me as far as I wasn't

the person that was going to take

advantage of him hey you know okay's

here cuz you're loaded I'm position I

position myself even though I was broke

I was a hit man I play football I need

your money man right perception that is

a golden takeaway I used to do that in

sales to be like listen I don't need

this deal I get paid anyway right so so

I just really was like I'm here to give

you all the information I help you make

a decision if it works for you fair


fine like I just want to make sure that

I'll take care well you decide to go

where the Chevy we decided to go with

Dodge I'm just gonna give you all the

information that we make a decision

period so on that like what I heard I

mean we all heard it obviously but like

you have the NFL experience but you use

it you have this because we talked about

this last week actually about find

something that's your unique unique in

New York I don't know but you find your

unique quality and put it out there and

that's what people will gravitate to

even though on the back side of it it

might not be full like hey maybe my wall

is empty but the perception of your

unique is and he's then FL he's got to

be loaded why is he doing this he's

helping his friend out sell some cars

that's what I would think yeah so it's

important like I tell people even now

transitioning into speaking about real

estate and how I tell people every day

when I go to a cellular appointment or


it's always about positioning you know

I'm always busy I got a lot of other

appointments to go to and I'm here to

provide you value on this amount of time

that I have allocated with you and I

don't need your house I want to help you

solve your problem right so you're not

coming from a place of desperate we

always say don't be a desperate buyer

right and so no matter what position

you're in you've got to take I call it

just the take away you're taking away

because immediately someone's response

to you is you want something from me and

their guard goes up right great it's

automatically there there are some

people in sales who always say get as

many nosed out as you can like make them

say no a lot of people try to go the

other route they get people to say yes

yes yes I think to get people to say no

you're just breaking down that

all to a place of hey man we're cooler

on the same side of the table I don't

need this it's all good so so for me I'm

super big on on the relationship whoever

I'm doing business with I want it to be

a relationship and I said like an

expectation with every seller everybody

I do business with I hang up this is

team us and you gotta understand like I

know you probably talked to a whole

bunch of other people who make you know

beep trying to prey on you and take

advantage but if this deal doesn't make

sense and make you feel good then

obviously it is not gonna work so I you

know I love hearing that I just want to

throw up a tip that I got from grant

actually grandkid I keep like great cuz

I love the guy it's like when you're

walking a house stand beside each other

all because the right then we're side by

side so when you do come to the

negotiation table we're still side by

side it's not me versus you it's us

trying to make this deal work together

I literally I don't sit across the table

from people doing negotiation I sit

directly sits not by side with my that's

one of my actual techniques so the

face-to-face from across the table a lot

of people feel like their guard is uh

yeah so there's at least a three-foot

barrier of work correct so so even in my

my my car sale experience ourselves

experience I realized that if I if I was

sitting side by side and being super

transparent and I'm so real in my

conversation like I'll tell people oh

hey look

I stop being a like you know you

know like this is the best decision for

you you know we've already talked about

it so I asked enough information to make

sure before I even go and look at a

house for example or if I'm in the car

industry before I even go take them to a

lot the goats start going around I'm

asking questions what do they hope to

accomplish what's your ultimate end goal

how can I make sure that I get all the

information now so I can know exactly

where to direct you mm-hmm and then I

set up a stage where we're friends so

the minute that we become friends and

it's not just like this awkward person

that I'm dealing with I can say things

that are a little more edgy that that I

can invoke a decision one way or another

right because you built that report

because the rapport is there so a lot of

people get on a telephone with the

seller and before like in the first two

minutes of the car they're talking


talking about how size of the house and

things that nature they haven't built

any report they haven't built any

credibility like hey how was your son's

football game I call that I always call

that when I tell when I help train

people I say you have to earn the right

to ask them you know for for that

relationship you have to earn the right

to earn the right you have to get to

that place and I heard you talking about

a close one day and it's along these

lines because you say everybody gets

hung up on the numbers it's the first

thing they want to know it's the you

know a lot of sellers when they pick up

the phone are gonna be able what you

wanna give me give me your best offer

right and you said something about

getting that out of the way right so

that you can get so he said you take

that that that kind of point and you

kind of put it over here to back your

way in to the conversation so how do you

do that when people ask me about price

no matter how you know it comes up

whether somebody's offering me X amount

of dollars or whatever the men do this I

hear it because you know what's about to


no keep that to yourself because price

is the easiest part of my job what I

need to do is ensure that we're actually

looking at his property

can fulfill we need to do on both sides

I need to come and take a look at it

because obviously over the phone we can

