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so look this week or this episode

shouldn't say this week right because we

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this episode number five here we're

going to talk about prospect CPR right

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owe them high so alright hey look in

this in this in this episode we're gonna

go over some of my favorite go to word

tracks and closes that that you know

really have helped me earn the nickname

hardcore closer and the ones that we're

gonna talk about today you're like

reviving deadly so just just to be clear

with like when it comes to dead leads

like when guys come and they join the

hardcore close organization they go to

sell our stuff we don't just give them

like the cream of the crop off the top

right that's how it sucks that it has to

say that but you got to earn those

leaves or I got to earn the Glengarry

leads right so we give people old leads

or dead leads I've been doing this since

2013 generating leads online I've been

doing this a lot longer obviously but

since 2013 I started generating leads

online so I've got woohoo forms and I've

got lead page fills out the details

filled out an a weber account from you

know 2013 so i have a ton of old leads

well you can't just call old leads out

of the blue and be like hey remember us

from 2013 right like you have to revive

old leads right through there's an

acronym that I call CPR and we'll get

into that later on here in the show

right but but many of us have old leads

and we don't have a way to go back and

really the money is in old leads but we

don't have a way to go back and so what

we do is we abandon the old leads and

they just sit there and

grow old right but here's the thing

about old leads like they were there

there's still a lead right so let's just

take old out of the equation or aged out

of the equation but there's still a lead

there's still a need where am I trying

to rhyme here isn't well planned

out like that it just happened there's

still a need there most like because if

you're like me and you feel like you

sell the best stuff on the planet right

then then whatever it is that they

bought even if they bought the second

best it's still you know that their

need is for what I what you have right

in my case I feel like they know mine I

know that they need my right and

I'm convicted with that I wouldn't put

something out that's not the best right

so CPR again is an acronym as a way to

revive these old leaves we're getting

that here in a couple couple minutes but

here's the other thing about old eases

is sales people are a they think that

they're no good so they don't call them

they have no idea what the last sales

person said to them like well I don't

know what this dude said to them so what

if I get myself caught in a jam or wreck

or whatever the case and so people just

like they just like leave them there let

them get old you know like your sales

manager might tell you go make some

phone calls

go call these old leads make some calls

let's get it we're like dude like huge

you're just like kind of left to the

wild when my system over at Harper

closed we plug somebody and we give them

our show up and close program you can

check that out at by show up in clothes

calm be you I show up and clothes calm

that's our sales training program we

make them buy that first important once

they got to buy the program then they

got to take it and then they start

selling our stuff right well in that

program there there's a lot about what

I'm gonna talk about today the age lead

and revival and the way that I came

across this is it just you know I'm

always thinking of creative ways to get

back in front of people a lot of

salespeople are scared to follow up

Robert when you say that's the number

one fear in sales follow up without a

doubt man well I have this theory people

don't follow up with people that they

don't make good first impressions with

and most salespeople don't make good

first impressions or don't impress upon

the prospect enough that be

impressionable and so they just don't

follow up right and then they become

forgetful then the leads become old

leads right and so I like follow-up

and so but what I like to follow up the

way that the prospect likes me to follow

up so I'm not just gonna follow up

somebody be like yell buy my you

know hey it's me again are you ready to

buy yet hey yo you buy it enough right

like I'm not trying to be like that

right so what I'm trying to do is find

innovative ways that they will enjoy for

me to get back in front of them and hey

by the way while I'm here can I get some

business right so I had it we were

talking about you know the five steps to

build a pipeline in the the previous

show and I'm show number four and in

that one of the things that I did in the

beginning was I used the company stamp

machine I wouldn't got postcards from

Vistaprint this is pre like internet


we got postcards from Vistaprint and I

dived my dog pink and I took a picture

of me and this pink dog and I mailed

them out to every female every lady

woman realtor whatever in a county right

so all these chicks got this like card

with like handsome zoomin and a peak dog

and the phone ring and the phone didn't

ring with oh my god can I give you all

my loan business the phone ring with hey

how'd you get your dog pink like that is

that Photoshop or whatever which led me

into conversation which allowed me to

get in front of them which allowed me to

close them right and these were people

that I was able to get in front of so

the reason why I say all that is after I

made that first conversation about the

dog I still had to find ways to follow

up with them right when I worked for

Texas lending calm great place did a lot

of leads but we got so many leads I was

getting 10 to 15 leads every single day

it became hard for me to keep up with

all of them right I couldn't follow up

with all of them that back then in those

days there weren't autoresponders and

all the things that or if they were

there we didn't know about them I should

say that and so I had this this is how I

came up with this whole process right I

had this old man named Bob bolt that

worked for me I've talked about him in a

previous episode as well too you

probably hear lots of stories about a

little bomb but Barnaby used to call the

old leads right so we would get leads

from Lending Tree lower my bills all

these places right and Bob would call

the old leads after they've been sitting

around for two or three months maybe we

fired another sales guy because he

