How to Turn Bad Leads Into Sales and Grant Explains His Mission

okay I'm leaving town tomorrow so I

wanted to I wanted I wanted to I wanted

to give you guys where's Rancic oh man I

love doing this with you guys all right


okay so guys today I want to talk to you

about that's good thank you today I want

to talk to you about leads leads leads

okay now you if you remember the show a

Glengarry Glen Ross y'all remember that

the lead suck okay how about I give you

the most qualified leads you've ever

called all right you guys interested in

that yeah all right now a guy comes in

here he comes in here for free he can do

that by getting a lot of our programs

webcasts free webcasts stickers

wristbands what else do we do here for

free screensavers webinars so it's free

books free books okay you can also call

somebody that bought that maybe spent

$9.95 with this we have a bunch of those

we have people they buy $19 books from

us we have people to do the shipping

with us for free we also have a list of

people that have given me and are have

said to me I am accredited to invest

which means I make 200 grand a year or I

have 1 million dollars of these four

leads this also would include people

that have invested hundreds of thousands

of dollars with me and then I'm sending

checks to every month which of these 1 2

3 4 leads do you think in your own

estimation would be the best of all the


all ovens not an option

it's clearance the bottom one dude

dude this late guys got money yeah this

guy's got money

this guy has success okay this guy is is

has got income

he's got discretion about income which

means he could spend money on other


this guy's interested in investing this

guy's also a fan and wants to be part of

my family this guy already believes him

he pleases me so much he's like dude I

want to give you money okay just so you

know this is the number one target I

have right now in my life I want to turn

every person who hits our website into

an investor my job is to take a guy that

doesn't make any money no money he has

no money he has no job he has no career

he has no tactics strategies he's

freakin in poverty he's a drug he's a

drug problem okay

I mean he's nothing he has zero much my

job is to clean him up get him a job and

get him making money then my job is to

get this guy with more money that means

we get his skills better okay

the goal is though to turn him into an

investor where I give him money back

money goes both ways now right here he's

giving me money right here it's really

free here he gives me a little bit of

money to read a book you know join our

university become part of our mastermind

come to a conference come to the 10x

growth conference come to our bootcamp

maybe he's spending a thousand bucks and

then four thousand then fifteen thousand

my job is to get him rich so he can

exchange with us but the ultimate thing

right here man is to have him invest

money with me and I can start sending

him money back from all this money he

gave me if I can pull this off this guy

is bonded to me forever

okay now we have people right now that

have never done any of this with me they

didn't buy a book from me I didn't help

them I didn't make them money they

didn't do my deal they didn't like my

attitude but they know he's a good

businessman I'm an invest money with

so the first one of the first investors

we had a card on Capitol gave me four

hundred grand he had never bought a book

for me sixty days after he gave me four

hundred grand he called him and said

tell me about card on University I

submit how long have you known me twenty

five years so we have nineteen thousand

leads right now I can't call them all if

I was calling anybody in this company

right now I would be calling that guy

right there

okay the call would go like this hey my

name's my name's Matt I'm with Grant

Cardone and grant asked me to call you

because you filled out a form saying you

are interested in investing money with

him first I want to tell you thank you

so much - he wants you to know that we

got your email that you're interested

okay it's gonna stay on there you want

more information you'll see what it says

okay so first of all thank you thank you

your job is not to try to sell this guy

real estate okay you don't know anything

about real estate just make it clear to

him thank you grant asked me to call you

he wanted me to say thank you all right

now what was second part of this what do

we want to say right yeah how much were

you looking to invest okay he'll tell

you all I'm thinking about 200 gram but

I need more information great how liquid

are you this is going to get you used to

asking hard questions liquid means do

you have it right now okay

he might say I don't know what are you

gonna say good if you did know you you

need to practice muscle and control now

if you did know if you were gonna guess

how liquid are you probably got I don't

know I don't know come on man I don't

know it's not an answer how much is it

you can tell me you told the IRS they

know if they know I can no I don't even

know you you don't know the IRS either

how much liquid dodo do you have oh man

I got about 800 liquid great where is

that money today is it in the bank is it

in a retirement account is it in your