talk numbers and I just think like you

know to being professional I need to be

face-to-face with you're taking a look

at it obviously you wouldn't expect me

to by without seeing it I'd be glad to

give you all the information make this

process as seamless as possible when's a

good time for us to get together today

or tomorrow and they just literally it

started making it so much easier for me

because that's something I got out of

the car industry because I was like I

sucked on the phone at first and I was

like everybody was like hanging out I

just looked at stock number

da-da-da-da-da how much can you get him

forward and I was trying to like talk

price over the phone and then people

hanging up on me and then my son's

marriage is like bro if you keep doing

that like we're not gonna like you know

how the phone calls because you know

you're throwing away you blowing our

money now considering that that's over a

decade ago this is the important because

nowadays right you're you don't have so

much of a barrier in terms of

information right a lot of times we're

in a position where we we have to

control we know the numbers the

knowledge but it's the Internet age

people can look up numbers they can shop

stuff like that so with that being said

even with homeowners that can go on


look at numbers they kind of have an

idea about their homes worth you still

find a great six

with this technique right absolutely

right transparency

I wanted to % show all the information

like I expect my sellers to be informed

just like I expect my buyers and auto

industry to be a four not you mean

Google and everything is so so quick for

people to have access to it I think so

many people make the mistake of trying

not to be transparent they want to try

to show the lo comp only like the person

hadn't looked at the information and

their people don't know that the

neighbor just sold their house for to

rent but what happens is you have a lack

of credibility at that point because now

now that person's like oh you just want

to show me this number that's gonna be

to your advantage in your advantage only

and I say I'm in the exact Hobbs I'm

gonna show you everything one of the

things I used to do in the auto industry

I was showing somebody the invoice

that's a hey look hey Mike obviously

like I won this vehicle for $23,000

here's the invoice I'm glad to let you

go through and review all the numbers

but here's a couple of things that

that's important to note the government

in North Carolina ourselves tax is 3% I

said the government gonna make 3% they

don't have to deal with you were none of

your for the last two hours I

deserve at least what the government's

gonna make in every transaction so

that's strong so every single time I

would go from not having you know I go

all the way to zero on my invoice I'm

saying hey look at this point right here

at the 23,000 we make nothing the

government's gonna make 3% they don't

even have to deal with you

I should make at least that matter of

fact I think I deserve a double before

you know what I was making more money I

was I was making more gross than before

because I would ask people how much do

you think I'm supposed to make in this

transaction and I'll say three grand so

you know now it's like okay perfect I'm

bumping three grand from invoice and you

know it's pretty and again I keep

calling back but one of the things that

grant always like say is like look this

is a business like and if you come at it

with like I'm here to help you I'm here

to help you and they're like well I need

a lower deal well if you're here to help

me give me a better deal it's like well

I'm here to make money and you've got to

put your skin and gave me half like I'm

totally this way when I go with sellers

as well

and I think what I always love to do

it's similar right so you say hey listen

if you go with the realtor which I am a

realtor so it's easy look you go well I

don't you know anything by your house

you know hey listen if you go this route

they're gonna make X percent and there

and even

you know they're just throwing it up you

know they don't know the numbers the

neighborhood blah blah blah I mean you

can go any route but I think that's a

strong clothes is how much do you think

I should make on it and then you could

be super transparent about it absolutely

I love to just be real I tell people

exactly what to expect throughout the

entire process I set up expectations I

let them know just kind of what's more

because a lot of people don't understand

that sellers haven't been through this

process but maybe once or twice in their

entire life people don't buy huge well

yes and that's the thing that as

investors we always forget if you've

been in a hundred houses the person you

talk to they may have only been in that

one house their entire life you got to

make them feel comfortable so I think

the power the value always comes from

given enough information and being

transparent I let people know exactly

what to expect I let them know what the

process is gonna look like from

beginning to end and then from there you

know hey this is I'm not the only option

for you I tell people that all the time

something hey you might be able to save

a little bit money dealing with somebody

else or make a little bit more money

dealing with somebody else but here's

what I can tell you the process and how

easy I make it for you is gonna give you

more value than that actually a little

bit of money that you can make so I just

create I'm laying for myself and it's so

surprising you're here like every day I

every time I talk to a sucker's that

maybe sounds so much different than

everybody else it's like a breath of

fresh air and it's because everybody's

you know so quickly trying to talk money

it's so quickly try to think about what

the potential profit can be for them but

they're not putting a seller in the

position of you know obviously be be

winning at the end of it goes back to

it's it's my turn it's my turn versus

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yoga hey y'all welcome back we've been

