How Much to Feed a Dog (Commercial and Homemade Foods)

today I'm going to be discussing how

much food to feed your dog if you feed a

commercial diet you're going to see a

chart like this on the packaging whether

you feed kibble or commercial raw food

or any type of dog food and wet food all

has feeding guidelines like this and in

one column you're gonna see the weight

in pounds of your dog the other when

you're gonna see the amount or cups and

this is the recommended daily feeding so

let's say for example your dog weighs 13

to 20 pounds you're feeding 1 to 1 and

1/3 cups so you're not gonna feed one

cup per serving you're actually gonna

feed one cup daily and split that into

at least two servings so you would feed

half a cup in the morning and half a cup

candy evening now this one also has

weight in kilograms and the amount in

grams which they don't all have that but

you'll at least get the weight in pounds

and the cups and you can convert if you

need to and then this one also tells you

plus 1/3 cup for each 10 pounds of body

weight over 110 pounds if you have a

really big dog they also talk about the

serving size because if your dog is more

active he's gonna need more calories

less active he's not going to need quite

as many calories so there's usually

information about that as well I'm here

we have some information for weaning

props growing pups and pregnant and

nursing dogs as well because this is a

food that's made for all life stages if

you buy a food that's specifically for

your dogs that you have a puppy and you

buy a puppy food it's going to say that

on there now homemade food is a little

bit different you can see that this food

has chicken liver sweet potatoes there's

some broccoli in there so these are high

nutrient-dense foods great quality food

because this is fresh food compared to

kibble so there's more nutrients in a

smaller amount so for homemade food

you're gonna feed about a half a cup for

every 25 pounds of body weight per

serving so if you have a dog that let's

say weighed 50 pounds you're going to be

feeding about one cup at every meal

morning and night now this is a high

quality kibble food so you're pretty

consistent with that if you have a lower

quality commercial dog food instead of

saying two cups for a 50 pound dog it

may say three or even three and a half

cups so be weary of that and be

noticeable of that the quality of the

food is going to direct

they relate to the amount that you need

to feed if you guys have any questions

email me Samantha at top dog tips calm

thanks for watching this how-to video