house that's the only three places this

money can be there's only three places

is the money in the bank is the money in

a retirement account or is the money at

your house

okay oh dude I'm sitting on 800 liquid

like liquid great I'll let the guys know

what information can we get you that's

all you got to do what information would

you like to get from grant in the real

estate team well I want to know what the

internal rate of return is and how he

determines in biking yard because it's

gonna all sound like mumbo-jumbo to you

and you're gonna write down to

mumbo-jumbo okay great I'll get it to

the team I'll get it to the team can you

guys say that I'll get it to the table

now my friends the sales call starts


now you segue hey man let me ask you

something what did you do to get

$800,000 put into an account


amazing man it's so nice to spend time

with you on the phone man you are

talking to a God right now just so you

know you're talking to a God that has

figured out how to be 30 years old or 50

years old or 70 years old and he banked

800 grand okay in America that is like

an abnormal aberration it is phenomenal

that anybody put that much money and

didn't spend it didn't blow it and

hadn't lost it you need to acknowledge I

got dude that's amazing there that much

money what do you do okay I'm a dentist

man Wow how long you been a dentist 25


well how BIG's your company what are you

guys doing annual revenue have you ever

thought about okay I'm a furniture

dealer who do you think these people are

what do you think who do you think has

800 grand sitting around okay

she's a nurse first of all she needs

she's a single mother nurse she needs my

deal and she needs to start figuring out

how to make some extra money on the side

she needs to be invested with me but she

also needs to figure out how to get rid

of that hundred she's got cuz what's

happening to her right now she's sitting

on that hundred thinking that's her

safety and it's not she needs to get rid

of the 100 and figured out how to start

making money online and so we need to

get her on one of our other courses we

got so many courses 995

we got the bootcamp once you come to the

bootcamp and figure out what your next

things going to be so look the call

simple man where are the good leads I

have 19 thousand of these people they

already know me they didn't come for

free they saw the thing says 100 grand a

minimum investment ten years ten year

term they already believe in long term

so I was talking to the guy at Barnet

your guy Greg Johnson Larry Larry Miller

right he's like we don't sign long term

commitments I said you want to invest in

my fun I'm thinking about it's a

long-term commitment son that's what it

is okay

so so look I just wanted to come back

here and tell you guys the purpose of

Cardone capital it is not a new thing it

is the same thing I've been doing the

difference is now I'm in a position now

to send people checks and I want to send

pip I want to send millions of checks

out because I'm in that way I get to

stay in communication with that guy

every month here's a check here's a

check here's a check here's the check

here's a check here's a check hey man

once you get a book okay so look you got

to have a lead right that doesn't mean

the guy that just hit us for a free book

is not a good lead he's a good lead -

they're all good leads I agree with that

I don't have an eraser though where's

our erasers so so all the leads are good

the free leads good the 995 is good the

$19 is good and this guy that says hey I

want to invest with you that's good -

right so I'm doing a show every day I do

a show every day to generate leads and

the question is on that lead what do you

talk to him about the non accredited

investor I don't know how many how many

of the 19,000 Ryan are non-accredited

the majority 17,000 that that say they

make 200 grand a year or are

or have a million dollars in network but

there's also this guy called the

non-accredited so when you look at the

thing I'm sure it'll be broken up right

I guarantee just leave this lead right

here it's better than the CNBC League

the reason why is he knows me right they

don't know me then you got to get hey

have you ever heard of Grant Cardone how

many done that on the phone call you

know never have that's what I've been

trying to solve the problem of okay this

guy says yeah I know about him Anika I

just got his real estate book or I

ordered the real estate book or I

watched his show or oh my god he's so

funny or Wow whatever right he's a

non-accredited investor what does he

need where is he which one of these

three guys is he he's right here man

he's either here here our job is to help

him get some money right so he can so he

can go to Whole Foods and not worry

every second of every day and that's the

story you need to be telling people man

grants job is to help you man where are

you right now struggling with money got

some money

you should be accredited who wants to

say they're non-accredited nobody wants

to say that man everybody wants to be

accredited right so look his grants job

is to get you to 200 grand a year so

that you can do what so that you can

invest in his fun with you man right but

you gotta make money dude there's

something you don't know there's plenty