sitting here for a good little while

talking about some amazing clothes as

y'all need to be paying attention and if

you're just tuning in we're sitting here

with Tony the closer has some amazing

closes to help you sell more deals so

let's get back to it yeah

and one thing I want to do is cuz I know

you just naturally flow so what I like

to do is next 5-10 minutes kind of lets

you get to wrap up the story that you

have cuz I know case he loves to be

prepared and she if you have she has

that notebook full of questions so I

know so if you don't so if I'll mine

like I just want to keep on letting you

just do what you do man

yeah so so a couple of things for me and

you know obviously like the whole car

experience I went through three years of

being the actual sales person and the

Hendrick automotive group every year I

was literally the top salesperson and

there are domestic group I'm selling put

300 plus cars a year really just making

a ton of money as a salesperson having a

schedule that was like very relaxed

because I had a really good customer

base 2011 Hendrick purchased a dead

dealership and Hoover Alabama was done

even know where that is Don Drennen

Buick and it was a Birmingham area

essentially and when I got into this

dealership literally this was a dead

dealership they were selling about six

cars a month so you can imagine me as a

salesperson I was selling 20-plus cars a

month in my sleep hmm

and you know I'm going to a place in

Alabama where I'm now getting my

opportunity to run a store and I get a

store and a opportunity so we

get out of this deal and the first the

first off the first week that I'm there


this ef5 the largest tornado and in

Alabama history comes and just wipes out

Tuscaloosa and everything else isn't my

first time like I get out here

they're like the whole team with the

yeah here but yes and so I get in this

dealership in this complete we had

to start from Ground Zero and and a

couple months I took that's a number one

store in the southeast so did you see

that as an opportunity or was that more

like a oh I got to get to work well

to me it was another challenge I'm

extremely competitive yeah I knew I was

getting my opportunity and I knew it

wasn't an ideal opportunity I would have

rather been in North Carolina where it

was the fully function and already

running dealership I didn't I was I

didn't get the opportunity to do it the

way I would like to do it but I went not

freaking crushed it I took a store that

was completely dead and we turned it to

jam in the top store is that and did you

do that through training your staff the

way that the techniques you learned or

it was crazy so obviously cool the crazy

part of the story is like the average

sales person at this dealership when I

when I got there was like 68 years old

and they had been in his deal for a long

time this was the store that the father

it was a family-owned store the father

owned that he died he passes to his son

his son later he's running to the ground

and they just had the same basically

same team there for the entire time so

from one I had to come in and I had to

train guys who were pretty stubborn and

stuck in their ways for a long time then

I had to hire a whole bunch of new I

sell staff to ensure that we could

obviously be successful well as I'm

doing this I'm like literally like each


I was the one-man wrecking crew I'll

train myself people from the beginning

my process I was training every single

day I mean like relentless training

every day we get in the work at 8

o'clock we got an 8:00 to 8:30 sales

meeting every day for 30 minutes but

we're working on something and it was

just like I will have my cells people

literally hey you gonna meet the

customer introduce the customer to me I

will qualify get all the information ask

all the questions to put the

the vehicle point minute right direction

I had my salesperson then in turn go

take the customer and says drive then

they would come bring her back to me I

would handle all the numbers on the

finance and everything so I was like

really I was handling the full process

on my own I wanted to be hands-on with

every transaction to ensure that we were

getting these deals and we end up having

like 50 new Buick sold which was like we

beat the Carey store who who was the

store for the Buick store like it was

like Rick's baby I went to Birmingham

when I whip their ass and what happened

is Jim and everybody noticed the

obviously obvious growth I also noticed

that my paycheck wasn't looking away it

should be if you're raising about I was

uh if I was making him that amount of

money and I was making had that amount

of success I I looked down at paycheck

one day and at the time I was married

and I saw my check and I said this is it

I call my wife I said hey look pack your

we're going on yeah cuz we talked

about that law to be in business if you

appreciate somebody pay him pay you I

call my wife at the time and I was a hey

look pack your we're going home

because I know my work I knew that that

my value was more than anybody could pay

me in the paycheck at that point I

understood that as an entrepreneur I

could gain a lot more and I get you know

it's such a lot more people and I opened

