Travel food for Baby |Part 2| Travel packing | Sterilization of utensils | Baby food

hello friends and welcome to yet another video on travel series in this earlier also i uploaded

some videos links are here you can check them out and today's video is the second part in

travel foods for babies and toddlers before this i mostly talked about instant and ready

to eat options and commercially available options and today i am gonna talk more about

home made options and if u want to cook then what all u can prepare or which utensils u

have to take and how to clean and sterilize them so lets begin

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to it.. So let's begin with what all things we need

to take while travelling with baby or toddler especially related to food

So first thing is always take hot water flask hot water is always useful , for making their

instant food or if they need to drink u can cool n give always carry a hot water

flask next atleast take 3-4 sets of spoons and bowls

i would say that keep more spoons coz they get dirty very often they fall so its better

keep more no. of them now when it comes to bottles keep atleast 3-4 bottles and keep

separate bottle for formula and keep sippy cup for water Vanshu was mostly breastfed

i never gave him formula actually breastfeeding mother have that advantage they don't have

to worry about bottles but yes if u are formula feeding then always carry atleast a backup

of feeding bottles

next thing which is very useful in traveling is air tight container u can store any excess

food back in it plus it prevents any spilling else kid's food which is mostly liquid or

semi solid will spill and spoil your bag and luggage so its better always carry airtight

containers then another very useful things are these

clips if u opened any packet and u still want to keep remaining back then just clip on these

things and very easily u can store them or u carry ziploc pouches they are like multiutility

thing they can be utilized for many things so always keep a back up of them next thing

which i pack along with food items were the brush and teethers when Vanshu was small i

use to carry teether also so i use to pack it along with food items Now i will talk about

some appliances these are like mini appliances it depends when u need what u don't have to

carry everything just select some among these and while u r travelling u can take them first

thing that i take is a mini rice cooker this is again a multi utility thing in this u can

cook a lot of things even u can sterilize utensils this is very small, compact and it

doesn't take too much of space this also very light not that heavy if u ask me about its

price it is around 1000 rupees and u can buy online also if u want i will put the link

below in description box after this the another appliance which i personally find very useful

is a mini sterilizer this is very sleek, very compact this is especially bought for travels

at home i rarely use sterilizer i prefer boiling my utensils but for travel i prefer this in

this comfortably 2 bottles can be placed and above it is a small compartment in which u

can keep small things like brush and teethers it has a 10-12 minute cycle and in that it

sterilizes everything apart from this u can also do cooking in this in my earlier video

of plum puree recipe in that i showed how to cook or steam your vegetables or fruits

in the upper compartment of sterilizer one compartment u can dedicate for cooking and

u can use that exclusively for cooking this is also very light weight and u can very easily

carry it around and its sections can be separated if u don't wish to take the whole appliance

then u can just carry the small compartment or just the long compartment so this was the

mini sterilizer now after this another appliance is very optional if u want u can take otherwise

there are alternatives for it and the thing is mini hand blender this is useful when u

are making fruit purees or vegetable purees for babies or toddler or when u have to mash

things then it is very useful but instead of carrying i preferred other alternatives

i use to prefer instead of hand blender grater or sieve/strainer i used fine metal strainer

in this after u cook the food place it in sieve and with the help of spoon when u mash

it or push it then food comes out so fine like a paste so the work of blender can be

done with a strainer so i use to prefer thing that i use to prefer was taking a grater..

before cooking any fruit or vegetable i use to grate it and after that when we use to

cook it then it becomes very soft and mushy after that just with the help of spoon and

a bowl u can just mash it so this was about the utensils now i am gonna tell u how to

clean and maintain/sterilize i use to separately make a cleaning kit in a small

dispenser bottle i use to keep the cleaning liquid..kid's dishwashing liquid is different

i use to prefer using natural i use to take in a separate container along with

that i use to carry a small sponge, one bottle cleaning brush and one pipe cleaning brush

also keep a towel or cloth so that if u are not immediately sterilizing it then u can

just wipe it dry and u can store it..when i use to pack at home i use to keep all the

sterilized utensils in a ziploc pouch and as things are used i use to wash and put back

in a separate always have a practice while travelling to keep wash the utensils

immediately after use..for sterilization whenever u reach ur destination there u can ask or

request hotel people to boil it in bulk or as i told u can take ur own mini sterilizer

then u don't have to depend on anyone else let's talk about various food options

for babies and in this first of all I'll say that if u are into travelling

and if u have a baby then i would say that don't stop breastfeeding..if u have continued

breastfeeding then it is best during travelling coz u don't have to think at all about utensils

, is like ready to go sterile food for babies..invest in a ggod maternity/breastfeeding

gown or a cloak or a big shawl..but i would also say that always carry formula and milk

bottles as back ups...sometimes situations may be unfavorable and breastfeeding becomes

impossible or the child is gets cranky while travelling so for such times

keep the formula...from home u can carry homemade cerelac...very quickly i ll tell some recipes..u

take some rice and in equal proportion take moong dal wash them dry them then roast them

after that powder it in the mixer grinder and put it in a air tight clean container

when u need to give to kids then pour hot boiling water and then u can instantly feed

them..or u can also powder rice puffs..roast them a little and then u can grind it like

this u can do with makanas(fox nut)..apart from these u can also roast semolina/sooji

and grind it or powder it and u can carry..for a little older kids u can make instant upma

mix from sooji..upma mix is available commercially that i told in last video but u can make it

at home also..just roast all the things to be added in upma with oil and then u add nicely

roasted sooji...and then pack it in a air tight container and for making it just just

pour hot boiling water and when i take mini cooker..then i can cook many i

use to take roasted sooji and tetra pack milk and some nut powder and i can easily make

kheer..and i take ragi so easy to cooks instantly and it is also

very healthy and nutritious for babies..if i talk about Vanshu then he had a lot of ragi...and

i also preferred banana that add a little water and milk..and it can be cooked

instantly..then u can also make rice and moong dal khichdi...among all lentils moong dal

use to take least time for cooking so while travels its better to take moong dal and it

is very easy to digest also for kids...and if i talk about fruits then carry plums, carry

apples and carry pears...u can steam them in steam sterilizer and then u can mash and

give instantly to about banana i already told u in last video this are like

ready to go foods and if i talk about the difference between babies and toddlers...for

toddlers u can store the food for a little while after preparation and give them later

but when it comes to babies..prevent or avoid to store the food...make it and give it..and

discard the remaining..don't store it and give to them later on..and if u have toddlers

who have started on solids then and u r like going on mini travels then u can make and

carry lot of things from home...many things i told in last this i am again telling

some more homemade options like parathas, any combination of stuffed parathas, or theplas,

or mini sandwiches or u can make cakes or muffins, idli or dhokla these all u can carry

when u are travelling with that was it..Vanshu's vacations have

began last week but i enrolled him for a summer camp for one week..and further three weeks

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