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lead generation

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i know everyone's got these burning

questions and we're over here we talk

about how we're

cold email experts and how we run all

these companies so

sometimes it makes sense to give back so

i asked

in two spots i asked on twitter and i

asked in our private

facebook community as part of email 10k

what questions do you guys have when it

comes to cold email sales lead

generation anything around that

and in today's video i want to answer

those questions so

let's jump into it first question what

is a profitable industry right now

and do you feel it's saturated i assume

they mean for cold email but any

industry right now is profitable

what we've been looking at mostly are

b2b anything so b2b software

b2b services companies and the reason

why we like business to business

companies that sell to other

companies is just because that's what we

prefer if your background is in


or your background is in any other


you can find a foothold and start

selling there which is why i basically


to get a job doing whatever you want to

be doing and then start a business

in that thing because it really is that

simple you can make money anywhere

so i wouldn't think about it in terms of

what are the most profitable industries

and let me just pick that one

try to find something that's in high

demand and that you're passionate about

and that's all you really need

if you want specific industries though

check out email 10k we actually do have

a list

of 10 of my favorite industries what is

your favorite lead gen tool

is there just one goat or do you find

there are different best in class

per industry there are different per

industry for instance zoom info is

really good for enterprise

level leads so if you wanted to sell to

like walmart you would use zoom info

for mid market leads i really like

uplead and

those are really the top two on the

market right now we're working on

something that

should blow them both away but right now

we don't have that built so

those are the two right now and if that

ever changes my

up-to-date tool recommendations are

inside the email 10k course

so if you're in there you'll always get

my up-to-date recommendation do you find

that personalized but non-value-based

cold email

still works for really competitive

services like web development ie cold

email doesn't have concrete advice

on what the prospect can modify but it's

personalized i think if you follow

the steps and strategies we talk about

here which is

either customized first line or custom

seaming first line

then a case study and then an ask you


succeed with cold email or you'll you'll

at least get to a point where you can

start succeeding

right you'll get the data and you can go

from there if you're sending emails that

have bullet points like oh

hey noticed you might need a website we

do website development

and it's like a bunch of bullet points

and a non-relevant email no you're not


succeed with cold email there but if

it's personalized

or even personalized seeming where maybe

you don't have the custom first line

but it reads like a custom first line

and it's relevant to them

and you're only offering one thing that

you know they need then you'll

win so for instance if you're offering

to rebuild their website because they

don't have

a website they only have a facebook or

yelp profile

that's a very specific pitch if you're

offering to rebuild their website

because it's some kind of outdated

technology maybe they're on wordpress

and they should be on drupal i don't

know maybe they're on

drupal and they should be on wordpress

whatever it is it needs to be a very


thing that you're trying to sell them on

in order to succeed with

these cold emails as spammy tactics get

rampant what does a salesperson do when

more and more buyers slash decision

makers get tired of cold email

if you write a good custom email it's

always gonna work

if you spam it's not gonna work so in

the course email 10k that's why we talk

a lot about frameworks

and setting yourself up so that your

cold emails are custom only to you

if you're sending an email that anyone

could have sent then yeah you're gonna


spam you're gonna get marked to spam and

if you're sending in an effective email

you're gonna get marked to spam cold

email will

always work as long as it's personalized


and speaking to the actual needs of the


businesses need cold email that's the

thing if i'm looking for a facebook ad


and the facebook ad manager happens to

email me i'm going to talk to them

almost 100 of the time because i would

have that need

to hire somebody for that role and

that's what cold email does it's not

like b2c cold email business to consumer

cold email

where you're trying to sell just

nonsense to any random person

this is finding a business that has a

need for what

you're selling writing an email to that


and selling that thing to that business

that wants that thing

if you do it like that it's never going

to go away i love cold email stuff lead

gen and will love to work with x27

how do i go about this please i don't

know for hiring we might be hiring

i would reach out to michelle that's robert's

assistant and she handles a lot of the

back end for x27 so reach out there send


resume and maybe maybe you'll get hired

the best way to impress me is to go

through somebody on the team

right now if we're hiring for somebody

we'll go through upwork or go through

the audience and we'll

we'll ask so for asking for a specific

role then just be there be quick

and usually we'll do live streams when

we're hiring so we can try to get some

qualified people in that way so just be

on the lookout for live streams or if

you have a specific

thing that you're looking for email

michelle and tell her what you do and


that'll help that's actually good advice

in general if you want to work with any


know the role that you're going to

fulfill so for instance i love cold

email slash lead gen and will love to

work with x27

does that mean you want to be a first

line writer does that mean that you're a

master of

lead gen and actually finding email

addresses are you a cold email guy do

you hop on sales calls like

these are all sort of questions that you

should be answering before you even

reach out what job do you actually want

to do are you a project manager

are you a designer you know like i don't

even know based on this so

if i don't know and i have to ask you

questions i'm less likely

to engage with you because we have

plenty of people coming in that want to

work with us so you have to make it as

easy as possible for us to

speak with you versus going towards

you know the upwork leads or the

audience or whoever all right let's move

on from twitter

to the facebook questions facebook

questions how long should you test a


you should know within the first hundred

cents if a niche is gonna work or not

if you send 100 emails and you get no


or you get a bunch of not interested


you know something seriously wrong and

it's probably worth changing

the market that you're going after

there's no need to make this hard

if you find something that's in high

demand it's going to be obvious

when we were doing the product hunt

thing and i was offering to invest in

these companies