up my own car dealership and everything

is going well for a while then that

fell I had a I had one deal that went to

crap and it was a major deal it was like

a three hundred thousand dollar deal I

was basically working with athletes high

end you know NFL and NBA players and I

had an NBA player who messed up a really

bad deal and it cost me my entire

business so I told you guys in the car

Max and I you know obviously always

close I'm extremely good gambler so for

about two years I was going around

freaking gambling just like living this

crazy high life of of winning I was

winning massive amounts of money on the

love where that was just like really it

was like a movie I'm going through the

airport with you know million bucks

quarter million dollars at a time in my


it was literally a movie was crazy and

like I was letting out yourself do you

still do that in which airplanes or fly

Tanya here are Nancy Kerrigan you like

I kind of changed my ways so don't come

bugging Tony he does not have a mind so

just I was getting involved and like the

wrong stuff and my mind wasn't right and

I ended up getting arrested I went to

jail in 2017 January and I was in with a

million dollar down behind and life was

completely flipped upside down so I

spent 63 days in jail and that was like

my turning point so I had hit rock

bottom I had you know I had obviously

bond out of jail on a million dollar

bond go through the whole legal process

and this was like an all-time low for me

I mean literally like I had hit all-time

low everybody I considered a friend

everybody that you know was the big

supporter partying with me and doing all

that stuff there was nowhere to be found

and one person was that was max Maxwell

every single time I picked up the phone

everything that we did he was just

extremely supportive and at the time he

got like I had just started doing real

estate stuff right before I got arrested

with my father so we started this whole

self national hotel company and you know

three or four months into it you know

now I'm in jail and I took about a six

month window to get my mental capacity

working on some things in the past that

I hadn't addressed and I went to

counseling it was like 100% fixed myself

before I could ever work on anything


and I just want to give you kids on that

because one there's so many stereotypes

to get about working on yourself and

getting counseling seeking therapy just

as a society whole and then you elevate

to that the male psyche that's even more

and then you throw on like the Heritage

like african-americans even more so that

good for you man thank you thank you

know I you know I had to make a truly

concentrated effort the way I was

committed to trying to be successful I

had to put the same type of worker to

myself my personal my mental health

had some unresolved stuff from my

childhood that was still bothering me

and I had you know really addressed it

and I took time to really truly commit

to that and the best thing I can tell

anybody I gave myself the ability to

forgive myself

and forgive others who caused her to me


and that's where ultimately like

everything that's now happened has come

for me

where I just truly said you know what

it's gonna be forgiving myself I won't

hold on to any of my past mistakes and

nobody can hold anything over my head

and you know max had been working on his

YouTube and he was like hey man you know

it seems like you're ready to go and I

wanna I want to make sure I can help you

push in the right direction I'm gonna

tell my audience that you're Tony the

closer and we know is that when he did

that for you the truly unveiling of Tony

to close it was July of last year

a true unveiling it real quick if you're

not familiar with max max will just go

to and type max you'll find

him you'll find him he does a lot of

good content he was actually on the show

here with with a quarry Thompson

roughneck to real estate so and you have

a youtube channel as well Tony the

closes my youtube channel done so you

know it's all again going back to the


it's our at some point we're going to

get up but you know what though maybe

I'm doing it on purpose to highlight it

that it's our turn but you know what's

gonna happen later on be like well you

know what I really like about the

transparency in yourself is because I

kind of want to take it's so amazing

story but I want to really break it down

for people watching the people who

everybody has to close deals you can't

run this business of about closing deals

you can get somebody else to do it or

you can do it something I found in my

business is that nobody closes as well

as my husband and I so I don't you know

and of course you can train them but a

piece is missing that mindset has to be

there and you I always say you can't

teach that so for somebody who

in this place right they got to go in

they've got to talk to sellers it gotta

close deals there's something that I've

heard you talk about and it's when

people are first getting started you

have some advice for them and a lot of

times it's not to just go pick up the

phone right you talk about actually

making them go in person and so many

people are so fearful of both of these

things but I find that most people are

