How Do I Respond to Warm Leads??

I'm gonna take you inside the inbox of

one of my latest businesses whoa hello

today I want to answer a seemingly

simple question but something that

perhaps we haven't covered enough on

this channel which is is sent a cold

email you got a positive response now

what what do you say to the person that

responded to you to get them to book the

meeting on your calendar that's what

we're gonna cover in today's video I'm

gonna take you inside the inbox of one

of my latest businesses whoa hello and

I'll show you the email scripts I used

the positive responses I'm receiving and

how to respond to positive cold email

messages let's jump into it here are the

results from the whoa hello Inbox

after 100 cents 100 emails went out we

have six leads right here not ideal yet

but keep in mind we're also in the

middle of the testing process you notice

here there are four different subject

lines on display for this test we're

testing ten potential meetings and

that's what I wanted to cover in this

video how do we book them if you watch

the last couple whoa hello videos you

saw it pivot from a fashion brand to

lower end merch and now we do merch for

this channel

Alex Berman merch I call it we've got a

few on here but the pivot for this video

and what we're pitching in these cold

emails we're creating my merch my merch

is amazing whoa hello calm it's right

here on the homepage you can get it

crazy sales dude what an interesting

thing cold email King it's all here but

there are so many other business

youtubers and then at the end of it we

have clothing we can sell together then

the service that well hello is gonna

provide is that not only did we design

the clothes are gonna help sell it to

your list as well but I'm getting ahead

of myself

in this initial cold email pitch all I'm

doing is reaching out to business

youtubers with over 20,000 subscribers

and offering to design merch for them

and not only did we get three responses

there are three different ways

so this first responder says hi what is

your phone number for this one what I do

is loop in the other email notice he

missed looping in his assistant and he

asked what is your phone number

hey Gerard / Scott its and then I'll put

my phone number how are you on Friday at

2 p.m. est thanks Alex easy how are you

on Friday at 2 p.m. PST thanks Alex a

quick response answering their question

of sending the phone number and giving

them a specific time that I want to meet

now on to the second one yes dear you

can contact me whatsapp great

what's your what's app mine is and then

I need to send them my whatsapp which

I'm looking at my phone right now to try

to find scent so that's one and for him

he just asked for the whatsapp I'll send

him my whatsapp on whatsapp I'll either

give him a cold call and start the

conversation or I'll book a meeting the

same way that I did here with Gerard by

saying how are you on Friday at 3:30

p.m. est now final one final one sure

thing bro what works for you

how are you on Thursday at 4 p.m. PST

also flexible Friday thanks Alex how are

you on Thursday at 4 p.m. PST also

flexible Friday sometimes if you respond

to the last two messages like I did with

just one time some people will go dark

on you and you'll have to follow up a

couple times and say something like also

flexible on Friday or just try to chase

them down for a bit

to get a meeting on the calendar adding

I'm also flexible on Friday or sending

two or three times helps eliminate that

so the other way to do this would be to

say hey Chris I'm available at the

following times Thursday at 2 p.m. PST

Thursday at 6 p.m. PST Friday at 11 a.m.

PST do any of those times work for you

question mark that's a quick way to do

it you can also say looping in my

assistant to schedule and loop in xai

you can say great exclamation point do

any of these times work and on the words

any of these times work link your

calendly where they can book directly

you've heard that it's important to test

your cold email subject lines to get an

eighty percent open rate and we've been

able to achieve that pretty consistently

for our clients selling into the top

companies billion dollar brands so how

do we do that the trick is to test a new

subject line every ten emails the

hardest part for us was coming up with

these subject lines but lucky for you we

have 50-plus subject lines in a Google

Doc that you can test with your cold

email campaigns and best part you can

have that for free to get this list of

50 plus email subject lines go over to

experiment 27 comm slash subject thanks

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