Most DANGEROUS food for dogs. NEVER give these human foods to your dog or puppy.

human foods that dog shouldn't eat and

why you can't ignore those big eyes or

cute doggie grin on that face begging to

have some food on your plate but a

little reward from your meal

can hurt your dog well that depends on

what it is and what's in it some foods

are downright dangerous for dogs which

can cause your dog some real problems so

let's find out what human foods you

shouldn't be giving to your dog before

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Instagram and Facebook first avocado

avocados have something called person it

is in the leaves seed and bark as well

as the fruit so keep the dogs away from

it it's causes too much vomiting or

diarrhea in dogs and the seed can be

stuck in the intestine or stomach also

second alcohol alcohol has the same

effect on a dog's liver and brain that

it has on people a very little amount of

it can cause vomiting diarrhea

coordination problems breathing problems

coma and even death third onions and


keep onions and garlic away from your

dog they will kill the blood cells and

causes anemia if the dog eats a lot of

onion or garlic in any form like

powdered raw cooked or dehydrated then

it can cause poisoning at once look for

signs like weakness vomiting and

breathing problems fourth caffeine and

coffee and dark chocolate


watch out for coffee and tea even the

beans and the grounds coffee proves to

be fatal for dogs and life-threatening

for small dogs

whereas dark chocolates have theobromine

which can upset the stomach with

vomiting or diarrhea but a large amount

can produce muscle tremors seizures

irregular heartbeat internal bleeding or

heart attack

v grapes and raisins grapes and raisins

can cause kidney failure in dogs and

just a small amount can make a dog sick

vomiting over and over is an early sign

within a day your dog will get sluggish

and depressed but not all food is

dangerous for your pooch to know what

foods and fruits are beneficiaries for

your pooch please watch the next video

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sixth milk and other dairy products it

has become a trend of sharing ice cream

with your pooch in summer days but do

you know that it can cause diarrhea and

other digestive problems for your dog

they can also trigger food allergies

which can cause itching 7 macadamia nuts

keep your dog strictly away from

macadamia nuts and foods that have

macadamia nuts in them just 6 raw or

roasted macadamia nuts can make a dog

sick look for symptoms like muscle

shakes vomiting high temperature and

weakness in his back legs eating

chocolate with the nuts will make

symptoms worse maybe even leading to

death 8 apples peaches plums the problem

with these fruits is the seeds or pits

the seeds have cyanide which is

poisonous to both humans and dogs the

pit of a peach or plum can block the

intestine of the dog we know not to eat

them but dogs don't

ix raw eggs and meat some people give

their dogs a raw diet which includes raw

eggs and meat yummy it is advised to

give either cooked or boiled meat and

eggs because there's a chance of food

poisoning or disease from bacteria or

parasites like Salmonella or e-coli

some fish like salmon trout shad or

sturgeon can cause fish disease or

salmon poisoning disease don't worry

these are treatable but get help right

away when your dog shows signs of

vomiting fever or big lymph nodes 10

salt too much salt can seriously make

your dog thirsty and lead to poisoning

of sodium ions symptoms of too much salt

include like vomiting diarrhea high

temperature tremors depression and

seizures it may even cause death sugary

foods aerated drinks cooked bones

mushrooms walnuts raw potato chips yeast

dough gums xylitol

human medicine should be avoided for the

healthy life of your dog no matter how

careful you are but your dog will

swallow something which he shouldn't for

that case keep your local vet number or

any emergency clinic number or you can

just dial 911 for watching keep and stay

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