more fearful of being in person and I

and after hearing you talk I love your

insight on this what do you think is is

is the mind block for somebody that's so

scared to be in person considering that

you've got to be transparent and you

have to be yourself in order to be

really good at this two things then what

is the biggest barrier to people in

their mind for going in person and why

do you suggest that they go in person

versus being on the phone sure I think I

think it's the first and foremost a fear

of rejection everybody fears rejection

and the unknown they don't really know

what to expect they don't even know a

lot of people don't understand that this

is even real it's not real to them yet

mmm-hmm so until they have the success

and they understand that like you know

helping people solve problems and being

face-to-face can help them you know

shortcut a lot of that stuff you know

that there it's all mentors like hey am

I truly gonna be on even go in front of

somebody and get and make them believe

that I can can buy their house and I

want to be had the money you

know a lot of people that's that's a

major worry for people how can I over

the phone you can hide you can be

sitting in your underwear at home and

it's like you can say whatever a lot of

people keyboard warriors or whatever

this is more comfortable for me it

doesn't mean because somebody says no

they're still hiding behind their own

security blanket but I encourage

everybody to go face-to-face and meet

people because you can build more

rapport it creates a higher sense of

perceived value and it really people can

get more personable with you they they

can decide if they truly like you or not

if you have a likable personality or

whatever that stuff like people resonate

with like real life people it's so many

people that are actually virtually holy

selling in their own market like

somebody's ten fifteen minutes away from

them and they don't even take the time

to go drive to the property because it

might be a waste of the time and it

might say no mmm-hmm and to me if a

person has a property that they have a

inkling that they want

so I want to have a conversation I want

to know what's going on however you can

figure something out there might be to

their advantage and we talk about always

having as many tools in your toolbox in

this business so if you're doing over

the phone and it doesn't match that box

you're already on to the next phone call

the next lead but if you're in person

you don't have to have a box you could

have you know a whole case or whatever

analogy we want to use it doesn't fit

this okay it fits it doesn't fit this go

this route and then oh you need to

listen you need a listing agent well I'm

not gonna use Casey because she doesn't

want to do it but I'll go to a different

agent you know my phobias like and then

maybe maybe Casey or maybe somebody like

maybe they remember me next time and

they float me a deal so it's that

abundance and working together but

having multiple tools I think it forces

you to be yourself too when we're face

to face I can't hide behind anything you

know as the person who's trying you know

you the seller you know meet the buyer I

can't hide I have to figure out how to

be myself I remember the first sale

appointment I ever went home I was

literally just shaking and I remember

going out of that and calling my body I

screwed that up and he goes Casey just

make a friend start with making a friend

and then worry about the rest and that

changed my whole career so I think that

that's great advice for me and I want to

pick up on something you shouldn't be

face-to-face you'd be shoulders are

shoulder shoulder to shoulder and there

you go shoulder in person and all that

kind of so so really a lot of people say

hey cold calling is kind of the way you

know marketing trends kind of kind of

ebb and flow you're one of the first

people that I think is really kind of

honed in on that and seeing listen don't

pick up the phone if you're new just go

go door not go you know if you get a

phone call say hey listen let's do it

I'll be right there you know that's

that's big a lot of people are terrified

you do a lot of door knocking so I'll do

we got a little thing that we use dual

machine a lot yeah yeah we say I'll do

machine your house right and then part

of that is that we will go door knock

you know we want to just have

interaction if you can't get them on the

telephone if you feel like you really

help me somebody solve a problem you'll

do whatever is necessary to get in

contact with them so absolutely whether

that means

or knocking cold calling and on a

massive like many as many attempts and

in many approaches as I possibly know

and I do want to throw this out there

because I know some people are nervous

about being an african-american male

door knock in the house I hear if

somebody says I'm like that's just

excuse nah man you don't know what it's

like you know it's like well here's a

guy that says he does it let's talk

about it so so honestly I tell people

when you want something bad enough don't

worry about all that stuff because it's

self-limiting beliefs that's all it is

yeah for me when I started doing my

Instagram lives everyday

