Vocal Warm Up Explained

hi everyone my name is Sam Johnson and

I'm a voice teacher I just wanted to

show you kind of what my daily warm-up

routine is like and talk through any of

the things that I do so that you can

understand why I do them I think a lot

of times with warmups people just go

through the motions rather than doing

things with intent so I hope that this

video kind of clears up why I would

choose a few exercises so I'm just going

to start with a bubble it I like bubble

lips because it helps you balance air

and muscle if the airflow is bad if it's

not consistent then your lips are going

to stop bubbling

so I'm just gonna start on


and as I do this I'm thinking about

letting myself slide up rather than go

interval to interval and what that does

it is allows my vocal cords to start

stretching out as I go to higher notes

because when I wake up in the morning

usually my vocal cords don't want to

stretch like that so this is a good

exercise to help


also as I do this I'm kind of using a

dumb sound I'm thinking of a dumb as my

vowel so it's like boom boom vs. and

what that does is it makes my larynx

suppress slightly because I have a

tendency for my larynx to rise when I

sing and that's not really the best

thing for it


good so all of that is feeling pretty

connected for me my spoken voice doesn't

feel great but singing feels pretty good

so now I'm gonna open it up to something

closer to a vowel using the same scale

pattern and about the same range so that

I'm not changing too many things at a

time because if I change more than one

thing at a time and then something goes

weird with my voice I won't really know

what happened because I changed two

things it could be one of either of them

if I change one thing at a time I can

make adjustments knowing what they're

going to do or at least what my

intention is so I'm gonna go to well

like I'm blowing out through a straw

it's kind of like an ooh


things are feeling pretty good they're

really slighty still but at the top I

feel a little bit of extra tension that

I don't want so I just I'm going to

start thinking about letting it go into

a smaller thinner place at the top and

just not push as much volume


also if I start feeling tension I'll

start moving my head around if my neck

muscles are more concerned with moving

my head side to side they don't get as

concerned with trying to help out the

important muscles with making sound

because these muscles that are required

to move your head around are not

required to make sound and so this just

gets them busy doing something else so

that I can isolate the muscles that are

actually working


and that's the g5 and I usually can't

get above that most days that felt

really good

it felt smooth but it's still not words

so I need to do another sound that'll

kind of help open it up to words I'm

going to choose a mum mum mum because I

like the way that the of owl makes

everything feel kind of forward in my

face while I'm singing mum that top

feels like it's almost gonna crack so I

just need to back off on it interesting

so what I found is that if I stopped

suppressing my larynx a little bit

through that it felt a lot easier


because I guess my larynx is staying

pretty neutral through that it doesn't

need to be suppressed the suppression

the door come domi sound is just to kind

of counteract one of my natural

tendencies which is for my larynx to

rise as I sing high notes


mom mom I'm gonna switch to no no no

because that o is a little bit rounder

in my lips and it's just starting to

feel a little out of control spread no

no no no no no no no no no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no no I

feel like that gives me some more

direction and power

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo noooo

noooo noooo noooo noooo

alright so now I've got some power and

I'm singing through a pretty wide range

but when I get up to the high notes it

doesn't feel great to just spend a lot

of time up there so I'm just gonna spend

some more time up there no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no nono

nono nono nono nono nono nono nono nono

nono nono nono nono nono nono nono nono

nono no no no no no no no no that's the

first one that felt really good so now

I'm just gonna try to lock in that

feeling no no no no no no no no no no no

no no no no no nono nono nono nono nono

nono nono nono nono nono nono nono nono

nono nono nono no no no no no no no no

no no no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no no no

no no no no no no no no no no no no no

you know sometimes when you're working

on just isolating one thing for a little

bit some bad habits will will slip in so

one thing that's really good for if your

vocal cords or one thing that's really

good if you start feeling a little bit

tight or tense at all as you're warming

up is just to take a little bit of a

break and drink some water and that

swallowing motion when you swallow your

larynx jumps up but then it resets and

there's something that just resets all

of that musculature about swallowing

good another thing is going back to

where you were a little bit more

comfortable so if you start doing an

exercise that starts feeling out of

control or something go back a step

start doing bubble lips again see if you

can get that feeling good and smooth



hmm it's not as smooth going up and so

I'm hearing a few little cracks I'm

gonna try to readjust so that I'm

thinking about it being more of a glide


and that fixed it


what I like about the ng is it brings my

tongue up it connects with the soft

palate and the back and forms a seal so

that all of the air goes through my nose

and one one of my tendencies is that I

get some tongue tension and that's a

pretty common thing so if I bring that

tongue up it opens up my throat there's

just not as much material back there

because the tongue is a huge muscle and

if it gets tight and wants to fall back

into your throat it's gonna take up all

of this space and that just doesn't feel

very good

so with this ng it gets it out of the

way now I'm gonna try to open it up to

something to a different vowel from that

ng and maintain the same feeling



I wanted to go to the e first because if

I can get through that I can get through

basically anything when I opened it up

to the air it became easier because of

the volume I was putting through if I

went to a smaller volume a lower volume

that might be easier like this but when

I go to a larger louder volume the F

feels better


now I'll just do some slides on em so

I'll start on G because that puts me

above my first break and if I know that

I'm going up into head voice a little

bit more I do a lot better if I start

just under my break my tendency is to

want to pull up a little bit of chest

voice but if I start just over it then I

prepare well and it is better I still

feel my tongue wanting to pull back a

little so I'm gonna consciously bring it



it didn't feel quite as smooth as I

wanted it to I'm gonna try it without

vibrato just to see if I can get an even

clearer sound with it so all of these

slides are really helpful for me so

that's kind of how I'd start just going

from a very very light place into a

place where I can start being loud and

singing high and loud and that's what I

like to sing so I warm up with that as

my goal being able to sing high and loud

so that's my warm-up thanks for watching

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