VIETNAM's Most INCREDIBLE Adventure | HaGiang Loop

are you sick and tired of going on

boring vacations have you swam in enough

blue ass water and walked on enough

white ass sand well I know the perfect

adventure for you come on down to

northern Vietnam and do the Husein loot

five days filled with adventure and some

of the most incredible sights you will

ever see so get your ass off the couch

and we'll see you in huh Zhuang now I

just need a crew


oh yeah you go ahead flip yeah yeah

everybody gonna tell you how to be

so today is the big day we are about to

Trek for the next five days maybe more

maybe less we don't know we have no set

plans but we're going to be on an

adventure you ready for this man dude

I'm so stoked so stoked

unfortunately they said that it usually

rains in the mornings and in the

evenings but hopefully once it's the

afternoon the Sun comes out and we get

some sunshine you want to be on YouTube

well why should I say okay yep hello you

are I'm Jill from Vietnam in house and

when you come to house on you contact me

I help you travel around huzzah it's a

free amazing to meet you nice to meet

you yeah we were told that if you come

to house I'm to do the loop that you

have to stay a little lillas in Lila in

and they are so helpful you get your

bikes here you could say the night great

today and just the staff is amazing



so after only about 30 minutes of

driving it just got so mind-blowing so

quick I feel so excited but then also a

little bit anxious because I just want

to stop every two seconds to take in

this view this is absolutely incredible

there's so many little villages that you

drive through - with all the Vietnamese

people it's just the happiest I think I

felt while traveling and the longest

time what do you think Bobby my mind's

blown like this is unbelievable we're

just like 45 minutes outside the city -

which is unbelievable

like it it's so cool that this is here

it's so beautiful I've like goose bumps


okay so we just made it to the first

city and we can't find the home say

we're supposed to stay at tonight we

just drove down this like sidewalk thing

for the past couple minutes

Gabe is down there there's like some

sketchy pathway down there and

supposedly that's where the the homestay

is you said yeah there's a sign that

says it guys this is crazy we got lost

for another five minutes in these tiny

Street I don't know where gave me

somewhere back there then some guy

didn't speak much English he took the

bike for my body thanks for taking it

that way it was crazy

that was insane well thank you for

riding my bike okay so we made it to our

room and we got the VIP room for about

15 dollars total and what's so VIP about

this place is not this nice coat rack

but look at this bathroom

there's not even a shower it's just a

bathtub update look what gave the

engineer just found out it's not just a

sink it's a two-in-one

okay I was like when I saw this on the

wall you put that there you want to wash

your hands

my head and you got this thing right

here baby

Wow did ya know this is next level


good morning from northern Vietnam and

dates you on this housing luke trek this

is what we are waking up to today it is

absolutely stunning but unfortunately

it's foggy again but hopefully the Sun

will will finally peak through today




please your feet together

we could be

so we make it all the way up this hill

over here Bobby realizes that he's out

of gas so we drove all the way back down

and now he has this 8 year olds of

filling up his gas tank all right back

on the road


this is what I like to call Vietnamese

heaven right now we are just surrounded

by all these beautiful flowers and in

the clouds overlooking the mountains

this is unreal

every few seconds that we're driving you

just want to stop and capture what we're

seeing log that both of us are saying

it's just like the same word of unreal

that's gonna have like 80 clips of being

like this is so unreal so today - we did

not ride - along today it is only about

2 p.m. and we made it to the next city

we didn't do too many stops because it

is freezing outside it's about 45

degrees but when you're driving about 40

miles per hour

it just is horrible you can't throw your

hands I can't feel my feet very happy to

be here now

enjoying some delicious hot food I'm so

happy right now


okay guys it is day three and it is

unfortunately cold and cloudy yet again

and yesterday and today we are up in the

mountains as you see we're above the

clouds and it's quite freezing up here

we're doing this in February where it's

supposedly the dry season but also it's

fairly cold and it's not very dry as

well so the trivet is starting out to a

rough but adventurous start like look at

what we have behind me this looks

absolutely insane it almost looks like a

volcano with all the smoke just rising

up passing by every couple minutes it's

it's absolutely breathtaking Bobby you

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that's gonna get you that right watch

when you hit it it's gonna be thanks to

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followers that now is I'm gonna the only

reason why I even have this opportunity

is because of Brett Conti right here the

first three videos I'm like four videos

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camera it's true

I gave you my camera to start yeah you

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so we just found the best restaurant in