I was super uncomfortable with being on

our live in front of a camera not being

able to see you know you not being able

to know who's on the opposite side of

what they expect or anything like that

and I was like man I'd sit back

everyone hey man we just hear minutes

it's a good time but it takes time to

get to that point to where you're

confident and comfortable with being

around and you're only gonna get there

by doing it take an action in speaking

of you just run private you just made

your IG public so what's your ID handle

yeah Mike Casey buys houses CAS ey Casey


but you know you went live with us right

before and I was like oh my gosh it's

like my worst nightmare come true but

it's not that bad and it was fun and so

now I'm gonna take your advice and

consistently go live and just be myself

because I think that's it that was

another question you kind of already

answered was fear is obviously the

biggest barrier to people getting into

this business and a lot of that fear is

based on the fact that people don't have

any money getting into the business and

you're saying forget all that put it


it's about confidence how do you get

confidence you just go do it you do and

fail I always tell people what is the

worst thing that's gonna happen go

through those scenarios in your head

you're the door gets slammed in your

face okay see him again listen I've been

to howto countless doors I've only been

attacked by a dog once and it was a

scheduled appointment okay with people

at the door you know I personally have

an ID on me have you really yeah when I

was 12 and I was doing newspapers you

were 12


donation for salesmen oh man yeah looks

like the worst thing that's ever

happened to you at a door the worst

thing to have me on the door was damn

cats man I hate cat for me as you drive

home you drive right by the dumpster

here this tub is stained with that smell

my husband I have reputation for finding

these houses where people just defecate

in their own house

and so yeah but hey but we were laughing

he's like how rude is it to put shoe

covers on before you enter and I'm like

at this point I don't think there's been

a couple properties I've been there I

wish I could have put a skin cover on

because they were pretty disgusting

inside there's money opportunities in

the mine people are in situations where

they need to do something different and

make some money so you need to get you a

so here's my tip before you wrapped up

too much always have a bottle of Purell

in your car there might be some people

that you're looking at me like oh god I

do not want to hold this person's hand

just shake the hand just shake the hand

if you open my car you'll see peril in

the thing that's awesome so the point is

is that less and nothing that bad is

gonna happen so just do it be you know

go through that rejection until you

don't care anymore until you get that

confidence because at the end of the day

you can't get the confidence unless you

do it that's it so that's the takeaway

from that one pressure some final

thoughts on you've been there like he

broke Instagram me you know what somehow

people he's able to do that I didn't

know he was that that easy to go IG live

I was like how do you do it quickly did

y'all just starts nugget that he

literally in three seconds when IG live

on it he's consistent so what are some

what are some final thoughts this

conversation like just I mean there's we

talked about so much like just

put a bow on it maybe maybe for like

what are your final thoughts on or some

your best advice for your newest

investors and maybe more seasoned

investors so I think the thing that I

really like impress upon is everyone new

old no matter what your level of

experience is in this business if you

feel like your business isn't getting

the results that you want and you're not

getting face to face with people that's

the number one thing I would tell

everybody a secret number 3 and my 21

proven secrets is getting face to face

with sellers as many cells as you

possibly can and work on your business

in your craft every single day this

isn't you know like people people expect

big results obviously the checks that we

get I just had a guy the other day that

made seventy eight thousand dollars in

an assignment feed using that actual

prices the easiest part of my job

rebuttal and and that was the fact you

know he was driving four dollars he uses

it the rebuttal when he called his

person and he got faced in the face and

he was able to lock up the contract and

he had won about six to eight months

without a deal and you know I think he

had 500 bucks left he was drop drawing

blood to to be able to provide for his


and just getting face to face with a

settler and it changed this whole

situation now he's got room to breathe

he you know he ended up actually getting

seven contracts in five days made over a

hundred thirty thousand dollars and

that's what suvir's blood back but I

think that what that really says is like

if you feel like you really want

something you go and you put every

single thing that you can into it until

you get the results that you want you

have to see the process through mm-hmm

so many people quit way too early that

transy the process through it's not

