Professional Vocal Warmup 1 - "Opening Up The Voice"

hi I'm Eric arsenal and welcome to your

a approach daily vocal warmup I'm gonna

make this intro very quick yes I am a

professional vocal coach slash vocal

health consultant you've seen my clients

and televised vocal competitions

you've seen them in lead roles on

Broadway and they're signed to a

plethora of major record labels and now

I want to share with you some of the

exact same techniques that I use with my

professional clients this vocal warmup

consists of four videos and every single

video will have annotations on the side

one of these sides with intro

coordination and conditioning intro is

just me telling you the basic idea what

we're working on as well as the benefits

of whatever the exercise or technique is

for nations about how to actually do it

as well as common pitfalls that mini

vocalists encounter and ways to

troubleshoot and fix those issues and

coordination is the exercise itself

that's when you're ready to just get

right to it

especially after a few days of practice

you know what you want to do that's just

what you go to you just want to you know

condition your voice of course this

video has the additional welcome part to

it and after today you never have to

watch it again my advice to you is that

while it is tempting to go right to the

conditioning part then know that you

might be one of those who think well I

know how to do it watch at least for the

first week watch the coordination part

every single day I want to make this

very clear it's not enough to just go

through the motions your form and

technique is everything you would do

much more good for your voice by doing

five minutes of quality practice than 30

minutes of rushed hurried hurry

um half way practice you know what I

mean so pay attention to it form is

everything final thoughts for this

welcome number one do this every day it

is daily yeah

you want to go through the whole thing

every day effectively before I get any

emails about it number two this is good

for any genre any either sex it doesn't

matter if you sing rock music doesn't

matter if you sing gospel music vocal

warm-ups and vocal technique doesn't

necessarily work that way so it doesn't

matter if you guys I want to sing scream

oh I want to sing blues still do the

same thing this is about making your

voice healthy reliable and that's pretty

much that but uh and making it more

powerful so keep that in mind so without

further ado let's go on to the actual

lesson part of the video oh and I almost

forgot if you're interested in taking

one on one lesson to myself or one of my

associate coaches go to a approached

comm for skype lessons or in-person

lessons or find out when I'll be in your

city or country with my book workshop

tours okay that's it


we're gonna start with a body warmup and

I know that some vocalists that will

seem strange because your vocal cords

are here your diaphragms around here but

the rest of your body muscles affect

your vocal cords in your diaphragm

immensely we've all experienced the

tight throat we hate it we we know what

it feels like to not have this helping

us we hate that we know about tension in

the shoulders we've got to release up

here and engage down here and this video

is going to help you to do that

the body warm-up reduces strain it

improves fullness in the upper range

making belting a lot easier and it helps

to eliminate vocal fatigue one more

special note don't let the simplicity of

these exercises fool you they are really

easy to do they're really easy to give

but before you just brush them off as

being too simple or too silly try them

once if you're in the privacy of your

home nobody even has to know the worst

case scenario you'll waste 5-10 minutes

of your life and I'm sorry because you

don't get it back but the truth is it

works I promise you so do this stuff and

then sing a little song that you've sung

a billion times before and notice how

different it feels as well as how much

better it sounds it works don't be

fooled by the weirdness welcome it

welcome the weirdness it's yours use it

we're gonna release some body tension

starting with the throat okay so what I

want you to do is yawn yes

I know it can be hard to yawn on command

but I want you to try you've been

yawning all your life you know how to do

this and you have the ability to trigger

it it's just an ability that you may not

have made use of because you may not

have had to but I want you to try it now

and as you yawn I want you to pay

attention to the inside of your throat

because you can keep you on and as I

talk just yawn and pay attention that's

stretching feeling it's not the throat

notice how your airway and your throats

mixtures completely releases this is not

the way I want you to sing but just as a

warm-up exercise you can really release

a lot of tension up here and it can also

help to release diaphragm of it so I

want you to get this yarn and allow the

throat space to just open up use it a

few more times if you want if you want

to pause the video you can not we can

just keep going the other thing is yes

we want this to be relaxed but we want

this to engage when I say this I mean

the lower abdominal muscles well low

chest low abdominal muscles your sides

your back ribcage muscles we want to

feel it down here we don't want this to

squeeze and tightened up but we do want

this to reflexively do it it's not

something I want you to force to happen

is something I want you to allow to

happen so for that I wanted it to a

gentle a chisel chancel call so we're

gonna coffee at leas if we're clearing

our throats like

and I want you to be aware of what

happens that is muscular region you

should feel some little contractions

super gentle now not so gentle with

where you can't feel it but just enough

again you feel it

we just reminding your body this is what

I want and so what I want you to do now

that we're moving on to some light

gentle lip rolls I want you to focus on

letting the throats face stay relaxed

and allowing the body to work so throat

is relaxed and the body gets to work a

little bit we don't need this if you

relax the shoulders if you relax the


this will join in so let's start let's

make some sound with it so what we're

gonna do is a lip roll in case you're

