10 minute Vocal Warm Up - Do this before you sing!



hello my love's this is Madeleine Harvey

this is Madeleine Harvey thanks so much

for hanging out with me today what I

thought would be wonderful per your

request is to put together a very basic

very gentle very easy quick warmup let's

say if you don't have a lot of time to

invest in a warm-up like what are some

really good essential things you must do

to get your voice ready to be used so if

you liked today's video please be sure

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you here more often so a couple of

things a couple of really wonderful

things that you want to make sure you

activate right before you sing is that

you activate breath and tone right so

those two things are what we're going to

be really focusing on today now you can

augment and modify a warm-up based off

of a particular style that you're

singing but this is all about keeping it

nice and easy today and again something

that you can quickly do if you don't

have a lot of time so how do you

activate breath well we want to make

sure that we activate the diaphragm in

an almost athletic way this involves

feeling in a little deeper and giving it

the primary responsibility for the sound

we want to encourage it to start

behaving right in a more committed more

engine like way so a really great way to

get it active is to create an S sound

for eight counts then hold the breath or

suspend it I prefer and then S for

another eight counts this will encourage

your diaphragm to stabilize to really

steady itself which will also in turn

give you a more consistent tone so

here's what we're gonna do we're gonna

ask for our eight counts we're gonna

suspend the breath meaning don't breathe

in don't breathe out and then we're

gonna s for another eight

counts you ready here we go take a

breath in

good good good good so you can feel that

as we lift that diaphragm we don't want

to give all of our breath away but we

lift it nice and steady and then we

suspend the diaphragm in a lifted

position what this is gonna do is it's

going to start communicating to your

brain when you saying that if you start

to feel that you don't have enough gas

in the tank to not pinch off at your

throat but continue to go to the

diaphragm go to the center of the body

for what you need let's try this again

excellent so your abs should be really

feeling it really encouraging that

diaphragm to lift from deep from the

inside now you don't have to force your

diaphragm to do anything it's just a

natural consequence of that S consonant

so to encourage a little bit of a

quicker response we're gonna change our

consonant to F so notice how the

diaphragm lifts a little quicker when we

say right good so we're just now we're

just gonna regular F pulse for just

eight now we're not going to suspend it

this time we're just gonna F pulse for

eight here we gonna breathe in good very

good now F pulse for eight hold for

eight let's see if we can manage that

good good now now your diaphragm is

awake it's understanding what's required

of it now we're gonna add tone to this

and we're gonna do it in a way that is

nice and gentle and can balance pressure

so there's not a better thing that

balances pressure in the vocal world

than a simple drill that you can do

tongue trill well you can do lip trill I

prefer the lip trill but I'll let you

decide what's right for you so we're

gonna pulse on a single pitch five times

now you want to make sure that movement

is coming from the center of your body

so we'll go okay feeling that gentle

almost like we're babies bouncing around

in our little bouncers so here we go now

we're gonna start middle C guys if you

want to start an octave below that's

peachy keen fine with me here we go




are you hearing that speed the diaphragm

is now behaving in a way that's more

agile quicker giving you a lot more

flexibility and adaptability and

flexibility when you say




well again really feeling that almost

athletic approach to the center of your

body you want to be able to communicate

that it's the center of the body where

all that power comes from but now that

we've activated a diaphragm and we've

post giving it a little bit more speed

now let's get some tone in this mother

so what I want to do today I figured

what would be most value for you guys is

to sink the sink mechanism with the

speak mechanism really feeling at least

in your warm-ups that they they sort of

feed off of each other they take their

cues from each other so we're just going

to chew a nice somewhat narrow somewhat

closed tone to really encourage air

pressure now Tom consistency is kind of

just the art of balancing air pressure

between the nose and the mouth

so this chewing is a wonderful way to

feel the influence of both the nose and

the mouth

that way we're never uh we're not

pushing from our throats and we're not

oh we're not flipping if we don't intend

to flip we know how to balance that bear


so we're gonna say yum yum yum why um

but we're gonna be very quick to close

that tone like yeah mm-hmm

very quick to close it this is just

gonna give your voice something to hold

on to which is that in constant we're

just gonna think of it as like chewing

which also gives the job tongue and

throat something to do that is not

interfering with your voice a really

great way to ease ourselves into this

this absurd but kind of awesome fun

exercise it's to pretend that we have to

communicate with each other and let's

say we're frustrated or annoyed and the

only word that we have in our language

is YUM how might we convey our

frustration or

annoyance if the only word we have is

young we might go yum yum yum yum yum

yum right so this is just again speak

mechanism into sink mechanism really

getting us focused on that that feeling

of balancing that air pressure and

getting it out and away from us

so now let's let's just play with this

together let's just be silly together so

now I'm gonna be annoyed yum yum yum yum

yum yeah right yum yum yum yum yum yum

yum yum yum right now as I'm just

playing with this I'm feeling the

influence of both my nose and my mouth

and one is not working harder than the

other they're both holding equal

importance so now let's put this in an

exercise so ladies if this is too much

free jump in when it feels a little bit

more but I want us to pretend again that

we're just we're being playful we're

conveying something but the only thing

that we have to say is yum yum yum

this will mimic music using rhythm pitch

and dynamics which is music



there's a lot of fun but once we've

activated the diaphragm

we've pulsed that quick twitch and now

we've balanced our tone your voice is

ready to be used so thank you so much

for hanging out with me today guys if

you've liked this video please be sure

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see you here more often but thank you

again for hanging out with me today I

hope you've enjoyed this warmup and I

will see you next time bye laughs