town this is way weights a high place

she saved the day she brought over a

heater and now we're nice and toasty now

we're gonna have some delicious food all

thanks to fight so for the fourth night

of this check we are at probably because

and most unique hostel I've ever say

that we are now in do Jia which is this

village just in the middle of the

mountains but check out this place we're

at right here gave what do you think of

the do Jia homestay the GG homestay this

place is literally a treehouse I was not

expecting this when they recommended it

to us in in ha Jiang what alright let's

give you guys a little tour so

downstairs this is just wide open

luckily it's a lot warmer here and we

have all the tables we're about to have

dinner in a little bit they have a pool

table as well there's the front desk but

now let's let's show you guys our

private rooms and you have to be careful

here because they built this for people

that are under like 5 5 ok so here is my

room right here check this out there's

literally just like a little bed with

some wood some holes in the ground this

is gonna be a great night and then also

if we walk over here we have the


let's have to uh be careful you don't

slip through the ground that's here we

have the nice stone bathroom

when you come out to this beautiful view

the bathroom is really nice

I know the bathroom is really nice

so this is Tuan is this your hostel yeah

my homestay yeah yeah and he is going to

be taking us now to where we're gonna

have dinner and he said that you guys

got something cool planned for us

something nice it's my parent house oh

yeah yeah amazing let's go off the

Tuan's parents house we go let's go guys

did you build that hostel about almost

500 yeah oh wow this house I was not

expecting this this is so cool this

really is like the best place we've ever

stayed on I think any of our trips yeah

oh this one over here is told us really

about Vietnamese culture which is you

know drunk no go home no drunk no go

home and we are a odd shot number five

of this rice wine sharing with you the

squad so we're now on shot number seven

I don't want to be rude so we have to

take every single shot that Swan tells

us that we have to yeah you have to do

this like you must have do humans doing

one by one one by one everybody over


twenty-five percent alcohol that's way

more than any shot



the Vietnamese really know how to drink

it was a rough it was rough last 12


yeah and Bobby came home and he posted a

video not sober at 2:30 in the morning

so the story the story goes I was

incredibly tired from the drunk passed

out 2:30 woke up started editing until

5:30 then uploaded the video at 5:30 the

story of of a youtubers life that blog

life at Broadway I don't know what your

dad puts in that corn wine but 20 shots

in we were feeling nice just want to

thank you for an amazing night yes that

was unreal that was made this trip so

special so thank you so much for

welcoming us in to your home and showing

us the Vietnamese culture and also you

have a beautiful hostel here for

everyone watching who is doing this

check you have to come to Gigi's hostel

and stay with Tuan yeah thank you again

dude and we will see you next time yeah

see you


so we just drove only about three

kilometres up the road and we made it

here to me out back the Sun is out

there's some blue skies and this is

probably the best view that we have seen

on this whole trip so I'm so glad that

we waited this long for the Sun to come

out and we are here for this this is


unlike anything else I've ever seen it's

kind of like a mixture between what you

see in Switzerland but the more exotic

Southeast Asia Vietnam version wow this

is amazing





oh my gosh guys that was mad that was

easily the sketchiest ride I've ever

done on a motorbike and now this may be

the sketchiest climb I've ever done

we're currently uh hiking up here it's

good all the way over here on this like

hanging off rock and then this is our


this is absolutely breathtaking and also

such an adrenaline rush holy [ __ ]

the the real gnarly part is only just

that all these rocks could as easily

crumble all the way down like a thousand

feet so I had to be careful are you

doing Bob you're not going up on it I'm


hi man this right here this is a great

view shot it's a shot not for me there

ya go to go to brett County in to

sonogram to get those gnarly shot it is

beautiful but it gets even more

beautiful yeah yeah that is crazy dude


the sketchiest thing about this is that

it rains yesterday so everything is mud

so slippery so how to make sure you have

hand grips put these guns to use you

know sorry mom

this is so sketchy look at how muddy it

is oh my god it looks crazy from filming

you from back there but now that I'm up


my heart's pumping dude ah coming in

hold out this up big ape just leave it

roll dude I have his little foot step

right here it's and then there's nothing

dude like oh no don't do that way oh my


I'm holding on hold on dude wow so what

I did was you hold on to that rock that

you're holding on to and just be super

careful cuz it's all muddy right there

yeah I know once you're past the mud

it's okay they call him Bret Conte Bret

context in that little breeze feels like

it's comes out of thousands per hour


we did is wrong


after five days we have now completed

the ha Jang Lou no photo nor video not

even this vlog will do just this to you

how incredible of an experience this was

all the views that we got to see the

amazing Vietnamese locals all the other

travelers just made this trip so special

and it feels so weird to like be back in

a city right now because for the past

five days we'd go hours without seeing

anyone else but that's gonna be it for

this video and I will see you guys next