not familiar

instead of ah we do we're now actually

gonna even do any skills right now we're

just gonna take a breath let it come out

lip roll try it just just where it's

comfortable no particular note you don't

to match mine oh just a comfortable

within your speaking voice range good

now we're gonna work on teaching our

bodies to make the sound without

engaging the neck so you're gonna feel

stupid in case you're new to these

videos let me just say a lot of the

stuff you're gonna do is stupid at least

this house for us how it makes you look

but it works and when we're done you're

gonna be like oh that's amazing and so

just just be stupid with me for now

you'll reap the benefits I promise so I

want you to shake your head from side to

side like you're saying no I tell my

clients just think like you're in a

shampoo commercial be like we got

botanicals and stuff in your hair and if

your hair is this bouncy it's that

gentle shake it's not stiff this gentle

and I want you to lip roll with this I

want comfortable

and see if you feel these muscles

jumping in just a little bit if it'll be

more subtle than the COFF but you might

feel gentle contractions around the

abdomen the sides in the back I don't

want you to force it but you allow it to

happen good now let's play with the

range a little bit we're gonna go from

head voice down to chest voice

so from this voice down to this voice so

instead of ah we're gonna go try that

really gentle way to wake up your range

but I want you to add the head turn

thing no it's like the petrous head rub

your stomach thing

but distract those neck muscles and one

more time okay good

you'll also get used to me randomly

singing stuff um it happens and it's

contagious anyway let's move on so you

could do that longer if you want again

if it feels good then you could do more

it feels good well I get sued for using

that a little bit over there Tony Tony

Tony song I hope not um anyway so the

next thing we're gonna go to is going

from chest voice it's a head voice so

coin from the bottom voice up into the

top and this is normally where the

stress and the pressure comes where

people want to start to squeeze so I got

a little cure for that we're gonna hunch

our shoulders really high I know it

looks crazy and they're just gonna let

them flop and this is gonna simply

disengage those muscles these muscles

that want to try to stop you when you're

going up because everything is connected

if you start to tense here it's gonna

cause a chain reaction of tension it's

just going to stop everything so we're

gonna lift lift and then so just from

bottom to the top from chest voice up

it's ahead boys

it's like going uh-huh but we're doing

it with a lip roll just try that with me

while I'm talking so shoulders up and

you should feel like this is nothing

your voice moves in your upper

body does not so when you lift up

tighten up you know really good tight

and then just release completely

this let them plop so I'm not doing this

I'm not making them come down

no I'm tight and tight and tightening

and then I just let go I feel that plop

don't do this too much I don't want you

to dislocate your shoulders but just

let's do it one more time reach reach is

that simple that simple make sure

nobody's in front of you because if

stuff gets on it's embarrassing okay so

let's try that again lift lift lift good

last one hip sockets your pelvic floor

has more to do with your singing that a

lot of singers are aware of and a lot of

voice teachers give credit for we tend

to think of the diaphragm is being like

a stomach thing and the muscles of your

abdomen do help control the diaphragm

the muscle of your torso will help with

the diaphragm a lot and helps to

stabilize it and control it for singing

um and the pelvic floor is a part of

that torso muscle family that helps your

diaphragm to do what it has to do so if

we're tight in the hip sockets or in the

knees it again causes the chain reaction

of tightness so a simple solution is

we're just gonna do a slight Bend so the

same we did the shoulder drop and then

going up we're gonna you're gonna kneel

down so body goes down voice goes up

almost like being in a ballet class

only I might not be that graceful so

let's do it again again starting from

down and working our way on up that's

all we're doing alright even if you're

sounds weak even if your voice sounds

like you're starting down here and then

that's okay just keep practicing it make

sure you don't squeeze this alright so

again alright now we're gonna go from

head voice to chest voice so we're gonna

start up here and then work our way down

here but we're still gonna bend down why

because I don't want you to think of

reaching up for high notes because it's

a surefire way to clinch muscles

let me brace ourselves behind us when we

tighten up and then

participation then we just we tighten up

that's exactly we do I said it wrong we

tighten up in anticipation I don't want

you doing that I want you to think of

releasing let's just so sink to the

floor for the high notes Oh

let your voice go down with your body

and again it doesn't have to be that

strong oh that's fine but with the lip

roll oh why do I like adding lip rolls

engages the diaphragm in a wonderful way

and balances the pressure between the

diaphragm the vocal cords it really

teaches them to work together

harmoniously very easily any of these

exercises that we did feel free to do

longer if you go to this video again

just continue to do the particular

exercise or release maneuver while I'm

talking it's that simple if you want to

spend longer on any of these feel free

they're very gentle very easy to do um

they teach your body very foundational

things don't overlook the power of a

yawn don't let the simplicity fool you a

yawn is powerful a gentle cough to be

aware of these muscles is powerful lip

rolling and doing these weird movements

powerful sing the song that you always

sing like when I'm when you're done with

this video sing as long as you always

sing something that you're familiar with

something that you know how you sound

and you know how it normally feels and

watch how different it sounds and feels

just after doing this you might be

surprised and after you do that then

I'll see you in the next video