of money out there everybody in the room

or to be accredited investor in this

room everybody here should be accredited

you should go to make at least eighteen

thousand three hundred thirty-three

dollars a month okay so you don't have

to go get the money you don't have to

you can find the money or something on

cinet ii you've got to make a call and

then treat this guy maybe it's a hundred

dollars at a time it's 50 bucks at a

time twenty dollars at a time three

thousand bucks at a time it's gonna come

in a bunch of variations okay so there's

not an accredited investor he's a lead

he knows me hey man just calling you

grant Cinco grant wanted me to call you

sees that you're interested in the real

estate fund yeah man I got some question

about that's awesome man that's awesome

first let me tell you grants message

thank you for filling out the form

thank you for being interested okay

that's all he wanted to do today control

the call so don't let him start going

out for questions

hey hey before you ask me the questions

let me tell you what I'm calling you

grant asked me to call you thank you for

filling out the farm

okay thanks for being interested in

investing with Grant okay he really

appreciates it

hey what do you do for see you're back

in control the call you're not gonna

answer questions here what do you do for

oh man I'm a car salesman really we're

at right Larry Miller what y'all just

signed up our car down University good

he signed up on card in University

you're gonna think that he doesn't it

doesn't doesn't it doesn't need any of

our products I mean you got at least 86

products you could sell this guy right

now in addition the card on you corner

you doesn't have everything you got to

know the inventory okay what do you want

to sell him now okay you're just

guessing hey what do you need man where

are you having troubles what's going on

he's watching six segments a day maybe

we need him for three days maybe he

wants to come see rockstars in Miami I

don't know what he wants I don't know

what he needs you maybe he needs our

weekly support maybe he needs coaching I

don't know maybe he needs the real

estate book maybe he needs two real

estate program that's ten thousand you

guys can make a lot of money on that

real estate program by the way okay

these thirteen thousand guys we're gonna

drop a $10,000 program I'm also gonna do

a school here for another ten to twenty

thousand and you guys get to sell those

we have we I have never released a book

that had more response than that real

estate book so all those real estate

books are grabbing hey once you get this

course it's ten grand right now you can

buy for a Half Price as soon as that

course is finished you don't get it for

Half Price

okay no your inventory no your customer

no the leads and no the purpose my

mission is to help people Matt I'm gonna

make a bunch of money doing it I'm gonna

make a bunch of money but but I'm not

going to make any money if I don't help

people I just want to continue to help

I'll help him for nothing five shows a

week free

nobody does it there's not anybody in

the space nobody

Gary Tony and Tim Tom to me Harvard MIT

what you boys named patty boy Brady

nobody nobody nobody does something

every single day of the week for free so

they might not like me but my job to get

them to know you know me so that you can

engage with them and say hey dude where

you have talked to me okay he's here

right now I'm gonna bring you back here

start over again invest all your money


invest it all and go broke and become

this guy again you know what guys hungry

this guy is dangerous okay you put these

three guys on the streets he's the only

one you need work

that's the only guy this guy she barely

gets out of this corner okay this guy's

making sense of where he's at and this

guy this is like me at 25 years old most

dangerous dude give you about the roots

okay so these leads are good column and

card them and tell them about card on

Kaplan okay your job is not to get them

to invest in it your job is to sell them

book audio program find out what they

have I got everything okay this is what

you can do anybody ever tells you I got

everything grant cardone has ever done

you can offer them a thousand bucks

right now

so I guarantee you I'll bet you $1,000

right now you don't have everything

grant cardone matters and if they do

I'll cover the grant okay if they have

every product that I have I will cover

your thousand dollar back all right so

make that part of your call how many

heard that before I got everything he's

ever done yeah okay he got my wife haha

I got a ad that I had to go there did

not did not have to go there Johnny okay

look man you guys got to know where the

leads coming from and where what the

leads interested in and where are you

gonna take the lead okay you as a

business owner your job is to keep your

people excited to keep them trained keep

them motivated keep them inspired and

show them that all leads are good leads

good lead what is the bad lead how do

you transition a bad lead to a good lead

to hot lead by the way I'm not

interested lead is a level of interest

okay teacher people train your people

educate your people and most importantly

keep your people job and then get back

to work