ARIANA GRANDE :: How she does vocal warm up? 4 types of vocal warm up exercises for you to sing cool


for a professional vocalists it's very

important to warm up your voice properly


especially when you need to perform life

at your own concert and sing cool sign

up for studio or take part in a

television vocal show or competition

and how do you develop such a wide pitch

range of your voice and sing your high

notes the same cool

so let's find out how does ariana grande

sing and what does she do - the always

in such a good worker form hello to all

professional singers with you today your

vocal designer veronika worship so how

to sing like ariana grande the same

coupe let's learn from the stars let's

see how ariana grande worms up



what does she do with her voice and now

some useful advices for you if you can't

think sometimes in a room or in hole

where there is an echo so that your

voice can reflect from the walls of this

room and sounded louder more luminous or

at least first try to sing in the

bathroom if you have a child or

beginners such singing in the early

steps will help to relax sing boldly

accept and love your voice more and sing

better just do not shout and for the

professionals it will be like a trainer

to train your ear your vocal ear learn

how to sing with echo and precisely

control your voice so that when you will

have it bad

acoustic during your performance and

excessive echo for example

you will not be confused anymore with

this sink often at home in the room in

the car it's work if the situation

allows you remember those feelings that

sound of your voice in a room with an

echo and strive to get aside to the same

sonorous and reach sound of your voice

feel for these sensations you will be

able to find the right vocal corridors

for you in which your voice will sound

gorgeous be bold and allow yourself to

improvise and sounds in even in your

vocal warm-ups creating new sounds for

yourself and practice without music give

freedom to your creativity experiment so

that you finally know what you are

capable of and if you are often have to

sing then you can find for yourself new

unusual and interest in improvisation

that will help you coolly and stylish

Lee build the vocal design of your soul

and make it a hit song


so take examples from world famous stars

they just naturally develop themselves

so that the looking at them you develop

would you need to know about vocal

warm-ups to warm up the voice you need

to have exactly special exercises vocal

warm-ups and not just singing your songs

and for these there are several types of

warm-ups classic vocal warm-ups this is

a set of singing exercises ain't it the

gradual step-by-step warming up of your

vocal cords like this and this and like


removing the voice clamps and exercises

for expanding the range of your voice

smoothing transitional notes and so on

they are usually not signed loudly or

it's sufficient volume strengths and in

voice warmups

aimed at the strengths volume in tight

of your voice this includes the

development of a good and solid sound

breeze in support sound attack active

and loud singing voice flexibility

warmups this set will make your voice

flexible enough and prepare it for all

sorts of mathematics various vocal

embellishments and techniques

to really develop your voice and sing

cool like ariana grande you definitely

need to do all these types of vocal

warm-ups otherwise your vocal gross can

be slowed down in development and your

voice can constantly get tight and

quickly sit down

and also there are specialized waka

warm-ups to sharpen the skills only of

those special vocal techniques that

distinguish the artists himself

for example Mariah Carey is whistling

register and you can often see in

YouTube how she sings her whistle but

this doesn't mean that she does not

develop her low notes or the richness

and flexibility of her voice on middle

notes and so on ariana grande for

example emphasizes the development of

the hair to the nadir or hedge resonance

and SAP tongue to her distinctive vocal

features her manner of singing was

always clearly expressed and


that's why Hertz option if you notice so

Huff's bright sparkling and beautiful

and for example in others it will sound

like this

if you do not have such a set Walker


or you have classical but you do not

have strength singing or vocal

flexibility warm-ups then you can order

online consultation for me at which I

will analyze your voice and pick you an

individual set of exercises and vocal

warm-ups that will make your singing

cool and spectacular


so develop your vocal abilities your

vocal potential

professionally if you want to get

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