How Much Wet Dog Food Is Good to Give a Dog? : Dog Training & Care

hi it's Steve Peltier and today I'm

going to talk about how much wet food

to give your dog knowing proper serving

size is so important for your pets

health and wellness keeping your dog fit

and trim through proper serving size can

extend their life and help them avoid

serious disease so the first thing you

need to know is how many calories does

your pet need each day it's a hard

number to figure out but thankfully

there's some tools available to you

there's a slim doggy com website or the

slim doggie app both of which are

available publicly once you know how

many calories your pet needs each day

then you need to figure out how many

cups of food you should feed them every

day if you don't know how many calories

your food contains you're never going to

figure out how many calories you should

be serving them so use slim doggy

website or the app to look up your dog's

food and know how many calories are in

each cup now you're armed with the

proper information so that you can

create a feeding plan tailored to keep

your dog at the proper weight and

remember account for treats and scraps

you might feed them from the table it

all adds up and it all counts the bottom

line is it's really important to know

how much to feed use a measuring cup or

a smart feeder and keep the portions

exactly where they need to be you and

your dog will be happy that you did