The Infamous Ma Pi Leng Pass of the Ha Giang Loop

beautiful and terrified all of the same


good morning guys so today is an

exciting day because we're finally going

from Donvan to mio vac I promise you

guys doesn't give you guys a hostel and

room tour and this is what we got for

two hundred and fifty thousand dog which

comes out to roughly about nine and ten

US dollars sorry that it's so messy we

are kind of in the middle of a time

crunch so we're trying to get our bag to

have as soon as possible so being on the

road that's the thing I need to cup of

coffee so as you can see bed one bed two

giants dancing space and then big old

bathroom then I can also dance and


now let's see what the boys are up to

creating a net backrest for the rest of

the day I'm all about it yeah no

thankfully we don't have everything we

own we left one bag because I would cry

if we had three bags of time here not

you yeah you should cry

he has three bags


so I think we came to a stop in the road

but have no idea why Oh actually I do

it looks like a landslide that's

actually something you guys got to worry

about when you come here and especially

during monsoon season when it's all

raining the landslides here are horrible

like there are boulders the size of my

body just yeah I'm just laying there and

you're like that had to fall down yeah

and here's our caravan say hi guys we've

literally been travelling with them for

two weeks and one day and I think we're

gonna keep them I give them back

no return

I stuck with it now merely joy now can

we hold them out like that but we've

been going fast just trying to drive

more I made worse at night

the scooter doubles as a dryer

absolutely hold one back because my

backside she went from them oh no

there's a traffic jam so I'm gonna go

and investigate naturally I have to go

over this barrier first

doing good very good thank you

looks like you're leveling out the road

and I'm in the way of this giant I don't

know rock crusher that's about to pass

on the right behind me

I think they're trying to level out the

road everything we're about to go

through right now is pure

this may have been a dirt road before

but it looks like they've just got a

whole ton of rocks lay them down

stone crushers if you know what this

actually called go ahead and put it in

the comments below but have no idea I'm


it seems to be working but there's a

huge traffic jam literally like they

have barrier set up there's people

waiting on the other side as a matter of

fact our crew the way over there I'm

just a menace and do what I want so I

came over here but they're not bad


I'm about to go tell the gang that this

doesn't look like it's gonna be done

anytime soon

but you could go and see them in the

meantime guys on another note this whole

entire Drive has been so beautiful but I

am very grateful because this is the

first bit of sunshine that we've had

honestly in days it normally it takes

people just a couple of days to make it

through dawn van and Tamiya vac but we

ended up just staying here because the

weather has been so awful rainy and then

there's no point right like you go on

the house on loop because you want it to

be beautiful you want to see incredible

views and you can't really see views if

it's pouring rain here we go with that

barrier again Talco so guys what do you

think of the situation nothing we can do

at the moment we were just saying even

if we've got half hour earlier and set

off we've still been exactly the

disposition so or we or we would have

been trying to cross something that

wasn't a road should I break the news

now or should I break it later what do

you mean to tell them now this ain't

gonna be done in time soon they

literally have people excavating the

side of the road handpicking all of the

little rocks and then throwing it into

the middle of the road and they're only

like two-thirds of the way through the


I'm here


I was pooping myself that whole time

that was not a road I repeat not a road

so I start out a couple times just cause

like we're about to go and I was just

like nope letting me caught you go but I

think David do the same thing yeah

they're still back there I'm gonna go

check on them y'all right


the whole goodness with the wait so I

had to get up and walk ready yeah let's

do it


so we've literally stopped off on the

side of the road and I don't think I've

ever seen a prettier view in my life

everyone said that like you need to make

you the me Novak you need to make it to

me oh vac but not worry about the town

worry about the ride over and I

completely understand why literally as

you're driving through it's nothing but

incredible cliffsides there's a river in

between and then like you can see all

the clouds just like rising with the Sun

oh my god this is something out of a

storybook and it is so worth it and it

is so terrifying to drive by because

look at the median that's right it's

just like systemic concrete blocks with

large gaps in between it's okay no

worries and people are flying around the

mountain anyways back to the wonderful

view alright so after taking plenty of

selfies we are gonna hop back on the

bikes cuz I think we're gonna wait till

a little later when this gets all lit up

cuz right now it's just kind of lighting

up the road but later hopefully that's

gonna be even prettier which it's kind

of hard to imagine and sorry for like

the woolly mammoth beard I definitely

left my trim in Hanoi and didn't expect

to get this unruly I am so afraid of

heights literally just being near this

edge I'm like nauseous and not about it

so I told Daniel move to this side of

the road because I'm not getting on near

the edge



so guys I literally stopped at the side

of the road because I had to show you

the map feeling pass basically it is a

little teeny tiny road just etched on

the entire side of this cliffside I know

I don't know if I'm actually pointing to

it on the camera but it's that entire

edge and it just squiggles around the

mountains and then overlooks one of the

deepest gorges in all of Southeast Asia


alright guys time to start going through

the little edge strode along the cliff

side and that's pumped I'm pumped I

don't think well I'm just afraid of

heights if you're afraid of a ha if

you're afraid of heights

let me know in the comments below by

just typing in hashtag me too

number 2 that's a horrible user okay

hashtag hell no oh that's good one

if you're afraid of heights two just

type in the comments below hell no and

then I know that I won't be alone I'll

give it a little like if you do that

because I'll be like I understand

friends I get it

this is beautiful and terrify all of the

same time

mounted to overlay each other

so he stopped off at the Dongfang coffee

bar and the reason why we've come here

is because it looks over this incredible

Gorge behind me I'm not gonna lie it's

beautiful but kind of low-key stressful

at the same time


and then Lee I know Louis

yo-yo ma Victoria cone la cámara de yes

okay so we literally have only made it

like three minutes down the road a

because it's super fast

I literally just hold the clutch whole

time and we've been going like 60 70

kilometers an hour and I'm like oh but

we found this spot like you can see

where like all the mountains overlay

each other with a river going in between

and there's literally a coffee shop

right on the edge of it so we can just

sit drink our coffee and stare at it so

that's what we're gonna do yeah doing

left side better just don't drop

anything yet

oh my goodness oh look at this why do I

know some staple why don't you feel

stable because it moves yeah Wow

all righty friends well we've gotten her

coffees and we've literally just been

sitting and enjoying this view because

how could you not anyway like I told you

earlier this is called dong van coffee

and it was 30,000 so it's a little bit

more expensive than the average coffee

that you would buy in the cities but

you're also just paying for this

beautiful view and as we're speaking

right now and it could be because we've

commandeered the space but we're the

only people here so totally worth it

couldn't recommend it enough the

coffee's great views great companies

great it's a good day