Setup the Action of your Guitar in 3 minutes | Strings height

hi folks mrs. Geller after flu and I'm

back I'm back with a new video I will

show you the craziest easy way to set up

the action of your guitar this came up

from a friend with a viewer just follow

the video you will be able to get the

most comfortable and lowest action ever

in two minutes sit down relax follow me

let's start so as you see I have the

guitar here which I placed on a cup of

the first fret and I have the neck

laying on two books that I put you know

on a table under the tablecloth and then

I have this part of the necklace portion

of the neck you know overlapping outside

the books here and then here I have the

allen key that I will use to lower and

raise the settle here on the settle of

the strings to rise the strings aid you

know so if I turn it clockwise I will

rise the aid if I turn it

counterclockwise I will lower the aid of

the strings as you see I have a fidelity

card in my hand so this is a typical

fidelity card of thickness of a credit

card so is actually 0.76 millimeters

what I will do is I will put this one

under the strings under the strings over

the 12th and 13th fret just like this

look but what I have to do is take two

pieces of additive paper but I will

place in the middle of the side of the

credit card here and on the other side

here what we do now is a very simple

thing we will band with our fingers the

fidelity card so it matches the radius

the art of a threat board like this you

know it must be you know it must match

perfectly fit the edges of a fret board

over the 12 and 13 fret and then we will

fix it below with the

heads of paper like this so it perfectly

lays on the tress with the same radius

the same arc what we're going to do now

is simply lower or rise the settle here

so the a height of the strings here

by using the proper Aniki as I showed

before to get the lowest possible string

action without passing here on the

fidelity card let me show you how I do

it all you have to do is pluck the

string lightly very very soft touch like

this okay and lower the saddle both the

screws here the allen screws at the same

amount and then tune up to get the

lowest possible string action without

passing here on the fidelity card let me

show you how I do it remember to tune

back every time this is the correct eye

for the Eastern E and then you repeat

the same thing throughout all the other

strings this is B remember you have the

couple at the first fret so you are

actually half step over the standard

tuning so this one is not an E but it's

the F if by chance once you place your

credit card under the strings you here

your string revenue stream buzzing on

the credit

which means that originally the action

of your guitar was lower than it should

be all you have to do is you know you

place the allen key on the proper seven

for example in this case the e strings

and you rise it a bit so how to turn on

both the key here then you play back

again and then you turn back and then

you see that it doesn't rattle normal

anymore doesn't last no more and you get

the proper action so we are at the end

of the video I hope you enjoyed this one

just you know for each step that I took

and you will be perfectly able to

reproduce what I did and then I get the

most comfortable and Louis action

possible folio guitar in really to free

means no more let me know your comments

and let me know how you managed it