about this instant results in the

instant gratification you have to be

able and willing to go all the way

through if it's three months six months

if it's a year before you get your first

deal it's okay your path don't use these

Facebook groups as you're measuring so

of your success so many people chase

other people's ghosts some people say

that they're doing deals that they're

not even doing yeah so it's like don't

worry about what other people was

message their journey and their story is

you go

away you go your journey and it's gonna

take care of itself

so there's two words I want to I want to

give to two real estate investors out

there when you're are networking and you

meet somebody like a Tony he's like man

I made ten million dollars on deal last

year you don't say this to be rude but

in your head it's like cool so what that

doesn't mean anything we can still

network we can still be cool so again

it's not a measuring contest you just

hang out and and and you're your dude

I'm gonna dude your dude we're just and

you know you don't see the struggle

behind it which is why I love these

interviews because you mean you were in

prison not too long ago you know not too

long ago and you you kind of were up and

down and up and down I mean shoot your

dad was in real estate for he's been it

for decades right and I asked you why

did it take you so long and you had a

lot of you know you were already so I

didn't even realize my dad was a success

I mean I knew you were successful but

when I truly saw the dynamic of what he

had built I was like holy why

didn't I try to do that they'll think oh

yeah obviously just you know my journey

and each of our journeys will all be

determined by our own path and you can't

measure someone else's success by by

what what yours is gonna be right just

you just go to course man and be

consistent for what you want and in a

huge takeaway from that is right every

single person can read a script I could

probably go across five different

closers and they're gonna read that

script and do that in completely

different ways so what you're saying

really is pull from who you are be

transparent about it and just make your

own way because it's gonna look

different and I'm not a big fan of

scripts because I think it makes you

sound like a robot

I don't know what I'm about to say right

now hashtag focus groups so all these

people like you know as so many people

put pumpkin scripts and everything else

I think the process and everything

should be extremely natural I think this

framework of like things that are

important that you should have asking

questions but I

I don't go by a set template because

it's often when you have when you have

somebody on the phone who's you know

extremely guarded and they've been

through some things you're not gonna be

able to read that script and try to help

that person because that person is not

gonna be the person is gonna say hello

everybody what the heck you want are you

gonna get how much money to get me and

everything else so it's really really

important not to try to become scripted

but to understand framework and how

important asking the right questions and

helping people truly is that's a huge

deal I stacked folks groups there yes

okay see what's that that one final

lingering question that's no one man I

honestly I'm all over the map I'm just

like talk more well no I honestly I

wanted to close on that question I

wanted to close on that question as to

what's holding people back and what you

need to do to go forward and it sounds

easy you know you gotta just ask your

sit yourself down and ask yourself what

you're so scared of go through the

exercise of saying what's the worst that

can happen and then I would say go do it

and I'd like to end on that one myself

just because I think that's big and my

final question would be like watched up

by your book like what am I gonna get

out of this book here we go you gonna

get a short cut on your learning curve

of everything that I've went through the

last ten plus years of sales experience

and what's helped me become successful

there's some great framework and some

great questions and some great ways of

positioning yourself there's been I

think over 1.5 million dollars and

people who sent me checks that they've

used generating of the secrets inside

the 21 proven secrets and to me you know

we didn't touch on it yet but you know

one of the things that I did this year

is I came in with 100k club blueprint

where I put a daily actionable game plan

for a new investor who doesn't

understand what they should be doing day

in and day out for 100% free

you can get you can go to the link in my

Instagram bio it'll give you some

framework of what you should be doing

what your business should look like day

in and day out even if you don't have a

lot of money it's a lot of stuff that

you can do 100% free because obviously I

have things that I monetize and make

money off but I want to make sure you

got some get your feet in the door money

to be able to basics

so 100k club it's our turn 100k comm is

the is the URL to get that blueprint at

the end of the year in November we're

going to cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and