it was crazy high the response rate's

like 40 and it's been the same when we

were selling

the documentaries with lorelia it was

like 14 million dollars and leads

generated off

100 emails right when you find a niche

that works

it works and it works phenomenally well


keep testing until you find something

that works really really well the only


to that is when you're working on your

cold email skill you might have found a

niche that works

but your cold emailing skills are so bad


even if you found the golden niche

you're not going to be able to sell to


and i know some people call it niche

whatever don't leave a comment please on

whether i should be pronouncing it niche

or niche niche

niche i'm going to call it niche that's

it so when you go out and you find the

golden niche you might not even be able


take advantage of that because your cold

email skills are so bad so you want to

figure out

are you getting turned down because your

cold emails are terrible or are you

getting turned down because the niche is

no good

and if you can identify that it's

because the niche is bad

then move on to another one there's no

use selling to

someone that doesn't want to buy and

there's no use in picking

a niche or a service or an offer that's

hard to sell you're just making it more

difficult for yourself

you can sell anything if you're an

entrepreneur or you're the sales guy

and you're not doing fulfillment you can

literally sell anything

so sell something that's going to be

easy to buy on the proposal call

what exactly are we presenting you're

presenting the proposal so

you're going over what you know about

their business

what your plan is for improving their

business via whatever service whether

it's a new website

social media lead gen whatever it is

and you are going over the pricing and

you're asking for the close

another one what do you do when a lead

who was once interested stops responding

to your emails

you can follow up once a month but this

is fixed by having

more leads in the pipeline you want each

lead to mean so little to you

that they can ignore you for six months

and you're so busy that you don't even

notice right so this is why we we try to

not get one itis you don't want to get

so committed to one potential deal

that you forget all of your other

potential deals so

my advice there is when you get one

client that seems interested

yes keep pursuing them but try to get

nine to ten

others that also seem interested you

want your pipeline to be

so abundant that you're not committed to

any one

client or your your business can't fail

if this

project falls through that's basically

it because what happens is if you're

committed to this one person

and they're a potential deal and then

you've stopped prospecting because

you're like oh i'm done dude this guy's

15k once he closes i'm done

then he doesn't close or she doesn't

close now all of a sudden you have to

start over from scratch and build up

that momentum again

which takes a long time to build so it's

better to just always be prospecting

always be looking for new clients and

then you don't have to worry about

questions like this

here's another question from facebook

i'm working on other projects is there a

way to pay for 100

automation yes find a service like x27

that will do your lead gen and cold

email and everything for you

that's it you can also pay for it by

hiring a salesperson

who will do it for you now if you can't


whatever that costs let's say a sales

person is three to four thousand dollars

u.s a month

x 27 is around that and that actually

goes up from there

if you can't afford that you need to

work on it yourself

that's it if your main job doesn't pay

you enough to afford it then you're

going to have to work longer hours

or get a better main job to fund your

side business it's as simple as that

you can also pay lower-cost labor


but what i've found is with cold email


it requires very very good english

skills so unless you have connections in

india or the philippines or

some other country where you can

actually find some amazing english


it's going to be tough for you to cheap

out on the outsourcing on a cold email

campaign here's another question kpis

for cold email how frequently to measure

and what's a good target

well you want as low a bounce rate as


so as close to zero percent bounce rate

as possible you can get your opens up

pretty high depending on

your niche i try to aim for around 70 to


opens if your leads are unbelievably

qualified you can get close to 100

opens and that is something we've gotten

in the past but at scale it is going to

go down a little bit to a 70 to 90

open rate and then response rates are

usually around 20 they can be a little

lower than that if the

quality of leads is a little worse but

the higher

your lead quality the higher all these

stats are going to be so just look for

around 20

response rate and all in about a three

to six percent meeting book rate so for

every 100 emails you send

you should get between three and six

meetings again that can be way way


like i was talking about that one from

product hunt before where i think we got

16 meetings off 100 emails or who knows

what the exact stats were but it was

something like that

so it can be way higher but typically

you're looking for three to six meetings


every 100 emails you sent here's another

question on outsourcing how long do you

wait before outsourcing outreach

writing and improving email copy and

sending out emails and how long you wait

before outsourcing sales

so you can outsource outreach as soon as

it pays for itself

if you get to the point where you

realize that every email you write

makes you three dollars or makes you

eight dollars because of

the clients that it closes at the end of

the day then you can pay three dollars

per email up to i would pay less than


but you can pay for it as soon as it's

making you money alternatively you can

also go into debt

to start a business but as a first-time

entrepreneur i do not recommend that

because you want to actually be in the

trenches getting these campaigns to work


that way you'll save money and you'll

learn more stuff in the long run by

doing it yourself doing the hard work


at first at least until it's profitable

i'm not going to say for the first three

months for the first six months

because you might get profitable in the

first week you might get super lucky

so if you're making money in the first

week then yeah

outsource as soon as you possibly can

it's a revenue goal

not a time goal and it's the same thing

for sales if you're going out there and

you're closing deals

and you can afford the three to four

thousand a month for a sales person

ideally six to eight thousand because

you want two sales people and you have

enough meetings coming in then yeah go

ahead and hire a salesperson

until that time i would recommend that

you do the work yourself

final question what are the best

companies specific niches who need lead

generation and will pay

top dollar for it that is in our course

email 10k we have a specific module all

about the top niches

to pick so check that out this video is

brought to you by email 10k so you don't

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know what the best business to start is

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