wasn't close with leads and obviously if

he was getting leads and not closing

them he just the people on the phone

they just need to meet a salesperson

that was all so I'd have Bob call him

and what Bob would say is like hey

Bob bolt over here at the customer

satisfaction Department you have five

seconds to take this six question survey

real quick and I mean they'd say 30

seconds or whatever not five but it's a

you got 30 seconds take this success

room survey see how happy you are with

the service is over here so we got the

leads from lower my bills we'd say lower

my bills we got the lead through Lending

Tree would say Lending Tree if they came

direct to Texas any we'd say Texas

lending right because we that's where

they they were familiar with that brand

and what channel they came through so

we'd ask them the questions like you

know did you even end up closing on a

house did you end up refinancing did you

what interest rate did you get what were

your total closing costs are you happy

with the experience what company do you

go for and then the last question was if

we could beat all those numbers and

still close on time would you be willing

to do business with us

nice right here you got a 6% interest

rate $1500 of closing cost if I could

give you 5 and 3/4 with $1000 and

closing costs would you rather do

business with us we close in the same


we come back they were dead they were

already like this a fish on somebody

else's hook that just happened to swim

into my hook and fall on my line do we

did these all day matter of fact at

first my boss would get upset at me the

the sales manager Rob because we weren't

calling leads as heavily we were just

emailing them because the truth is we

wanted to go ahead and shop around

because we could we're closers as soon

as as soon as the prospect said yeah I'd

be interested into talking I'm on the

phone to me and they never even called

their other loan officer ever again it's

something to have the cavers number

transferred over because they met a

salesperson but so but to all the other

salespeople those were dead leads nobody

warning oh we didn't even need new

leads because we just go back cleaning

house and it wasn't just there when I

went to work for another mortgage

company for about a month the CEO the

mortgage company fired me because my

check was about twice the size of his

and I think he couldn't afford to

continue paying me like that which is

weird enough right his margins weren't

big enough for what he was expected on

his warehouse line it happens

but anyway you know we did I did the

same thing there mean another dude I had

the other dude call him with my script

and then I was the person that closed

when they said yes dude we made a

killing and so I know that works let's

talk about old leads here how to revive

them the C and C PR is contact now again

just like I said in the last episode

when you're reaching out to people it's

never just

hey man this is what I do now just want

to let you know do you have any business

I can have like that's how you get

referrals right what you do is you reach

reach out to him and you let them know

that there's been a change the person

that was previously assigned to their

file has left and you just wanted to

touch base and see if there is anything

that they needed or if they're in any

situation of their situation has changed

right the biggest thing like in my

business I sell sales training I sell

how to make money basically right so

when we call people if they applied a

year ago we follow up with everybody for

ever buy or die right when when we call

somebody from a year ago we ask them so

in the year that we've been trying to

contract you what's changed have you met

this XYZ goal will you put down on the

sheet here no what are you gonna do to

meet it this year then we'll do the same

things I did last year oh really gonna

do the same that you haven't been

able to get it to so far you're gonna do

that look me and let us help you right

but the first thing that we do is we

contact them right because if you don't

make contact with the old leads then

they're never gonna buy from you they

just continue to age and then the next

thing after we make contact is I let

them know that the the lead has changed

hands right so are our sales staff lets

them know that the lead has changed

hands that person is no longer with us

because then that person can go good

because I've been willing to buy your

ship for forever but he's a

idiot right like like that might be the

response you get sometimes good because

I didn't like that sales person anyway

I'm glad you fired him right that

automatically gives you a bond with them

yes they were terrible they should have

closed you six months ago I apologize

but I'm here now to solve your problems

please tell me which brings us to P

which is problem search right the way

that you find people's problems isn't by

talking to them we've talked about this

in every damn episode that I've done of

this so far but my promise search you

asked questions and shut your mouth

he who does the least amount of talking

makes the most amount of commissions so

once you contact them you asked him is

the XYZ problem that you imply it

inquired about in the first place has

that been solved well what measures have

you taken since you applied here to

solve that problem and how have those

failed you not what worked about them

what worked if they weren't we

wouldn't be having this conversation he

would say everything's perfect and hung

up on me right

but I'm gonna ask what doesn't what

didn't work where did they fail you I'm

gonna use that specific word trite where

did those what the other measures that

you've done to solve this problem where

do you believe they failed you because

that's exactly what they did and I want

to twist that knife and let that is it

we hate that word failure hate

it embrace it though because if you're

gonna be successful you got to embrace

it but most people hate it they fear it

and so when you use that word they have

to admit that they did fail didn't

work well that's not really failure like

yeah yeah it is its failure broke

sorry to tell you yeah there's no

denying that

but anyway so from there I'm gonna let

them know that they failed at it right

and then they're usually gonna tell me

why they fail that it pretty openly and

so from there I'm learning the things

that I got learning their problem I'm

learning the real reason right the real

reason they showed up on my car Lots not

because they need a new car because

they're about to have a kid they got to