we're gonna turn that son of a

upside down with everybody who came with

me on a journey from zero to $100,000 I

have a big passion for helping people

I've committed my entire every day to

being loyal and being transparent and

helping as many people as I possibly can

and I said at the end of the year we're

gonna celebrate it because there's been

some amazing stories and some people

been changed so so as far as like final

plugs you've got the book you got the

road to 100k the blueprint to one out of

cake what else what else can can our

community prepare you are you little

commune what can we do for you how can

we help bring value to you it's our man

we just support each other like the

reality is I don't like I don't think he

what he just said was learn the damn

hashtag it's not time it's turn turn so

so I I just really want people to really

just buy into the community aspect

buying into sharing and helping as many

people as you possibly can being

transparent helping the people that in

your market I don't look at people as

competition look at them as people that

you can do business with and grow with

that right there competition is there is

no competition I I'm so like people ask

me about other influencers and things of

that nature and I'm so committed and so

blocked into the people that I'm

actually helping I don't even know half

the people yeah you talk about that yeah

early today blinders my blinders on man

I got like people are do you know this

dude I do about no disrespect but no man

because I'm so focused on my actual

people that I'm helping on a day in a

daily basis yeah so many of my followers

met me in the last couple days here we

live they're like you know my name I how

are you that's crazy like I take pride

and knowing who my people are who I'm

helping and I remember each and every

one of you guys is face it cuz in we

have a very passionate very engaged

group on facebook on now it's growing on

YouTube and subtle plug again drop


never talked to us in the comment feed

and we're gonna pick 10 10 random

comments to give this book away to so if

you went in on that get it but but what

I was gonna get to you is be at the

event man that we live 19 it's like

people come out to me and like I'm

sowing some like I mean I love your

constant I see you know it's I'm like

well I've never heard of you man

like do you drop comments he's like well

no comments in our feed and you did your

freak with it guess what

I know who you are look at Sonya Rae out

of Phoenix she's our biggest fan and

she's probably already dropped to 80

comments in this feed and you know what

she she gets handwritten cards she gets

t-shirts a lot of she could shout outs

on the show because she's engaging so if

you want to be a part of that community

you got engaged like like my post man go

go go look at me look hey cut your TV on

at home put the YouTube one and go to


let me run for eight hours just keep

going repeat let that ad run the entire

you know I just really want to see

people succeed I want to see people help

each other and grow any other plugs

anything else either play great cold

call great again baby the closer okay so

you want to kick ass at it well I'm

incredibly inspired to like grow you

know my community as well i-i've always

been fearful about that honestly you've

inspired me to open up my Instagram so

come follow me

Casey buys houses CAS ey buys houses I'd

love to engage with everybody see how we

can help each other I'm in DFW buying

properties buying houses so I'd love to

connect and how can we get hold of you

sir Instagram team Rob 56 YouTube is

Tony the closer Twitter St Rob 56 and we

just put C we're out 56 and everything

you're probably like that and I'm

Ryan SR / I'm pretty much everything's

to follow us propel yo calm if you're

looking for leads you're looking for

websites you're looking for access to

true emili´s comps shakeout propel yo

calm I mean obviously they've run the

lights here so you know got a got a pay

the man so and I will

this shirt should I make cold calls

great again because I just released a

cold calling course home so if you guys

need more information if you'd like to

know how to be efficient on using the

telephone and having that confidence

when you talk to a seller to know

exactly what to say so you don't have to

worry about getting cursed out I do have

a cold calling course that's a four week

interactive course where you literally

get on the calls with me we go through

everything and I'm talking about

hands-on training from from me which

obviously I have a ton of experience

when it comes to actually cold calling

so there is a link in my Instagram bio

for the cold calling course you would

drop it here too what is that I got so

many URLs right now the closes prove it

phone system calm good clothes okay we

drop it in the Congress approve it phone

system calm excellent the closer's

proven phone system and you know hey

there you go everybody in the comment

feed dropped that website in the comment

because then you might get a chance

opportunity with this book that's cool

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questions for Tony

I'm sure he's transparent and he's gonna

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