get rid of the Mustang and trade it in

for a fusion right the real reason

they're calling me about their mortgage

refinance isn't because they want to

save $200 a month it's because their kid

is about four years away from college

and they don't have a dime put back in

his for in his college pay plan

the reason they're reaching out to me is

it because they want me to sell them a

house because they just decided to up

and pack all their little boxes be

miserable and cussing each other for

three days and make a trip across

country from one place to another no

it's because their son has asthma and

they're relocating over to the desert

where he can breathe clearly and they

just want to make sure that it's as

smooth and easy as possible to make the

trip from South Carolina to the desert

whatever right but if you don't problem

search if you don't find that you can't

figure out you compare your product the

trip will be right pair your product

with their problem but if you don't find

their problem if you don't ask some

questions and and really when you're

going through CPR you contacted them

you're doing the problem search you're

trying to find out if the problem that

they had whenever they were a new lead

it's still the existing problem that

they have now that they're an old lead

and if it is that is a gold lead right

because they like it's six months and

your still up right well

what all have you done to fix that geez

really tell me more so what are you

gonna do in the future oh really well

how does that work it sounds like you

just be repeating the same thing over

and over you know that's what crazy

people do they've got pills for that

but if you don't uncover those problems

you don't ask questions you never know

and our recommend the solution well

here's the deal I know you've got this

problem the problem hasn't changed in

six months the solutions still the same

we've got a sales funnel DFA digital

comm you can watch video within an hour

have all of your stuff set up running

everything else within an hour have a

sales funnel that spits out leads at

twenty-five dollars a day six to seven

leads a day like clockwork if you just

follow the program you can quit bitching

about your problem you can quit saying

you don't have leads you can quit saying

that you don't have people to talk to

that you're good salespeople you just

you're a good salesperson you just need

somebody else to talk to you here's a

way that for 997 you can solve that

problem you would have paid this 997 six

months ago you to get been paid for the

last five months the way that you wanted

to versus sitting here now we're six

months later

now you're six months broker and now

you're having to make a tougher decision

I'm gonna recommend the solution for you

see that's the conversation you have

with these old leads it's like hey the

old leads are the best right because if

they haven't got their problem solved

their wide open for the take it

and guess what most salespeople don't

follow up we already discussed that in

the beginning so most old leads are wide

the open I want you to think about

something for a minute unless you're

driving we're on a treadmill close your

eyes and imagine all these leads that

you have that you haven't followed up

with because you know they're out there

don't you lie to me don't you lie to

yourself be honest with yourself there's

a ton of leads that you ain't

following up with there's a lot of money

you're leaving on the table they're all

out there choking they just need you to

give them some CPR that's it all out

there choking waiting on you to come

revive them come bring them back from

the dead and solve their problem right

their problem is they're choking these

are gonna get you to do the Heimlich

maneuver on them and put them right back

to normal life the way everything is

happy and they feel good again right but

if you don't contact them find their

problem and recommend your kid is the

solution they're not gonna come back

right they're gonna choke and die that's

not good right we always want everybody

to buy we don't want them to die that's

just our we say buy our die right it's

salespeople but dead prospects don't do

us any good

dead leads don't do us any good

can become gold leads like I talked

about dead prospects no good so hey if

you dig this again like I said in the

beginning we got magnetic media just go

over to hardcore closer calm look under

products for sale it's a very top and

pull up magnetic media it's 27 bucks I

got books for sale on Amazon like over

there to Amazon's type in my name Ryan

Suman or typing hardcore closer three

books pull-up business book that's

business book I got is bullet fruit

business if you want to read the story

about my life by hardcore closer if you

want to be really cool and awesome and

look impressive in front of all your

friends buy 10 copies of all three books

cuz kick ass take names email addresses

and phone number is the bomb diggity as

well listen today my challenge to you

and you get to work or tomorrow if

you're listening this in the night time

you're about to go to work man go get

those old leads and get your paycheck

right go get in contact with the old

leads close them make some commissions

from them and then go get you something

nice right you smart you buy a whole fam

you buy your whole family a house right

like by DJ Khaled thing but but but for

the fruits of your labor treat yourself

something nice right go out there make

commissions from from leads that you

thought were dead that you couldn't

close and then reward yourself because

what happens is you and I'm not saying

go by yourself like you know 10,000

whatever man if you sell NetJets that

maybe your team make a bunch of money

right depend on what you sell go out

there buy something that's applicable

something that makes you feel good now

that way you start getting that

association old leads gold leads

for me oh the gold leash it for me right

like old leads or good leads and and

then they were always rewarding yourself

with every one of them that you close

that away it'll encourage you

psychologically like Pavlov's dogs to go

out there and make some more of those

calls to old leads so that you can make

some more closes while everybody else

abandons their their commands so

anything you want to add before we hop

out of here Robert man great episode bro

like that so cool I think we kept it

within 20 minutes - that's right man ok

so hey find me click socio yxo comm port

slash closer fine Robert the producer

and click so comport /rw and that's it

for us posers let's go make some sales